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Author Topic: I'll give you the world & we can blow it up together(M seeking F -Various plots)  (Read 2724 times)

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Offline jcsimpsonTopic starter

Welcome to my little corner of the world, I hope you find something you like, something that makes you smile or something that piques your curiosity. My ONs and OFFs can be found here :

Trick of The Cards 

In the small English town of Bradford, the residents are having a problem, a problem involving strange shadows that move through the night. They slither down the dark streets, peering into windows and then vanish only to appear again the next night. The local police ignore the reports so the mayor calls Teddy and his girlfriend, two North American paranormal hunters who dabble in the occult and have tame shadow magic. They specialize in exorcisms, warding against spells, curses and spirits and they can even vanquish would-be demons. When our characters arrive however, they find a much darker, evil plan about to unfold.

How Did I Get Here?

She was a beautiful quiet girl who was far from home after getting a scholarship to a school for her choosing. Now in her second semester, she's adjusted to the campus life and keeps her grades high. A few parties here but most days she's at the library, the same library where that boy disappeared three years ago. People said he vanished in a puff of smoke, some say a blinding light but no one knows for sure. The police found no trace of him and three years late there are still no definite answers to where he went or where he was. She's studying late one night when nearby a book from a shelf falls to the floor and when he goes to pick it up, she finds all the pages empty. No title, no Author, no words save for two on the first page. "Join me?". Jokingly, she writes the word "Yes" and suddenly a blinding light. The next thing she knows, she's falling from the sky and she lands in a deep spring of water. Swimming to the surface she see's a man dressed in odd clothes on the back of what looks like an enormous house cat. The man in the same man who vanished three years ago, transported to a world of magic, monsters and utter danger. His journey has already begun, now he must help her start hers as they travel through mountains, marshes, swamps, oceans and continents to find a fabled wizard who can send them back home. First they must bring her to the Alter so she can choose her powers and help her survive through these harsh,strange lands.

That Fucking Cabin 

The one time of the year when Sam was younger, god how he dreaded it. The packing, the mosquitoes, the odd sounds at night, the chopping wood...he hated it. It was his Father's Cabin, way out in the middle of nowhere near a huge lake surrounded by trees and neighbors to many other people who spent their summers in mosquito land. That was years ago and Sam parent's had passed on, leaving the Cabin to him which he now had to return to. He must decide whether to sell it or keep it and he's got a pretty good idea of what he'll do. That is until he arrives meets his neighbor, the pretty girl who is living alone and won't share the reason why. Sam finds himself cleaning and repairing the cabin rather than tearing it down, he finds himself in fact living there full time as he tries to get closer to the lonely young woman.

The Small Town

The small town was small enough to have the basics like a grocery store, a video store, a mechanic, a church and an elementary school. The population was just under 700 which meant the cows in the farmers fields outnumbered the people. Every body knew everybody and they were all polite. The old people sat on their porches, the local kids played in parks, the teens rode bikes around town and the parents fixed up the houses on the weekends. It was picture perfect, that is until the town became isolated. With out warning a gun shot rang out and the butcher fell dead in the street, then the pastor was shot dead by an unknown gunman who people didn't see, they only heard the high power shot ring through the small town.  The townsfolk were scared as a more people began dropping like flies, they began trying to flee but the landmines stationed on the one way road out of town stopped them. There are people still alive, hiding indoors and not venturing out, keeping quiet as they hear isolated gun shots go off. It's up to the few capable people left to find the gunman or gunmen and stop them and then find out why their small picture perfect town was sent to slaughter.

All That Glitters

He does not carry a whip, he does not raid tombs and he's never been anywhere uncharted, but he is a treasure hunter. His expertise is in finding and appraising old treasures dating back to before Christ. He travels the world to find them and can't resist a little danger or mystery. When he receives a call from a young woman in Rome about a missing family artifact, he's on the next flight. But Rome holds many secrets and they'll have to work together to fend off arms dealers, rival treasure seekers and even the Church.

After Midnight 

Three in the morning was a dangerous time to be out and if you were unfortunate enough to work the night shift, walk home from the bar or be delivering the paper...chances were that you're heart never stopped beating. You could hear them, scurrying across the roof tops, rasping in the alleyways, howling in the parks...and sometimes, sometimes you'd even see something skirt across the road or see a shadow from the corner of your eye. Every night at Midnight they came, Vampires, Werewolves, Demons, Poltergeists and Beasts, all with on goal...feed. They hid mostly, taking lone walkers at night, grabbing a jogger or snagging a pizza guy and they only feared one man: Kape Griever. Kape's Mother had been a Vampire granting him agility and stealth, his Father a demon, giving him strength a durability, the only mortal capable of fighting these creatures in the thick of the night. Kape is tired though, he can't fight this war on his own, his crippled Brother makes weapons for him, swords of pure silver, bullets made with UV casings, Holy water grenades and sharpened mini crosses to throw...but Kape needs help and after the Werewolf Crawss had crippled his Brother...he needs someone who can fight. He smells her one night...a young lady with gifts like him although she doesn't seem to know it yet, he'll have to train her and train her fast because the word on the street is that the things that go bump in the night are joining forces...and the sun only stays up for so long.

The Warriors Of Seasons

The gods were dying, the four nations knew it and they knew what they must do. Prophecy spoke of sending two from each nation to battle for marriage and supremacy, the two strongest warriors would breed a new god. Eight champions set out: Two from the North where harsh winds, razor snow and titanic mountains reign. Two companions as cold as the climate they come from, wearing thick furs and carrying weapons as tough as their lands and magic just as cold. Two from the South where the land is warm and bright, where the sun shines late all day and rain is rarely seen. Two companions set out, fire in their blood as they head for the center of the Earth where the capital stands, wearing light armor and carrying razor sharp weapons as hot as the sun and the same magic within. Two from the East where the ocean lies and sprays the lands with it's salty mist, the gulls cry can be heard all day long. Two companions head to the center carrying medium armor and weapons damp and thick, the power of water in their veins.Two from the West where it's autumn all year round, cool and warm and pretty colours abound. Two companions set out, leather armor, guns and whips at their hips and the the magic of the wind as their command. Soon, they will all meet in the middle and the two last survivors will marry and bring a new god to this world, but when they can't conceive and have fallen very much in love, the entire world will come for them. (The goal here is to each play a character from a different continent and have them win and fall in love. The people from the North use big hammers and swords, wear fur and have ice and water magic. The people from the south where very little armor and use small thin swords and dagger, fire magic is their specialty. The people from the East have the power of water and use hard steel weapons such as maces and clubs. The people from the West are more or less cowboys. They have pistols and whips and use wind magic.)

Bad Super Hero

During the day he went to school, hung out with his buddies, played video games at his apartment and sometimes took a nap, but at night, at night he donned his disguise and took out the criminals using the super abilities he had. He did his best, stopped a robbery, or a fleeing criminal but sometimes, just sometimes he'd level a street in the process of knock down a building. The citizens were happy, the mayor was indifferent to him and the Senator was furious. The senator calls in a hero who works for him, her goal is to stop my character by bringing him in but what they both don't know is that they already know each other, they in fact, share an apartment together. During the day he paints her toenails or rubs her back, she makes him lunch or rubs his neck, they're friends and damn good ones, at night he's destroying bad guys and cars (by accident of course) and she's chasing him down. After weeks to playing cat and mouse, his identity is revealed when she finally catches him. Will she bring him, will she join him...little do they know, it doesn't matter because the Senator will kill them both and once they know that, the real hunt it truly on.

The Happy Couple

The SPTF had recruited him when he had come back from the war with a stellar report from his superiors. The Secure Protection Task Force had hired him right away for deployment in keeping his country safe at all costs. It was a tough job but simple at first, find a target, a known threat and take them out quietly. Hit-Man, Assassin...the same word to him. Years go by when he's offered a serious promotion, an arranged smoke screen marriage to another agent at the firm, after seeing the pay, the work and her picture, he accepts. Fast forward years later, they've managed to fall in love and keep a happy and convincing marriage to their neighbors and community, real family wasn't an issue, they were both orphans. When their HQ is hit they are tasked with finding those responsible, traveling the world to seek justice...Till death do us part!

All Float Away

The alarm clock went off and he opened his eyes and climbed out of bed, heading downstairs to brew coffee, eat cereal and grab his  car keys. The heads outside and starts the car, drives along the oddly empty streets and reaches the office only to find nobody inside. After calling every number on his phone, after driving to the supermarket, the mall downtown and the town hall he realizes everybody is gone. Two months later he's accepted the fact that he's all that's left, he's adjusted well and has a whole city to use as his playground and palace. One day while driving he passes another car coming his way, out emerges a gorgeous young woman and they form a friendship and try to figure out what happened. A random radio broadcast from Northern Canada will send them from California, hoping to find answers about what happened. But someone is watching them when they leave...or is it something?

Rook Takes Pawn

The Rooker's School was a school for fighters, a school for mages and ninjas, Geomancers and Knights. Day by day they learn to fight, to control their magic in hopes of being deployed around the world to protect and serve their kingdoms. One day, a practice team is sent out, made up of a few students off to slay an encampment of orcs near by only when they arrive it's not a few orcs, it's a hundred. They barely survive, dragging themselves back to the school to find it destroyed, the blame pinned on them. Now fugitives, they must evade capture while trying to free themselves of the charges. Using steel,fire and anything else at their disposal.This is going to be a modern world with fantasy creatures and weapons. Don't hit an orc with your Prius!

The Sirens Calling

Kurt Churchill is a walking cliché, he's exactly what you'd expect from a middle-aged Detective who's been on the force since he was 21. He's divorced, has a young adult daughter who can't stand him and he spends more time grumbling than he does anything else. He's worked alone for years and even though his superiors are his best friends, he rebels at every turn. When he's assigned a new detective to be his partner he begins to protest but a grisly string of murders begin with taunting mementos aimed at our detectives left at the crime scene.
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Offline Lady Temptress

Re: I'll give you the world and we can blow it up together (M seeking F)
« Reply #1 on: June 24, 2012, 07:07:32 AM »
I am interested in the How did I get here and Kiss the dreams lovely. May I rp with you?

Offline jcsimpsonTopic starter

Re: I'll give you the world and we can blow it up together (M seeking F)
« Reply #2 on: June 24, 2012, 07:57:39 AM »
Of course! Send me a PM and we'll be on our way  :D

Offline jcsimpsonTopic starter

Re: I'll give you the world and we can blow it up together (M seeking F)
« Reply #3 on: July 30, 2012, 08:09:21 AM »
Cleared up some plots.

Offline Lady Temptress

Re: I'll give you the world and we can blow it up together (M seeking F)
« Reply #4 on: July 30, 2012, 08:32:07 AM »
Hey there. Is Kiss the dreams lovely still open? I's like to do that one with you.

Offline jcsimpsonTopic starter

Re: I'll give you the world and we can blow it up together (M seeking F)
« Reply #5 on: August 05, 2012, 03:04:06 AM »
Added four more plots.

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Re: I'll give you the world and we can blow it up together (M seeking F)
« Reply #6 on: September 02, 2012, 03:17:41 PM »
Added "The Backstage Pass".

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Re: I'll give you the world and we can blow it up together (M seeking F)
« Reply #7 on: September 29, 2012, 12:48:20 PM »
Added "After Dark" in preparation for Halloween.

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Re: I'll give you the world and we can blow it up together (M seeking F)
« Reply #8 on: October 27, 2012, 11:34:01 PM »
Added the plot "Yet it makes the world go round" .
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Re: I'll give you the world and we can blow it up together (M seeking F)
« Reply #9 on: April 27, 2013, 11:16:00 PM »
Did some spring cleaning and opened up some plots.

P.S. If you see a plot you like that's taken, don't be afraid to ask for it. No two stories are ever truly the same.
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Re: I'll give you the world and we can blow it up together (M seeking F)
« Reply #10 on: October 08, 2014, 01:53:12 PM »
I'm back after almost a year off, shall we? I've been writing on my own, trying to get better and better. All the roleplays above are free.

Offline jcsimpsonTopic starter

Re: I'll give you the world and we can blow it up together (M seeking F)
« Reply #11 on: October 14, 2014, 03:58:30 PM »
Added three new plots :Far Cry, The Warriors of Seasons and Bad Super Hero.

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Re: I'll give you the world and we can blow it up together (M seeking F)
« Reply #12 on: October 19, 2014, 02:42:55 AM »
Did a huge overhaul. Cut out a few plots, added three new ones and added which are taken.

Offline jcsimpsonTopic starter

I removed two plots and added a new one.

Offline jcsimpsonTopic starter

New Year Bump!

Offline jcsimpsonTopic starter

After much consideration, I removed six plots and added Trick of The Cards, All That Glitters and The Sirens Calling.

Offline jcsimpsonTopic starter

I added two craving notes to my Pokémon and After Midnight plots. I really want to do these but will accept the others as well :)

Offline jcsimpsonTopic starter

I'm back permanently after a hiatus due to life being, well, life. I've opened up some stories and eagerly await hearing from you.

Offline Diabolus Lupus

I'm newly back as well from something of a 3+ year hiatus. Liked the looks of that pokèmon idea you have listed actually.