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Author Topic: Darkcide's Pretty Awesome Thread of MFF Plots.  (Read 1551 times)

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Darkcide's Pretty Awesome Thread of MFF Plots.
« on: July 03, 2016, 11:52:56 AM »
I am looking for two women roleplayers who would like to play any out any of the scenes listed below. I should add that in regards to sexual roleplays I only play with women playing as women, that is not a slight against anyone nor is it meant to be personal or me passing judgement on anyone. I just like what I like, and I only wish to write sex scenes opposite women. I have had the opportunity to write MFF roles with several talented writers in the past, and it has always been a treat. Alterations can be made to the roles, and I am always up for discussion regarding them. Also with me being a human man, sometimes the plot ideas can see a bit male fantasy-centric which isnt' what I am trying to go for. If there is one that interests you, please communicate that to me so that we can work on some balancing and so we know where the focus is going to lie. I enjoy some smut, but even with the smuttier ones, the characters, their relationships and psychology are what I am most concerned about. Enjoy and if you have any questions? By all means ask away.

About Me & What I Am Looking For
-I only play as heterosexual males, and with actual women playing as women for sexually based roles. Sorry if this steps on anyone's toes and I don't mean for this to come off as insulting. Every person has their likes.
-I'm obviously a man of color, and I will only play as men of color. Identity has been a huge part of my life, but that doesn't reflect in my roles. All of my roles do not have to do with race, and I am open to any and all partners playing any and all races because I feel like every race is beautiful.
-I absolutely adore women with curves, which is why most the models I use? Are curvy. An hourglass figure? Is awesome. What I mean? Is a Gianna Michaels or a Christina Hendricks.
-Details and strong writing are a must. I give what I get for the most part, and short posts without substance do nothing for me. I am not saying that every post needs to be like a page long or something but just give me something to work with. I also try not to be a spelling or a grammar nazi, I'm not perfect myself but do double check your posts please.
-No god modding, I'm sure that is something that gets under everyone's skin.
-I only play as original characters, though roles might be influenced by different forms of media. I don't like playing as existing characters, though I will play in existing universes.
-Basically, just looking for a fun story and I love conflict between the characters.

Please refer to my O/O's page.

The Roles!

Casting Call- They were both beautiful young actresses, who were looking for breakout roles to really define their Hollywood careers. One was trying to shake her child star image with more mature fare, and the other was a foreign actress who had made a name for herself in independent films. They were both quite close in age, both were rare beauties and they both took their careers quite seriously. Also, both were in contention for a highly desired project. It was based on an award winning book, it was going to be a big production and it was being directed by one of the most sought after directors in the business. They had their leading man already, and he was a monster of a get. An A-lister who coming off an Oscar win, was in the midst of a hot streak. He was personally invested in the project, to the effect that he'd actually worked with the author of the book to write the screenplay, he was one of the main producers and he'd actually chosen the director and personally convinced the man to take the job. He had a great deal of sway in regards to casting, and those two actresses were frontrunners. The actor wanted to try a wildly unconventional method to finish that bit of casting. He would take a short holiday with the actresses, to better get a feel for them, and to see how the chemistry was between them. It was one long audition process after they'd already done their auditions, and both understandably saw the other as a rival to getting their dream role. They were willing to do whatever it took to sway his opinion, and both understood it was a very sexually charged and physically demanding project. He kept it close to the chest that he planned on casting them both as the lead character, as they'd reinterpreted the text to cast the dual aspects of the lead female character, he was far more interested in seeing how far they'd go to get the role.

Whiplash- They were right at the edge of worldwide fame, they'd cultivated a rabid following that had been growing rapidly. As far as metal bands went, they prided themselves on their music and their discipline. It'd been the brainchild of Woman A and the Man who were involved in a long term relationship that could be hot and cold because of their clashing personalities. They'd both been huge metal fans growing up, and it was that love and their aptitude with music that had originally brought them together. They'd fight constantly between closed doors, and at this point they were very much still attracted to each other, but it was primarily their careers that kept them together. They'd just slowly mended fences after his infidelities came to light. In response, she'd tried to get physical with him. She was the primary vocalist, and he was the lead guitarist and a vocalist as well as they incorporated harmonies a la Alice in Chains. They needed a new rhythm guitarist however after firing their last one for his drug habit which spiraled out of control. The man suggested his most talented student as he taught guitar on the side, and he'd been teaching her for years. She knew the songs, she was twice the guitarist their last one was, and she was in a failing band that she was the highlight of. His girlfriend was wary of this, especially when she saw that physically this protege was every bit as much his type as she was, and being on the road constantly would lead him to temptation. Especially with their relationship not being the strongest. Reluctantly she relented, and for her part, the new guitarist proved a great addition. Surprisingly, she was far more innocent and submissive than Woman A was, and she was actually rather attracted to her.

Round & Round We Go- Woman A and the Man had been an item for some time. The man was quite smitten with his girlfriend, and was absolutely crushed when he found her cheating on him with a member of her cheerleading squad. She was regretful for having hurt him, but she'd realized that she preferred women and she wanted to explore that side of herself more and so they broke things off. Things were not perfect in that camp though, as Woman B had been dating women for so long, she was starting to miss the things that a man had to offer. This did effect their relationship, and Woman A grew desperate to keep her. Woman A was into Woman B as much as The Man had been into her, and she gets frustrated with how Woman B treats their relationship. In that desperation, she makes a move she knows she'll regret. To make her girlfriend happy, and to keep her satisfied, she wants the man to enter into a relationship with them both that will come with some stipulations. Woman B and her are still very much together, but they would allow him to join in on their intimacy. She was still attracted to her ex, she still cared about him, and at the very least, she had enjoyed being intimate with him. It would give him the opportunity to be with her again in a limited capacity, and her girlfriend would get to have sex with a man again which would keep her happy. He agrees and unsurprisingly things do go bad. The man still has strong feelings for his ex, and is very much attracted to her girlfriend though he doesn't have the same feelings for her. Woman A is attracted to her ex, but devoted to Woman B. Woman B is the wildcard, and her feelings for the man grow increasingly more intense.

The Greatest Reward- He was a gladiator who had become a champion, slaying all manner of opponents and elevating his master's house to unreached heights. The master owed the man a debt of gratitude, and the two young women were how he planned to do so. They were both body slaves who had spent the entirety of their lives in the house. Their domina had preserved their virginities, and the two were the best of friends. They'd frequently speak in hushed whispers about sex and they wondered about it often. That wasn't hard to imagine given their house, frequent orgies were held in the house so they were exposed to sex. The champion often longed for the company of whores, so when he learned he was to be gifted with two beautiful slaves who would remain untouched save him, he was absolutely elated. They'd still carry on their duties, but when night fell, they were to report to his private quarters and to satisfy all of his desires.

Power/Abuse- As far as CO's went, he was by far the most attractive. Like something out of a sexy dream, but he was also feared. The man frequently abused his power, and he'd forced himself on several inmates. It wasn't as if he was hurting for opportunities to meet women on the outside, but he totally got off on the power fantasies that his job offered. To that end, he set his sights on two particular inmates. The women were involved in a relationship, and they were quite attractive. Earning several lewd stares and comments from the other guards, he wanted to go a step further though and he made the way things were very clear to them. He could make their imprisonment very comfortable with all manner of privileges and luxury items if they gave him what he wanted, or he could make it even more hellish if they disobeyed him. He was going to have them both though, one way or the other. He'd been eyeing them both since they got there, and he wasn't the sort to be denied.

Golden Ticket- The two of them were adult film stars who were quite popular, and outside of working with one another on camera frequently? They were also really good friends and a couple in their real lives as well. The two of them were up for several AVN awards, and the night of the big show? Wind up meeting a guy who is an absolute big fan of both of them. He had won a contest, and was pretty much being given the VIP treatment at this award show. Upon meeting the two young women, he is absolutely blown away and overwhelmed. One of them had her own website set up, and her girlfriend made frequent appearances in the uploaded scenes. The contest was for one of the fans to get a chance to meet them both, and to be their date. The guy who is a big porn fan is shockingly attractive, and he winds up charming the pants off both of the young ladies. They have a threesome, and the guy proves that he could very easily be in the industry. They're genuinely shocked and decide to try to get him into the industry all the while maintaining something of a loose relationship with him, even as all parties involved have their feelings towards one another gradually shift in different ways.

Power & Responsibility- They were two completely different girls from different backgrounds who happened to go to school together and were involved in a love triangle of sorts with the same guy. This guy had a double identity as a costumed vigilante, and both of them are aware of it. It has been a source of problems for him and his love life however. The first girl? Is one he has known most of his life, and the two of them? Had dated for awhile in the past. They were highschool sweethearts and she was the first person to learn who he really was. Thinking it was awesome for awhile, until a villain used her as a weapon against him and nearly died as a result. Realizing how dangerous his life was finally, she gave him an ultimatum and sadly? He wouldn't give up his costumed career, and she left him out of love which was a painful experience for them both. Now? About a year or so later? She's trying to attempt to move on, and is dating a new guy even if she still cares strongly for him and seeing her with someone else? Is painful for him. All the same, it was events on his end that pushed her to this course of action.

The second girl? She was a more recent development in his life, but one who was a welcome addition. While both girls were absolute beauties? She was more of the classic bombshell, and she had started flirting with him rather openly. A good deal of their chemistry? Comes from the fact that she also has superpowers and is a crime fighter in her own right. A big part of his angst has been that fear of dating someone and knowing he cannot protect them all the time. But to date someone who could more than defend themselves? Was as exciting as her? And who could be a constant in both the sides of his life? It was something he couldn't pass up. So now he's at a place where he's strongly considering a relationship with her. How do these two girls relate to one another? They're not enemies by any stretch of imagination, and they don't even really hate each other. They've known each other for awhile and are even friends to a degree. He has unwittingly drove something of a wedge between the two of them which makes him feel terrible, especially as he has very strong feelings for both of them and he doesn't want to see anyone get hurt.

We're All We've Got- (Savages flipped around pretty much. I won't lie)
The two girls were the absolute best of friends, they had known each other their entire lives and shared everything together. In a truly unique fashion, they even knowingly shared the same man who was in love with both of them. Both the girls considered themselves drug afficinados and to that end realized that together? They'd be able to start up the perfect business together. One was a chemistry major, and the other was a business major. The business major was quite street smart, while the chemistry major knew a lot more upscale clientele. These differences even extended to the man in their life, as he had a different relationship with each one of them. With girl a, the two would fuck one another and enjoyed being rough and devouring one another. Girl b on the other hand, she and him would make love with one another and were far more tender and openly romantic with one another. He wound up becoming the missing piece in their business as he became the muscle, the contingency for unknowns.

Business was booming for a few years and they became rich and enjoyed the fruits of their labor while living together. However things would change when an organization that had been in the drug game for far longer with more guns wanted them to throw their hats in with them. All three parties knew this would be a bad idea, and so they decided to go on the run while organizing their resources towards survival and finding a way out of the hell their lives had become.

Things Of Beauty- It isn't uncommon for the rich to live eccentric lifestyles, the man was not any different in that regard. He loved to surround himself with opulence, and he had more than his fair share of women. He wanted to try something new, and to that end, he found two totally gorgeous young aspiring actresses who came from completely different walks of life. He was not at all a bad looking man mind you, but he basically flashed a lot of money to get the two to agree to go on holiday with him. While neither party was a prostitute, they knew that agreeing would mean that they were going to have sex with this man in exchange for money. It was still a lot of money, and neither party had ever been to Rome before. So they both agreed without knowing that there'd be another woman there. He flew both of them out to his summer home, and they were surprised to meet the other. Do you remember when I said the guy lived an eccentric lifestyle? Well here comes the eccentric part. During his holiday the man wished to shoot a movie, he's a huge fan of Lars Von Trier mind you. To that end, he was shooting what could loosely be described as an erotic drama movie, and he didn't want to simulate anything. The basis of the movie was very sexual, and he wanted to shoot actual sex scenes with his two leading ladies. Hence the shooting happening in Rome, naturally both parties were very reluctant about this. Until they discovered they'd be getting paydays in the 7 figures if they complied.

Dysfunctional-The two were sisters who were only about a year apart in age, aside from their beauty the two had next to nothing in common. The older one experienced everything before her sister, she was always more apt to disobey their parents and she was a bad influence on her younger sister who idolized her. The younger of the two was far more naive and she'd be totally innocent if she didn't idolize her sister. When they weren't in college they lived back home with their parents, but this year the two of them were going on Spring Break. It turned out the older sister had a boyfriend of sorts who was in turn a horrible influence on her and she was looking forward to having all sorts of fun with him over the break, he could get ahold of a number of vices easily and she wanted to invite her sister to indulge with them. This week would see the gradual corruption of the untouched flower as the three shared a week of hedonism, bad decisions and altered influences.

Sister/Sister- They were both proud self-admitted sluts growing up, having boned their way through a great deal of their high school. As young women, that hadn't really changed too much. The two were going on a trip to Vegas to celebrate their 21st birthday, and that was where they met him. Both liked taller guys, and one of the sisters had a preference for men of color while the other hadn't ever explored that. The guy was an adult film star who would be attending an awards show, and he got them in as his dates. The guy given his profession was obviously a good lay, they were both quite aware of who he was, and they were both size queens. He won a few awards that night, and he wanted to celebrate by banging both of them. The two twins despite all their experiences, had never actually been in a threesome together. It was something both was wildly curious about, but that they were otherwise afraid to delve into. He gave them an excuse however and it opened up a new world for them.

This Tangled Web- The two women were roommates, who were involved in a limited sexual relationship with one another. Basically woman A would allow woman B to perform oral sex on her, and they'd get a little affectionate after fooling around. Woman A insisted she was straight, she just enjoyed having oral performed on her and she knew Woman B enjoyed doing it. Woman B was actually quite in love with woman a even if she didn't admit it because she knew woman A's feelings on the matter. Woman A had recently started seeing a guy who she is fairly wild about, all the while carrying on her thing with Woman B. One day she has her guy come over, and the two get a little hot and heavy. Woman B is there that night and so he decides to invite her roomie to join them. The guy is fairly perceptive and just by observing the two of them? He pretty much figures out their whole relationship, and he finds himself somewhat drawn to Woman B. So he encourages his girlfriend to return the favor to Woman B and she reluctantly goes down on a woman for the first time in her life, but only if Woman B will have sex with the guy. She really wants to see it, and Boman B accepts even if she's obviously nervous. To the guy's credit he is surprisingly gentle and tender with her, and she's shocked when she's able to get off with him. When it is all said and done, he doesn't have a problem with the two women being involved. He actually would like to see his girlfriend return more of Woman B's affection, though he likes Woman B a lot. He offers to teach her more about how to get Woman A to do the things he knows she wants to do, but in return wants to continue having intimacy with her under the guise of teaching her.

Bounce It- They were a young couple who had a mutual infatuation with asses, the larger the better in their eyes. It was a big part of the reason why he had started dating her in the first place, she had an amazing backside and she knew it. He couldn't keep his hands off of it and she actually enjoyed incorporating it into their love life. The funny thing was she appreciated a good ass even more than her boyfriend did, and she was openly bisexual. She'd been with women, and she generally tried to seek out women with nice butts. When she got hold of one, she was even more dominant than her boyfriend was, which was definitely saying something. The two had been discussing the possibility of incorporating another woman into their shenanigans for some time now. It was all a matter of finding the perfect one. The two went to a gentleman's club in the city, and saw a number of stunners on display. However none of them had the ass that she wanted to get ahold of, not until the dancer came out. The dancer was drop dead fine, but she also had an ass that was quite possibly superior to that of the woman's. The young couple were hooked, and the woman in particular knew she wanted to have the dancer. Other parties that night were interested in her too, and it turned into a whole bidding exercise of sorts between the couple and some of the guys there.

Thankfully the couple wound up winning out. As it turned out, once they got closer to one another, the two women realized they went to High School together and had some of the same friends even if they never ran in the same social circles. The Dancer as it turned out was also notoriously shy and fairly submissive despite her stage show. She found the couple to be very attractive, and went into the back with them to dance for them. She wound up not charging them for a good deal of the dancing that she did, instead talking with them and actually allowing them to touch her which was something she never allowed customers to do. She'd never went back with a couple before, and she freely admitted the man made her nervous. He had tattoos, he was in great shape and he was by all accounts the sort of guy who wanted something from a woman and could easily convince them to give it to him. It was the woman who she needed to be worried about however, her touching quickly became more and she got the dancer worked up enough to agree to catch a ride with them when she got off work. They didn't take her home right away, instead making a detour for their place where they spent the night ravishing her, with the woman in particular treating her like a piece of meat and then dropped her off in the morning.

It'd been a new experience, and she was certain she'd never hear back from them, at least until she got a text the next day from the Woman who wanted to see her more regularly.

Desire & Despair- With the increasing economic woes that faced the country, highly controversial polices were passed. In many instances people were incapable of paying debts, and an agency was put together to confiscate assets of those who were faced with heavy debts. Under the new laws passed, people could be considered assets and it brought about the return of indentured servitude. The seized assets were usually sold off to the wealthy, and if the assets were insufficient to cover the debts the next assets to be auctioned off were members of a family, they're expected to work until the debt is paid off completely. The servants in these cases have very few legal rights, and more often than not, it turns into a case of legalized prostitution where the owner can take what they want from the person in question.

The two sisters were especially attractive, and they were used to the prosperity their parents had. They'd lived next door to a somewhat awkward young man during their teenage years where they had teased him relentlessly. They knew he often watched them, and that he was beyond attracted to them so they'd get him hopelessly turned on and then laugh. They never expected him to grow out of his ugly duckling phase, or to wind up becoming a huge success. They also never expected their father to squander all of their money through shady deals and then find themselves being counted as assets that were purchased by their former neighbor who planned to get as much enjoyment as possible out of them, now that they were his property.

Company Loves Misery- He was a very powerful and rich man who was at the head of a vast company. On the surface he appeared to be a stern yet fair boss who was practically worshipped by his employees and admired for his charismatic nature. Underneath it all, he reveled in his power over other people and he did as he pleased without any regards for anyone else. He maintained a number of virtual slaves who obeyed his every wish, and who he delighted in sexually abusing. His current favorite was an absolutely gorgeous young foreign student who he had met while abroad and brought back to the United States. She'd initially been very reluctant and resistant to his desires, but after a year of serving as his plaything, she was far more accepting of her lot in life. She strived to pleasure her master, she enjoyed letting him take what he wanted and she felt secure in her position. The boss however found a new obsession in a curvy young manager in one of his holding companies who just happened to be involved with a good friend of his. He had her brought to him and forced himself on her, having his favorite join in as they spent the better part of the night using her for their pleasure. As it turned out, her torment was not to end there. His favorite was installed as her new secretary and her obligations towards him quickly took precedent over her actual job. As he began to assert more and more power over her, his favorite began to get dismayed as she felt her position slipping out from underneath her which meant he had started allowing others to use her. Both of the two young women began to find solace in one another, and secretly started to see one another because they knew that if they did so openly, the punishment would be severe. He didn't like any of his playthings having sex without his permission.

Happy- She was a switch, and it took her a long time to realize that. She was used to being dominant, until she met her boyfriend. He was the first person she'd ever really submitted to and she absolutely loved him. All the same though, she wanted to nurture that dominant side of herself and she knew he was a sadist and he was really itching to delve into that aspect of his psyche. She could tolerate it to a degree, but she wasn't really a masochist to the degree to allow him to really go wild. So they decided they needed to add another party to the thing they had going on. That began an intensive search, at various different parties, over the internet, and in their own social circles. She never expected to find the third person when they visited a mini-High School reunion for him. She was on the shyer side, and had once been an ugly duckling. He'd been kinder to her than others, and she'd long nurtured an intense crush on him. Nobody had expected her to blossom into such a lovely young woman. The girl in question was bisexual, and she questioned her about her interest in her boyfriend. The girl admitted that she had attended despite being a couple years younger than him, in the hopes of meeting up with him, showing him the new her and seeing what might happen. The girlfriend decided to give her that chance, and they brought her back home. The girl was quite submissive, and as attracted to her old crush she was, she was also quite taken with the girlfriend. During their bit of fun, they would gradually push to see what she'd endure and take and although she was in tears, they were surprised with how well she did. She insisted to them after it all she enjoyed herself, and she'd never had an experience like that. So they added her to their relationship. She wasn't just a hanger on, but became just as much invested into it as they were, and despite the power dynamic, she was every bit as much theirs as they were hers, and she started to take on a more bratty persona over time as she got to know them better which both of them seemed to get off of on.

Brides Of The Beast- He was an absolutely fearsome warrior, one who cut a swath across the known world and who was carving out a massive empire for himself. His first wife was a fearsome warrior as well, she'd been part of a rival clan that his had brought into the fold. He wasn't able to take her as easily as he had her people, and her savage beauty and fearsome nature had intrigued him. So much so, that he eventually proposed to her after a period of courtship. She would take up arms alongside her husband, and enjoyed waging war. Their love was fiery, passionate and violent and she had no problems in standing up to him. She believed in him and their mission of conquest, and she'd given him two children which they loved immensely. An injury in battle kept her from being able to produce any more heirs, and she grew dismayed as women in their culture would continue to bear children for the men, and families were to be large. His sons would inherit the earth, and she knew he would make more heirs elsewhere. So she wanted to be proactive despite her feelings on the matter. For his part, her husband still loved her very much but he had an obligation to his people as their king to have many heirs. The solution came in the form of a princess of exquisite beauty. They'd taken her kingdom, and she was taken as a spoil of war. The wife told her husband that as opposed to allowing the men to spoil her, that the fierceness she showed and the strength of will were signs and that since she was unable to bear more children, that she would be able to do so. For the good of their people, and so he had two wives. One who was quite unwilling and one who was jealous of the other's ability to give her husband what she couldn't even though he did continue to lay with her as well.

The Ultimate Revenge- (For this plot, the two female characters can either be sisters or best friends. For the purposes of detailing the plot, I will refer to them as sisters.)
He'd been a highly infamous drug trafficker, and Woman A's father had been the judge unlucky enough to sentence him to prison. The drug lord swore revenge, and to that end he spent a great deal of money, and cashed in on several favors to achieve it. There had been a new highly controversial law that had been instituted after the crime rate increased dramatically, and a couple of new super max prisons had to be built to compensate, which allowed for especially notable female criminals to be locked up with the male criminals. This was not a popular act in the least, and these women often times would need to be set up in secure units or protective custody, otherwise they'd become sex slaves for the male inmates. The judge had two beautiful young daughters, and while they engaged in petty crimes, they certainly weren't serious offenders. The drug lord used his connections to implicate both of them in some particularly heinous acts and despite their father's best efforts, the two women were sent to a supermax. The drug lord lived in comparable comfort behind bars, and he fixed it so that both of the women would wind up as his cell mates. Their father could not protect them there, and he fully intended on getting his money's worth out of both of them.

Reality- Two young female adult film stars shared an interesting relationship with one another. The two of them were friends, frequently hanging out together. The two of them had hooked up together off-screen of their own volition. The two were also rivals, both had name recognition, both of them were competing for most of the same awards this upcoming year and both were just about at that point where they were going to become household names in the industry. That meant getting their own websites, their own film series' and doing feature dancing. At that point they'd have it made. Both were approached about a new website/experiment that would get them to where they wanted to reach in their career. A website designed as a reality show, it'd follow the lives of the two of them and a male actor for a three month time span in the summer. They'd be expected to turn out a scene a day, with prompts coming directly from the producers. Other performers would be invited by the condo where they'd be living together, but the success of the site was going to rest on the three performers. Naturally, the two women accepted. They enjoyed each other's company immensely and they had great chemistry.

The wild card was the male talent, both had differing opinions about him. In terms of name recognition, he was fairly successful for a male actor. He worked a lot, and the success he had is what they wanted. Woman A hated the man with a passion, she'd performed in one scene with him when she was first starting out and it had been a painful and humiliating experience for her. The director and the producers had instructed him to really put her through the ringer and the scene ended in genuine tears for her. Since then she vowed to never perform with him again, even after he apologized to her. She hated that she was attracted to him, and she hated that despite everything else, he'd been able to make her cum. The scene had been a nightmare, but she had become quite infatuated with him before that scene and she remembered how the scene had shattered that perception of him. The general consensus was he was amazing outside of the industry, women loved to hang out with him, and he even had sex differently off camera. The guy was very well endowed and hadn't been very mindful of it, but it had been a landmark scene for her. Her first interracial scene, her first anal scene, and to her displeasure, it had been the scene that really opened doors for her and it had been nominated for several awards. Woman B on the other hand had a huge crush on the actor, she had wanted to work with him for some time despite what her friend told her, and she was a definite fan of his and was overjoyed at the idea of working with him. Against her better judgment, Woman A very reluctantly agreed as the pay was absolutely huge and the exposure would be ridiculous. She made it very clear to the man however that he'd only get to touch her for purposes of shooting scenes, anything else and she'd hurt him. Badly. Which he was surprisingly alright with initially, Woman B had no qualms about him touching her and she found herself having to play mediator between the two, but she enjoyed her time with him, and frequently had sex with him off camera. Her friend's happiness and satisfaction didn't go unnoticed for Woman A.

From Hell- Evil was the best way to describe the step-siblings and they were the absolute worst. Sadistic, immoral and lust filled. It didn't take them long into their parent's marriage to start sleeping together, and their relationship was a hate filled exercise in lust. In many ways she was the more dangerous of the two, putting on a facade of being the epitome of what a young woman should be at their private college. She was a mentor for many of the girls, and everyone had nothing but nice things to say about her. While he on the other hand was more hedonistic and had a bad reputation. The two lived in a luxury apartment together, and carried on with their secret affair. The sister however wanted more, she wanted to add someone to their fun that they both could do terrible things to. To that end she had a nemesis on campus, the only girl that saw through her act. The two detested one another, and so she'd been compiling blackmail evidence. She was going to present it to her rival, and threaten her with it. Her brother was intrigued, but really let her take the reins on this whole thing. Take them she did, and she essentially forced her rival into engaging with both of them in private where they would use her, and they would turn her to their sexual plaything. This became her reality, and it took precedent over everything else. For her part, she greatly preferred the brother. He was the lesser of two evil's, and once she got used to the roughness she began to actually be able to enjoy herself with him. The sister on the other hand was far more cruel, more demanding and she was out to humiliate and hurt her, while the guy was just aggressive but he wanted to enjoy himself and get her off too. She'd once been the picture of innocence, and immensely holistic. The two siblings completely ruined her and their depravity knew no end.

Dirty Business- There was a secret and lucrative underground enterprise that thrived on sex slaves, and while many were from third world countries, the truly depraved and the truly affluent wanted American slaves. The younger, and the more beautiful, the better. For a good deal of these men, they turned to one man to train their slaves and to break them of their willful streaks. He was a sociopath, and it was the perfect career for him. In comparison to the men who owned these slaves, he was far more charming, far more fit, far younger and far more adept sexually. He could only keep so many girls at one time, since he had to devote a lot of attention to them, and ensure there was sufficient space in his mansion. He was extremely well compensated for his efforts, and he always got results. No matter how willful the girls were, he would eventually break them down through rape, humiliation, forced orgasms, and physical and mental torture. He'd been doing this for years, but he'd never expected to meet the two of them. Two sisters. Amazing beauties who had been given their owner the hardest time imaginable, the guy was unbelievably rich and he was going to be leaving the girls with the man for six months. Upon seeing them for the first time, he was instantly taken with them but he'd never encountered any woman that had spirit like these two sisters did. For the first time in his life, he felt himself coming alive and he didn't take on any new projects, deciding to devote himself entirely to breaking them. That desire would eventually give way to him trying to find a way to get ownership of the two transferred to him. He wanted to retire with the two of them, and he did NOT want to give them back to their owner. That old bastard wouldn't appreciate them, not like he did, and he certainly didn't deserve them.

Stranded- They were best friends, two outdoor enthusiasts who came from a wealthy family. Both had always been into camping, hunting and hiking. They'd been sailing for the holiday, with a small crew when a violent storm hit their ship and left them as the only survivors on a seemingly uncharted island. Resolving to survive, they pooled resources together and it didn't take very long for them to meet another inhabitant on the island. He was some form of special forces, and he'd been on the island for some time. He and his team had been investigating a militia that was based on the island, there was a secret there, and these war criminals had set up shop investigating it. Their plane had been shot down, and his team had been whittled down to just him. The men were most definitely hostile to all outsiders, and the man at this point no longer cared about his mission, he had been staying two steps ahead of the militia and at this point, he just wanted to find a way to escape. That meant the three of them living together, and doing their best to survive everything that the island had to throw at them.

Her Girlfriend- He was a rocker, and a pretty successful one at that. His band had taken off, and they were constantly doing shows. The guy had himself a good woman, one who he had introduced to all manner of debauchery and who had initially gotten into him because of his music. She'd not been a big metal head, but she saw his band performing and was instantly into him and just how wild and rebellious everything seemed. Since then she'd gotten tattoos, but she would even fully admit that she wasn't the biggest metal head and her boyfriend had to baby bird everything to her. She'd been a goody two shoes before meeting him, and one thing she'd always been on the fence about before was other women. She was attracted to them, and had always wanted to try but hadn't finally pulled the trigger until his birthday when she had set up a threesome. Since then? She has really liked hooking up with other women. Being with her boyfriend has made her more outspoken and she's expressed her irritation with groupies. When he is home, or when she is with him on the road? It isn't an issue. They still hit on him quite frequently, and the rest of the band will openly engage in sexual acts with the women that can be quite public and quite lewd. When she isn't with him though, it is one of those cases where she knows he is sleeping around, and even if it is just sex, she isn't the biggest fan of it. She wants to be able to enjoy herself while he is away which strikes a nerve with him, so they come to an understanding of sorts. She is not allowed to see other guys, but he will allow her to see other women, as previously, she had only done that when he was present, never on her own. She didn't just want random hook ups though, and so she made a somewhat risky decision, considering neither one of them were very good at the polyamory thing. She wanted a girlfriend, and she wanted a certain type. So she began a courtship with a female rocker. Her girlfriend was genuinely a metal head, and had been playing since she was a kid. The band was pretty successful locally, and she frequently went out to her shows and supported her. Her boyfriend was in the middle of a multi-month tour, so she was able to focus entirely on her. When he returned she was elated, but she was also still very much involved with her girlfriend. Neither party really knew much about the other, as they never really asked or wanted to delve deeper, but they were aware of the situation. Upon meeting face to face though, problems ensued. They'd been an item some years ago, and it hadn't been the best breakup in the world. Neither was going to break it off with her, or tell her to stop seeing the other, but there was a cold war of sorts when the girlfriend's band got signed, and was put on tour with the boyfriend's as a supporting act. The woman dating both was able to go on this tour with them, but there was a good bit of tension and she wanted to be fair to both, while both the parties still held something of a torch for one another that they'd vehemently deny. 

God Complex- He was eccentric. A genius inventor who was obscenely rich, and the CEO of his own company. He lived alone in an secluded yet spacious home, and owned miles of private land. His company's cutting edge technology was born from his genius, and he ran the huge corporation from his home. The guy for all his genius didn't fit the typical image of a scientist or a businessman, and he had an assortment of tattoos, he was imposingly built and during his life, he lived like a rock star. He drunk heavily, he slept with models, actresses and porn stars and he was utterly lethargic. The guy was a misanthrope and narcissist which led to his choosing to live in isolation. It was understandably a lonely existence, and it led to him pioneering something that would change the world. A.I. He had done numerous tests in crafting artificial intelligence, and his latest breakthrough was quite potentially the real deal. He had android servants and assistants in his home, but his latest two creations were to be his crowning achievements. They were androids, but they completely appeared to be human, and even the technology used to create them allowed them to be more organic than machine. These two would be allowed to learn and develop at their own rates, and he gave them free will. They were made to be utterly attractive, and when he was finished bringing them to life, he embarked on a polyamorous relationship with both. He could have easily had them bend to his will, but that would get boring and they would need to love him of their own free will. Both were given everything they wanted, but they were not allowed to see the outside world. His narcissism made him quite hard to truly love, and they were involved in a love-hate relationship with their creator while developing genuinely emotional feelings for one another. On one hand, both wanted out of their prison. On the other hand, they didn't know what would happen if they left, and despite everything else? The man was their creator all the same.

HR Nightmare- He was the CEO of a massive corporation, wildly successful at a young age and absolutely corrupt. In addition to running his company like a dictatorship, he also had a passion for turning especially beautiful women into his personal playthings. Woman A had been his slave for a good deal of time now, at least a year. Initially she'd fought tooth and nail, but he'd broken her and she was every bit as cruel as he was and often assisted him with his playthings. He'd set his sights on a beautiful young manager who worked for his company, and who happened to be involved with his younger brother. That was how the two of them met, and she was absolutely floored at meeting her boss above bosses. Compiling material that he could use to blackmail her both professionally, and to ruin her relationship with his brother, he had her brought to him and presented it and stated in no uncertain terms what he wanted from her. She fought tooth and nail against him as Woman A had, but this was to be her new life. Woman A was set up as her personal assistant, and her actual work responsibilities meant little to him. It just gave him more time to do as he wished with her, and for the two of them to attempt to break her down.
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