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Author Topic: The Misadventures of Lady Valentine: System (D&D 3.5), Fantasy - M for F - NSFW  (Read 510 times)

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Offline PhantomPistoleerTopic starter

*** Warning:  This post contains NSFW images hidden in SPOILER tags ***

Work in Progress

"Misadventures of a Lady: NSFW"


Brief Synopsis:  This is a system-based game that follows the adventures of a sexy female protagonist and her friends as they attempt to become world famous adventurers.  I am looking for someone to play the female protagonist, Lady Valentine.  Lady Valentine is an able leader and an excellent tactician, but enjoys romantic entanglements.  A lot of romantic entanglements.  I will GM her companions and the adventures, which are based on existing adventure modules.

An Invitation:

While attending your morning sermons, one of your father's footmen approaches you carrying a vellum envelope stamped with the Prince's Seal.  The Prince has been an interesting and invigorating companion throughout your life, but you do not know him to write many letters.  This letter and its contents must be important.  It reads:

To My Dearest and Most Gracious Lady Valentine,

It is with a triumphant heart that I write to you.  We have talked at length about our fascination with forgotten history, and I am intimately aware of how much you long to travel.  I made a promise to you long ago, and you have made me repeat my oath on occasion, that I would cure your wanderlust by inviting you on a grand adventure.  Today, it warms my heart to inform you that you are cordially invited to participate in that grand adventure.

Travel has been arranged.  My Father the King has honored me with a fascinating contraption:  a flying vessel.  Further, the King has granted me a generous stipend to pay for its crew of eight indefinitely.  My Dear Lady Valentine, we shall traverse this coarse planet in the lap of luxury and face the dangers of the unknown quite nobly, for the King has also issued a writ of marque in our names.  We shall enjoy great fortune and fame by the time this is through, I can assure you!

In addition to this invitation, please accept the sum of 1,000 gold pieces, issued in Our King's Name, to purchase the necessary accoutrements for our vacation.  I know that your father would not dare spare any sum to see you gone.  I have also invited a couple of our darling friends to accompany us.

With Great Affection,

Prince Rastan

Character Creation:

  • Sex:  Female
  • Alignment:  CG, NG, CN, N, LE
  • Race:  Human, Half-Elf, or Elf preferable
  • Class:  Any, but please no psions
  • Level:  Level 1
  • Stats:  Born Better:  Automatic 18 to CHA; 18, 16, 15, 14, 14
  • HP:  Max
  • Traits:  Up to Four

Custom House Rules:
  • Feats:  Acquired at 1, 3, 5, 7, 9, 11, 13, 15, 17, 19 level;
  • Rest:  Characters do not need to rest to regain spells.  Characters are considered rested after a one-hour session of intense sex.


The protagonist's class will cement her companion's party roles.  The composition of the party will be:
  • Fighter Slot:  WARBLADE
  • Rogue Spot:  FACTOTUM
  • Wizard Spot:  WIZARD


Lady Valentine has three very close friends.  It is presumed that they know each other very intimately, and that their upbringing has presented many instances for a large variety of sexual liaisons.  Each character would do anything for Lady Valentine, and DIPLOMACY checks against them always succeed.  The characters are also all well-off from prestigious families, and intensely dislike speaking to the poor.

Prince Rastan (CG Elven Male):  Prince Rastan is the second-born son of King Helios, Ruler of the Free City of Daedalia.  He is resolute, sincere, and adventurous.  King Helios recently awarded Prince Rastan with an airship after the Prince graduated from a very prestigious academy.  Prince Rastan likes to experiment.  Though he is fundamentally a good person, his moral compass is often clouded by his carnal desires--for example, he has deprived several human females of their freedom and made them his sex slaves.  He is either the Cloistered Cleric or the Wizard.

Sir Francois (CN Elven Male):  Sir Francois is the son of a country squire.  He is headstrong, rash, and loyal.  He is notorious for his temper and his prodigious constitution.  It is said that Sir Francois made love to forty women in a single day, and that he is the father of many bastards.  He is either the Warblade or Factotum. 

Lady Rosalind (LE Human Female):  Lady Rosalind is the daughter of King Helios and one of his many concubines.  She is a close companion to Prince Rastan.  Her wedding to a local merchant was recently cancelled because she was caught pleasuring the groom's uncles.  She is either the Wizard or the Factotum.

Sexual Themes:

The story will revolve around the misadventures of Lady Valentine, but since the character is often having so much sex, it's rarely going to be played out.  Instead, gameplay will often take place immediately after the sex has occurred, and the sex will often be referenced in gameplay.  Additionally, Lady Valentine's companions adore her and are emotionally attached to her, but that doesn't prohibit the Lady from being intimate with other NPCs

Warning:  NSWF


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Offline PhantomPistoleerTopic starter

Please PM if interested!

I am looking for a female to take on the role of an adventuress in a 1st Level Gestalt Pathfinder game.  The characters would actually be stronger than normal because of a gift/curse.

The World

The setting would be a sort of low-fantasy world.  Magic is uncommon.  The greatest foe of mankind is mankind itself, but non-human armies do exist.

A few things about this world:

  • Nudity is normal.  Citizens are often garbed in long cloaks and very little else.
  • Public sex is normal.  Citizens enjoy watching each other have sex.
  • Bisexuality is normal, especially among soldiers.

The Premise

I want to be vague with the set-up to permit latitude in character creation.  The characters have been gifted with great power.  They were ordinary people in a fantasy world, except that they were somewhat attractive (Level 1 Commoners with CHA 14).  One evening, on their walk home, they are caught in a thunderstorm.  The two find refuge inside of a cave.  One thing leads to another, and soon the two find themselves enjoying each other sexually.  As they climax, someone in the cave begins to clap.  The two lovers are in the company of a lich.

The lich enjoyed the show, and asks them if they are up for more.  The thunderstorm is still raging, after all, and the lich was entertained.  To assuage the lovers to continue, the lich strikes a bargain.  If they can screw until the thunderstorm subsides, then he will bestow upon them a gift. 

Well, the two lovers do, and the rich fulfills his promise by granting the following:

Attributes:  Each character has a 25 point buy to spend on STR, DEX, CON, WIS, and INT.  Both have a CHA of 18.


When in 100 feet of one another, the lovers have the following feats:  Endurance, Great Fortitude, Skill Focus (Sex);

When in 100 feet of one another, the lovers have the following powers:  Sustenance (only need to sleep for two hours and no need to eat), Constantly Turned-On (both characters are constantly aroused within each other's company);  Limited invincibility (the lovers suffer no damage to their sexes);

For every hour of sex per day, they receive a +1 to ATK and a +1 to will saves (duration is for the day);

The lovers climax functions as a light healing potion (three times per day);

Additionally, when the two are together, their alignments shift to one that is more promiscuous.

The Game

The game revolves around the two lovers as they delve into the deep mysteries of the world, and how the world reacts to them.  It's a rather naughty, somewhat raunchy adventure with lots and lots of sex.  However, we don't have to play out every naughty scene.

Please let me know if you're interested.