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February 22, 2018, 08:47:22 AM

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Author Topic: “While We’re On The Topic, Allow Me to Introduce...” (Nora’s Request Thread)  (Read 561 times)

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Offline NoraVonElliquiyTopic starter

Oh, hello. I didn’t see you there! I guess I’ve been here long enough that I should probably make one of these requests threads. I’ll introduce myself so I’m not so much of a stranger, and then I’ll get into business.

About Me
“Ladies do not start fights, but they can finish them.”

I’m Nora. I’m a copywriter by day and struggling writer by night. I use play-by-post RPGs to try to keep myself afloat creatively. I’m the kind of player that will squeal “behind the scenes” with my partner as we watch our characters squirm and suffer throughout their story. (I hope that made sense)

Aside from that, I live in Atlanta with my obscenely handsome husband, and our cat and dog. I enjoy drinking tea and bourbon (not together in a cocktail), gardening on my balcony, reading, and throwing people (I practice martial arts). I also run a horror podcast, so that may give you an idea as to what my RPG interests are.

The Meat of It (Plots and Genres)[/u]
Most Genres/settings That I’m Used To: Supernatural modern/historical, fantasy urban mystery, paranormal true crime
Other Things I’d Like To Try: Fluffy romance, lighter slice of life, anything from 1910’s to 1950’s.

The open plots listed below can be used for any RPGS, but they (along with the closed plots) can also serve to give anyone reading this an idea of what my tastes may be.

Open Plots:

-Reporter gets inside scoop from medium/individual with supernatural abilities and ends up getting more scoops on increasingly more dangerous cases.
Drama/mystery/crime/possible romance

-Witch and werewolf run into each other in the woods after a full moon. It turns out that they're neighbors and they end up hanging out, constantly commiserating over the supernatural sub-world that remains hidden in their quaint town. Coven/wolf-pack drama ensues!
Romance/slice-of-life/family drama/fluffy

-When a small plane crashes near a small coastal town, the daughter of the lighthouse keepers saves the life of the pilot. Turns out that the pilot lives not-to-far away and his presence stirs up interest amongst the town-folk.

I'm also GM'ing a Phantom of the Opera group RPG

Previous Plots (Now Taken or Inactive)
-Runaway witch that is new to the big city meets a medium that helps them solve the case of their best friend’s murder at the hand of a witch hunter. There was lots of coven drama for this as the witch was the daughter of the head priest and priestess, and the medium is the Claimed One (read: errand boy) of a coven that practices dark magic.

-Beauty and the Beast plot with a twist! The “beauty” was the flapper daughter of a lumber baron who made his fortune with the help of the “beast” that missed the deadline to find someone to love him. This took place after the Great Depression and it involved a—you guessed it—murder mystery.

-In the 1950's, a bad-boy greaser with a heart of gold meets the town's valedictorian who dreams of being a beatnik. They become close friends and then fall in love.

More Specifics
-(edited this statement for clarity since some of ya'll like to be selective)
I AM NOT GOING TO WRITE SMUT WITH YOU. I am not here to fulfill another person's sexual fantasies. I get that erotic role plays happen here, but you're not going to get one from me, period. STOP ASKING
-I write anywhere between 200 to 500 words per post, sometimes less if we need to move the plot along.
-I enjoy plotting and scheming! As I mentioned above, I enjoy getting excited and cackling with my partner “behind the scenes.” I won’t try to give a lot away or get my partner to reveal too much but I will sometimes try to speculate for the fun of it, especially if my partner has something up their sleeve.
-I am a stronger character writer when I write female characters, but I do have a proficiency in all sorts. I typically have one or two main characters and a list of NPC’s that I use to help enrich the story for everyone involved.
-Speaking of female characters, I tend to write stronger women or women finding themselves. Not the one for submissive women, sorry.

”Okay, How May I Say That I’m Interested?”
Send me a PM! I’d love to hear from you.

Bonus Round!
-The sorting hat tried to sort me in Slytherin but I chose Hufflepuff, and that’s just a personal thing.
-I’m also of House Mormont, if that’s more your thing.
-I have a collection of vintage dresses from the 1950’s (read: I have one pencil dress because I’m picky as hell)
-I’m quite the “girly girl,” but I will quite literally fight anyone for any reason (“Babe, hold my purse/shoes/lipstick/flower.”)
-That being said, I was once described as a “hard femme,” and I was too stunned to ask the person who ascribed that term to me why they felt I was that.
-I’m bossy (but what’s wrong with being cute AND bossy?)
-Buy me a cup of tea and tell me I’m pretty.

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Offline NoraVonElliquiyTopic starter

Updates! - 1/17/2018
-Edited an idea for more clarity.
-Added an idea
-Added a link to the group I'm recruiting for.
-Moved taken plot to "taken" list.

Offline NoraVonElliquiyTopic starter

- Edited a plot
- Added a plot
- Clarified something