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July 27, 2021, 11:27:07 pm

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Author Topic: Trail of Cthulhu: The Armitage Inquiry  (Read 440 times)

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Trail of Cthulhu: The Armitage Inquiry
« on: August 25, 2018, 11:18:00 am »

I am looking to put together a group of investigators to run The Armitage Inquiry, a campaign frame taken from the Trail of Cthulhu rulebook.

It will be run in the Pulp mode, although if everyone would prefer it, I could run it Purist based on popular demand - Pulp simply provides an opportunity to allow the campaign to grow and expand beyond the initial investigation. I'm looking for a heavily focused roleplaying game - the interactions between characters and their surroundings (not to mention their Sources of Stability) between adventures are just as important as the adventures themselves.

The Armitage Inquiry is laid out in the Trail of Cthulhu rulebook, and as it doesn't exactly give away anything in the way of spoilers you're welcome to read it if you have access to the book.

The investigators are all students, professors or otherwise staff at Miskatonic University, who have found themselves working under Dr. Henry Armitage, the namesake of the so-called Armitage Inquiry. The staff at Miskatonic have encountered enough runaway shards of the Mythos to decide to set up an informal body investigating the phenomena, and while highly secretive and often considered kooky by other departments, most of the long-term scholars working under its umbrella are committed to the cause.

Most of the game between adventures will take place on the university campus (there may even be discussion about running two simultaneous threads, one set at the University and the other set at the Inquiry's current investigation, to speed up the running of the game), and given my desire to let roleplaying take the lead in this that means players are free to explore the university entirely separate from the demands of their studies, taking part in extra-curricular activities, recording how their other classes are going and maintaining relationships with others on-campus and in the wider New England locale (as noted, this can be a great way to develop and nurture Sources of Stability, to tide the investigators over between Mythos encounters).

The game will begin in the Fall semester of 1935, and the players, being newcomers to the Inquiry whatever their station (be they tenured professors or undergrad freshmen), will start off slow - The first investigation will be short, and relatively simplistic, for all of us to get used to the game (and each other!) and decide what works and what doesn't, and set the pace for the campaign to come :)

Plenty of the game world and the people in it can be dreamed into being by the players themselves, but to give an idea of the Armitage Inquiry's staff, I'll outline, verbatim, the prebaked NPCs who are suggested for the campaign - these will all be present alongside the investigators and whatever other NPCs are attached to the Inquiry by player decision, or by how the game works out. The cast of supporting NPCs should give players an idea as to the disciplines, both academic and otherwise, that the Inquiry looks for when it recruits from the campus - also feel free to work out ways your investigator may know or otherwise work with some of the NPCs, and the relationships they have with them!

Dr. Henry Armitage (b 1891) - Head librarian and specialist in medieval epigraphy, occultism, and linguistics Took his D. Litt. at Cambridge.

Dr. Ferdinand Ashley (b 1891) - Associate professor of archaeology, specialising in Egyptology. Participated in the Western Australian Expedition. Like Morgan (below), young enough for field research.

Dr. William Dyer (b 1880) - Professor of geology, survivor of the first Miskatonic Antarctic Expedition. Believes strongly in secrecy and in preventing further expeditions.

Dr. Tyler M Freeborn (b 1906) - Assistant professor of anthropology, and a participant in the Western Australian Expedition. A self-proclaimed Communist and radical, he clings to his tenure track by his fingernails against a storm of inter-departmental opposition. Devoted to field work, but his professional research sometimes takes precedent over his Inquiry work.

Dr. Cyrus Llanfer (b 1871) - Assistant director of the Orne Library. Has no real understanding of the Mythos, but is loyal to Dr. Armitage.

Dr. William Moore (b 1886) - Professor of geology, specialising in paleontology. Co-head of the Stark-Moore Antarctic Expedition in 1932-33. Its findings are officially minimised.

Dr. Francis Morgan (b1891) - Associate professor of archaeology, specialising in the American southwest but with experience in Egypt and Mesopotamia. Logical and scientific in orientation. Still young enough for field missions.

Dr. Nathaniel Peaslee (b 1900) - Professor of psychology, specialising in abnormal psychology. A devotee of Jung, he is driven by revenge for the suffering of his father, Professor Emeritus Nathaniel Wingate Peaslee, who has been in a sanitarium since his return from Australia.

Mrs. Agatha Warren Pickman (b1849) - The eccentric and domineering head of the Nathaniel Derby Pickman Foundation, which provides financial support for some Inquiry operations. Mrs. Pickman insists on propriety, decency, and to-the-penny accounting.

Dr. Warren Rice (b 1866) - Professor of classical languages, specialising in Semitic and Near Eastern tongues. Pessimistic and pragmatic.

Dr. Ephraim Sprague (b 1886) - Essex County medical examiner and private physician. Not associated with Miskatonic University, but obviously a key and useful ally.

Dr. Albert Wilmarth (b 1861) - Professor of English, specialist in New England folklore. He became Chairman of the English Department in 1930. Between his departmental responsibilities and delicate temperament, he now finds it expedient to send graduate students and junior faculty to gather research in his stead.

Anybody who's interested in playing, drop me a PM and we can get discussing your character :D