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January 22, 2019, 09:35:08 PM

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Author Topic: A Heroine of his Own (Manipulation, submission, M for f)  (Read 273 times)

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Offline jacobjonTopic starter

A Heroine of his Own (Manipulation, submission, M for f)
« on: January 15, 2018, 05:07:07 PM »
I have a craving to explore a situation where a female character suddenly finds herself thrown into the world of metahuman superheroics, only to find herself controlled by someone nefarious. There are a few variations of how this could work below, but each idea follows the same basic theme. If neither of these ideas appeal to you, but you enjoy the general concept, feel free to contact me!

Idea 1: The world changed when a masked hero who called himself Invincible appeared on the scene about a year ago. He was bulletproof, could fly, and could lift a tank over his head. While most agree that he fights for the people, there has always been a desire to replicate his abilities, to increase the good beyond what one man can do. To that end, Harkness Industries started the Infinity Project, a project that will give a normal person those same powers. Unfortunately, the project has proven too dangerous, and the government has ordered it shut down. The project's leader, William Harkness, refuses to take that for an answer. He has identified a candidate who he thinks has the highest chance of gaining abilities, your character, and puts her through the procedure.

My basic idea is that your character would find herself with the same abilities as Invincible, only to discover that William Harkness is not motivated by humanity's best interests. Harkness would have some means of controlling her, either through blackmail (maybe he has her family hostage) or maybe through some sort of control device included in the procedure. She would be forced to fight the criminals Harkness priorities (his rivals), submit to him in private, and anything else Harkness could think of. Eventually, I was thinking she could meet Invincible and be ordered to spy on him, even as she comes to genuinely care for him, but would be unable to warn him not to trust her.

Idea 2: A tiny percentage of the population is born with a metahuman ability. Most try to keep their power secret, but more and more are exposing themselves, either as heroes or villains. Your character has found herself in a great deal of debt, and that debt has been purchased by a known metahuman crimelord, someone with superhuman strength and durability. The crimelord owns a nightclub on the outskirts of town, and decides your character will be his personal plaything as a means of paying off the debt. But things take an unexpected turn, as the first time he kisses her, he feels a portion of his power transfer to her, leaving her stronger and more durable. The kiss was brief, so she doesn't get much power, and it doesn't last long, but both characters realize that your character is also a metahuman, able to draw power from other meta humans through kissing. The effect is temporary, however, and when it ends, your character feels weaker than before, and has a hunger to feel that power again, one that seems to grow stronger by the moment.

The basic idea to this one is that your character quickly becomes addicted to the crimelord's power. He would give her power here and there, but use her as an enforcer to take care of his enemies. At the same time, she could be used as a trophy around the nightclub, as showing off the submission of a known heroine would make for quite the display around the club.