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October 23, 2018, 08:43:18 AM

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Author Topic: Bioshock Vigor Girls! (Lactation and TF focused Comedy game!)  (Read 329 times)

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Offline AngieTopic starter

Bioshock Vigor Girls! (Lactation and TF focused Comedy game!)
« on: January 09, 2015, 04:56:23 PM »
So while cruising around of the Internet, I came across THESE!

Bioshock Vigor Girls! I like the idea so much I'm making it a group game! The game requires almost no knowledge of Bioshock Infinite (and if it did, that would be MASSIVE SPOILERS to everyone who hasn't played it), as it will be a more hypersexual, comedic, fun game then the actual game's serious and dark tone.

So what I'm looking for is a number of players interested in getting turned from regular girls into these hypersexual Vigor Girls, quite likely with superpowers based on the Vigor in question! Think Mad Science based superpowers and you're on the right track! Lactation will also heavily play in, as (as shown in the artwork), you gals will practically be dripping the actual Vigor itself from your bodies, probably allowing you to temporarily grant a weaker version of your powers to the ones who drink it!

So, let me take a moment to answer the questions you guys might have, though you probably have more.

"Will you allow male players/characters?"
Male players are fine if they agree to be sexy ladies. I don't want any normal types, though, and I don't want Vigor Boys, but if you wanna include Gender TF and start as a male who becomes a sexy Vigor Girl, all the more power to ya!

"Will you allow futanari Vigor Girls?"
Excellent question! If enough players want to be futanari, I will totally allow it. Heck, I might even allow it if only one person wants it. Obviously, the girls that don't want to be futa just won't become futa when they get Vigorized (that was a horrible pun!)!

"How many Vigor Girls of each type will you allow?"
For now, I want a diverse cast. So for now, I will only be allowing one Vigor Girl of each Vigor. If this gets enough interest, I will totally allow for people to double up, but try to keep things diverse.

"What are the Vigors?"
Ah, this is the ONE bit of Infinite knowledge that is needed. The Vigors, in the same sequence as the girls, are listed below along with the powers:
Devil's Kiss: Fire!
Possession: Mind control of both Organics and Synthetics (i.e. automata!)
Murder of Crows: Able to command and summon crows (I will also allow flight for the Crow girl!)
Shock Jockey: Electricity!
Charge: Well, Charging! (I will also allow super speed because otherwise, this one is a little lame)
Undertow: Water! And Tentacles!
Return to Sender: Protection! (Likely making the lucky girl immune to EVERYTHING!)
Bucking Bronco: Wind!

"Will we be in Columbia? Will any canon characters make an appearance?"
Columbia, yes. It's a flying city, though I'll probably tone down the darker aspects of it for the sake of fun. As for canons appearing, probably not. But maybe. You have no idea!

So, you interested? Got a question I didn't answer? Let me know!
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