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Author Topic: Spirits of the Fae (Recruiting!) (NC-Hu) (A game of wits, lies and seduction!)  (Read 334 times)

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Offline laaTopic starter

You wake up in a soft bed.

You're alone. You were dying, or so you think you recall, but now, you're alone and in mint condition.

The first thing to meet your eye is a bizarre, well-sized, room. Everything in the room seems unfamiliar but strangely well-suited to your personal tastes. Your favorite colors spatter the walls with an unrivaled artistic sense, your most desired hobby-items that aren't too big to bust the room open sit in the corner, ready for your enjoyment. In front of you, there is a small desk with drawers underneath it, that's surprisingly Ikea-like compared to the rest of the room. On top of it is a platter with your favorite food.

Slam! The window wills itself to the side with a surreal speed to it, sending a shockwave of surprise through your bones. In flies a small letter, accompanied by a too-fresh scent of salty air and the sound of waves playfully splashing together. The implication was simple, but the letter took priority over your senses as it flew right towards you with a strangely sedated speed.

The letter landed besides you, luckily meaning you no harm. On the cover of it, it had a childish font written out in glitter spelling out "Open me!~", the tilde being colored in flashy pink.

Open me~
Aha! I bet you thought this was rigged, didn't you? Well it wasn't, and that was the rigging in and of itself!

You died!

You didn't die!

What madness is this, oh I fear, oh I fear!

You know, I was there, seeing it happen. It was too dull an end for you. Way too dull. You look prettier with ecstasy going through you, or so I thought. Luck is fickle. Are you lucky? I don't know, that's why luck is so interesting! Who decides what is and isn't luck? Is there a luck god? Is it as lazy as I think it is? Oh the Faetality!

Spoiler alert: That pun relates to who I am!

I'm a Fae!

I've kept you alive for a little game that I think you'll enjoy. You, and several other almost-dying yet now definitely-not-dying players are on board this boat of mine at this very moment, eager to collect 10 points and attain the Grand Price! But, you're not alone. Ghosts, spirits and creations of mine are haunting your bodies and the boat. This is a good thing, however, as the spirits are your way out of this whole mess, your way back into reality! Exciting, excitement, excited, I bet!

Depending on what spirit is harbored deep inside you, you will be given a few ways of satiating it in a letter that should arrive shortly after this one. Whenever you fulfill the tasks, the spirit inside you will grow stronger, and you will get a point. After attaining three points with the same spirit, you will gain parts of its spirit as your own soul, allowing you to use magic, become stronger or smarter, essentially! Then, a new spirit will haunt your body, and the game continues until someone attains 10 points.

Ahhn! The Grand Price!

It's a bit of a secret, but, you will surely be able to come back to life with this Grand Price. The rest... Well, they might not be so lucky. If there wasn't risk, there wouldn't be excitement, now would there? Ahh, I can feel your shivers from all the way up here~

Yours truly, - The Fae.

~Have fun!!!~
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Offline laaTopic starter

Headsup: All characters in this roleplay must be human and straight. We’ll probably always need more females, so if you’re considering playing one, please do! :D

The Game and The Rules

This morning is not just any morning for you. This morning is the morning after you were supposed to have died. You’re on a mysterious boat and you feel very alive and more healthy than ever. The room you’re in seems strangely fitted to your tastes, holding most of the essentials you could think of for your lifestyle, minus internet connectivity. Just about nothing make sense, and that doesn’t seem to be changing anytime soon.

This, my friends, is the start of the game! During the game, besides having fun, you’ve been tasked by an eccentric and powerful Fae to compete in a game of wits, lies and smutty action with your fellow souls who all seem to be in the same situation as yourself. If you don’t, there doesn’t seem to be any way of getting back to your former self, your former life.

The core rules of the game itself is as follows:

  • At the start of the game, you will be possessed by a spirit.
  • Depending on what spirit you’re possessed by, you have a set of conditions whose completion will grant you a point.
  • Points is what leads you to the ultimate goal of the game, which is 12 points. At this point, the Fae will reveal the secret price, of which he promises can give you back your former life.
  • However, the Fae doesn’t like things to get stale. Once you’ve gained 3 points with one spirit, you will gain one or more abilities from the spirit and get possessed by a new one - this process is made public, which means people might suddenly realize you’re ahead of the game, so choose your timing wisely if possible.
  • If you ever feel stuck with a spirit for whatever reason, you can ask the Fae for a new spirit at the cost of a single point.
  • Points will be granted by me via PMs.
  • Points will not be granted if the conditions are fulfilled with the same person twice in a row. (This rule might be removed if we’re lacking people)

During the game, sexual interaction is most likely going to be key to score points. In order to keep things fair, the below rules help guide your sexual encounters:
  • Everyone starts with 0 lust. In the post where they reach 8 lust, they must cum.
  • Cumming reduces lust by 4 to a minimum of 0.
  • You cannot cum before you reach 2 lust. After that point, you can cum when you please until you reach 8 lust!
  • You gain 1 lust per post of smut involving your character that you have agreed to OOC or find sexy. If you have any questions about this rule, please do ask, as it can be confusing.
  • You can gain lust by any and all activities not limited by the general rules, so go be silly or kinky with it all you want~ (Within the limits of the NC rating and the general rules, of course!)
  • There exist two styles of arousal - one way and two way. One-way arousal only arouses the ‘recipient’ of the sexual favor. Two way arouses both involved.
  • You may not make two consecutive posts in the same sex-interaction. You should wait for your partner to respond or stop the scene and go elsewhere.

Examples of play
Example of sex interaction without OOC:
Player A: He gave her a light touch on the bum and a kiss to her neck before looking up into her eyes. “I have more tricks up my sleeves, if you want ‘em…”
Player B: She moaned under his touch, her body shivering in surprise. [Char B lust 1 / 8]
Player A: Her silent agreement was enough to get him roused up, making him press his member against her clothes. [Char A lust 1 / 8]

Example of sex interaction with OOC:
Player A: He slowly unveiled the whip, a hint of lust crossing his eyes. He gazed at her, awaiting her response at the sight before moving onwards. [OOC: Is this your cup of tea?]
Player B: Mentally, she’d already placed the gag over her own mouth, her lungs thrusting out a surprised gasp. [OOC: Go for it~]
Player A: The whip snapped at her thigh, his smile growing wider. “I had the feeling from the moment I first saw you~” [Char A lust 1 / 8]
Player B: Most would cry out in pain, but she simply moaned. “W-what do you think you’re doing, you barbarian?!” [Char B lust 1 / 8]

Example of sex interaction with one-way arousal, no OOC:
Player A: She lowered herself to his crotch without warning, playfully nibbling his soft cock through the fabric of his pants. “Stop talking and take them off~”
Player B: He simply obliged, not wanting to stand in the way of pleasure. [Char B lust 1 / 8]
Player A: “Silent and obedient, I like it!” - she gave his cock a good few licks, a grin growing on her face.
Player B: Shuffled under the sensation of her tongue, the whole ordeal completely catching him off-guard. “S-so good…” [Char B lust 2 / 8]

Generally speaking, I’d prefer if you ask OOC! Either in the game-thread or in the separate thread. We want everyone to have fun here, after all~

General rules:
  • Don’t make consecutive posts.
  • Your characters are not allowed to into serious fights, unless communicated thoroughly in the OOC.
  • Be at your best behavior, or get the boot.
  • Please write at least 1 paragraph per post - about 4 well-formed sentences.
  • No god-modding.
  • No toilet play, gore, ageplay, etc.
  • All characters must be straight for gameplay balance purposes.
  • All characters must be human for story purposes.
  • Please communicate fetishes thoroughly.
  • You’re allowed to make up to 2 characters, one of each gender. (Rules may change)
  • Sportsmanship is a must for a casual game like this to work. Don’t be afraid to lose in exchange for some saucy goodness~
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Offline laaTopic starter

Character sheets.
Cause of Death:
Personality, hobbies & fetishes (If any) :
Appearance: (Images preferred, descriptions allowed)

After uploading a sheet, you can PM me with your three favorite spirits, and I’ll try to see if I can get you one of them. If you send me a PM with less than three spirits who can appear in the early game, then I’ll give you something other than those spirits, just to be contrary. :P
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Offline laaTopic starter

Types of spirits.

A class of spirits known for their teasing nature!
The first time someone calls you out as a spirit you’re not, you get a point.
The first time someone calls you out as the spirit you are, you get a point.
Every time you edge someone without letting them cum, you get a point. (Get them to 6-7 lust and then stop the scene without warning. If they choose to cum, you still get a point)
3 points ability: You can disable someone from cumming if you’re touching them, increasing their lust above the max level. Whenever you get possessed by a new spirit, you gain one point the first time someone calls out the wrong role.

An entity that thrives on the pleasure of others~
Every time someone else is about to gain a point thanks to a sexual act involving you, you gain a point instead. Is countered by Black Widow.
3 points ability: Whenever someone cums thanks to you, you can activate this ability to let them gain a point from sheer pleasure. In exchange, they’re hypnotized and must do as you say as well as they can for their next 6 posts - cumming during these 6 posts does not restart this effect. Effect is cancelled if you try to get them to do something the writer really doesn’t want to.

Some people are horny enough to be a class of spirits.
Every time you have sex with someone for more than 5 posts without stopping to do something else, you gain a point.
3 points ability: Your raw experience allows you to force someone to cum in a sex act involving you if they have 2 or more lust, including yourself. The cumming post limit is increased to 12 for your character.

Black Widow/Widower
The seducers and assassins of our time. Enjoys shiny stuff!
Every time you get someone to give you something valuable in relation to flirtation, you get a point.
Every time you have sex with someone and they don’t get a point when the two of you cum, you gain a point. (You don’t have to cum simultaneously)
3 points ability: Anyone you have had sex while in this role must mention your name in a smutty context once every tenth post, or you will gain a point. Their lust increases by 1 for every post they remain in the same room as you.

Voodoo people AND perverts!
You have two targets at all times. If you get one of these two targets to cum, you gain a point and the target is swapped out with a new one.
3 points ability: You can mark one man and one woman under a binding curse, excluding yourself. Suddenly, they can’t stop thinking about one another, and if they do not have sex before they’ve made 5 posts, they both cum regardless of lust, granting you a point. Only one curse can be active at a time.

The good angels just want to see people moan. <3
Whenever a sexual act you’re in causes someone to gain a point thanks to you, you gain a point as well. (Note: If Angel X Succubi / Black Widow, no points are gained by anyone)
Whenever you’ve performed 5 posts of one-way stimulation, you gain a point.
3 points ability: You can nullify the effects of other’s 3-points-abilities at touch with the consent of the target (OOC or in-game). Whenever the target isn’t yourself, you gain a point. Your oral skills are amazing! You give people 3 points of lust when doing one-way stimulation rather than just 1.

The stereotypical romantic, just wanting to hear those special words…
If anyone ever tells you that they love you, you instantly gain three points.
3 points ability: You and the partner who told you that they loved you are now bonded for the rest of the game (unless they leave). Your goal is now to get 24 points in total, but in exchange, you share all secret information and basically has a teammate. You cannot get points from one-another. Completing this role is kept secret, unlike that of other roles.

You cannot gain points as this spirit nor give this spirit up.
The next two people you touch have their possessing spirits secretly swapped. They will not be notified of this swap before the next time they should’ve gained a point.
Afterwards, you have a new spirit possessing you.
(This spirit will not appear unless someone has 3 points or more)

Vengeful spirit
How DARE you?!
You will be given a list of people who have scored points thanks to you, excluding points gained via voluntary abilities. If you have sex with any of them, they will lose this point and you will gain one. They do not have to cum for this to work.
3 points ability: You’re now informed whenever someone gains points thanks to you.
(This spirit will not appear unless 3 people or more have gained points thanks to you)

More to come! Inspiration always desired!
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Offline laaTopic starter

The Boat.
The boat has five decks, from bottom to top: The Lounge Deck, The Residents Deck, The Open Deck, The Closed Deck and The Top Deck.

The Boat is mainly staffed by no one in particular. If you go up to the bar and as for a drink, the drink will just pop out of the blue air or slide down the counter, as if someone pushed it right towards you. Everything is automated, which can both be seen as creepy and cool at the same time.

In the ground deck lies The Grand Lounge - a cozy bar with plenty of alcohol, soft leather chairs, sofa chairs and large circular tables. If you ask for a deck of cards or some dice, the bar is always sure to supply!

Outside the bar are two couch areas where people can relax and distance themselves a little from the otherwise intensely sleazy atmosphere that the Lounge can give off at times. It’s also a good place to have sex, or so I’m told. The couches are made for it.

On the residential deck are the 24 rooms wherein the residents live, all fitted with their own bathroom, toilet and bedroom. At the end of it is ‘the common room’ / The Pillow Room. In here, all of the walls and floors are padded with colorful, soft pillows, making it the perfect spot for people to hang out. And have sex. You see a pattern here?

On the Open deck is The Restaurant, open 24/7, bringing you whatever food you could ever need. It also has a large Open Area, where you can get a look at the beautiful ocean! Or at least you think it’s the ocean. At the other end of the ship is The Magical Store, which can bring you just about anything you could possibly want, ranging from a softer pillow to a harder whip. The name is a bit misleading though, as all items are free. However, you might be denied your item wish if you want something a bit too outlandish. Like a nuke. Please don’t ask for a nuke.

On the Closed deck is nothing.

On the Top Deck, you can get a beautiful view of the boat and the ocean, the breezing wind attacking your flesh at every moment. Don’t open your mouth too wide, ya hear?

Drawing of the boat
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Finally, this is the spot where I’ll answer questions I get answered ‘frequently’. Or well, just questions I answered whose answer I find useful enough to put here. At the moment, this place is empty. For obvious reasons. :D
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