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November 29, 2021, 01:59:45 pm

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Author Topic: Looking to ease back into writing with some simple ideas that have room to grow  (Read 164 times)

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Hi there! Thanks for checking out my request thread! I've been on a long hiatus from E while my work made it near impossible to enjoy writing, but my work/life situation has finally settled down enough that I can focus on my hobbies again, and I've really missed writing. That said, it's been a while, and I don't want to bite off more than I can chew. Rather than jump into a bunch of things at once, I'm looking for a new story to take on that starts with a simple idea that me and my partner build, either IC or OOC over the course of it.

What I'm looking for in a co-writer:
The gender of my writing partner doesn't matter at all to me; I love writing with just about anyone. I prefer to play male characters partnered with female, feminine, or non-binary ones. I tend to write as often as one post every 24 hours, sometimes more if the posts are short such as a dialogue heavy bit or some quick banter, sometimes a bit slower, especially on weekends. I'm not necessarily looking for someone to match my speed, just someone who is patient with mine, as well as the length of my posts, which usually run from 1-3 paragraphs depending on content.

Plot Ideas
These are all pretty simple by design, I really enjoy fleshing out details with a partner over DM, or doing the world building in post which gives me more to write about. If you have any ideas you'd like to add or have a suggestion for a spin on one of these, please let me hear it!

Heroic Fantasy Quest:
Generic name for a pretty simple request; I'd love to plot out some kind of fantasy adventure that takes our characters through lush jungles, barren wastelands, and frozen wilds that almost demand they huddle close for heat, with maybe the occasional hot spring or bathouse along the way.

Some spins on this could involve that the story actually takes place in a VR game or MMO, and is much about how our character's RL relationships change as they spend more time in the game than the story of the world itself, or we could throw this same idea into a post-apocalyptic setting. I'm really open to ideas here.

The Eternal Empire
My character ekes out a living on the border of Federation Space as a salvager, most of his jobs are gathering important cargo or black boxes from lost federation ships, with a side business of selling scrap. For one reason or another, he stumbles upon an old ship or station of unknown origin. Inside, he finds an absolutely ancient cryo pod, with your character inside. YC is from a civilization long forgotten, though they remeber a threat that still exists to this day...

Beyond the idea, the exact details of your character, who they were, etc, are entirely up to you.

*Shameless craving!Seduced by my Sister
The title says it all, I'm absolutely craving a brother/sister story of any kind. I'm more than happy to work out the details over DMs, but the basics are I'm looking for something consensual, preferably with the sister being the one who initiates things. It would be anything from casual flirting when mom's not home to joking about taking pictures of themselves making out as revenge for being left out of a family vacation before things get out of hand, to finding one another on a kink website or tinder.

The Arranged Marriage (Fantasy or similar, post-apoc, alternate world, etc.,)
Our characters who have either never met or barely know one another have been arranged to be wed for the good of two nations; whether to signify the end of a war, strengthen a bond, absolve a debt, or whatever else we might come up with. Aside from all the day to day struggles of navigating a sudden union, our characters also must deal with assassination attempts from those that would rather see war, and clashing ideas between their cultures. Bonus points if our characters are from different species altogether, such as humans or orcs and elves, draeni, alien species, something entirely new we make up on some crazy new planet. Additional bonus points if YC takes mine by surprise with her libido.

The Witch and the Hunter
I'm not even going to pretend this is an original idea. The inspiration for me putting this here is 100% the relationship between Nina and Matthias in the Grishaverse books/Netflix series. For those unfamiliar, the character I'm looking to play is an absolute model witch hunter, believes in the good he's doing hunting these dangerous mutants who'se powers are pure evil and an affront to whatever god our world has. He's thrown into a situation where the witch he's caught saves his life, and they have to rely on another, despite their mutual hatred of one another, to survive in a harsh environment, while that hate slowly turns into something else as they learn more about one another, and his beliefs in his doctrine begin to shift. MC is stuffy, pious, and chaste where the story begins while YC is much more of a free spirit.

YOUR Ideas!
I really can't emphasize this enough. If nothing here quite speaks to you, or you really like one concept but want a completely different twist or setting for it, let me know! I love coming up with something new with people!

That's about everything! If you made it this far, thank you for reading over everything, and I hope to hear from you!