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Author Topic: Batgirl x Supergirl Romance (FxF)  (Read 570 times)

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Batgirl x Supergirl Romance (FxF)
« on: May 29, 2013, 10:40:21 PM »
This one is a bit of an involved drama/soap opera using the post-52 but pre-Flashpoint canon of the DCU (NOT the DCnU)

Night and Day: A Love Story
The is a story about Stephanie Brown (Batgirl) and Kara Zor-El (Supergirl), finding love in a very dark time when Batman is dead and Superman has left earth. While Metropolis is more secure and united than ever, Gotham is a place where crime-fighting families are feuding amongst themselves as much as they are actually fighting crime. You'll play Supergirl, mostly an outsider to the drama and intricacies of Gotham where I'll play Stephanie's part, only a freshman in college at Gotham U but already jaded and hardened to playing the game of Gotham Underworld politics and Family politics.

Main Pairings: Stephanie-X-Kara
Secondary Pairings:
Kara-X-Wondergirl [Teen Titans]
Kara-X-Boomer [Outsiders]
Kara-X-(Grace Choi-X-Anissa Pierce) [Outsiders]
Stephanie-X-Barbara [Birds of Prey]
Stephanie-X-Cassandra Wayne [Blüdhaven]
Stephanie-X-Tim [Blüdhaven]

The story:
Sometimes Stephanie felt she had four mommies, and most of them hated each other. In her civilian life, her mother Dr. Crystal Brown (of Gotham East Mercy Hospital) and her mentor Dr. Leslie Thompkins (Wayne Family doctor and head of the Thompkins Clinic) encourage her to spend more time at her studies and less time adventuring. As Batgirl, Stephanie feels her loyalty torn between Bruce’s widow, Salina Wayne-Kyle, and Barbara Gordon, the leader of the Birds of Prey and the original Batgirl. Often it was like being pulled in three directions all at once. Her mother and Leslie trying to get her to give up the costume, Salina trying to get her to stay in Gotham and tow the line, Barbara trying to get her to travel the world as her operative, to take her orders exclusively from her. What’s more her ex-boyfriend Tim and her best friend with benefits, Tim’s adoptive sister Cassandra, are trying to get her to come to Blüdhaven. Stephanie just wants to find a way to stay in school (Gotham University) and balance a normal life with her crime fighting career (and stay out of arm’s reach of Barbara’s grabby hands). Then a blonde, superhuman girl flies into her life from out of town…

I’d like to potentially turn this into a love triangle. ^_^

Cass: No! Mine!
Kara: Um…
Cass: NO! MINE!
Steph: hagh! Cass...! You’re... crushing... me! X_X;

Backstory and Players

The Shining City: Bright Dawn of the Supermen
Metropolis, DE

Kal-El, the original Superman, has left humanity for the stars. After the Joker murdered Lois Lane (and supposedly Clark Kent), Superman rejoined his people, the rescued Kryptonian refugees from the re-enlarged bottle-city of Kandor, on New Krypton as their Leader in the wake of their devastating Civil War to dethrone the tyrant Zod. Now Earth, Metropolis City, DE, specifically, is left to his progeny, Cira Kal-El (Powergirl) cloned daughter from an alternate timeline, cloned by Braniac as a trojan horse against him; Kon-El (Superboy) his son cloned by Lex Luthor and Cadmus as a means of taking control of the Superman legacy, and failing; and John Henry Irons (Steel), Superman's lieutenant and former member of the Justice League; and Natasha Irons (Starlight), Steel's niece and current commander of Infinity Inc and reservist of the Titans East. Kara Zor-El, the current Supergirl, divides her time between Earth and New Krypton.

Kara is unsure as to where she fits in on Earth - with her sister in arms from Paradise Island, Cassandra Sandsmark (Wondergirl), daughter of Zeus and current field commander of the Teen Titans out of San Francisco; in Metropolis fighting crime in the shadow of her cousin "Superman"; or fighting crime and injustice around the world with the Outsiders, alongside her off-again/on-again boyfriend Owen Mercer (Captain Boomerang).

On New Krypton, her mother sits at the head of the Science Guild and represents the Guild as its representative on the Council. She operates as her mother's agent in interplanetary affairs and her eyes and ears on Earth.

Gotham City
Bats, Cats and Birds: The New Jersey Families of the Night
Gotham City, NJ - Blüdhaven, NJ

Bruce Wayne is dead. He is survived by his wife, Salina Wayne-Kyle, their daughter (4 years old) Helena Wayne-Kyle, Bruce's son with his lover Talia al-Ghul Damian Wayne, his adopted sons Richard Grayson and Timothy Wayne, and his adopted daughter Cassandra Wayne.

Batman (based out of Wayne Tower/the Bat Bunker)
Richard Grayson is the new Batman, and runs his operation out of the Bat Bunker under Wayne Tower, along with Damian as the new Robin.

Batwoman (based out of Kane Tower)
Kate Kane, a former Marine Corps cadet, expelled from Annapolis for being gay, operates out of Kane Tower, utilising her family fortune and her father's military contacts to fight crime as Batwoman. She has taken Bruce Wayne's place as a member of the Justice League. Her protégé is her cousin Mary Elizabeth Kane (Flamebird), former tennis pro and member of the Teen Titans West.

Batman, Inc. (based out of Wayne Manor/the Batcave)
Salina Wayne-Kyle, former Catwoman, oversees all operations operating out of Wayne Manor and the Batcave, as well as raising her daughter, running Wayne Industries and managing Bruce's various crime-fighting assets, with the help of Alfred. She works in conjunction with Richard (Batman) and Barbara (Oracle), but allows them virtual autonomy out of respect for Bruce's wishes. Her protégé is Katrina Falcone (Catgirl)

Outsiders (based out of Wayne Manor/the Batcave)
Alfred, the butler, and former SAS and MI6 operative, runs the Outsiders out of the Batcave and Wayne Manor.

The Birds of Prey (based out of the Aerie IV airplane)
Barbara Gordon no longer operates out of the Batcave, and now lives aboard her airplane the Aerie IV, which circles the globe without ever landing, via mid-air refuelling. She is a super hacker who manages her private army of female super-heroes, the Birds of Prey, as well as serving as IT and intelligence support for the Justice League, Bat Family and other affiliated but independent super heroes. Her operative who operates out of the Bat Cave is Wendy Kuttler, girl genius former of the Teen Titans and daughter of her former super-hacker nemesis, the Calculator, not diseased. Her representative on the Justice League is Dinah Lance (Black Canary, member of the Justice League, Team Arrow and the Birds of Prey). She is disallowed from participating in the operations of the Justice Society as she has an ongoing feud with Karen Starr (Power Woman) the current chairwoman of the Justice Society. Her current protégé is Charlotte Gage-Radcliffe (Misfit), who has the power of teleportation.

Blüdhaven Gang (based out of the Blüdhaven Bat Cave)
Blüdhaven is a city just a little way south of Gotham along the Jersey coast. Where crime and corruption are the rule, it resembles what Gotham looked like before the advent of Batman and the destruction of the Falcone Crime Family. Cassandra Wayne (Black Bat) and her adoptive brother Timothy Wayne (Red Robin) run their own crusade to cleanse the city of corruption out of their own respective bases of operation. Cassandra refuses to work with Barbara, and therefore the Birds of Prey and the Justice League. Tim acts to fill his adoptive father's role on the Justice League alongside Kate Kane (Batwoman).
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