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September 18, 2021, 06:37:37 am

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Author Topic: Chi-Makwa RP Ideas  (Read 234 times)

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Chi-Makwa RP Ideas
« on: August 17, 2021, 11:11:10 pm »
Hello, I'm Bear, Big Bear or ChiMakwa, whatever you find convenient to call me. I'm someone who enjoys writing and rp... though as of recently I've been in the mood to write stories more than role-play, something that has sounded fun to me is writing a story with someone, making a cast of characters with someone, with the intention of writing out a story. Like a story switching perspectives and views from hero to villain and all that fun stuff from reading my favourite stories.

When it has come to rps I've usually done stuff in Fandoms simply because it makes it easier for me and the other person to get into sync when we know the world we're in. In contrast to an original rp where we could be saying/typing the same thing, but then when we get down into writing out the rp our tones are completely different, we're out of sync.

I'm going to be putting down ideas below, none of them are an example of my writing ability, I like to write those out as if they were the synopsis to a story, telling you the basic idea of the story in a paragraph or three. Or in the case of Star Wars, it's written out like an opening scroll.

Star Wars is a Space Opera, let's write it as such.
One thing to keep in mind when it comes to writing Star Wars with me... is that I like Star Wars as a space epic, a space opera. My favourite character in Star Wars is Luke Skywalker, he is the pinnacle of what it means to be Jedi, the good man who sees things as simple as possible. It may be a flaw that people have taken advantage of, but he's always kept true to his beliefs. He's the anchor for all the more complex characters to revolve around.

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away....

Pantheon, a Star Wars Story
Turmoil throughout the galaxy after the collapse of the Empire, the fledgling
New Republic struggles to keep security and peace throughout the galaxy.
Imperial Remnants across the galaxy refuse to cede control of their territories
to the New Republic. There is something worse than Imperial Remnants in
the deep dark edges of the galaxy, however...

A thousand-year-old ship, the Pantheon, a relic of the New Sith Wars has
made landfall on the wild space planet of Koa. Pantheon brings with it a cult
of Sith, so-called Sith Gods. They are technological monsters made in the
deep dark between worlds.

Escapees of Koa petition the New Republic for help, but the New Republic is
stretched thin and they don't recognize the threat of this Sith Cult, nor do the
Jedi as this cult of Sith have abandoned the use of the Force. Though help
has been sent in the form of blank and blank to evaluate this threat to
the peace and security of the fragile New Republic.

The Forgotten Realms, Fantasy at its most simple and fun.
The Forgotten Realms is really something I'm just beginning to get into. I've gone through one series in it and am going through another currently, but I've found it fantastic so far. It is the most generic fantasy world I've ever heard of, but it was that simplicity that has made it so easy to get into, I don't gotta find the first book ever published about the Forgotten Realms to figure out everything, I can pick up a series and get the gist of what's going on, because of just experience in dealing with generic fantasy worlds in my life, it isn't complicated. Because of how simple the world is, I've thought that it would be a great place to make a story in, to make an rp in... not just D&D, I've tried D&D and it's most fun in person rather than over the net. But roleplaying in the world? That honestly sounds fantastic to me.


Once upon a time....

Worth, a Forgotten Realms Tale
Somoril, the city in the mountains. A fable of the old Fort Glamdring,
Foe-Hammer of the North, once a fort meant to keep back the hordes of
savage Orcs of those Northern Mountains, now just a steadily dying city in
the North. In the long history of Glamdring, they have only had a few fables,
none worthy of notice really, none but the mention of Somoril the City in the

Down south there once was a people who had prided themselves on their
abilities of the arcane arts, arcanists they were called... Netheril was their
empire. But almost all their time and knowledge were lost to time... until
something called Somoril was heard by one ear or another, Somoril, the City
in the Mountains. Lost and forgotten knowledge just sitting there somewhere
in the mountains beyond Glamdring. Treasures not touched for a thousand
years or more, a prospect that... some would jump at, some crazy fools who
would actually believe that Somoril was a place and not some fable of some
downtrodden city that is slowly freezing to death in the north.
Sigurd Arnimson
"I don't burn so easy."

Sigurd, the blacksmith's adopted devilchild. A tiefling is always looked upon with suspicion and contempt, children of Asmodeus all look the part for being straight from the Nine Hells. Sigurd was no different, if the town had its way then Glamdring would still be a human-only city, things like Sigurd are what Glamdring was founded to protect against some bigot would tell Arnim when he decided he wasn't a monster and wouldn't leave a child out to freeze in the cold winter. Arnim Seigfreidson is a good man and a very good blacksmith, the best in Glamdring, though he's not the most trusted anymore. Who willingly takes in a devilchild?

Sigurd, like his father, is a blacksmith. He and Arnim's handy trick when it comes to blacksmithing is using wizardry to get the forge just that little bit hotter and consistent, to make that perfect blade over and over again. If it wasn't for Glamdring's closed-minded citizens, then Arnim and Son would be the go-to place for good-quality blades. People looked for any reason to hate Sigurd, he couldn't go anywhere without worrying that he was breathing too hard, but something that everyone latched to blame Sigurd for came when Arnim stopped being able to work the forge and hammer. "It was the devilchild, he wanted to take the place of his own father".

Arnim was always a good man and assured Sigurd that his inability to work the forge wasn't Sigurd's fault. Of course, Sigurd knew that, but Arnim always told him stuff like that anyway. Because being in a bad headspace made for bad blades. "Keep focusin' that this work is going to be your best yet. Even if you mess 'er up, just look at what you did wrong and don't do it again."

Eventually, Sigurd was better than his father at making blades, Arnim told him so. Even when Arnim got worried for his kid, Arnim always seemed to forget something about his child, "Use the tongs dammit! You're going to burn yourself."

"Stop worrying Arnim. I don't burn so easy." Sigurd would always assure his father, always having to remind him that he was a Tiefling. That was a small thing that Sigurd appreciated about his father.

RWBY is just a fun world I think.
This might seem strange, but RWBY is my reason for getting into writing at all. It wasn't -well isn't- the best storytelling around, but it was the people and really the person behind RWBY that really inspired me to write. Monty Oum was someone I didn't know I knew about until RWBY. I always liked his stuff growing up on YouTube, but it was his creation of RWBY that really introduced me to his stuff and what made him my role model going forward. A persistent man who didn't stop until he got what he wanted. May he rest in peace.

Now RWBY itself -again it's not the best story around- but it's just an all-around fun world with very simple yet loose rules. It's a fun world to explore in writing, because so much of it was just left open and with the simple reason you could give to explore it, after all, you're a huntsman or a huntress. It's also open enough that you don't necessarily have to keep to the action pact style of the RWBY story so far.

Before I get to laying this one out as I do, suspend your disbelief, this is intended to explore an AU idea I had.
Two families once ruled Vacuo, not that Vacuo was any sort of monarchy or
that they had aristocrats. No, Vacuo was much too brutal a place for anything
like that to stand, even before Atlas and set up shop. No, these families, in
the city of Vacuo, ruled unofficially. They ruled the underbelly of Vacuo, really
they were the ones who made sure that there was some sort of order in the
oasis of Vacuo. The Kings and the Steins, without them Vacuo would be like
the rest of the continent, little more than a barren waste.

Things would've stayed the way they were, with the Steins and Kings in
charge of anything and everything that passed through the streets. Even
when Mantle moved in, it was the Steins that made sure things didn't get too
troublesome for them. The Steins, looking ahead as always, saw what Atlas
had to bring as good for Vacuo, and really, making things hard was the heart
of the entire kingdom. The Kings were the ones that always made it just that
bit too hard for Atlas to actually move in with everything, at its heart, Vacuo
always gives you trouble. Hardship is the Vacuoian way, but nothing prepares
anyone for a monster like Hemlock...

Seventeen years later, it is called the Stein massacre. The day the Steins
stopped being one of the two families of Vacuo when it became the one family
of Vacuo. It was a horrible day that left many scared in ways they do and do
not know. With the Steins gone, as terrible as it was, it opened doorways for
the Kings, things that they would never do because of the streets they shared
with the Steins suddenly became open. The market was open for aggressive
expansion, the underbelly of Vacuo, for its whole existence was closed off, now
it was open, but so was the rest of the world open for the Kings, now renamed

Lovecraftian horror is an interesting thing
I have a way of writing, a way of expressing myself through my writing, it does not lend itself to hopelessness in the face of stranger things, however. Lovercrafting horror, the genre, the setting those things, -not Lovecraft himself, I don't like his stories- I like the style he's inspired, the fear of the unknown is a constant thing that all of us struggle against. But my main gripe in all horror is this sense of hopelessness that comes from it, it is most prominent in Lovecraft's works, all his protagonists are hopeless in his stories. Steven King wrote it better, I like his stories, but still not a way I like writing. In the face of stranger things, you don't roll up in a ball and hope things don't kill you, fight or flight, when flight isn't an option I would prefer my characters to fight. I get why some don't, but it's just not something that pops into my mind when I'm writing, not unless I'm writing the character with that purpose in mind.

Bloodborne is my favourite kind of horror. Strange things in a strange land, things wildly beyond imagination, but you can fight back. Fighting, however, is hard, so hard that you can lose yourself and become like those things you were fighting. Walking a razor's edge in the hope that you will see the next day. All you have to do is see the next day. That is your motivation, the reason you fight. The next day is the goal, it ends, you survive into the next day. The struggle is a good way of writing.

So... yeah, if Lovecraftian is what you like... I would prefer it in the Bloodborne sense. Fighting because flight isn't an option. I'll add a story prompt here eventually, but for now, it's empty.

Cyberpunk is a cool style ain't it?
Cyberpunk has this groovy style to it that I enjoy looking at, but as for writing... I don't like punk philosophy, "fuck the establishment" and all that, seems too blunt and straightforward for me, I don't know how to expand that. However, there is a certain series that is kinda Cyberpunky that I've really enjoyed, a gritty take on Cyberpunk/dystopia, it's this little-known comic called "Judge Dredd". Jokes aside, I really enjoy the concept of Judge Dredd. A post-apocalyptic world that isn't entirely in complete ruin, but you can definitely tell it is a wreck, even so there's this feeling to it, the whole... well this comic panel.
Justice has a price.
Not to mention the 2013 movie Dredd, which was just plain awesome throughout all of it. There's just something about seeing Cyberpunk, the punk aspect from the other side of things that I really enjoy.

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Re: Chi-Makwa RP Ideas
« Reply #1 on: September 05, 2021, 02:14:01 am »
Updated with a new RWBY story idea...