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November 18, 2018, 04:39:39 PM

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Author Topic: (UPDATED) Odd couples and unorthodox relationships (M for F char, Light To EX)  (Read 671 times)

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Offline AcademicCuriosity9110Topic starter

Hey there. Welcome to my thread. Here you get to see my selection of idea, ranging from cute and fluffy young love slice of life stories with plenty of drama to darker and more extreme fare. First up, as long as you're willing to play female characters, RL gender is unimportant.

CRAVINGS!! (In no particular order):

Dating The Devil's Daughter:: You wouldn't think the daughter of an infamous Mafia Don would be ideal dating material, what with the health risks and notorious overprotective paternal instincts from men of power and all. But for these two, it's a match made in Heaven. He's the son of a moderately famous politician, and his family's hands are just as bloody as her family's, to the point of an informal alliance between them on mutually beneficial arrangements. Naturally, this young couple's relationship, though often problematic for damage control and spin-doctoring, is tolerated because of fears of escalating reprisals.

Mostly, what I'm looking for here is a sort of whirlwind romance, these two scions of powerful families being young, reckless, and silver-tongued enough to know how to avoid trouble and scandal as they navigate their lives and their relationship and desires.

If you want to add some darkness to it, perhaps our Mafia princess is morbid, twisted,
perverted, and quite violence-prone, trained quite well in ways to fight and kill, while our political dynasty heir is a closet psychopath and (possibly) a serial rapist/murderer, with much of their relationship predicated on indulging their dark, criminal side. I imagine a sort of Bonnie and Clyde meets (insert any (GOOD) BDSM book/movie here) thing, with a healthy dose of political/celebrity power abuse. Could possibly go to very dark kidnapping, raping, and murdering places.

In Sickness And In Health: They're a young couple, mid-teens to early twenties. High school sweetheart types. Maybe a bit of an odd or "only makes sense to us" pair. But the point is, I want to explore the idea of this couple dealing with one of them having an illness (let's be honest, it's gonna be cancer, but not necessarily terminal), and how that affects things as they try to deal with this life-changing situation.

The Preacher's Daughter: So, I've spent way too much time lately listening to country music, specifically the "bad boy" x "good girl" stuff, especially the "preacher's daughter" variety. And, well, now I can't stop thinking about it. I want to do a nice, fluffy, romantic love story, something akin to this music video:

Or, alternately, for a slightly more drama friendly plot, this one:

From Continent(al) To Continent(al) (Shamelessly stolen from Queen of Spades): All around the world there exists a chain of hotels, simply entitled “The Continental”. Situated largely in areas where other exclusive hotels lie, on the outside it looks like just another hotel for celebrities and the rich. Except no amount of money alone will net you a room at The Continental, no matter the breadth of influence or wealth. The Continental catered exclusively to the most shadowy of professions - assassination.

The hotel catered towards assassins, providing a place away from home whilst they conducted their business, with all the luxuries one would expect from a 5 star hotel. With a few extras as well, given the special needs of the client base - no questions asked. It was a bit of a hub for those in the business of assassination. A chance to mingle and relax with fellow ‘colleagues’, enemies and friends alike. There was only one rule patron’s had to adhere to - no business was to be conducted on hotel premises, with the warning that heavy penalties would be incurred by those who broke the rules.

Scenario: A story involving two assassins’ who occasionally meet at the Continental hotel whilst on business. There could be a light rivalry between them, perhaps even a little conflict. But I’m primarily looking to tell a story of two people who are in love with one another, but don’t have the time to pursue a relationship, given their work and allegiances. The short time they have together at the hotel is the best they have, and they don’t know when or even if they will meet again. For reference, I'm looking for something like the relationship between John and Ares (Santino's lieutenant in John Wick, Chapter Two), where there's obviously a history there, but things are complicated by their different loyalties and such. This is an opportunity to explore a similar dynamic, where neither is willing to give it up, and neither would ask the other to do so, but there's a Gomez and Morticia kind of love, where they accept that they're hopelessly in love and enjoy the moments they can steal together in neutral territory. It works between them because they both accept that it has to be this way.

Requirements: I’ll be playing the male assassin, I’m looking for a partner to play the female assassin, someone who enjoys writing out long posts.

Becoming Hers: A young man (18-22) has been involved in an online femdom relationship with a woman (16-26) for a couple of years now, with heavy emphasis on orgasm control/denial, body worship, discipline, and servitude. One day, he receives a package from her, containing the spare key to his chastity belt, as well as online confirmation for a one-way plane ticket due to leave later that day, with an ultimatum: he can either unlock himself and end their relationship, in which case he would never hear from her again, or dispose of the key, take the ticket, get on the plane, and become her live-in slave forever, abandoning his entire life to become hers. Obviously, he would take the second option. From there, he would be forced to adjust to being a full-time slave as she begins emasculating and feminizing him into her little sissy slut slave. Mandatory themes would include (obviously): femdom, feminization/sissification, chastity play, crossdressing, SPH, CBT, body worship (primarily breast/nipple, pussy, and foot), with possibilities for BBW, ageplay, petplay, and being forced to service her friends or family. I would also be willing to discuss playing against a trans/shemale for this, preferably a big-dicked BBW in that case. I might be able to be convinced, eventually, to include forced bi (but seriously, that would have to be discussed at length). The only hard no, as usual for me, is scat.

Mass Effect: The Merc, The Maniac, the Maverick: Simply put, I'm looking for a story set during ME2, a slow-burning Zaeed x Jack x Garrus story. I'm not interested in any MxM romance between Garrus and Zaeed, both of whom I would be playing, but am really looking for an exploration of the different dynamics of each guy's relationship with Jack. We can keep it confined to an AU ME2 or go past that (I do have some ideas for how the Suicide Mission goes, if we get to that point.)

Mass Effect: First Contact War/Enemy Mine: A fairly simple idea, set in an AU of the First Contact War. A human woman (YC) in the SA military is captured by a turian captain (MC) during the reclaiming of Shanxi, but his ship is badly damaged just as they try to head through the relay, resulting in them crashing on an uncharted planet as the only survivors. Over the following months, as the hope of rescue grows distant, they grow closer even as they attempt to repair either communications equipment or flight capability for the ship, being as they are on a bit of a time-crunch due to limited supplies of dextro food for MC. I've got some further ideas to carry the story and their relationship beyond their rescue.

Too Much Like Her Mother ((Borrowed from TheVariableX)): When a young woman (16-18) whose mother left when she was young is going through some of her mother's old things, she finds a collection of letters, photographs, journals, and fetish paraphernalia that belonged to her mother. The picture the discovery paints is one of a side of her mother that she never imagined: a depraved, masochistic fuckdoll and sex slave. More than that, the pictures show her mother at about the same age as she is. This discovery sets her on a path to research the lifestyle and try to understand this side of the mother she never really knew. She finds a few pieces of information that lead her to her mother's old Master, and reveal her own desire and determination to be trained as a sex slave by him, even if he's not particularly interested.

What I'm looking for here is an EXTREME story of a young woman on a journey to learn about her mother by experiencing everything she went through, from the (now) much older man who trained (and owned) her. I'm looking for an age gap of around 30 years, where, for him, it's not so much sexually driven, but a matter of professional pride (and a bit of emotional hang-up on her mother) that drives him to train her. Despite this being an EX idea, I'm looking for real emotions and love to form between them. For her, this is a chance to feel closer to her mother. For him, it's a chance to come to terms with the one who got away and have a second chance to do it right.

Think Karate Kid, honestly, more or less. At first, he gives her a lot of menial tasks, trying to drive her off (and maybe taking out some of his negative emotions about losing her mother on her), but her persistence starts to impress him, and he gradually opens up and starts teaching her about her mother as he trains her. Meanwhile, she starts feeling like she's living in her mother's shadow, and starts trying to match or exceed the standard her mother set.

Things to include: medium/heavy bondage piercings, tattoos, possible branding, anal training, orgasm control/denial, chastity play, pet play, BESTIALITY (dogs and horses preferred), and pretty much anything short of scat is at least up for discussion.

His Pet (TAKEN, would need to be convinced to take up another)
His Pet (Shamelessly stolen from Flickaha): There is a teenager in his class, he shouldn’t notice her, it’s entirely inappropriate that he does and he knows it. It’s not like he hasn’t been teaching for years, it’s not like she’s even the prettiest student he’s seen in his time. The skirts have gotten shorter and shorter over the years of teaching at this high school and he’s long come to terms with the fact that he must stop himself noticing. Not an easy thing to do, but he’s managed to shut off. The girls are kids in his classes and he’s taught himself to believe it. Until she came along.

He isn’t even sure what it is about her, well that’s a lie.

He knows.

When she comes in and winces slightly, occasionally, when she sits down, he knows.

When she wears her hair down to cover the bruises and marks along her neck and collarbone, he knows.

When those green eyes refuse to hold his and a crimson stain blushes along her cheeks, he knows.

When she squirms in her seat when he’s berating her for not having done her homework, he knows.

When she forgets to wear panties underneath too short skirts, he knows.

When her fingers absently trace the bruises at her wrists, or the small always covered blemishes that scatter her body, he knows.

He knows because he knows every inch of her body, every inch of those bruises. Because he put them there, every, last, one.

How is it his fault? How was he supposed to resist such an untainted, insatiable little masochist? All spread out and offering herself to him, perhaps not with words but he’d known what she was before she had and it hadn’t taken much effort to show her how much he could give her. Now it was like an addiction, how on Earth was he supposed to give her up? His job was on the line, there was no way he wouldn’t be thrown in jail, perhaps just sex could be forgiven but what they did? No. He’d be locked away and never allowed out.

Pinching the bridge of his nose angrily he dismisses the class ten minutes early, nobody hesitates they all flee from the room in case he suddenly changes his mind and their early dart from school is forsaken. He remembers vaguely what it was like when ten minutes made such a difference. Of course she doesn’t flee, she takes her time and his eyes don’t leave her body as she picks up her books, slowly, and then sashays passed him, swaying her hips in that way that damn near hypnotises him. He doesn’t even think it’s intentional, but it works and his eyes follow her out, then he groans and she laughs because he’s seen what she wanted him to.

The ghost of a still red handprint poking out from the beneath the hem of the pleated, tartan fabric.

It doesn’t matter that she’s gone now, he’ll see her again, after all she’s lived next door to him for years.

It really is the most ridiculously unfortunate situation.

And he thinks he might flog her tonight for utterly destroying his ability to think about anything else.

Other Bits

I would like to kick this off at the very beginning, a blossoming relationship between student and teacher, neighbour and neighbour. The heavy emphasis on her masochism is important, as is his sadism. It’s not a healthy, romantic affair, it’s a filthy, consensual mess which from the outside would look abusive as Hell.

That said I imagine feelings will develop and I don’t want the entire emphasis to be on BDSM. It will be incorporated of course, heavily, however there will also be a plot blossoming to. Dangerous, dangerous plot. I want it to be realistic and as gritty as you can manage.

I want this to be as much about their character’s development both together and apart, relationship growth, change and a deep insight into in depth and well thought out characters.

As well as a hell of a lot of we-shouldn’t-be-doing-this sex!

Anyway, I'm not going to list the basic rules here, since we should all know them. Pm me if interested, don't post here. I prefer third person, past tense, at least a small paragraph, no preference for posting frequency, RP over threads or PM, in order of preference.

I don't see any real kinkiness in these, so I won't bother you with a kink list here. I am open to further discussion on that front, though.

HOWEVER, there is one requirement I have for these. I'm aiming for that magical, star-kissed, "Gomez and Morticia" kind of love. These are people who are truly, deeply in love, no matter what. To quote  Gomez, "I would die for her. I would kill for her. Either way, what bliss." So basically, I don't want more than a few posts to go by without affection and romance that gives you diabetes. :) Except the "His Pet" plot. That needs to be a lot darker and more complex than happy romance.

Anyway, I know this is short, but I don't have the time right now to flesh it out, but I hope to hear from anybody interested in trying this out.
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Offline AcademicCuriosity9110Topic starter

Updated with two new plots, both shamelessly stolen because the people I found them through haven't gotten back to me:

From Continent(al) To Continent(al)

His Pet

Anyway, hope to see some interest.

Offline AcademicCuriosity9110Topic starter

Updated with new plot craving:

Too Much Like Her Mother

Offline AcademicCuriosity9110Topic starter


ADDED new plot "Dating The Devil's Daughter"

"His Pet" now TAKEN.

Still accepting offers for all others, as well as being open to hearing any suggestions, ideas, or cravings you may bring to the table.

Offline AcademicCuriosity9110Topic starter

Updated with two fandom plots, both for Mass Effect, one with canon characters, one with OC's:

Mass Effect: The Merc, The Maniac, The Maverick.

Mass Effect: First Contact War/Enemy Mine.

Offline AcademicCuriosity9110Topic starter

Updated with new serious craving: Becoming Hers.