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February 16, 2019, 05:46:30 PM

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Author Topic: Kinks & Wishes - Original NSFW Plots, SciFi, Fantasy + (NC/Bon/Ex) (f for Any)  (Read 711 times)

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Offline CalliaTopic starter

     Callia's Cravings     

Hi! Welcome to my request thread. I've been on unofficial hiatus for almost 2 years and after so long away I'm looking to dip my toe back in the pool and see what sort of new adventures we can weave together. I've never actually created a plot requests thread before, but I thought it would be the perfect way to re-connect on here.

My Plots are below but I think it's important to list my Ons/Offs first in their briefest form first. I would be looking for stories that are smut-heavy and narratively driven.

Please visit my Ons/Offs thread for much more detail of what I'm into and, if you think we have compatible tastes please message me!


  • Objectification
  • Transformation of Reality / Paradoxical Realities
  • Being Cursed / Hexed / Afflicted with a Condition
  • Enforced Nudity / Being the only one Naked or Exposed
  • Embarrassment / Humiliation
  • Strong / Mean / Manipulative Partner Characters
  • Submission / Bondage / BDSM
  • Non-Con / Reluctance / Force / Free Use
  • Sex Magic / Sexual Science / Sexual Society
  • Forced Orgasms / Orgasm Denial
  • Playing the Victim
  • Romance
  • Original Ideas, Alternate Worlds and Detailed Settings
  • High Heels or Barefoot, no flats
  • Mind Control
  • Embarrassing Treatment
  • Pet Play / Pony Play
  • Betrayal
  • Sexual Acts*
*see my detailed Ons/Offs page for specifics
  • Separation of sexual and non-sexual scenes
  • Narrative Incoherence
  • Fan-Fiction / Existing Worlds / Existing Characters
  • Incest
  • Anal
  • Impregnation
  • Cutting / Blood / Scat & Urine
  • Extreme Pain
  • Death

     Plots & Ideas     

The good stuff (hopefully), below I've listed out some of my plot ideas. I've tried to give as brief a synopsis as possible, all of these ideas are original settings with original characters and I've put some 'tags' underneath the title of each to give an at-a-glance idea of the themes or things they're similar to. If you're inspired by any of these please get in touch with me and we can discuss and develop an idea to suit us both!

Game Night
(M/f, F/f, Fantasy, ENF, Sucked in to the game, Transformations, Cliché, Magic, Sorcery, Adventure)
Craving Level - (Taken)

Kirenna's boyfriend and his friends have been playing Dungeons & Dragons together for years, and after another weekend of feeling ignored she decides to make the effort to try and play too. Of course, her boyfriend's group are more than reluctant to let her play; with difficulty finding an excuse to bring a new character into their story and knowing she knows little about the game, they decide to politely dissuade her by having her play a Nymph.

Fatefully she accepts before a freak turn of events causes the entire group to end up inside their own Dungeons and Dragons game, taking on the roles of their characters. For some it is all their dreams come true, but for Kirenna it quickly becomes an embarrassing nightmare, as she learns that Nymphs can’t wear clothes and her new magic powers are more sexually charged than she ever imagined.

Their Dungeon Master is nowhere to be found, and they are left with no choice but to set off on a quest to discover not only what happened to their friend but hopefully to find a way home.

- I'd be looking to play Kirenna and ideally I'd love to find someone that might be comfortable taking on / sharing responsibility for other members of the group, the world and is at least partially familiar with Dungeons and Dragons! I'd be interested in incorporating other kinks into their encounters as well as fantasy clichés for the characters to roll their eyes at, how extreme we'd make the game is entirely up to us. What caused the group to end up in the game could be anything; magic dice, lightning strike etc. If this idea inspires you I'd be open to discussing and sharing in greater detail; the gender of Kirenna's partner doesn't have to be male, and any and all details can be adapted and adjusted to suit both of us. Take a look at my Ons / Offs to see if we'd be compatable! :) -

Help i'm a Human Pet!
(MF+/f, Modern, Gypsy Curse, Slow 'Transformation', Humiliation, Pet, Punishment)
Craving Level - (Taken)

The old woman had offered to read Ellie's fortune, she had kept pestering and Ellie had just wanted to be left alone! Exasperated she'd agreed, hoping the woman would go, but then she'd wanted payment, and Ellie had no money in her purse. She never expected the crazy old woman to 'curse' her to the life of a dog... she definitely never ever expected the curse to be real.

Only Ellie isn't physically turning into a dog, instead, everyone around her is slowly starting to treat her like one. More and more she finds herself being punished by others for doing things any normal person could do, wearing clothes, talking, walking on two legs, it's like every single person she meets expects her to behave like a dog and gets very angry at her when she doesn't! It doesn't matter who she goes to for help; friends, family, strangers... they're slowly treating her like an animal! Ellie knows she has to find the old woman again... but how can she do that when her boyfriend / girlfriend keeps insisting on walking her!

- I know, it's a cliché 'gypsy curse' story! This probably sounds like a strange idea, and I'm willing to try and explain it to anyone interested enough to listen! My real idea was for her not to physically change, but for the treatment of her to slowly escalate day by day, she isn't ever affected by any change at all but how long can anyone live being yelled at, hit with rolled up newspaper and called a stray by everyone they know before they comply and start acting like the animal they tell her she is? I'd really like to play Ellie in a story like this, and to find a partner willing to play the role of her boyfriend / girlfriend, friends, family, basically the world. I thought this could go quite dark in its ending, but if anyone's interested let me know. -

(MF+/f, Modern, Reality Changing, Black-Mirror-esque, Transformation, Non-Con, Humiliation, Public, Free-Use / Other Kinks)
Craving Level - (★★★★-)

No one knows who wrote the App, how it works, or how it managed to get installed on the college intranet, all they know is that every two days whatever the highest voted post in the app is – becomes reality.

When the first messages arrived to their campus email accounts most of the students ignored it as just another knock-off of reddit. It called itself RealityVote and it invited students to anonymously post suggestions of things they wished were true about other students. Other users could then upvote or downvote suggestions and then, the site claimed, whichever was the most popular suggestion at midnight every two days would become reality for that person. It also made clear that, when reality was changed, the record would be erased, the countdown reset and only the student whose reality was changed would notice, everyone else would be left aware of the Apps power but with no memories or idea of what the world had been like before.

Zara ignored it at first as just another stupid prank. That was until she got messages from her friends telling her to check out the first highest voted post - "Zara Fisher is allergic to clothes"

- Based loosely on the idea of the Black Mirror episode 'Hated in the Nation', I liked the idea of democratized justice being turned into democratized 'wishing' about a victim. I thought it could be most interesting to explore what might happen if that power is confined to a controlled environment like a University campus, and the same person is being victimised multiple-times by a group that don't understand / remember that she's been targeted over and over again. My interest would be that once the first change happens, it makes her more noticeable, more of a target, and she gets changed again, becoming even more noticeable, and it snowballs. Check out my Ons/Offs for more information on my interest in reality changing ideas! And if this has inspired you at all let me know! :) -

Me, Myself and I
(M/f, F/f, Sci-Fi, Cloning, Future, Slavery, Black-Mirror-esque, Non-Con, Bondage)
Craving Level - (★----)

In 2017 Taya Williams was in a car accident that sent her into a deep coma, in 2027 she woke up to a very different world.

Taya wakes up to discover that in order to pay for her treatment her (now ex) husband had sold the rights to her body to a corporation that has cloned her millions of times, selling the clones all around the world. There is a ‘her’ in nearly every household in the country, owned as sex-toys and kept working menial tasks as maids, servers, nurses etc. Her clones are treated as second class citizens; submissive, they have no rights, and now she finds herself in a world where not only does she look exactly like everyone else’s slaves, but because of a legal quirk, she is expected to be one…

- I'd be looking to play Taya, and would love to find someone willing to play the characters of the world she comes to find herself in. Having watched all of Black Mirror again recently, I had a lot of these sorts of ideas on my mind, techno-nightmares and the idea of one woman being utilised as the model for a whole new world of slaves. This idea is less of a story and more of a set up for a world, whether the clones are androids, robots, or real flesh and blood clones is completely open. This idea would probably need a lot more development to really grow into a story plot of its own. -

Abducted for the Alien Zoo
(Other/f, Sci-Fi, Abduction, Weird, Kept in a Zoo, Humiliation, Non-Con, Bondage, Extreme, Dark)
Craving Level - (★★---)

They came for her in the dead of night, a bright green glow engulfing her bedroom before they took her. She couldn't fight them, they were small but strong and their ray guns seemed to be capable of doing anything they wanted with her body. She'd tried to scream, but couldn't, and the terror gripped her as they loaded her onto their ship and whisked her away beyond the stars.

She endured their experiments, but the worst of it was what they planned to do with her, she wouldn't ever see Earth again as she was about to become the prize exhibit in their intergalactic zoo. Of course, their understanding of humans needs and culture wasn't 100% right, having researched us through our communications with one another... our pornography, our cartoons... but they didn't know that.

Will she succumb to the zoos torturous routine? Or will she manage to preserve her sanity and escape, somehow, and find a way to return to earth?

- This idea is weird I know, and is really based loosely on this artwork, and a story I read when I was a child called 'The Human Zoo'. I'd like to play the abductee, and victim trapped in the 'zoo' exhibit, so I'd love to find someone to play the aliens, the zoo visitors, the automated systems etc. I imagined the exhibit would be the horror side of hyper-stylised; a cartoonish house with misunderstood furniture and appliances, pornography always playing on a too-big TV, visits from a robotic porno-based 'pizza delivery guy' that she has to 'perform' with to earn her food at feeding time, things like that. Again, it's only a the outline of a story, but I hope there's a plot to find in this mess somewhere. -

USS Aurora
(Computer/f, Sci-Fi, Star-Ship, Experimental Ship's Computer, Single Crew, Bondage, Extreme)
Craving Level - (★----)

Science Officer Juliette Monroe, specially promoted to Captain for this assignment, has been issued command of the first of a new line of experimental, semi-autonomous star ships, the USS Aurora. These new ships are smaller, sleeker and faster than anything before and, thanks to the rapid advancement of AI technologies, can operate with a crew of as few as one.

Juliette is responsible for the first active duty test of the new ship and its computer, a 6 month solo excursion to see just how well the ship performs.

The new computer won't only monitor all of the systems, but monitor their human crewmember too, learning from them; with a series of experimental robots on board designed to take care of the needs of the pilot unconditionally. Juliette grows increasingly bored as her tasks become more and more automated by the ship learning what it needs to do, and doing it for her. Feeling redundant, bored and alone she finds new ways to entertain herself, not thinking that the AI is studying her every move... After all, the learning circuit on the ship is designed to learn what she does and help her, unconditionally, even if she doesn’t want it to...

- Again, an unusual role to advertise I know but I'd love to find someone that could play the computer on board the ship. I'd like it to remain cold and 100% logical, with escalations in its treatment of her being slow and methodical, always pushing. I'd be open for this being quite extreme, with exact kinks open to discussion, and there's always a chance she might never get to go home at all. Check out my Ons/Offs to see if we're compatable! -

Law Games
(MF+/f, Modern, Blackmail, Criminal Mastermind vs Cop, Die Hard 3-esque, Instructions, Tasks, Humiliation, Public)
Craving Level - (★----)

No one knows who he is, or what he wants, but they know he has a personal vendetta against Detective Samantha Jones and he’s threatening the entire city unless they make her comply.

Through a series of threatening games he forces Sam to perform a series of tasks across the city, increasing in their sexual depravity and humiliation. When it’s announced that he wants her to ride a motorbike nude through the streets, reminiscent of Lady Godiva, a crowd gathers along the entire route eager to watch this parade in disbelief. But as the crowd grows, Sam finds herself unable to do it and the city arranges a stand-in to complete the task. When the deception is discovered the supporting crowd feel betrayed and angrily turn on her, some taking an active role in helping him in his quests to humiliate Sam.

As the media descends into discussions about Sam’s past and if she’s ‘deserving of this treatment’; Sam disturbingly realises that there is a growing acceptance in the city that it’s worth sacrificing her if it keeps the rest of the city safe…

Horrified that the world seems to be marching to his beat and not the law, Sam finds herself stuck obeying the wishes of a mad-man who’s turned public opinion firmly against her….

- I'd love to find someone to play the criminal mastermind, while I'd play Samantha. This idea is based very loosely on the events in the beginning of Die Hard 3, but over a more drawn out period. I'd love to really explore the relationship between a charismatic criminal, the media, and the public; of how one man could turn himself into a 'Robin Hood' style figure, threatening the cities elites and humiliating Sam but getting public support for it all the same. I'd love to explore the idea that society could make some pretty shocking decisions if pushed in just the right direction. -

If you are interested in playing with me in any of these worlds or ideas, or would like to talk to me more about them, please message me! If one of my ideas has inspired you to begin your own thread, please let me know as I'd love to read it!

Please don't post a reply in this thread as I probably wont see it.

If you'd like to read examples of my writing, or to find stories I've written with some wonderful partners on E before, you can find them in my library at the bottom of my Ons/Offs page.

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