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October 15, 2018, 05:02:33 PM

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Author Topic: Are you brave enough to step into the darkness. {Seeking F}  (Read 493 times)

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Offline CeronTopic starter

Allright well before I get to the plots let me tell you first what I am looking for

Description is key , if your going to feed me a one line response or barely a few lines for a paragraph .. I may not be the role player for you.

Please make sure you read my O/O thread. It is a bit outdated in some areas but will give you a good idea of what I am looking for.

My response time varies, it depends on real life and to if I am feeling the thread. Generally I can post once a day sometimes more .. sometimes might take me a day or two.

Imagination is a key as well as enjoying the fantasy side of things.

Now onto the good stuff

Dawning of a new age

The idea is a virus has been let loose which has been spreading rapidly across country. Living in a little hick town it has just hit. It causes people to mutate. Often making them stronger, faster which what it was designed for but the side effect is it caused most of the general population to go insane. In some ways this is like a zombie r/p where it spreads infecting all of the population though only a few who actually get the virus does it do what it was intended to do for the Most part. The main idea is of course survival, while putting our Heroine into a number of twisted and interesting situations. The infected as they are called are intelligent and cunning forming groups even societies where the strongest survive though on a far more interesting level.  During the roleplay as it develops will be able to add more conflicts and other things to keep it going aside from lots of gratuitous sex

Now for those that don't go insane from infections. For Males they become stronger, faster, their body will go threw some slight changes and in some ways will border upon the crazy or impossible. They become more cunning and dominant with the intense need to protect their Mate at all costs. They do become more aggressive  as well. With females their personality becomes more submissive with the need to more so please their mate more then anyone else but even with others they have to fight that aspect. Not to say she can't have spirit or fire. We all like that. They become more intelligent as they will form the link between the dominant male and herself. Some mental powers might develop but they would come later. Both sexes have an increased healing factor. Also females begin to lactate as the men also cum more. Each will become depend upon the others fluids though it is the virus at work using such to keep the virus strong and dominant.

though slightly dark this r/p is to push the imagination and really just to enjoy going a bit beyond the norm ..OK maybe really far beyond the norm <winks>
With this story I am looking for someone to be as open with their kinks as much as possible as I want to go as far as possible with the extreme. Really the only thing that probably wouldn't happen is mutilation and Death.  Beyond that sky is the limit in this survival r/p. Of course I always welcome input.

Please contact me via PM
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Offline CeronTopic starter

Re: Are you brave enough to step into the darkness. {Seeking F}
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added more explanation to the dawning of a new age.