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Author Topic: Erotic's Galleria Of Plot Ideas (Male Seeking Female Characters)  (Read 2125 times)

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Erotic's Galleria Of Plot Ideas (Male Seeking Female Characters)
« on: December 02, 2017, 01:46:04 PM »

Welcome Welcome my friends! I bid you all safe travels and happy writing. For those of you walking into my Galleria I welcome you! In here you can find a collection of my ideas, my interest's, and what I currently am shopping for!

I am going to start with a few bullet points about writing and what I want and need. These are just general rules and guidelines about writing with me and what you get. I try and be as fair and brutally honest about myself as possible!

General Posting

1. My replies vary based on what I am given and also my posting time. I work from home and while that allows me for the most part to be on everyday replying they are usually shorter. I do however have long games going as well that I do replies for on my days off. So if you see me replying to one over the other its because of that. I tend not to be biased so much as selective in what I can reply and how much time I have to reply.
2. I write in third person primarily and rarely do first person
3. I like to focus on story and story building and expect my co writer to do the same. Story building and description are my biggest turn ons and the ones I focus on the most!

(Update: I understand that some times writing does not work. Things happen people do not click and or there is a conflict in posting schedule. I know that this is a creative process and that writing can sometimes leave or just not pan out to any thing. That being said If you are unsure of our writing or you have an issue with something I said or wrote then PM ME ABOUT IT. You will find if you talk to any of my current writers that I am always open to constructive criticism and talking about the writing. I however will not accept someone just pming me out of the blue saying this is not working then never speaking to me again. It speaks of a lack of respect to my writing and is frankly childish)

I am sure there is more but I would prefer to talk to and build a rapport with my writer instead of listing them. I don't want this to be a big old list that you might feel intimidated by and not want to write because of it. I am super SUPER open about writing. To me this is all one big place to have fun and hone my craft in. If you want to write with me but have questions or something in regards to what I posted above then by all means talk to me first. I tend to never say no about most things!

Now on to themes which to me are the things I am looking to explore in my stories. They are setting primarily and also genres!

Again this is a area where my range and wants are very very open and wide. These are themes I simply love! And am always open to exploring! You will also see the story ideas I have listed by Genre!

My Genre List

1. Fantasy
2. Sci Fi
3. Fandom pairings
4. Incest
5. Domination
6. Modern
7.  Age gap
8. Lifestyles
9. Odd pairings
10. Inter racial
11. Supernatural
12. Noir
13. Horror
14. Westerns
15. Military
16. Miscellaneous Pictures

These are like I said very very general. The reason behind that is because I am going to include postings that explain and go into each one as separate posts on this thread.

And again like I said these are not the only ones I am interested in! So if you're with me so far and still interested then please read on! Find the Genre that you are interested in writing with me on and you should see what I am looking for and any ideas I have.

So basically find the genre you like scroll down and see if I have any ideas!
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Re: Erotic's Galleria Of Plot Ideas (Male Seeking Female Characters)
« Reply #1 on: December 02, 2017, 01:58:42 PM »

Fantasy is a big one for me! I would say of the ones I picked this is probably the most important to me or at least the one I have the most ideas for!

But yeah I love fantasy! From high fantasy to light fantasy to anything and everything in between! From big Lord of the Ring style role plays to even something small like two characters questing or exploring a fantasy world!

While I do like high fantasy I am not against something in the light fantasy or even modern day mixed with fantasy! This includes fantasy genre, fantasy creatures, and fantasy. I can play or play off of anything from a dragon to a vampire!

Story Idea 1

The Lost Knight Turned Detective


I am updating this with a fantasy story I am very interested in.

This would take place in a fantasy world mixed with modern day elements. This is primarily a noir story and would take place in that kind of setting with fantasy interwoven in.

The idea is that much like the comic book fables supernatural and fantasy creatures fled a dying world. This world was being destroyed and so the kings and maigcal community had to pool together their resources to find a way to get off the planet itself. They did this by creating a portal to an alternate modern day earth. Everyone moved through the portal however not everyone made it unscathed.

Certain people who went through the portal became the lost. The lost were fantasy men, woman, and creatures who lost their memories inside of the portal. The why and how isnt known but even the strongest magic could not bring the memories back.

MC was one of those people who lost their memories. He was a legend in the fantasy world a knight who had no equal and went on many adventures. His was a tale sung by bards across the old lands. His adventures even gained him two primary love interest. One was the lead sorceress of the magical community and the other was her sister a magical being of somewhat lesser reknown. They both worked their magic to try and get his memories back but found that they couldn't.

The sister was beside herself for losing her great love. So much so she cast her own memory spell. She lost her memories and gave them up in roder to be with him.

Now for the story itself! I do not have one all ironed out yet! However I would like it to start with MC working as a detective. He is given a job by the lead sorceress and we go from there!
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Re: Erotic's Galleria Of Plot Ideas (Male Seeking Female Characters)
« Reply #2 on: December 02, 2017, 02:05:32 PM »

Sci Fi

What I like the most about sci fi is the world building elements. From exotic strange looking alien planets to the idea of creating a race outside of humanity. Playing around with concepts settings and what the future looks like.

What love might look like in the future, what the future itself might look like!

I'm up for anything and everything in this genre! From cyborgs and AI to Space faring and even alien creatures. Sci fi is such a broad area and one that I would love to explore with a partner! If you have an idea I am all ears!

Story Idea 1

This story takes place in the future, a future where mankind has entered an age of augmentation and change. People mod their bodies for health reasons and to gain super human feats. There is a mix of people who feel mod and aug are the right way to go and those that think they are bad.

I think for this one I want to play either a cop who has been aug following a bad accident or a human cop who is tasked with protecting a aug woman after a protest or terror attack went wrong.

Story Idea 2

For this one I would be playing a human cop in a world where synthetic robots walk among us. They would be thought to be harmless and unable to kill humans in any way shape or form.

Except one has a brothel working synth girl who killed the man she was tasked to have sex with. This has never happened before and the synth has been taken to a black site and I tasked with the investigation. It becomes quickly apparent she is no ordinary synth and she exhibits consciousness.

My thought is that they grow to fall in love with each other and my guy eventually goes rogue and helps her get out as he finds out they want to kill her.
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Re: Erotic's Galleria Of Plot Ideas (Male Seeking Female Characters)
« Reply #3 on: December 02, 2017, 02:27:55 PM »

I have an actual Fandom list thread up now! You can find it here! This is where all my Fandom stuff will be from now on!
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Re: Erotic's Galleria Of Plot Ideas (Male Seeking Female Characters)
« Reply #4 on: December 02, 2017, 02:34:00 PM »


Incest for me is hit and miss! To me the story has to be really really good and grab my attention.

I do love the taboo. However I am a daddy dominant in real life and so I also get something akin to this. That being said I do love the following pairing and will always be open to hearing ideas.

1. Daddy X Daughter

2. Mother X Son

3. Cousins

4. Twins

5. Uncle X Niece

Story Idea 1

"Only Sluts Wear Belly Rings"

A daughter decides to go and get her belly ring and does not tell her dad about it. Previously the two of them have never had any sexual contact and or thought of each other in that way. The dad sees it however and can not stop thinking about it. Perverted thoughts begin to creep into his head that he can not stop and we go from there!
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Re: Erotic's Galleria Of Plot Ideas (Male Seeking Female Characters)
« Reply #5 on: December 02, 2017, 02:40:48 PM »


I have a few domination stories up right now that really showcase what I am looking for in this genre. I am going to link them in so you prospective writers can kind of get a taste of the flavor of domination I am looking for.

They are as follows!

Note that even in the case of these stories I can go much much darker! I am open to diving into the deep end when it comes to domination!

I will edit this further once I have some postings up. For now this is just a general look into my likes and interest in the area. Thank you guys for reading this!

Story Idea 1

"To Defy The Church"

The idea revolves around a pastor daughter who may or may not be of age (this is what some might consider a "extreme" story so fair warning)

She plays the dutiful church girl to her family but harbors a secret wild side. She longs to be free to forge her own path and see what the world has to offer her. She is a bite naive into what that means and what she is seeking but firmly believes there is more of a life for her outside of the church.

Enter my character who depending on my writers preference can be any number of things of carrying extremes.  Really this story is open ended and can be customized to whatever depravitiy or sweetness my co writer wants.

For instance he could be a bad boy in her school. Who shows her a much more wilder life and eventually runs away with her. That to me would be more traditional romance!

Or he could be a visitor to the town someone who preys upon her and convinces her to run away with him before revealing she is trapped now. This is the flip side of the coin to me and the darker.

It can be anything in between these two! Or it could even be darker and I could say be a traveling minister who has come here before and desired after the pastors daughter. I finally decide I must have her and do everything in my power to make that happen.

Story Idea 2

"The Single Mom"

YC is a single mom. Husband and father of the kid left for the usual shitty reasons. YC is a little bit at the end of her rope and has not really had the chance to relax since the events of the divorce. It may sound a bit standard or "stock" but the idea is that she is a very normal everyday "walk of life" kind of woman. She has a group of friends who are worried about her and finally arrange for her to have a break or get out for a bit.

Now there are a few scenarios on how this can go.

Scenario A: They convince her to join a public Sugar daddy type site where she can get paid or a older man buys a date with her.

Scenario B: They hook her up with a blind date which is an older richer man

Scenario C: She gets involved with a guy who sees her randomly somewhere and decides he simply MUST have her

Either way a romance begins with this young or youngish single mother and my character and older affluent male type who wants to dominate her.

Story Idea 3

"An Unfair advantage"

You were the one who got away, the one who keeps my character up at night thinking about what might have been. No matter what his success has been he can never stop thinking about her.

So imagine his surprise one day when his friend sends a link about a "bad bitch" he dated and he goes to an ex revenge site. Imagine his surprise to see her naked and being jeered at and made of fun by a host of anonymous men. He is shocked to see her on there but quickly becomes selfish and decides to use the information and what he knows for an advantage.

He must have her... and now he will!
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Re: Erotic's Galleria Of Plot Ideas (Male Seeking Female Characters)
« Reply #6 on: December 02, 2017, 02:48:06 PM »


Modern is a broad range so I am going to do my best to narrow it down. These our modern or slice of life stories that I am heavily interested in or wanting to explore.

1. High Profile people or the "good life". This being business and executive types.

2. Small Town Romances

3. Two people trying to make it

4. Unconventional Romances

5. Interracial

5. Vacation romances

So things of that nature and those type of pairings!

I will edit this further once I have some postings up. For now this is just a general look into my likes and interest in the area. Thank you guys for reading this!

Story Idea 1

The Reclusive Genuis

This is a high school romance involving characters eighteen years or older.

The idea involves a young prodigy, a genius who doesn't put much stock in people and school itself.  He isn't a typical pimple faced nerd but still doesn't have much in regards to friends. That however is by his choice and because of his lack of social skills.

This changes when his mother insists he find a regular friend. His mother is a widow and his father died years ago from an airplane accident. She is worried about him and his lack of social acquaintances. She insists he find someone as a friend. Reluctantly he agrees mainly to appease her and calm her down.

I am looking for a female writer who can play the friend and eventual romance partner of my reclusive genius. I love the idea of a bad girl with an agenda but I am open to anything really! If interested please pm me and we can go from there!


Story Idea 2

Business As Usual

I have an idea about a young corporate type. This would be a high powered sort of arrogant young man who thinks himself an Alpha Male. He has started a new job at a high power fortune five hundred company.

My writing partner can play one of two roles
The bosses wife

Or the bosses daughter

A romance would strike up between either one and we would go from there! If interested please let me know


Idea Number 3

I have an idea about pregnancy!

So this idea is in its very raw form! I kind of have two ideas for it as well I will list them as scenarios!

Scenario 1

My thinking is that a rich older male or at least a semi older man propositions a younger woman into having his baby. This could either be via paying her or just plain old asking. The idea is that the older male is not attached to anyone and just is looking to have an heir. This could because his biological click is ticking OR because of a recent health scare. The two agree to have a kid together and a romance blooms from there.

Scenario 2

In this idea I would play a younger male and your character would be older. I would be either your assistant a co worker or just someone you know and our friends with. The idea in this one is that YOUR biological clock is kicking this time or something has happened to you to make you want a kid. You proposition me to be the father of your baby.

Scenario 3

A one night stand leads to a pregnancy. This one is pretty standard but one I always wanted to explore!


Story Idea 4

Scenario 1

"Whatever Happened To Insert Name Here"


An older man walks into a police station in a small town. Now this can go one of two ways...

Option A

He is immediately apprehended as he is on the FBI most wanted list. They send out one of their top female agents to bring him in. He reveals he has some kind of big plan or something escapes and a sexy cat and mouse chase follows.

Option B

The town is owned slash ran by a big corporate CEO. He had a daughter that dissapeared a few years ago. The dissaperence was a huge thing in the town and even the nation. They never found her and most people think twenty years later that she is dead. There were a few rumors regarding what might have happened to her and the family story.

The guy who walks into the police station either knows something or had a hand in her dissapearance. However not is all what it seems and what happened is entirely up to me and my partner. I have a few ideas mainly involving abuse or her father having done something to her but it could also be something dark and gritty.


Story Idea 5

"The girl next door"


"Caught watching"


This idea involves voyeurism and is a relatively new concept I am looking for some one to help me flush out!

I am looking for someone to playing a rebel child or punk rock type who my character watches undress. My character can run the gambit from being a "normal" type dude to a introvert to anything in between! Like I said new concept and am not sure what exactly I want with it! I do know however that I imagine my opposite to be the more risky adventurous type. 

If interested let me know!


Story Idea 6

Out Of The Spotlight

This idea centers around a male actor who fled his small town to make it big. He has not been back in a number of years and has become semi successful as a famous actor.  A death of a once close member of the small town brings the man back. He finds himself dealing with the now ten year repercussion of his having left. Mainly the fact that his child hood sweet heart does not want anything to do with him.

Enter a child, a child that the actor knew nothing about. Will the actor go back to the spotlight? Will he convince his child hood sweet heart to come with him? Or will he give it all up for her?
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Re: Erotic's Galleria Of Plot Ideas (Male Seeking Female Characters)
« Reply #7 on: December 05, 2017, 01:47:59 PM »

Age Gaps

Age Gaps for me are usually with me playing the older man and my partner being much younger.

What I primarily find an interest in with these stories or themes are sugar daddy like relationships. When a wealthy older man seduces and tempts a younger woman to join him in bed by spoiling her and taking her under his wing.

That's the main one I am interested in but love age gap pairing in general. Even if its something as simple as a younger girl going out with a much older guy!

Story Idea 1

I have an idea for this one involving a older male and a female girl going on a road trip. The idea is that my guy is a traveling sales man type who is getting ready to go back home. While driving out of the town he catches sight of a young female hitch hiker who needs to get back to her own home. He offers her a ride and we go from there!

Story Idea 2

I have another one this involving a older widowed man who loses his wife and his daughter. Lost he decides to go on a trip to a foreign country he originally had planned with his daughter.

The idea is he goes there and meets a much younger vibrant type who teaches him how to live again and how to love.

Story Idea 3

"A Proposition"

Warning: This contains some extreme situations involving age play, domination, and underage viewer discretion is advised

The idea for this one involves a older gentleman who was an orphan but has since made something for himself and a young woman in juvie. The reason for her being in juvie can vary and be whatever my writer would like. The idea is that she is offered a choice a sort of outreach program my character has. She can come work for him learn a skill and trade and have a chance of breaking the cycle so to speak. Little does she know that my character has ulterior motives for doing this ones that run into the perverse murky waters!

Story Idea 4

"Cheerleaders have all the fun"

The idea for this one involves a younger new or senior cheerleader getting involved with the foot ball coach! Who the team is how they get involved and the particulars of the relationship are to be decided by me and my co writer!

Story Idea 5

"Stepping Up"

The idea for this one involves an older male and pregnancy. The idea I have is that YC a younger woman gets pregnant via MC son. MC son is a rich arrogant idiot who has long since earned the ire of his father MC. MC son wants nothing to do with the baby and the girl and is trying to get rid of it. MC hears of this and about the baby. MC decides to bring YC into his world take care of the baby and ultimately a romance forms!
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Re: Erotic's Galleria Of Plot Ideas (Male Seeking Female Characters)
« Reply #8 on: December 14, 2017, 06:28:52 PM »

Life styles! This kind of boils down to other topics I have posted.

Life style to me is both the mundane life style people life or the more out there stuff.

So things like older men with younger women, sugar daddy, interracial relationships.

Story Idea 1


So I want to do a story about the popular song Roxanne! What does that mean? This would involve a promiscuous woman of the night and my falling in love with her. I do not have any other ideas besides that currently but could run the rampant from a love story a dark possessive story a story of impregnation or something like that!


Story Idea 2

"Life Of Crime"

I'd like to do a slice of life styled story about a gang member and his struggles to either go straight or make it big.

The idea is very raw. I would be playing a criminal a gang member who has been in the gang life since childhood. This is all he knows and even though he is smart and could probably BE something outside of the gang this is what he wants right now. The role play would focus on his daily struggle in the gang and his attempts to make it through with a high pay off and without being shot or put in jail. Depending on my writing partner we can either have him trying to go straight or we can have him firmly rooted in the gang life.

I am seeking the following for female roles

You can either be

Childhood girl friend


Childhood friend turned police detective

Story Idea 3

"Life In The Fast Lane"

This story revolves around a young Irish street racer who comes back to America after being overseas via a military family. He comes back to be a racer and is assisted by his two best friends from his childhood days to do so. He also has a child hood sweet heart who unknown to him has also become a racer.

They meet again in the underground racing scene. Will the sparks still be there? Is her father the crime lord running the races? Or does she have a boyfriend now who is the reigning champ?

Story Idea 4

"The Stunt Double"

The idea for this one involves a female stunt double. The stunt double would be working on a big movie and would be the stunt woman for the big name star. The big name star is a bit of a diva and is a pain in the ass to work with. She also does not have the best opinion of YC.

MC would be the male lead in the movie. My guy is a bit of an up and comer to holly wood and is well liked and received. He is handsome and has a healthy body and is not traditionally "hollywood ripped". The Diva actress is very smitten and interested in him but to YC surprise he is instead interested in you and pursues you even though the director and producer say its a bad idea.

Story Idea 5

Male Stripper

Does your character know I am a stripper? Do they meet in a sensible normal place before she realizes who he is? Does the evidence not stack up? In regard to who he is and what kind of cash he has? Or do you already know he is a stripper? Meet him at the club one night and their is a connection there?

Message me if interested!
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Re: Erotic's Galleria Of Plot Ideas (Male Seeking Female Characters)
« Reply #9 on: December 15, 2017, 05:36:21 PM »
Odd Pairings

Who does not like a unconventional or Odd Pairing? Where two people who would not normally get together or our polar opposites come together!

I like it when romance finds people and brings them together. Especially when those two people seem like the opposite or last people who should be together.

These are the kind of Odd pairings I am interested in!

1. Toxic relationships- There bad for each other but can not say no to the other. They bring a trail of destruction and drama wherever they go and their friends are constantly begging them to stop seeing the other. They can not say no to each other though and continue to see each other.

2. Role Reversal- I love it when the roles are reversed on a traditional pairing. Are you the warrior maiden and I the farm boy? Are you the mechanic and I something else? Give me a strong woman in a manly role any day!

3. "I don't know what you see in him/her"- The pairing where everyone else scratches their head and says "huh?". She or he is not the guy slash girl that the person is traditionally with. Maybe the guy is a nerdy type instead of a usual hunk her friends see her with. Maybe the girl is a bit bigger than the guy is used to! Either way there is something that the person knows that everyone else does not!

Story Idea 1

"Welcome to the Agency"


This is an idea involving a young girl and a slightly older male.

The idea is as follows

YC has had a bit of a rough life. She can either be an orphan, part of a broken home, or something else. Either way her past and history has landed her in juvie and she is about to be phased out because she is turning eighteen.

On her last week of Juvie she is approached by MC who dresses nicely and has a hard edge to him. He meets with her and offers her a choice of being turned out on the street or serving her country. He reveals he is part of a top secret black ops program one that recruits young rough kids and turns them into premier agents for the government. He reveals that she could dissapear after leaving this place and be reborn as someone important and powerful.

She agrees and MC picks her up the day she gets phased out. What follows is a romance between the two as well as a action heavy spy thriller. My character will be in charge of YC training. Which means he will be taking her all around the world to teach and train her as her handler.

This could mean say going to a party and learning how to seduce

Going out into the wilderness and learning to survive

Ect ect

All while the two get closer and closer together until a true romance blooms!

Story Idea 2

The Thief


This one may go into another category but for now I will put it up in the modern.

The idea is more or less that I would play a thief who has never been photographed or seen before. He would be an infamous thief and the fact he has never been seen before only furthers that reputation! So he would basically be an enigma to law enforcement.

I am looking for a female writer to play a hard working government agent who is on vacation. On this vacation she meets the thief and they have a love at first site vacation fling. Eventually they both go there separate ways and she gets put on the task force trying to find him! We then go from there! Please message me if interested!

Story Idea 3

"She's Out Of Your League"

The idea behind this one involves a romance between two people that as the genre applies (and the title) would not usually be together.
Now I used the picture above as a kind of showcase of what I am looking for body type and difference wise. The guy above is clearly not over weight or ugly per say but is instead just not overtly attractive. Where the girl opposite him is much more traditional attractive.

So I'm not per say looking to play a guy that is over weight but more a guy who traditionally would not have as beautiful a girl as he has. Maybe he is a techie and is shy! Maybe he is pretty withdrawn where she is very outgoing! Its more the idea that this is a oddball pairing where people scratch their heads and go "huh?"

Its a broad concept more than a strict idea and one I would love to see about fleshing out! Is my guy your tutor? Does he just happen to catch your eye? The possibilities are endless!

Story Idea 4


This idea is inspired by the old Jennifer Love Hewitt Signourny Weaver movie heart breakers.

The idea was that a mother and daughter con team seduced men led them into marriage and then manipulated them into being caught with their pants down by the other so they could divorce and get all the money.

For our idea I would love to not so much have the mother be involved but have YC be trying to con MC out of his money. My guy can be either an older dude or a younger dude but the idea would be that she would be trying to seduce him into marrying her so she can then have someone manipulate him into a bad position and take his money.

Of course I do not want the end game to be that! But what happens? Is he revealed to have most of his money through illegal means? Does he catch her or learn her true identity? Does she get in over her head?

Story Idea 5

"Queen Of Ink"

YC runs a successful tattoo shop. She is something of a great person in the community tirelessly working for women and teaching self defense classes and what not. Her past is mostly a mystery and can be customized by my co writer as she sees fit. I would like to play a more normal run of the mill guy who stumbles into her shop. He is a bit drunk and is wanting to do something crazy! His girlfriend might have or might not have recently broke up with him because he was "to safe".

Either way she saves him from doing something stupid and helps him sober up. They get to talking and find they have a connection. It doesn't hurt that he is rich and well muscular. A romance begins between the two with different culture meshing together and opposition on both sides!

Story Idea 6

"Teachers Pet"

The idea for this one can take place in college or high school prospectively. Right now its little more than a desire for my guy to be seduced by a female teacher. The particulars of this have yet to be decided on. Is the attraction mutual? Does she seduce him or vice versa? Is it more a black mail situation? Or a true love with the under cut of taboo?

Story Idea 7

"Come Back Tour"

This idea comes from the movie Burnt which I quite liked and the concept. In that movie Bradley Cooper plays A fallen from grace cook who destroyed his life with drugs. alchohol, and women. In embarrassment he flees out of the state (in the movie he goes from Paris to New Orleans) gets better after two years and then comes back to regain his dynasty.

I don't want to necessarily retreat this movie but love the idea of this guy just taking it upon himself to regain his dynasty and respect. I could see him being a cook or maybe something else. Either way the main thing would be that his rampant drug and alcohol use destroyed hsi personal and professional life and he is coming back to take it all back. My co writer can either be a women from his past, a co worker he once was with, or an entirely new girl who only knows him by reputation! Either or works for me!

Story Idea 8

Spring Break

The idea for this one is F/F spring break story set in Miami Florida! I don't mind playing this as a coming out story a established relationship type story or anything and everything in between! I just love the picture more or less and thinks there is a story there I want help figuring out!
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Re: Erotic's Galleria Of Plot Ideas (Male Seeking Female Characters)
« Reply #10 on: December 26, 2017, 08:26:14 PM »

I've talked about Interracial in my other posting but this topic will list the ones I am looking for.

I should start by also saying that I am Hispanic myself on my mothers side and white on my dad's. Being interracial myself in terms of who I am has strongly increased my interest in the topic and the taboo.

Without further ado

Black Woman/ White Male- Arguably the one I am most interested in!

Black Man/ White Woman

Asain/ Any

Jamaican/ Any

Russian/ Any

I love mixing different cultures and races together! So if anyone has anything like that they are interested in exploring please by all means reach out!

Story Idea 1

"The Inter City High School"

You've seen it in plenty of movies. White girl (or guy but usually girl) goes to a inter city high school and the culture shock and what not leads to love.

That's basically what I want to do.

My guy would be a white male who has come into the inter city for what can be various reasons. I can see him being a rich trust fund type kid who goes to live with his mom to get away from his rich dad. A military family who just so happens to have moved into the area, or something as normal as him just going to the school.

I am looking for a writer to play a female Latin character. Who she is and what she is about can vary and is completely open to my writer.

Story Idea 2

"Your new step sister"

The idea for this one involves a step sister and step brother. I would be playing the step brother a older white male who is shocked to find that he has a new black step daughter. Especially one he has had a previous interaction with. The previous interaction can be as simple as a public hook up or something less crazy or more crazy!

The id
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Re: Erotic's Galleria Of Plot Ideas (Male Seeking Female Characters)
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These involve creatures of the night, inhuman races, and or magically infused stories.

I have a love of vampire primarily and can play both the vampire male and the mortal male. I love the idea of a female vampire and it's a pairing I have always wanted to explore!

Other than that things like werewolves, zombies, haunting and ghost stories all appeal to me! I even don't mind playing the demon if the role is right and it is a good story!

Story Idea 1

I am interested in doing something where your character would be Vanessa Helsing the daughter of Van Helsing who is an immortal vampire hunter. She would not be a vampire but instead a woman chosen by god to walk the earth for eternity and slay the undead and unholy monsters.

She lost her husband back when she was mortal to a vampire attack. When she was given the "curse" she was told she would see him again. Centuries upon centuries later she finds her reincarnated husband in the modern world. Our story would go from there!
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Re: Erotic's Galleria Of Plot Ideas (Male Seeking Female Characters)
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Detectives, the mob, dames and a whole lot of black and white!

Noir detective books and novels were some of my first forays into adult themes and writing. I used to stay up at night and read the tales. So Noir is a topic and genre that is near and dear to my heart.

I love the classics! The ones involving detectives and busty jazz singers or prohibition era shenanigans. The classic who dun it where the detective gets called in to investigate the wife and stories of that nature! If you have a good Noir story you have been dying to do by all means let me know!

Story Idea 1

The idea of the Femme Fatale! In this I would be the detective investigating your character who may or may not have murdered their husband!
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Re: Erotic's Galleria Of Plot Ideas (Male Seeking Female Characters)
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When I say horror I do not mean a hack and slash or snuff kind of RP. I primarily mean a romance or good well driven plot wrapped up in the horror Genre. Demons in particular fall into this category for me! Or ghost stories and haunted houses.

Story Idea 1

He has waited for centuries and plotted his revenge. Their love once destroyed him and left him a shell of a man. He is nothing more than a fragment trapped in the house and lingering on the verge of life and death.

He has watched them through their reincarnations watched and grown angry as they continued to meet and fall in love in each generation. She was once his! And he was nothing more than the pathetic stable hand!

Now after all these years he will have his revenge. He has grown more and more powerful as his strength has returned. Now in this modern day and age he has subtly drawn the latest reincarnated couple back to the manor where it all began. They have no idea of the past they share with the demon in their basement and he will use that to his advantage. He will have his bridge again and he will kill her "great love"

Story ideas 2 & 3

After all these years it was time for Alex to go back.

Back to the house his abusive parents left behind.

Back to the lake he knew as well as his own body.
And back to the camp that used to belong to his friend Jenny. The girl he never forgot, the girl he thought he might have grew to love if given the chance. Her death was something he still struggled to with this day. He hadn't set foot in that camp in 12 years now. Not since he was pulled out of his abusive crazy parents home. He still dreamed of Jenny sometime imagined what might have been if she was given the chance to live.

Little did he know....

Ian was going crazy!

Who was this girl haunting him in his dreams? This sexy vixen who beckoned to him? She said was a friend, said she was his dream girl yet the more and more Ian slept and visited her the more he suspected that was not the case. There was just something... dark about her.

Something that evil...
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Re: Erotic's Galleria Of Plot Ideas (Male Seeking Female Characters)
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From cowboys to frontiersmen and ranchers! This is a genre that I have a wide variety of interests in.

I like both the realistic historically accurate "old west" to the kind you would see more in a tv or movie. I also after having watched the revenant and TV shows like the frontier on Netflix gotten into the woodsman trapping type stories as well. The idea of groups of family and people trying to make it in a harsh sometimes unforgiving land has always appealed to me.
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Re: Erotic's Galleria Of Plot Ideas (Male Seeking Female Characters)
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I love women and men in uniform! And as a retired Navy Veteran myself know about the life style and what tolls it can have on people.

I would love to explore those in writing! Both sides of the story! Below you can find a few ideas I have and story ideas in regards to military

Story Idea 1

The service member can be either female or male in this idea

The idea is of a man or a woman who is in the military and recently on leave. She or he is relaxing at a bar close to base and or in his or her hometown. He or She is approached by someone bold enough to buy him or her a drink and thank him or her for their service. They get to talking and a relationship blooms.

Of course there is a number of wars this can go! The service member is still in the military and exploring the themes of deployment are going to come up. There are a number of ways this can go basically and I would love to have my co writers input.

Story Idea 2

This involves a Female military member

They were high school sweet hearts so sweet and perfect for each other that them getting together was a certainty.  However life worked out different and she was called to serve her country while he decided to pursue a career outside of the town. Ten years later its their high school Reunion and the first time either one of them will have seen each other. Will old feeling flare back to the surface? Will he be able to handle the idea of being with some one in the service?   
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Re: Erotic's Galleria Of Plot Ideas (Male Seeking Female Characters)
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Miscellaneous Pictures

This is less of a genre and more of a side bar! I see a TON of pictures on here that I not so much get plots for but want to incorporate into writing! These are pictures I find myself or that I see on the various boards here!

I will try to include a plot or idea with the pictures that I post! If the bunny catches your eye and you want to follow it down the rabbit trail then let me know!

I don't usually feel the drive to play with a certain girl but the way she is posed and the look she is giving is just to damn capturing to not post her. The idea I feel with her revolves around a western. She is the daughter of a ranch hand or a rancher and captures the eye of my player!

This one is easy! A high magic school set in a fictional world! I would play a new comer and her an experienced teacher! Or I could be convinced to play opposite and have my male character be the sexy teacher!

This one could easily go into my single mom styled idea but can also be used just to play a regular plus sized kind of romance!

My thinking for this one is a female rancher who has taken over after her fathers death! I could be either a rival rancher, a potential suitor, and or A farm hand!

In search of her father our girl finds a whole new world and a romance she could never have planned for

In a land of monster it's every man and woman for themselves. What if one man changes all that for her? What if he offers her something she never thought she needed. Love!

"I always told you running with me would be dangerous my love"

"One last job and we are set for life!"

Taken from the picture you just need to play board! Really interested in doing a female on female role based off of this picture!

A magical fiery woman who can summon the flames of the earth from her very finger tips!
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Re: Erotic's Galleria Of Plot Ideas (Male Seeking Female Characters)
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Updated with a new rule!

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Re: Erotic's Galleria Of Plot Ideas (Male Seeking Female Characters)
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Military sub section has been added!

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Re: Erotic's Galleria Of Plot Ideas (Male Seeking Female Characters)
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Added a few more plots into the modern area!

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Re: Erotic's Galleria Of Plot Ideas (Male Seeking Female Characters)
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She's out of your league was added

As well as life in the fast lane

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Re: Erotic's Galleria Of Plot Ideas (Male Seeking Female Characters)
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Added a Femme Fatale Noir plot!

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Re: Erotic's Galleria Of Plot Ideas (Male Seeking Female Characters)
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And added a new sub genre called miscellaneous pictures!

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Re: Erotic's Galleria Of Plot Ideas (Male Seeking Female Characters)
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Updated with the idea

"To Defy The Church"

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Re: Erotic's Galleria Of Plot Ideas (Male Seeking Female Characters)
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Updated with a few more plots!