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Author Topic: || Love, Horror, Fear|| (M seeking F)  (Read 358 times)

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|| Love, Horror, Fear|| (M seeking F)
« on: August 27, 2013, 11:43:21 AM »
Hello! Thanks for taking the time to read through my ideas. Here you will find everything from a romantic/dramatic love story, Bondage or something right out of a horror movie. If you like any of these ideas, please send me a personal message because I will respond to that quicker then this thread. I leave my description vague because I'd love to hear your ideas and any input you may have into the stories :)

More ideas coming in the next few days!

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|| Dancin Away With My Heart ||

They say high school love is the perfect kind of love, so innocent and pure. Pat was the high school typical rebel, he rode a motorcycle and worked down at the garage. The kind of bad boy that the high school girls secretly wanted to sleep with. Except there was one that wasn't afraid to show him love and take that step. After graduation, the two went there separate ways. As fate would have it, there paths would cross again years later. When Pat rides back into town, runs into that same sweet girl from all those years ago.. But will she want to rekindle that flame?

- This is a love story at it's core. She never realized her dreams of escaping that small town she grew up in and Pat has ran with a rough crowd since he graduated and comes home for a fresh start. They don't have to fall into each others arms right away, they can work up to that. Yes, the two can have kinky sex and he can be dominating/possessive of her but this isn't a story where she is going to be treated like a piece of meat.

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|| I May Hate Myself In The Morning ||

Everyone wondered why he was single. He was attractive, charismatic and wasn't hurting for money either. Every Friday night he would go downtown and live it up with his group of friends. And every Friday night it was a different girl, never so much as a text or a phone call the day after. Some thought he was just a womanizer. Only a few of his friends knew about his fear of commitment, some scars don't heal. His heart hadn't been broken, it had been shattered and he just never got over it. So he enjoyed the sex, and then let them go there own way. Dealing with emptiness for a week was better then getting close to someone and feeling that emptiness that never truly went away. Could it be a girl he takes home for sex decides she wants more or one of the girls in his group of friends that decides she is going to take a sledgehammer to those walls he has built up? Maybe the old flame that broke his heart is back in town?

- Really want to play up his fear of getting emotionally attached to someone, and the frustration of your character dealing with those walls that just don't seem to come down. Think it makes for an interesting dynamic when he is dominant in the bedroom but timid when it comes to getting emotionally attached to someone.

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|| From Mistress To Slave ||

The two of them had been close friends for years. Having little play parties together with there slaves, having drinks down at the local dungeon. Both strong willed and bull headed, neither one willing to give in because they both happened to be so domineering. He had fantasized about making her his slave for years, breaking such a strong willed woman would be like climbing Everest. But her pride and her ego always got the better of her, one night he decides to make a bet with her. Whoever loses the bet has to become the winners slave, he knew her ego wouldn't let her pass up this opportunity. But little did she know this was a bet that he could not lose.

- Basically two Dom's who have respect & attraction for one another. Both of them teasing each other over the years about making the other there slave. Well finally he finds a way to make that woman his slave. I would be playing the male. I except the female to be strong willed and not easily broken but certainly not use to being on the submissive end of things. PM me for further plot details ;)

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|| Into the darkness ||

Alright, so I was watching the Evil Dead (both original and the remake back to back.) and suddenly am really into the idea of doing a story along these lines with original characters. It would be nice if you would be willing to play multiple characters as I would be playing multiple as well. Group of kids go into the woods and find all sorts of evil. This could lead to bondage, and all sorts of other sinful acts. The plot is up for discussion and would really enjoy throwing around ideas. Really craving this one right now :)

- Random Pairings -

- Master x Slave

- Brother x Sister

- Sister x Sister

- Pornstar x Director

- Stripper x Club Owner

- Sleazy Plots (Not just smut, gotta have context too)


|| I'll Hang Around, As Long As You Will Let Me ||

There relationship had lasted less then a year, Cole had remained friends with her regardless of the shit she had put him through. As a few years passed and the two kept in contact almost daily. Rinse, Wash, Repeat. Whenever she was broken hearted or horny and single she would begin those flirty texts. It never seemed to fail that she would come around, sleeping with him until her next princes charming came around to sweep her off her feet. Except this time, her advances weren't returned.

- This story could go many different ways. Does she just want to get him back in the sack for rough sex or does she realize that maybe the feelings for him are still there? How far would she be willing to go to prove to him that she needs him this time.. Or will it turn out once again he is only a stop gap until she finds someone else?


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Re: || Love, Horror, Fear|| (M seeking F)
« Reply #1 on: August 29, 2013, 09:45:52 AM »
Plots added :)