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Author Topic: Tarin's RP ideas  (Read 1199 times)

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Tarin's RP ideas
« on: August 26, 2008, 08:17:02 AM »
My ideas for RP!

Vampire RP:

Everlasting enemies!
The battle was hard and fierce, Blood shed on both sides, fights for ones live in every second they were out here. Companions? Dead, lying in the slowly red soaked earth of the field the two parties had clashed, red, that slowly was washed away by the lasting rain. A standstill, the last two combatants now facing of.
Fangs were bared, a silver knife within the vampires hand, features hidden by the cloak he/she wore. On the other side stood hideous beast, werewolf, grey pelt, sharps teeth bared, his weapon the claws of his paw. Both already bleed heavily...and as they moved, when the dirt moved and was thrown into the air, when they launched the last strike...they knew only one would win.

It is clear that one will win...hit the other aliost lethally...almost her is the key. They don't kill each other. Mercy? They can get answers of plans for the opposite fraction? They weren't as cold-hearted as they seem? There are many possibilities and motivations here!
Searching for a dom/sub play here, probably of the rougher kind. Sex, beating, get the other to submit and accept the role. Personally up for both positions, either the subby or dom.

Lonely Soul
He always had been a loner and as it always was he walked in the rain...alone. An umbrella held above his head, to try and keep the rain from soaking him$and yet it wouldn't quite work, either the cars driving by or the wind making his efforts to be naught. That simple white shirt, covered by summer's light jacket, as well as his black pants were dropping wet and that gust that suddenly took his umbrella, tussling his raven black hair even more then it already was didn't help the poor boy at all, eyes of light blue watching his protection fly away, heavy sigh leaving his lips.

You milady are a female vampire (open for discussion what vampires can and can not do, rather open here) and looking out for a snack...and find the young man there and find him interesting, alluring, not to mention he was alone and decide you would need some pet/ghoul/sheep (food source, toy and company) and take the guy in. Possibility to switch this around as well, female loner and a big bad vampire, so this is more or less 2 ideas!

The slave market!

Come here, come here, we have the finest ladies...
It was time to call in the favour his father earned long ago. Helped a slaver within bad times, the man, a rather rounded, small guy, that knew to sneakily snatch more coin out of your pocket, then was worth the slave you got, when not careful, promised him one of his girls.
He moved through the high entrance, into a small arena like place, many girls standing around, like kettle free to look over, like he did for the moment. Young, good looking...not the worst man to enter here to get someone. "My, my, if that isn't the young landlord..." the slaver had spotted him directly and made his way over. "...what can I help you with, need some entertainment for the afternoon, some guests..."
"I came to get what you promise me..."

A young girl, come into the clutches of this slaver for whatever reasons. Debt not paid? Orphan simply found and at last kept? There may be many...and now you see a well looking young lad there to free one of you! There was always the risk to find someone cruel, of course, but then again he didn't look like it. Are you the small obedient girl? Or fierce, thinking you can turn the table on him, once outsides?
Clearly sexual, open for ideas where to run this to.

Take a small rest.
He entered a tent, nicely made, cushions lying around, plush velvet, brightest colours of purple and red, all with golden seams. He just flopped down into them, stretched his aching legs...a day on the slave marked after all, took some bit out of someone. He took one mouthpiece of a water pipe and sucked the smoke into him, to let out a relaxed breath...and it isn't long till the tent flap is pulled aside...someone else stepping in, grinning, as he knew entertainment was coming.

Searching for something short, erotic, maybe sexual. A belly dancer maybe? Some temptress? A gift from a friend to enjoy? Flirting back and forth, torn between trying to flee the duty into the arms of this young man, that could somewhat care less about the woman's fate.

BDSM Related, simple Dom/sub setups

Exclusive Club
It were rumors heard about this place, at best. A bar like no other, at least so they say. There is not much on facts that get out there, their comunity a thightly knit folk. It's a door that doesn't say much. 'Private' the little plate nailed to it, a wide shouldered bouncer that welcomes everyone he knows with a smile, the new ones tho only get a small snarl, get asked what they want here, why they are here. They are lucky if they are let in. The place easily smells of tabacco, little plums of smoke can be seen wafting through the room, like in a cliché Mafia movie. Most that move around here wear nothing but a collar, the show of nudity not bothering anyone at all. It's the crack of a whip that brings your eyes to a picture that has them go wide...

The idea? A fine club catering to all your BDSM start at the bottom and better behave. You find people with different needs and better be prepared to cater to the wants of others tho, when you are not sure enough and able to fight them. What I'd be looking for? Almost...everything I'd say. The willing little subs and sluts that want to serve some cock and just want to get their cunts filled, those that like a harsh hand, like to be tied to a rack, whipped out before thrown to a bunch of men. Happy to go anthro or human or mixed with the idea. Open to playing most genders (shemale, herm, man) and hoping for females, herms or shemales.


He sat there in his cell now for hours...maybe it were days allready. Time was a fickle thing, it ran through your hands like sand, nay, like water when you had no reference but the barest shine of light for your littel square. No, he really couldn't complain. The bed didn't stink of piss and sweat, the cell was cleaned regularly, the toilet seat was in a sate where you would rather go into the oposite corner for your needs and you didn't have to fear for your butt when the soap slipped in the shower. wasn't easy, those bars that blocked the way out, the chain and cuff at his wrists and ankles that kept him bound. Freedom was just out of his reach.

We have a prisoner there, a spy, someone trespassing borders, maybe simply someone caught for being different (vampire, werekin, anthro else?). He is surely kept in that cell, for however long. Then we have the guard (your character): She surely earner herself the spot, knows what she is doing, trying to keep her distance, yet failing with that one male. Curiousity about his race, the actually quite soft mannors, gentle looks. Maybe it's one lonely guard just seeking to get her needs taken care of, deciding that -he- can't hurt her, that it's something she can take from him. Hopeing to include, possibly, a lil bit of forbidden romance, maybe some language barrier too.

The Ad

'Still looking...' it said, your eyes flew quickly over the Ad, at the very beginning dismissing it, yet your eyes crawl back to it again and again. A Maid? You tilt your head and wonder about it, you can't dismiss the idea anymore like you did that moment you browsed over it. Sadly there was not enough detail what such work would involve. Bring the old man his cup of tea and his cookies? Changing sheets, washing some clothing, keeping a house clean. It couldn't be too hard, now could it? You blink...your yaw drops and your hand allready has reached for the phone once you saw the payment for this 'small' job. Hooks attached? You didn't care right now!

Of course there are hooks attached! I have two seperate ideas there, with their core thought the same: You are hired for the 'young Master' of the house, probably around 16 years of age, not as snobby and high in the clouds as he could be, considering the manor and the wealth you stumble into. You will be his -personal- maid and teacher for the sexual arts. You are to offer him whatever he might like to try. This most certainly can be made into a sweet RP, a more humerous, cuddly one...maybe even romance between those two, which of course would get them into trouble if found out.

The 2nd course would be taking things more to the EX sections:

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Imagine the manor's master hiring you and the last you notice is the smell of chlorophorm? You wake up again with pains and aches and faint dead away seeing yourself in the mirror. The next time you wake up you carefully reach for your new fuzzy ears...for that tail...and you are quick to notice that the limp flesh between your legs actually is a well working shaft. You were made into a herm, an anthro one, shaped to the young master's desires, not that he knows about it, or that it happened against your will. Your task? It's still the same: Teach him about sex. It helps that your body had been modified to feel pleasure more intense and crave it far will your needs go? How much will, can and do you want to teach your young student? -He- is the key to your own relief after all!

For the greater good!

The years of war and fighting had taken their toll on land and the people, many died, more lost their fathers and sons, towns burned, the people hungering and sick of the feude that lasted too long. Kings agreed to meet and at least call it a truce, to stop fighting...the actual reson things had started from allready forgotten in the sands of time. To strengthen the bonds between those realms it was decided that they marry their son and daughter. The oldest sons had died, it left the king with but his youngest, a lad of 17 summers (flexible). The other realm had but one daughter...a beauty that was allready within her late 20th, a lady that alway had had her own head and during the wartimes simply had no luck to find a suitable partner...or rather the king couldn't find one. They are stuck with their options, bringing the young lad, a bit insecure together with the brash lady who is rumored to say to be feisty and not easily handled at all.

So we have the inexperienced young man and the strong willed female forced together during that fragile peace and having to live and deal with each other. Their countries future depends on those two working out...since their fathers wouldn't even bat a lash, to go back to war, if they'd note even the smallest problem between their spouses. She knows so more than he does and has to work with it...she is far from dumb and hopes to find a way to get him under her thump. What easier way to sway a young, hormone ladden man, than offer him your body?

Random stuff:

We are like sisters!
They were like sisters (can be actual ones, maybe twins?). They did everything, those two, from the same sports, cloths, school and friends. They were likeable, adorable, sexy, everything revolved around them. It was, until their eyes land on the same man. He is a bit shy, but they definitely like him for his cuteness. After arguing, after a tug back and forth, they simply decide: "We do it like always...we share!"

I am looking for 2 females (wouldn't mind someone playing 2 chars) that either are rather opposite in looks (Blond and brunette for example) or the two look alike (up to being twins), that, as mentioned share. I am looking, for those two, going to try to win him over, at last simply taking him, for themself, exploring a slight domineering aspect, the two, starting to like to command him around a bit, capture him for  them, while he slowly falls in love an does, as those two wish.
This can be set within college years, or maybe earlier, however it is wished, open for discussions ;)


Young love

He works in that small café, you don't know if it's his own, if he just works for someone else tho it's hard to imagine as you most times do see him doing the work alone. Sure there is a student or another one helping out as a waitress here and there, but that's all you can tell. It's a first class area for such a little shop: Near enough the buisness district, for managers and workers from there to grab themself a coffee before work; it's on the way between the bus station and college so many young ones visit regularly as well, after school to study, to chat or hang out. It's what one calls a goldmine!
The place itself is a curious thing...furnitchure gathered from the 30th to 60th it seemed, no piece is like th other. Large armchairs, plush couches, the cushions having seen better days allready, but still not looking shabby. Tables are placed in their middles, every single piece of a different height. It was a cozy place to sit and enjoy your time. Not to mention: Coffee tasted here like pure ambrosia!

Many ways to approach this! A buisness class woman that finds herself suddenly getting flowers or small letters from an unknown person, a student that always had had a crush on the handsome young man that seemed to take care of that buisness, love at first sight when you try to get yourself a job...maybe just someone drunken and frisky comming by that place and noting the young man cleaning up still after a hard day of work and catching him for some wild fun? Get crazy with ideas!

All idea's are open to be discussed via PM with me (or could be asked for, modified, different setting). I am gladly switching roles around as well, these are by far set in stone!
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Re: Vampires [MUL]
« Reply #1 on: November 16, 2008, 06:04:34 AM »
Updated~ 16th November

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Re: Tarin's RP ideas
« Reply #2 on: November 16, 2008, 03:41:54 PM »
Lonely Soul and Everlasting Enemies sounds good to me.

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Re: Tarin's RP ideas
« Reply #3 on: November 16, 2008, 04:43:40 PM »
Searching for something short, erotic, maybe sexual. A belly dancer maybe? Some temptress? A gift from a friend to enjoy? Flirting back and forth, torn between trying to flee the duty into the arms of this young man, that could somewhat care less about the woman's fate.

All idea's are open to be discussed via PM with me. I am gladly switching roles around as well, these are by far set in stone!

That sounds good to me, I am a REAL bellydancer...

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Re: Tarin's RP ideas
« Reply #4 on: November 16, 2008, 04:50:03 PM »
Oh I like the idea of Lonely Soul if it's not already taken.

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Re: Tarin's RP ideas
« Reply #5 on: December 11, 2008, 08:47:38 PM »
** Update~**

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Re: Tarin's RP ideas
« Reply #6 on: December 12, 2008, 09:42:44 AM »
If you're still interested in doing the slave market, that sounds interesting to me.

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Re: Tarin's RP ideas
« Reply #7 on: March 08, 2011, 03:44:11 AM »
*dusts off, updates some and opens the windows for a fresh wind!*

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Re: Tarin's RP ideas
« Reply #8 on: March 10, 2011, 01:34:31 AM »
Reworked some stuff and added more:
The Ad
For the Greater Good
Young love
The interogation
and Exclusive Club