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Author Topic: Venator's Galley of the Depraved(Dom M for sub F)  (Read 3964 times)

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Venator's Galley of the Depraved(Dom M for sub F)
« on: January 06, 2016, 05:52:24 PM »
I'm new here, and after perusing the request threads for a bit, I decided to make my own. The title says it all, most of these ideas will be depraved to varied levels. Most of this will be Noncon to Sex Slave, but I will be including some Consensual stuff(still weird). Most of my RPs will also be meant for longer term play, but I would be willing to play One Shots in the general theme of the themes.

I NOW HAVE AN OFFs and ONs Page:

I don't have many NOs; but here are the ones I adhere to:

1. Vore!
2. Gore
3. Expansion of any kind
4. Over Penetration
5. Scat

otherwise, It's open game, but I will make sure that I don't offend your sensibilities.

That said, I do have a bad habit of sometimes getting wrapped up in stuff IRL, so if you want a reply, don't be afraid to PM me if I havn't posted in a bit.

Most of these are based on Fandoms, but if you have anouther idea I'd love to hear it.

 >:) Full Non-Con/Rape/Sex Slave >:)

 Dragon Age 2: Someone sells Merrill out to the Templars, but they bust in just as she is bathing herself. The Templars decide that a Psuedo-Willing Whore is more useful than a Tranquil, and decide to 'negotiate' this with Merrill. Merrill is pulled forced to suck off one of the Templars while the Templars make it clear that she'll let any Templars use her to service their carnal needs. She (reluctantly) agrees, and also agrees to not tell any of her friends, lest she still be made tranquil or killed. The following would be a Series of one shots that chronicles the Templars taking advantage of their rights with Merrill. Eventually, after the Qunari attack, FemHawke walks upon Merrill being fucked by a few Templars. Hawke tries to save Merrill, only to get raped in the attempt. Now the Templars make Hawke aware, in no uncertain terms, that she too will belong to the Templars. their would be 1 or 2 more one shots, then a finale where Hawke is defeated by Meredeth, and is forced(Along with Merrill and Bethany) to publicly service the Victorious Templars. You'd be playing Hawke and Merrill(and the eventual Bethany). Now Available

 Mass Effect 2: This one is simpler, and shorter than the last one. Shepard misses the throw on Meln, and is thusly stripped down and raped by meln(W/Friends) with the asari she tried to save. eventually Meln drags the used and abused women back to his place through a back entrance of the VIP area. Meln continues to use the two women in a variety of ways at his place. eventually he takes them out, naked and on leashes. Shepard and the Asari are forced to publicly fondle each other, first with just Meln watching and masturbating to it. As time goes on, more men start to watch the show and enjoy it. eventually the crowd starts jizzing (and Urinating, if you don't mind waterworks) on the couple. the whole thing phases out with the women crying against each other as Meln drags them away.

Fallout 3: Female Lone Wanderer right out of the vault helps the Outcasts with Operation Anchorage, and goes to collect her loot. Upon realizing that thier is only enough in the vault for one person, the people who want to kill the Lone Wanderer attack and kill the other outcasts. They defeat FLW, and steal her loot, leaving her naked and vulnerable. the Outcasts decide to user her as their personal whore.

Mass Effect Saga: Shepard's always had luck, more than most, but what if that luck came at a price. In this version of the story Shepard and any females that follow her are raped at nearly every opportunity, their respective skills useless to defend themselves when someone wants to fuck them. this would go from Post-Mindoir and the Akuze to the battle of Earth at the end.

Mass Effect 2: when it is discovered that Shepard destroyed a Genophage Cure she is enslaved by clan urdnot(under urdnot wreav), and thrown into the Varren pit to start with. the rest of the crew, save grunt, goes to finish the mission on orders from Shepard. this is basically Shepard getting what the Krogan think she deserves, loosing her freedom(sexual and otherwise) as Urdnot's Slave.

Ghost in the Shell(Anime): Someone hacks the Major's body, and forces her to be his sex slave, humiliating her in every way he can...all the while forcing her to go to work as if nothing is wrong.

Pokemon: YC comes across a wild Lucario, and is raped by it. the Lucario forces her to 'capture' it, so he can partake in his new favorite toy whenever he wants. eventually he takes her off to a side alley, and ass fucks her brutally, gaining the attention of a female Lucario. the female tries to save May, but is raped by the older Male, and is captured in a pokeball by the male. after anouther short series of one shots, it ends with the Male walking off after forcing his girls to fuck each other in public

Marvel Spiderman AU: A femSpidey is captured by the Sinister Six, and gang banged and banged by each individual. they make it clear that if she doesn't want her family to die, her body will belong to them, for them to enjoy at their heart's delight. the thread follows Spidey's attempt to put all of the SS in jail discreetly, as they proceed to take her again and again. it comes to it's conclusion when the SS ambushes spidey again, holding her down and fucking her into submission in front of thousands of pedestrians and nearly as many cameras...they record the avengers saving Spidey from the SS, and Captain America taking the broken woman away for medical help.

Furry/Anthro: twin fox sisters are caught trying to steal from a Wolf Pack, and are forced to strip and present themselves to the alpha. The Alpha has his fun with the sisters, and makes them omegas and thusly sex slaves with the other omega females.

MLP:FiM. Rainbow Dash is flying around one day, doing stunts for her friends, a brash stallion comes over and says he can beat Rainbow Dash and handily...her friends immediately say that they'd bet anything that she'd win, Rainbow dash does as well...the Stallion says that if she wins, he'll leave and never bother them again, but only if Rainbow and her friends bet their bodies over... The Stallion wins, and adds insult to injury by fucking Rainbow Dash while low flying over the others. *Puts FiM Plot Bunny In a cage and hides it in a closet* I feel weird just letting this one out.

Mass Effect 2:(Note: This one was originally done with another RPer via IM, but we have sense dropped it, So I'm going to put the idea here) Shepard and 2 Female Squad Members of your choice are traveling through Omega for whatever reason, and they run across a Vengeful Warden Kuril with a Blue Sons group...and they take Shepard and the 2 Squaddies....we then jump to a recently opened Whore House Called the XXX Normandy, which is run by Former-Warden Kuril, and 'staffed' by all the females that had previously served on the Normandy SR-2 before the Blue Sons captured it with Shepard away. at this point, the Blue Sons Whores thing would mostly be a Framing device for a lot of one shots from my perverted mind.

Kim Possible: during a mission, Kim meets a Werewolf that claims her as it's mate, and rapes her. over the next few months, the werewolf takes Kim at alot of opportunities. it ends with Doctor Draken using the werewolf to finally take down Kim Possibly, with it Publicly humiliating her, and dragging her to his home in the forest.

Original: A robber breaks into the house of your character and her parents, your character is a teen of around 17-18 and is about to rob the place blind. but your character catches him, and makes the deal that she will belong to him sexually if he agrees to leave her family alone. He uses her whenever he can, and even makes a similar deal with your character's hot mother(this would be the point at which you take her over), the robber ingeniously keeps both women from figuring out about what he's doing to the other.

Original: Your a young female who is squatting at a summer house, your own home just ripped out from under you in a big bank fraud-thing...your not really sure how it happened, but all you know is that you have no home now. The owner of the summer house comes home to see this and rapes her. He then offers her a deal, a home and regular meals, in exchange for her body.

Original/Anthro. Your character is a female thief who raids a dragon's horde, the dragon traps the thief, and the thief discovers the Dragon is a humanoid dragon...a rarity but they exist, and they love raping humanoid females... this one is no exception, he brutalizes and rapes the woman all night and the next day. The Dragon then makes it clear that the thief will be made a part of the Dragon's his slave...many try and fail to save her, the females among that number are used, with the most attractive added to the Dragon's growing collection of concubines. you would control the initial thief and the female champions.

Mass Effect Saga. Instead of Saren, Nihilus is the one that gets indoctronated by Sovereign, but Saren is still a bad person... Saren survives Eden Prime, and leads Shepard and they're growing group against Sovereign and the reapers later. There's a hitch though, Saren uses his power to make the Normandy his own little harem, from Shepard to Tali, all the women on the ship are used and abused regularly by the specter. this would cover ME1-ME3 and afterwards. (I'll control Saren, and you control the female squaddies, Kelly Chambers[ME2], Gabby[ME2 and beyond], Dr. Chakwas, and [if you think you're up to it] Female Garrus)

Kim Possible. A new Villain comes to town, and captures Kim, sending Ron home and stripping kim of all of her gear and clothes. This new villan makes his aim known quickly after that, he never wanted to destroy/conquer/blight the world, he merely wanted to conquer her...he wanted to rape Kim, and make her his sex slave, all on a video that he would put on the internet for men all over to watch and enjoy. He proceeds to do this, and it's put on the internet. Ron is powerless to help, so he gets the one person who might be able to do something, Shego. Shego infiltrates the villain's fortress, only for the Villain to reveal that he knew she would be coming, and proceeds to put Power Restrictors on her, and rape and enslave her as well. He continues using his new slaves, often making them satisfy each other for the amusement and pleasure of him, his mooks, and his fans.

MLP:FiM. A new Alicorn comes to town and takes over the crown of Equestria in a bloodless revolution. The 3 former princess' are turned to sex slaves, and are used to service the new king and other prominent people in the court. The Elements of harmony predictably try to come to the rescue of the Princess', but they are captured by the royal guard. The new king declares that the 6 mares will be slaves to the royal guard, and used as the guard see fit. The guards mostly use the 6 as sex slaves.

Charlie's Angels Movie. Knox's guys capture the angels, and Knox kills Charlie as planned, followed shortly by the angels being stripped and raped. Bosley is brought out in front of the angels, and killed, as the girls are raped by Knox's guys. Knox keeps the girls around as sex slaves, often having them dress in more revealing clothing if any at all. The girls are used by Knox as a bonus that seals business deals.

Brave. Meredith is out riding her horse one day, A roving Barbarian finds and Captures her, taking her to parts uknown. On the way back, The Barbarian rips Meredith's clothes off, and proceeds to rape her, on the horse ride back to were ever. It turns out that the Barbarian is taking Meredith back to his home in some random mountain. The Barbarian reveals that he had been watching Meredith for a while, and was disgusted by her behavior, citing her as the antithesis to what a woman should be...and keeps her as a slave, refusing to let her wear clothes, and often trading use of her for supplies.

Teen Titans. This takes place after an alternate ending to the whole Trigon thing. Instead of betraying each other, slade and trigon continue to work together, resulting in them both winning. Trigon gets the earth, and slade gets his both back...with a few bonus'....namely three of the former titans revived and depowered, to serve as his sex slaves: Raven, Terra, and Starfire. Slade regularly uses the three girls, as do several demons.

Original. A 18 year old girl is left at home by her parents while they go for a month long vacation, she is left with enough food and resources to servive for the month, the parents thinking she'll be OK on her own. What the parents don't consider is a rather cruel upper-classman from the girl's school who decides to move in, making the girl serve him, physically and sexually. After the parents come back to town, the upperclassman has become the girl's 'boyfriend', with her still serving him at his apartment, and them playing the Boyfriend/girlfriend for her parents and classmates.

Dredd. We all know that Kay imagined himself Raping poor Rookie Judge Anderson while he was captured by Dredd and her, this idea started as wondering what he was imagining, and became an idea for a one shot...but anyone who knows me or read this request thread and my consensual one knows I'm a fan for longer I thought about how I could draw this out...and a figured it out...have him keep on imagining himself raping her throught the storyline of the movie, in different ways and locations...the biggest scene would be the Interrogation scene, where Kay takes it up to eleven.

Dredd. This time, it starts as the Interrogation scene, where instead of resisting Judge Anderson, Kay makes a deal with her: He will tell her all he knows, and in exchange he gets to do whatever he wants to her in the mindscape; gets to take his Rape Fantansy version of her in front of her or with her participating; and her opening a mental link so he can take her mentally whenever he wants. She agrees and he uses it whenever he can, and it goes on to the scene where he is about to kill her, and he offers her another deal: He can take her, actually fuck her, and he'll let her go...again she agrees, and Kay takes Anderson in a number of ways before finally finishing her off by either urinating or Cumming on her face and hair to make it obvious she had been violated before escaping.

Dredd. This time we change something about Kay, we make him a psychic too, so he decides to use this power to mentally rape Judge Anderson whenever he wants after he gets captured, and does so often...degrading her to the point where she becomes semi-consenting. the Interrogation scene changes, where Kay takes Anderson in varios ways, and eventually giving her the answer she needs to avoid suspicion with Dredd. IT moves onto truly physical stuff after Kay captures Anderson, him using the excuse of getting captured to 'Sexually Enslave a Judge' to get out of trouble with ma-ma, and going on to take Poor Cassandra in varios ways...the rest of the movie continues on a Semi-Similar track offschreen, with a change being that Kay getting way and making it look like Anderson killed him...and afterwards she serves as his sex slave and Judge-Informant when he moves on to anouther Block that the Judges typically ignore.

Skyrim. My idea is that your character is the Dragonborn, but she also a female Argonian...which means that if it has a dick in skyrim, it wants to rape her. It would start with your character looking for something to take back to her family for some extra money, only to be picked up by the Imperials. The leader of the gaurds remarks: "Argonian Bitch, don't you know that your species doesn't deserve clothing?" as he ripps the clothing from your character, and rapes her. the idea would go through the game, as your dragonbourn semi-futiley tries to shape her destiny beyond an argonian whore, with nearly every male in Skyrim taking a turn on her weather she wants it or not.

Skyrim. A female Argonian gets caught up in the Imperial raid that captures the Dragonborn and the Stormcloaks before the game. and my bastard Dragonborn takes her as his sex-slave during his adventures. this one could have a cool ending or scene where many years later, she's looking at a statue of the Dragonborn; one that has her, naked and cum stained, sucking his dick...or one where she's confronted by younger aragonian females, who are angry with her for heralding a 'Argonian Women as brazenly held sex slaves' thing

MLP:FiM. Do you honestly think that the Cakes would let Pinkie Pie, who qualifies as a natural disaster, live and work in thier establishment without something else at work there? This idea is that the Cakes charge Pinkie to pay her rent in a very special way, a way that is in line with thier tastes, she pays with her body. Her body in essence belongs to them, so she can live and Work in(and Destroy in) thier shop...****

Lara Croft 2013. When Lara Croft was shipwrecked, she was stripped naked by the violent event, her nubile young body on display in the pacific sun. As she begins to try and find help, she'll find that her exposed body is equal parts asset and liability. How will Lara serviive with not a scrap of clothing to her name, on an island inhabited by tribal peoples and mercinaries, all of which will not hesitate to soil the young woman

Hogfather/diskworld. A very different boogeyman menaces Twila and Gawain, one that doesn't mind a young governess who can see him. Quite the opposite, the boogeyman takes advantage of this, and uses Susan to sate his sexual desire regularly.

Star Wars: TCW. After leaving the order, Ahsoka is looking for somewhere to go, and at the end of her rope: she finds a mandalorian merc who is willing to take her in and train her, but at a cost... He has to make her his clan to train her, and he has no interest in adopting, so she has to marry him and surrender her body to him. With the alternatives being remnant-CIS guys looking for revenge and The new Empire's Order 66, the former Jedi has no choice

Pokémon, A female trainer has been lucky and unlucky in her pokemon quest at the same time, she had the fortune of getting a powerfull team together that all evolved relatively quickly, but didn't go through Gyms fast enough. Now, the trainer has the problem that her all male team doesn't listen to her orders anymore, due to her not having enough badges relative to their power level. The 'Brain' of the team, a Lucario, approaches his trainer with a deal: They'll follow her orders in Battles, but her body belongs to them. When asked why she should take the deal, the trainer is informed that 'her team' had wanting to make her their sex slave ever sense they had 'outgrown' her orders, and this would be a good way of avoiding that fate, mostly anyway.

MC2/Spider-Girl(For those of you who are less of a Marvel Nerd then I am). The Venom Symbiote bonds with a High schooler, one who has been crushing on Mayday Parker, and decides that it is tired of causing death and chaos. The Venom Symbiote, as benevolent as it tries to be, warps the High Schooler's Crush on Mayday to animalistic lust due to an older part of Venom, and with the memories of isn't hard to figure out who Spider-Girl is. So one night, as Spider-Girl happens upon the new 'Spider-Man' in town, seemingly wearing a version of the infamous 'Venom Suit', Venom springs to life and attacks. Venom pulls May into a nearby alley, and rips her suit apart, raping her animalisticly. Afterwards, 'Spider-Man' returns, and seeing what he's done, runs away in shame after delivering the girl back to her home. It turns out that the Symbiote needs the Adrenaline and Hormones generated by the...act...of sex, to survive, and the part of Eddie Brock/Venom that survived overrode both the modern symbiont and 'Spider-Man' to get that, using the Lust it had warped in 'Spider-Man'. where we go from there is up to you, I would love to discuss it with you.(as with the iCarly stuff, 16 age minimum assumed)

Frozen. I just had this thought, so forgive me if this seems even rougher than some of the other stuff on here. We all know that the power had Elsa on the ropes sense what happened with Anna at the start of the movie, but what if there was more to it? What if the power was connected to a spirit that was displeased with how Elsa handled the situation, so it blasted the power out of control. But when Elsa turned 17, the spirit found out another punishment for the girl, and makes itself known. The Spirit also makes known that he is displeased, and what he wants of the girl, her body. Her decision to hide her powers has enraged him beyond measure, as it had been a random gift he had decided to grace her with, so he wants payment for his spurned gift and claims PLENTY of Inflation and Interest for the last few years.

Five Nights at Freddy's; What if at night, the Animatronics underwent a dark transformation? They become Semi-Human/Semi-Animal Monsters, basically Furries... I know, you probably saw this coming considering my earlier entries in this list, but let me finish at least! Now, what if Mike was Female, and was still hired to be the night guard. Now, Feddy and his friends have awoken, and upon seeing the new night guard, have an urge they don't sate often enough...Michelle will find that her fate is worse then her predicessors, and it won't be as quick. Don't worry, no planned Gore/Vore.

MLP:FiM/Bestiality?; All is as normal at Apple Orchards, Applejack is managing the farm with her Big Sister: Big Mac. All of that changes when a pack of Timber Wolves move into the Orchard, attempts at dislodging them prove fruitless, as even Big Mac is overpowered. What the sisters didn't expect is becoming the new pack whores for the All-Male group of Timber Wolves.

Hellsing; Seras Victoria is a horrible vampire, Alucard knows this, and Integra knows it. What the two women don't know, is how far Alucard's irritation goes, and what he'll do to his 'childe' if she keeps failing. Eventually Alucard reaches the point where he can't take anymore, or maybe he could have, you never know with him...but that's beside the point, Alucard presents an ultimatum to Seras, start acting like a proper vampire or surrender her body to Alucard forever. Seras fails, predictably, and her unlife is never the same again.

Saints Row IV; I got this idea testing out a particular mod for SRIV, and Well...I've been wanting to do a Saints Row Game for a while now...Zinyak comes up with a 'great' way to eat at the boss' morale, and that of her female companions, and makes some 'changes' to the simulation and the simulation and the programs that inhabit it. Zinyak tags the Boss(a female in this) and her female compatriots with a program that makes it impossible for them to cover their bodies(or at least the 'good bits') In the simulation, and makes the 'Pedestrians' rape them to their heart's content. The Zin Troopers and Wardens take part in this.

Mass Effect/Virtual; Virtual gaming has been around for a good while now, but full immersion has yet to be achieved, until now. A new updated system gets released, flaunting full immersion in the virtual world. What is one of the first games for this? A remake of the Mass Effect trilogy of course. Of course, there are a handful of new features to take full advantage of the new system, both for hardcore gamers and 'mature' gamers alike. Your character, weather they be a fan of the original Mass Effect or not, decides to try some of these features when she(or could be a he, their actual gender can be up to you) makes a new game, namely the 'X-Rated' and 'Ironman' modes. X-rated speaks for itself...but Ironman is a mix of the Hard Difficulty and a setting where you can't leave the game unless you die. To make things worse, your character makes a Femshep, and goes in without considering possible consequences. The two settings, plus a sadistic AI, make the game very tough for our Shepard.****

Mad Max: Fury Road. Instead of Max, a different 'Blood Bank' by the war boy, and things proceed as they would normally. The difference is that this 'Blood Bank' is a less friendly man. After overpowering and raping Furiosa, he proceeds to dominate the other girls, at least a few of them while on the 'war rig'. 'Blood Bank' tells the girls that they're getting away from Imortan Joe, but they(the girls, including Furiosa) belong to him now... Past that is up to negotiation...I would like to at least bring in the younger woman from the surviving 'mothers' as anouther 'slave'...maybe 'altered' versions of others? With 'Blood Bank' using Furiosa to get more slaves for his growing harem. ****

MLP:FiM: King Sombra won, and the mares that dared defy him are now his toys, mind controlled slaves dedicated to his pleasure. The King eventually takes over Equestria, making the former rulers his slaves as well. The RP would play out as he enjoys his slaves, occasionally adding to the harem when he wishes(M-to-F transformations?), and even torturing the mares when he feels vindictive. The Empire is unaware of what Sombra truly is, or was, and even his slave harem is a closely guarded secret. How does this develoup, does Sombra eventually conquer even Discord, or does he simply enjoy his spoils? The choice is ours.

XCOM 2: Everyone knows that Advent are altered humans, and that possibly female squad mates can be captured... the 'next stop' of this thought train should be obvios. Advent and possibly Aliens with human reproductive organs decide to have their fun with a captured XCOM Trooper or even subduing one with sex.

Mass Effect: After the first game, Tali gets mugged, everything of value is taken; including the data she was going to bring to the Migrant Fleet. In an effort to make some money to get off of the Citidel, she takes a mechanic job on a light freighter. The captain also offers a susbstantial pay rise if she 'sells' her body to him, even offering to help Tali find something worthy of respect to give back to the Flotilla.

Original: Credit goes to Iridium248 for this one. YC, or your group(this plot lends well to group play), are a group of players that are playing a Virtual reality game. This game can be anything from Old West to Star Wars, specifics can be discussed. The big point is that your character(s) walked into this world not understanding something, the game is very adult, and you chose to play Female Characters(character's 'IRL' Gender does not matter, and can in fact lead to some story stuff if you wish). Anouther issue is that the game has a very strict 'you can only leave when your character dies' thing, to keep the immersion as high as possible... So in this world, defeat can lead to worse things than death; can you survive in a world that is suddenly more real? This can be Free-Form or we can system it(I have a Homebrew system in mind.) 

Mass Effect: After Mass Effect 3, The Normandy Crew(with a few additions) is traveling the Galaxy as 'Fix-it Men' dealing with the aftermath and reverberations of the Reaper War and Ceberus' Betrayal. Javik decides it's a great time to assert his dominance over the primitive females of the ship, his vengeance achieved with the end of the Reaper War. He's not alone, with: Miranda(Futa), Wrex, Grunt, The mercenary guy from ME2(I forget his name); he dominates and subdues the females of the Normandy one by one(I would request a Female Garrus for this), until even shepard herself is suckling his cock.

Zootopia: yes, the recent furry/cartoon movie is not immune to my depraved mind. In this version, Judy chases anouther robber during that fateful first day. Thusly, she runs afoul of a wolf named Jackson O'Marey, who rapes and kidnaps her. The Wolf takes her to his home, and tells her that she is now his slave, and that she is to continue the illusion of her normal life. This, of course, means that the movie continues mostly unchanged. During this whole thing, Jack has his way with Judy, even having her do things around his house. This story can continue as long as you want

Zootopia: This is actually something actually pulled from a Picture-Plot RP I did on this forum before I even saw Zootopia. What if the Predators of the world didn't REALLY evolve past their instincts totally? What if instead of eating their prey, they establish their dominance in more sexy ways. This leads to Predator on Prey rape not being considered rape in the Laws of Zootopia, and it even being legal for PRedators to establish their dominance in public. So when Judy meets the sly fox, she finds out that there are some things that a rabbit doesn't WANT to to anything from there. I would even like for there to be a consentual Sex-Slave kinda relationship there...what can I say, I'm a Judy/Nick Shipper...

Zootopia: yes, yet anouther Zootopia idea and quite soon after the last one. This idea follows something that has become a bit of a minor 'cliché' in the Zootopia Fanfiction 'Community'...Bellweather eather finding the blueberry or the trap not being sprung as Nick goes Legit savage. But as you can probably see from my massive request thread, I am of the opinion that savagery isn't necessarily all 'GRR KILL!', so what I want to do is explore the idea of Nick going my kind of savage, and raping Judy for all she's worth. When Bogo and the ZPD arrive, Judy reveals Bellweather's confession, and she goes to jail. Nick gets cured, and all is seemingly well in the world of Zootopia once again. Except that it turns out in all the sexual excitement at the museum, Nick marked Judy as his, and that ignites something possessive and needy in him. I would really love it if we had Judy and him get an apartment together, with plenty of sexy fun interspersed.

Mass Effect: I've had this idea for a while, mostly connected to the big saga RP, the idea is that C-Sec Agents took the opportunity of questioning the vagrant to have some fun with the girl no one will care about. For a few hours, Tali is fucked by varied C-Sec Guys and even women. After a while, Tali gets let go, but not before they alter her suit with an external release.

Family Guy: We all know that Brian wanted to fuck Lois, so lets make that dream come true, shall we? After a while of being rejected, and enduring a Lois that's been getting increasingly bitchy to everyone else. At one point, Peter goes off on the adventure of the week, and Brian decides to tame the bitch of the house. Brian rapes Lois, slapping and spanking her as he rides the woman of his dreams. Brian repeats this over time, enslaving Lois to his will, and making her be an overall nicer person. This also makes Brian more sexually driven, so when Meg eventually gets her makeover that actually makes her sexy, Brian gets him a piece of that now sexy booty. Brian does the same thing he did to Lois, and tames the little bitch as his, and makes her keep her new sexiness. All of this happens below Peter's nose, as the two women in his life are basicly stolen from him, and become Brian's property.

Star Wars: TFA: So, Rey survived all that time on scavenging the remains of the Empire and NR's last big dust up, huh? Yeah, not in my version of events. My idea here is that Rey does scavange, but that doesn't always get her the food she needs to survive, so she builds upa stock of extra. How does Rey do this? She sold her body to a Bounty Hunter based out of Jakku. This Bounty Hunter takes her at his convenience, even having her on his ship for pleasurable evenings, and he always gives her extra food to take home at the end of their encounters.

Mass Effect: Before Mass Effect 1, during the early part of Tali's pilgrimage, she gets hired to be an Engineer's assistant aboard a tramp freighter. It turns out, this engineer is some kind of tentacled alien that largely lives IN the ships internals. It maintains the ship, and even manages the engines pretty well, in exchange for food, and've read the above thread. Yeah, the creature also gets paid in sex. The last girl that was 'it' got married to one of the Captains security guys, and left with the security dude when other work came up. So, the Captain hired the attractive Quarian who looked like she had no other options(Tali). After the ship is underway, the crew lets Tali know pretty quickly what's really going on, but not before she's cut off from escape. Eventually, the engineers starts coming for his due, and Tali can't afford to refuse the creature that's keeping her alive.

Mass Effect 1. Commander Shepard and the crew of the Normandy once assaulted a group of Geth strongholds near Alliance Space, and they got evolutionary data on the Geth. Later, Tali asks for a copy of the data, but this is valuable strategic data that Alliance Command may not like ending up in the hands of the space-gypsies. Shepard doesn't give Tali the data at first, but she eventually offers the one thing she has to Shepard; her body. Shepard relents, and Tali gets the data she wants, but gives up her body as Shepard's fuck toy.

Mass Effect. Pre Series. Tali and a good number of other Quarians are being trained for their pilgrimage, their elders making sure they don't go out unprepared, when Tali and the other female Quarians are called out of 'training' for a special class. This class deals with an important reality, at least my version of reality, of the Pilgrimage. The place Quarians hold in society, plus the situation of the Pilgrimage, means that the female quarians in the classroom are going to be raped at least once. Following this disturbing revelation, the teacher goes into detail about how a Quarian girl can use her body to her advantage during the pilgrimage, and how that learning to fight may not save their dignity if someone is determined enough to feel the girl's flesh. Eventually, they split the girls off to live with Quarian males who volunteered(not hard to find those for this job) to act as 'Owners' for the Female Quarians...teaching them how to be subservient sexually and physically to a male, along with how little dignity and sexual freedom mean when measured against the future of a race. We follow Tali and her new Owner over the time they are together

Starfox/Legend of Krystal. For those of you who don't know, there's a Game(or 2...or more) that follow our favorite sexy blue vulpine Krystal as she crash lands on a planet and ends up the temporary victim of the 'Sharpclaw' Tribe. In one version, she's just expected to take up a job, with the sex happening sparingly...despite the fact that she's one of two people who keep everything covered. Anouther(lower quality) version has her straight up be a sex slave... You guys know me by now, I love me some Rape and Sexual slavery in my RPs. I would like to RP out the scenario of Krystal being enslaved by this Sharpclaw Village, only as sexual as a bunch of Lizard Monsters with their cocks and Tits hanging out should be

Critical Role(Matt Mercer's D&D Game). Pike went to travel the seas with a bunch of pirates during the pre-Show break, so my question is...what the crew she found had a very different use in mind for her than her stated goal of learning how to protect herself better? They come upon her at night, and strip her down, throwing her equipment and clothing in the ocean as the night passes, including her holy symbol. Pike wakes up naked, and attempt to sneak to where the captain is, only to have cock forced into her mouth. After being face fucked by the pirate that came upon her, Pike is taken to the captain...where he explains that she's to serve as the Ship's pleasure woman, and will be returned to the coast from which she set off after half a year of good service to the crew. When Pike asks what'll happen if she doesn't serve, the Captain says that she'll be used and abused as long as the crew doesn't grow bored with her, at which point she'll likely be sold to a brothel for some extra coin. ****

Critical Role(Matt Mercer's D&D Game). During the trip to the nine hells, the crew of Vox Machina gets sent to a Hell-Prison, where they stick together because they made a deal. In my version, they somehow get separated, with Vex and Keyleth being put in their own cell, far away from the other members. The true reason becomes clear soon however, because the cell is a smaller moving one, and they are moved to a pit edge...where it is clear, even near the top, that many women are being raped and violated in the area down below. Both women are divested of their clothing(their equipment being removed long ago) as they realize, with horror, that they are in an anti-magic field that encompasses the whole pit. The women are dumped in, and are immediately set upon by demons and former victims...seeking some ascention out of the pit by violating women like they had been. ****

Undertale. things went to pot between the Monsters and Humans, and quite quickly too, before the game. Here's the debate and question, what bigger target for the humans would there be than the queen(or Princess, depending on hwo we play this) of the Monsters during that conflict that forced them underground. The symbol of the Monster's Political power and something quite close to young human female to be attractive to many. A Mission by a few brave(and sadistic) fellows attacks King Asgore's castle and takes the Queen...all before the monsters are finally forced into the underground. Toriel is brought back as a trophy of victory, this attack coinciding with a series of offensives that ultimately cripple the Monster's ability to hold their surface territory. Toriel is presented as tribute to the Human King who started the war, as a thank you for the territory, riches, and 'glory' the war has won the populace of the great human nations. The king initially uses her as he wishes, occasionally riding her to distress, or relieving himself with some fresh breast milk. Then the end of the war comes, and the Monsters are against a wall... Toriel panics and promises the human king her eternal servitude if he saves her people.... The King, being a perverted old man by this point, agrees... The King's family continues for countless generations, with the ever present goat woman frozen in time as someone in her youth as the King's family abuses and dotes on her in equal measure as the millennia pass. Eventually the King's Family looses power due to the passage of time and the fall of Empires, and they 'retire' to owning a farm in the unassuming countryside. This farm exsists for hundreds of years, and for many generations, the former Monster-Queen(Princess) can be seen in variable state working the farm with men and women of the family. Toriel's life has been pain and love, torture and caresses, of rape and sensual relationships. These phases shift with the seasons, as new generations grow and take prominence. No matter how harsh, Toriel never raises her voice, because she knows the harsh lash she takes for not presenting fast enough saved her Husband and Kingdom countless years ago...This one's a bit more prosey than typical for me, so here's a TL;DR: Toriel gets captured during the Human/Monster War from before the game, gets abused by the king, but promises eternal servitude for the safety of her people...the King Accepts and she serves them. Then we transition to a farm the family owns after time was rather cruel to them. Some family loves Toriel and treats her right, others see her as a servant and slave and treat her accordingly....I want to explore this. ****

Undertale. Toriel was never the Queen or anything uppercase in King Asgore's Court. She had been discovered in a town somewhere by the King as he passed through before the Human/Monster War. Toriel's first interactions with the king were less than pleasant as she was stuck in a traveling carriage with her King and his rather unused cock. Toriel endured though, it even became pleasurable enough after a time, with the King's touches becoming more gentle as she stopped fighting. Eventually the King reached where he was heading for, which was his castle, and he brought with him the naked and abused Toriel. Toriel was offered a place as a concubine, the King even sweetening the deal by saying that her family would be provided for. What Toriel didn't expect was the abuse she suffered for her choice, with her being used and abused often in public, to her body being put on display to delight the king and any monster who arrived in the court. Eventually the Monster War came and went, with Toriel suffering harshly from the defeated king. Eventually a Child came of his abuses...a child he named Asriel. The child was educated by the best scholars the remaining kingdom had, and taught that his mother was nothing more than a toy, to remind the female who really held the power in their relationship. A human child had even come into the picture at some point, but Asgore didn't concern himself at the time, entertained by creature as his son and concubine adopted it. Then Asriel died. Toriel hadn't known abuse that bad sense the first days trapped in the carriage, and it was even worse afterwards. It took her sobbing around his cock to convince him that she had not betrayed him by using the Human to assassinate his son. Even then, Asgore tossed Toriel out of his castle, finding her when he needed to relieve stress, and showing none of the gregariousness or mercy that she had known as a royal concubine. eventually the abused woman settled in a house on the edge of the maze, where she knew the King would find her without trouble, because making trouble usually made the encounter worse. Again, TL;DR: Instead of being the Monster Queen, Toriel is simply a Monster Woman found by King Asgore, and she's abducted to entertain the King during his travel back to his castle. he has so much 'fun', that he tricks her into becoming his concubine. the Monster/Human war happens. The King takes it out on Toriel after the defeat happens. Asgore raises his son, some Asriel abuse of Toriel happens at some point. The Asriel/Chara thing happens. distraught Asgore takes it out HARD on Toriel. Toriel is eventually kicked out and finds herself at a house not unlike the one she finds herself in in canon...

Undertale. Toriel isn't very lucky with me, is she. Instead of the Child Frisk falling into the underground, an adult male does. Initially, the male is confused and frightened by the things found there, like the talking flower that tried to kill him, or the sexy Goat Monster that decides to help him...or even the weird maze that's appearently under the mountain he grew up in the shadow of. Eventually though, the man notices Toriel's beauty more and more, wanting to see what she's like under those robes, and get a taste of those massive breasts. Once they get to Toriel's House, the man has enough and ambushes Toriel while she's taking a shower. The following events play out like you think they will, the man tries out every hole and inch of Toriel's body, finding her much more entertaining than any human woman.

Original Fantasy(D&D Inspired, also cliche'd, maybe). An all female adventuring party is questing to save their home from an evil warlock. The adventurers come upon a more wild part of the area, where softer women like them don't tend to last very long. Luckily for them, the women attract the kind of attention that keeps them alive, so they wander the area without too much thought. That ends when things start to go wrong, members getting bent over tables and made significantly less 'pure' by the denizens of this area; from werewolf Mercinaries and Orcish raiders to the local city guard and troops in the employ of the Warlock. The women must continue though, a few ass rapes is small change compared to what the innocent of the kingdom are undergoing (I would love to do some homebrew system for this, but the typical play by post would be fine)

!;) Non-Rapey/Sex-Slave Dom/Dub-Con ;)

Frozen, This is an idea I had when I was writing down the Frozen idea in the rape section, and it is probably one of the 'softest' ideas I'm putting up here, but I am putting it here because it qualifies as Dub-Con. Anyway, explanation out of the way. Remember when Anna had her dress frozen in the lake. In this version, her continuing to wear that frozen/soaking dress is a liability that could lead to death, so Kristoff strips her down and wraps her in an extra set of wooly boots and a thick blanket...but that isn't enough, Kristoff has to supplement the boots and blanket by helping to keep Anna's internal temperature elevated...and how did his people teach him to do this? By fucking and fondling. So Kristoff does so, as Anna isn't going to stop until her sister is safe. Anna really has no choice but to let it happen.
MLP:FiM; I was reading 'Things the Royal Guard aren't allowed to do', and I came upon the 'Royal Stud' one, the implication being that the Gaurdponies are their to fuck the princess'. Of course in canon, they aren't 'studs', because most princess' are too big for one thing...and I then had a thought for an RP: We've all seen how the Kingdom of Equestria seems somewhat reliant on 'heroic' ponies, or groups of them...What if there was a 'Royal Stud' Clause in the Royal Guard to both extend that heroic bloodline and strengthen it with the Bloodline of a Guardspony? When Twilight becomes a princess, the Alicorn Twins decide to go ahead and give her a detachment of royal guardsmen, and have them fulfill the 'royal stud' clause, while informing Twilight and her friends of this...The Mane Six are all heroes, and their genes need to be preserved thusly. ***

MLP:FiM. Again, follows the series but with one change, Twilight Sparkle is now Dusk Shine, and after being raised around one of the most beutiful mares on the planet yet not able to act on lust, VERY HORNY! so what does he do? he fucks his fellow elements silly(they are all still female), and several others. (Included: Cadence, Fem!Big Mac, Fem!Shiny[If you can], Ditzy/Derpy, the two Princesses)

MLP:FiM. I just had a weird idea, based off of a fanfiction that I only read the first part of. What if, after Luna gets turns back INTO Luna in the beginning of the series, she decides to give her thanks to the mane six in a very strange way, giving them her hand in marrage....all off them. This is of course a massively old concept that is outdated, but Luna isn't saying no, particularly to the brave mares who saved her soul...where will this go? Futa Sex, Group Sex, All Female sex...I have way to many ideas for this...

Zootopia: Post-Movie. Judy's apartment is pulled out from under her somehow, and she needs to find a place. Nick offers her his place, but he needs something from her. Eventually, Nick talks Judy into trading her body for part of his apartment. It starts very vanilla, with Judy being slowly acclimated to more and more hardcore sex, turning her into a willing and loving/loved sex slave

MLP:FiM. We all know Fluttershy is a shy little thing that doesn't really want to bother anyone, and she takes care of animals. So what if when a rather ungratefull timberwolf decides that it wants more than whatever Fluttershy gave him(Food, Healing, or whatever), he rapes her, and she doesn't want to bother anyone with it? Without her friends putting the kaibosh on this before it starts, animals start coming to Fluttershy for a whole new kind of healing, browbeating the poor mare into letting them have their way. Rather simple and short, but it's open to all kinds of stuff from there.

Mass Effect 1. Commander Shepard and the crew of the Normandy once assaulted a group of Geth strongholds near Alliance Space, and they got evolutionary data on the Geth. Later, Tali asks for a copy of the data, but this is valuable strategic data that Alliance Command may not like ending up in the hands of the space-gypsies. Shepard doesn't give Tali the data at first, but she eventually offers the one thing she has to Shepard; her body. Shepard relents, and Tali gets the data she wants, but gives up her body as Shepard's fuck toy.

:) Vanilla(as close as I get anyway) :)

 Alternate History Hetalia. The year the 1904, and the Greater German Empire fully annexes a long time Puppet State the Confederate States of America. Ludwig(the Persona for the GGE) and his new wife(Terri Jones, The CSA) enjoy the night after thier wedding. The main story would follow the alternate history of the world as displayed in scenes of this couple together.(I Play Terri, you play Ludwig)

 MLP:FiM. This follows the series with one crucial change, Pinkie Pie and Big Mac being married, why? because it was a random plot bunny, and the XXX rated nature of it meant it goes here...The Focus would be on the Pinkie/Mac Scenes and the sex scenes...but we can do something more thorough if you want...While I kinda want to play Big Mac, Doing either character would be awesome. (Sense this idea came to me, the show canon has made this technically incest, a part of the RP dedicated to it would be funny...but otherwise, I would like to ignore it)

 Star Wars: TCW. A rewrite of one of my Sex-Slave ideas, well, it was originally, but whatevs; What if Anakin wasn't the only one with a secret beau? On her many adventures, Ahsoka meets Asan Skirata, a young Mandalorian Bounty Hunter and they hit it off, finding themselves in a romance, a rather steamy and sexual one. But being anywhere near a skywalker means adventures, so they aren't ever still for too long.

Mass Effect Crossover(C&C, Halo). The GDS Normandy rapidly becomes a melting pot of all the various races that are arrayed against Saren and his armies. Two specific examples are Hawke and Garrus, a Spartan and a C-Sec Detective respectively, and none work better together. Soon, their teamwork leads to stronger and more intimate connections.(Warning: I am requesting Fem-Garrus here)

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New Plots incoming.

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Two new plots added, One in Non-Con and one in Dub-Con.

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Updated with a new plot, make sure to check out my new O/O for both kinks/no and even more Ideas

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New Plot, and linked my O/O Thread to the OP.

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after a long absence, I have returned!

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New Dub-Con Plot.

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New Plots

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*Starts hacking up a lung*

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Check them out at the bottom of the Rape List.

I may get some gentler ideas for her later, or come up with your own and tell them to me!!

That said, I have a question for people reading this thread:

Should I reorganize things? If so, any ideas?

I could do something similar to what I did in my thread on Blue Moon(anouther ERP Forum), divide the ideas into Media.

but there is an issue with that, this thread is also divided into the nature of it's material. From the solid Rape and Sexual Slavery to the Vanilla(though my 'Vanilla' ideas are my weirder ones)...thought that's more of a hold over of an early attempt to reorganize the Blue Moon Thread(which got more befuddling than this one, trust me).... anyway, give me an opinion at the very least, thank you for checking this out.

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New Plot.

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