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Author Topic: The Storyteller(Interested or curious?)  (Read 675 times)

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Offline swordwindTopic starter

The Storyteller(Interested or curious?)
« on: May 01, 2010, 01:15:12 AM »
What is it? Are you looking for something here? Is that why you've shown yourself in? HA! If that is the case then out with it....Come on out with it. If your here for something I need to know what it is that you are looking for. Is it something new? Something old? Something different? Is it romantic, real, unknown, scary, thrilling, sexual, in-human, alien, mutant, genetic? Come on, speak! I cannot read your mind. For it I could I wouldn't need to ask you these questions here. Or is that what you want? You have come here for something more then just a simple book or tale.

Do you want something more then just that? Something more then a mere story?....well of course you do. Why else would you have given me so much of your time already? Your curious to what I will offer you....yes your interested enough. Please just take a seat over there and I will give you something that you, and the others, yes, there will be others, will wish to experience in your short simple lives. Yes I know their are only four chairs, what do I look like a theater? Anyways, you may even learn something. Now take a seat and relax for a moment and let me get my glasses and my chair. My old bones aren't what they use to and for this I will need a seat. Maybe even something to drink. Yes, yes that would do just nicely for what is to come.

Now stop giving me that look. You know why you are here so just relax and enjoy what is to come. I bet you'll love what will take place here. But first I need my glasses and my chair. Till then I need you to let your mind go and to tell me just what it is that you see when I come back. Then I will start my tale. What you thought that I was going to do magic or some kind of trick? ha. No I will be telling you a tale that will reshape the very world you live in and when it is done you can go on your way. Now quit bothering me until I come back alright? Oh and when you get the time please fill out this card. What's it for? It's just in case something happens is all. Thank you.

Your name:
Your age:
Your gender:
Your past:
Your place in time:

Your weapon:

Your dream/s:

Evening,  Morning, or Afternoon, pending on when you see this, people. I'm looking to start up my first game on this site and was looking for a small group of people in which to run with. This game will evolve based on the characters given. Sadly I have to leave you in the dark over the theme of the story for I wish to have people's characters react to what is presented before them in ways that that character would do. So really all I want from you is to create a character, any character that you would enjoy playing and then watch the tale unfold.   

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Offline pendarious

Re: The Storyteller(Interested or curious?)
« Reply #1 on: May 01, 2010, 03:04:59 AM »
Name: Pendarious Archeron
Age: 18 human years 1800 transdimensional years
gender: Male

Past: long ago in the distant dimension of Salmarius i was the crown prince of a country called Feldorion. my Father was the Emporer and Mother was Emporess i had 4 younger sisters. My father was a great warlord many grand strengths and my mother was a valkyrie. the blood of warriors flows through my vains. in any case the Sorcorer Kilnero managed to surprise attack the castle and overtook my family i was the only one to escape. i trained with the valkyrie warriors and under the guidence of Mailang the Dragon king and returned to take vengence upon Kilnero. after killing him i renounced the throne feeling i no longer deserved it. afterwards i became a mercinary traveling the world and earned a name for myself as being ruthless and my hands became soaked in an eternal flow of crimson. i became a wayward dimensional traveler who seeks only to see new things and forget the past after many years in the position of a mercinary

Place in time: Unverified

Weapon: a finely crafted knight sword. the hilt is comprised of a fine mahogany and steel compound with a blue sapphire pommel stone. the hilt guard extends just over my hands in the shape of spread dragons wings. the blade is obsidian black in color and it is sharp enough to slash through diamond with no problem. the blade is reinforced by the crafting skills of the valkyrie and the metal of a fallen star. this i wield in my right hand although i could use it in my left. primarily i carry a short sword of similar make however the pommel stone is a crimson ruby and the blade is a gilded white these two blades are supposed to represent the ever swaying heart and mind of the beings we refer to as human.

Dream: merely to travel and forget my bloody past.and live happily there after

this good enough?

Offline swordwindTopic starter

Re: The Storyteller(Interested or curious?)
« Reply #2 on: May 01, 2010, 03:16:18 AM »
Glasses, chair, cleared head, pieces of paper, lighting, store open sign still flickering and unfixed. Oh you filled out the paper? Give it here then. I wish to see. Pendarious? What kind of name did your parents give you son?  No matter. I've heard dozen's of names just like this at some point in time, somewhere. Well take your seat if you haven't already. You seem good enough so just kick back and relax. I'm sure another person will stumble in with countless questions. Do you need anything?  You do as I ask with good intent so what would you like to know here? Anything? If not then you just relax. I'll take your paper here and put it over in this here folder. Along with the others that show up and then I will attempt to cure your curiosity of just what I'm trying to do here.

Offline pendarious

Re: The Storyteller(Interested or curious?)
« Reply #3 on: May 01, 2010, 03:38:16 AM »
pendarious takes a seat and leans back pulling a tobacco pipe from his cloak and fills it with tobacco then lights it and begins to smoke "i'm comfortable with relaxing old timer....take your time there is no need to rush i look forward to a good tale" and wth that he leaned back smoking casually from the pipe.