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February 21, 2018, 05:33:18 AM

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Author Topic: Craving very dark, very rough noncon scenes. [Seeking Futa/SheM Aggressors]  (Read 450 times)

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Offline FurredMonsterTopic starter

Hi! Going to just jump right into things here.

My favorite types of scenes are where I get to play a petite and effeminate male, and said male gets sexually exploited by a larger and/or older well endowed lady. Your gender doesn't matter, as long as you enjoy playing the aforementioned type of  woman.  I am also up for playing female, or Tg.

I think most would say that noncon scenes are best kept to a single heated exchange, as doing the same "kicking and screaming" bit can certainly get old for those that like to play the aggressive party. I'm fine with that, and am more than happy to do a smaller writing exchange. I find to keep things longer term, a lot of people opt for the noncon -> con dynamic, which is fun as well. Something that really interests me though is the noncon -> noncon story. I think there are a ton of ways to explore that kind of relationship... My character doesn't have to like it, but does have to live with it.


Ons and Offs, click "Monster Taming" in my signature (left side, as signature is broken into three parts). I fancy some very dark scenes, don't be shy.

I'm generally well written, preferring third person and about 1-5 paragraphs per reply. I also aim to be an accomodating and friendly writing partner.

Below will be some scene ideas to get the inspiration birds twittering and fluttering about. More will be added in time. Also, if you think we will get along kinkwise, just come say hello.

Knight and her Squire: Pretty much as the title. I imagine a system where a squire swears an oath to their knight, essentially becoming property. While 95% of Knights don't abuse their Squires, yours does. Camped out, a few days travel from another city without a soul in sight? Time to get rid of some pent up stress.

The Queen's Mother and the Serving Boy: A perverse older woman finds herself stricken by a member of her daughter's house staff. The pretty teen finds himself threatened into silence as the royal family ignores the problem, allowing the woman to continue unchecked.

Arranged Marriage: I adore arranged marriages, paticularly ones with large age gaps and devious intentions. A perverse older woman paying a large dowry to a poor family for their 'daughters' hand in marriage? Yum.

Officer and the Runaway: Quite fond of an officer encountering someone on the run who's wanted for something, and taking the opportunity to acquire her own fuckmeat as opposed to turning them in.

Wasteland Survivor: Your character saves mine from some kind of mutated creature. It's lonely in the wastes though, and you desperately need some company, while I need protection. Do you break me in slowly? All at once?

Lone Scout/Forward Operating Force: As far as noncon scenes go, war time is definitely an optimal backdrop. I think a single Scout or a small group, on the fringes of enemy territory for weeks at a time, finding a petite thing to indulge their twisted needs would be quite fun.

Desperate Magic: A kingdom is falling apart under the constant assault of some foreign power. A young prodigal mage makes an arcane pact with a very powerful entity, binding the two together and giving him access to her power. The entity, happy to escape her extraplanar confines, keeps the young mage alive, but uses him as a sexual object for her dark needs.

Twisted Caretaker: A very dark scene, so if you're sensitive to these kinds of topics I'd skip this one. Basically, my character would be a quadruple amputee requiring full time care. Your character would be a perverse individual with forged credentials, looking to nab their prize and skip town.

Depraved Housebound Aunt: A bit of a weird scene idea, but one that hits on quite a few cravings of mine. My character would have an aunt that he'd just have learned about, but finds that his mother won't tell him anything about her. He manages to look her up and decides to visit in secret, finding out that his aunt, while quirky and with a phobia of leaving her home, is actually quite nice. The woman becomes emotionally and sexually infatuated with her pretty little nephew, eventually forcing him to stay with her by any means necessary.
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Re: Noncon and Extreme Kink Cravings [A x T/Fu]
« Reply #1 on: January 17, 2018, 05:48:43 PM »
Added two new scene ideas and clarified some earlier things.

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Three new scenes and some restructuring.

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Re: Craving dark (and occasionally brutal) noncon scenes. [A x Tg/Fu/SheM/etc]
« Reply #3 on: February 13, 2018, 05:51:47 AM »
New Scene!