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Author Topic: Darkcide's Playhouse: M seeking F (Constant Updates, undergoing a revamp!)  (Read 44033 times)

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(4.5)No, Really. We're Just Friends- The two of us are pretty close friends. We've known each other for awhile and there is definitely a mutual attraction between the two of us. We're closer and more flirty than a lot of male-female friends should be. However neither one of us thinks much of this. You're in a long term relationship, but you feel very unfulfilled. Your guy doesn't do anything for you sexually and you discover over time in private that you're a definite sub. He's far too passive to be able to make you happy in that regard plus you two are constantly fighting.

Because of the nature of our relationship, I'm fully aware of your sex life as you are mine. I'm the total opposite. I don't really get into relationships and I frequently partake in one night stands. You get angry regarding your sex life, because you know you have awesome skills. Exes still call you in the hopes you'll meet up with them and indulge their desires. However you start to experiment more in private and eventually you drag me to a party of kinksters with you as you don't want to go alone. You find some kindred spirits in the people, but really start to think when several of them ask if we're together and when you say no if we've slept together.

You realize that you want, and need a dom. Also that the sexual attraction between the two of us has reached a boiling point and you reluctantly have this conversation with me. I'm very hesitant as I value our friendship, but I am definitely into you and I do agree although on a tryout basis. Our sub dom relationship grows more, and more involved quickly. To the point that you're spending more time with me than your guy, and it is spilling over and consuming all the aspects of our lives.

(4.5)My sexy, little snowbunny-The two of us couldn't be more different. I'm black, and very involved in the inner-city. I work for a mogul who has his hands in a lot of different enterprises. Some are legit, others are definitely illegal. I'm his golden boy and I am also one of the artists on his label. Whereas you? You're a beautiful young white woman who was raised out in a small town. You wound up moving to the city because you planned on becoming a model or an actress. Currently you're working as a waitress at the strip club my boss owns. Noticing your good looks, and your amazing body? I instantly make passes at you.

It isn't long before you've moved in with me, and now you definitely have stability but it isn't free. You've taken up a sort of domestic role with cooking, cleaning and that sort of thing. It isn't what you were planning on, but it isn't too terrible. You do enjoy intimacy with me, but you also can get distressed because of how high my sex drive is and because it can be both rough and somewhat demeaning at times. Although we are together, you're definitely objectified in our relationship and must contend with that.

(4.5)Cheerleaders, you've gotta love them- It is our senior year of highschool, and you're one of the most desired women in our school. Captain of the cheerleading squad, you're used to getting your way. A lot of guys in the school and older men try their hand at getting with you but have no luck. Your friends know you're with someone, but they've never met this mysterious guy before. It turns out your boyfriend? Does attend the school, but the two of you are in a very discreet and well guarded relationship.

He's a loner, and he's definitely not unpopular but the two of you are in completely different circles. A lot of women are attracted to the guy, but whereas the more popular kids at the school tend to be wealthy and would be considered more preppy? He definitely doesn't fit into that club. He's generally more antisocial, he has had past scrapes with the law, and is generally a very rebellious anti-conformist. However the two of you wound up meeting when you were paired together for one of those parenting assignments. The two of you were initially very hostile towards each other, but the hostility masked attraction and he was the one who deflowered you.

The two of you keep your relationship a secret, because despite liking each other? You also dislike one another and argue frequently. You both know everyone would lose their minds if they knew about the two of you, and your parents definitely wouldn't approve so the two of you keep your relationship quiet. However you start to get a bit more restless because he's so much different than other guys. He does get jealous, but he does a good job of hiding it and he can be very dominant towards you. This clashes with you, as you're naturally very aggressive and bitchy. The latter side annoys him to no ends. Not to mention his sarcasm can annoy you, as can his refusal to call you his girlfriend. Both of you are pissed with one another frequently, and despite attempts to change things about the other? Both parties gradually become more alike over time.

Offline DarkcideTopic starter

(4.5)Something's Gotta Break- You're a violently disturbed young woman. You have psychopathic tendencies, and you have an orgasmic joy regarding your sadism. You are a product of trauma in your past, but now it has turned you into a monster. A beautiful, sexually driven, violence loving girl who displays a giddy childlike joy when she doesn't fly into rages. You recently hooked up with a ruthless criminal, although he doesn't share your love of violence. He's very vindictive, and can do horrid things when he's pressed but he tries to be more professional regarding his dealings. The two of you have recently started seeing each other, and when you dsicover the sort of things he's into? You express an interest at becoming more involved in his lifestyle. The two of you share an odd sort of love, it can and does manifest itself in altercations which can quickly turn violent on both ends. He takes issue with your needless violence, and constant cravings at times despite encouraging the latter often. You take issue with his flirtations with other women, as well as how wrapped up he can be in work which usually leads to a measure of neglect.

Offline DarkcideTopic starter

(5)Class Is In Session- This role involves a hypothetical private school that trains future adult film stars. (Crazy, I know.) The classes are built solely around creating the best possible film stars, and the curriculum matches perfectly with this idea. For the semester, there will be an end project of sorts. At the start, two people will be matched together. The two of them for the rest of the semester? Aren't allowed to be intimate with anyone aside from their partner. They're to create a strong chemistry with them, know their partner's body and turn ons like the back of their hands, and complete every objective that is given in their personal lists regarding their partner. For the final? They're to perform a scene together. The scene that is rated the highest? Will get the best grade, and the two parties involved are promised immediate contracts. The two young people who are paired up? Initially don't get along all that well. They're both very attractive, but also both of them are fairly aggressive personalities. He doesn't like her because she comes off as a stuck up bitch, and she's never been with someone of another race. However they decide to stick the assignment out, and when it comes time to become intimate? The two are in for great surprises on both ends.

Offline DarkcideTopic starter

(4.5)A Total Bitch- You are absolutely gorgeous. The kind of woman any guy would go crazy over. The problem however? You're too aggressive for most guys. Even before getting in the bedroom. You're of the mind that a guy needs to be a guy, and that real men are dead. You are very blunt, aggressive and easily annoyed. In terms of what gets you going? You like to have your hair pulled, you liked to be demeaned, you liked to be slapped and you love it rough. Most guys would think that was great, however you're not submissive by any means and they're not able to deal with you choking them during sex or slapping them and insulting them. This leaves you quite bitter and greatly frustrated. However the new guy in your life is absolutely magnetic. The picture of masculinity without overcompensation, charismatic, and nihilistic. He waxes philosophy on human nature and the way of the world, and might even be unhinged to a degree. He partakes in a variety of activities, one of which is competitive mixed martial arts to burn off a lot of his aggression. You instantly take a liking to him, and you're delighted to discover he'll manhandle you without a moment's hesitation. When you get aggressive with him? It only inspires him to get more aggressive with you. You're seemingly in bliss until you find yourself pulled into a world you never could have imagined.

Offline DarkcideTopic starter

(4.5)You're an interesting client-You're a young therapist, who is secretly recovering from nymphomania. With a practice now established, you're excited to be getting to work and making a difference in people's lives. Your new client is quite interesting to your sensibilities. You're definitely attracted to him on a physical level. But hearing him talk and recount his life story? It gets you hooked on the guy, especially when you open up to him about details of your own life and he's able to respond accordingly to them. Despite your attempts to repress your attraction to him? You wind up accepting his offer of having a drink with him at his place, and it isn't long before the two of you get intimate. Despite this, you discover that while he isn't disrespectful about it? He isn't seeking a relationship, and the intimacy between the two of you? Caused you to realize you still have problems regarding sex, and this leads you to pursue a vendetta of sorts against him for reawakening those urges and just cutting loose.

Offline DarkcideTopic starter

(5)Think You Can Hurt Me?- I work as an infamous mercenary. One who operates with complete professionalism. I'm very adept at what I do and I've built a steady string of people who'd like to see me dead over the years. The latest job I decide to take, is to travel across the globe to deal with a powerful crime organization. I'm seen as a boogeyman by whoever my marks are and so I don't disrupt their operations? They hire you to deal with me personally.

You're a dark mirror of me, in female form. Absolutely gorgeous, well versed in murder and effective. However you enjoy what you do. Your tolerance for pain is almost inhumanly high, you take an orgasmic enjoyment in pain whether giving or receiving. When you learn of who you'll be killing? You take a very interesting stake in the assignment, and upon meeting me? Find yourself utterly infatuated. You're highly competitive with me, and you make it clear from our first meeting that you'll kill me in the future after you get what you want from me.

You want complete satisfaction with me, and this eventually leads to us in our next meeting getting into a very violent fight/lovemaking session where you almost manage to kill me but I'm able to escape. Eventually your employers betray you, as they see your personal interest as being counter productive. Seeing you as a liability, they aim to have you killed as well. This leads to a wary partnership between the two of us, at least until our common enemy is dealt with.

Offline DarkcideTopic starter

(4.5)Try To Keep This Quiet- The two of us are in college together. You're quite popular on campus, guys lust after you heavily. Girls generally want to be you. You're intelligent, articulate and quite ambitious. Because of your nature, you're assertive and can intimidate weak willed men. You have major control issues. Your standards are also quite high, and it seems like you're destined to be alone for awhile. While you're the overachieving type, you begin to take notice of one of your classmates. He is attractive, but doesn't care anything about popularity. He isn't a complete outsider, but he doesn't run around in the usual circles that you do. The guy is a musician and martial arts expert who has been practicing for most of his life. The two of you share a Taekwondo class, and you're both white belts. However there is a huge gap between the two of you. You've had no experience whatsoever with martial arts. While he is taking up his fourth style and so while he is forced to modify a few things he has an excellent grasp of the material. You do take to the class, but you're used to excelling and so you ask him to work with you some to help you approve.

He accepts, and the two of you start to spend more time together as he works with you. He considers himself a nerd to a degree, and when he does hang out with people on campus? They're either martial artists, artsy types or gamers. While the two of you spend time together, you find yourself getting more attracted to him especially in regards to how intelligent and cultured he is. Eventually , the behavior between the two of you grows more flirty. It isn't long after this, that you sleep with him. After doing so? Your mind is blown, and you discover that your sex drive is far higher in comparison to what you ever realized also that he is too strong willed to really be able to get under your thumb.
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(4.5)I Can Take It- You're a gorgeous young professional who doesn't have a large amount of time to spend looking for dates. You don't want anything substantial, but at the same time you aren't interested in one night stands. So you turn to the internet like many others do, and you find yourself getting a huge amount of attention on the site you go to. You're quite the exhibitionist and you definitely enjoy the attention you get, and you get a very bright idea. You decide to capitalize on your good looks and highly sexual nature, and you create your own amateur site with a link on your page. The money the members pay? It goes directly to you, and so you have up pictures of yourself modeling nude & in lingerie. You also host web cam shows, and make videos of yourself with different toys. However you still want more, but the guys who proposition you? They're crude, incapable of spelling properly and they don't stimulate you mentally. Most of them aren't even that attractive. However one email catches your attention, and you check out the profile of the sender. He is definitely attractive, fairly successful, very intelligent and in regards to his size? Is somewhat unbelievable, however you're very skeptical about interracial dating. You're not a racist, but you were raised in a very small town although the idea? Is definitely one that is curious, so you message him back and the two of you agree to get dinner. You figure you'll go, and see if he is as tempting as you've been led to believe. You have no intentions of sleeping with him, but when he's everything you thought he'd be and more? Your resolve weakens and you and him have an amazing night. The two of you start to see each other casually, and you decide to start filming your exploits. In the process you find certain things about yourself start to change and your threshold broadens by the day however reluctant you may be.

Offline DarkcideTopic starter

(4)So When Can I Move Up?- You're a beautiful young woman with a very high sex drive, and your hellbent on getting into the adult film industry. However advancing up the ladder? That is something that is going to be easier said than done. You get noticed by a very popular actor/model. However as opposed to giving you a role in a movie? He instead is interested in making you his personal assistant. What this incorporates is keeping him excited between takes, as well as providing service for him off of the set. Essentially you become his play thing of sorts, and he definitely grows quite fond of you. However you want to be in front of the cameras and start to grow restless before long.

(4.5)You Don't Have To Be Afraid Anymore- You're a young woman who is far more shy and introverted in comparison to other women your age. It is something surprising given your beauty and intelligence but it is justified. An ex boyfriend of yours was highly abusive, and for a long period of time? You felt like you were in hell. Him and a group of friends had one night after drinking, put you through the single worst night of your life. One where you had to be hospitalized as a result. This ended with you eventually leaving town and moving, wanting to start over and to hopefully find peace for yourself.

Due to your treatment, you're very sheltered and wary of a lot of men. The whole ordeal left you deeply traumatized and although you try to remain strong? You're only human. One day in a semi-public place you break down into tears. A man notices you and asks if you're alright. Although you get anxious around men, he seemed like a genuinely good person. Eventually it is discovered that he is a professional martial artist and instructor who teaches a dangerously effective mixed style. He can tell something is up given your behavior, and asks you to consider possibly enrolling in his school and getting lessons.

Against your better judgement, you do wind up taking him up on the offer. As opposed to the group sessions he teaches? He for the most part instructs you one on one and as you train and learn? Your confidence grows, and though you were already beautiful and in good shape. You grow more toned. The two of you eventually start to grow closer and a romantic liason isn't out of the question. However your past comes back to haunt you when your ex has tracked you down to the city and is hellbent on finding you.
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(4.5)Together, We Can Make a Killing- You're a young woman who is involved in the underground fighting community. You took Karate when you were younger but you don't compete. You want to be a manager, to grab a piece of the action that goes on with these fights and to be able to do something better than waitressing. You got involved in the community because of an ex boyfriend of yours who is a fighter. He works for a local mob boss, and you have an intense hatred for them both. Eventually one day, some friends of his come to your job and harass you. However a patron maybe a couple years older than you quickly steps in and brutally handles the men.

The patron was recently released from prison, having served time for manslaughter although it was self defense. He's a decent enough man, though definitely hardened and somewhat bitter about his experiences. What he is however, is a highly accomplished martial artist. Having trained in various styles ever since he was 6 years old. You see a possible meal ticket in him, and talk to him. The man is in need of money, and his current job hardly pays enough to support his young daughter. Taking him to a fight, you convince him to use his skills and earn money. Eventually he quickly starts to make a name for himself, with you securing fights and handling the politics and talking for him. However with money, comes bigger problems not the least of which is the growing attraction between the two of you.

Offline DarkcideTopic starter

(5)You Haven't Changed- You're daughter to the grandmaster of a highly effective and brutal style of martial arts. You are the pride and joy of your father, however at the same time he is utterly devoted to the martial arts. From a young age he trained you, however there were several things he wouldn't teach you. Seeing you as his precious daughter, he desired a true pupil since the training was borderline torture. The style itself is dangerous to the ones who practice it. Eventually, he encountered a dying man and the man's young son. The man had been ambushed and was a fighter of some skill. Protecting the boy from the killers, he decides to take him in. The boy is raised & trained alongside you. He's able to remember everything, and the biggest thing that fuels him is his considerable rage. The two of you were hostile towards each other for years, but eventually you developed strong feelings for him. He developed the same for you. To the point where before he left, the two of you lost your virginities to one another.

Years later, the boy is now a man and fighting in bloody unsanctioned street fights. He seeks out the strongest competitors he can and as a byproduct of mastering the style? His desire to compete and win borders on an addiction. However news reaches him that your father was murdered, and he returns to pay his respects. Aso wanting to turn over stones to find the killer. You're elated to see him, but the anger that has always consumed him? It is far more destructive now. You also feel that he is a shell of his former self, and only you truly know the identity of the killer. You fear that if he faces him, either he will die or be forced to give into his rage fully to win. So you work tirelessly to convince him that the style's purpose is to teach enlightenment and to better oneself. All the while, the emotions between the two of you linger despite the obstacles in the way.
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(4.5)You Don't Have The Balls- You're dating a friend of mine who is head over heels with you, however you're just not all that interested in him. Dark, manipulative, and utterly infatuated with people who have a nature as dark as yours. He is just not man enough for you, and so you treat him like shit which he tolerates. I'm someone who doesn't really settle in relationships, and amoral in certain aspects of my life although I do look out for my friends. From the first time I met you, I knew you were trouble. The two of us frequently throw shots or innuendo at each other and the attraction between us is quite strong. The things between the two of you reach the point where I eventually tell you to back off and to just break things off with him. You however don't like being told what to do and stay with him to spite me, and during one extremely heated arguement?

You insist that what I really want is you to leave him for me, and you start to goad me before long. Telling me to take what I want, all the while pushing and slapping me. My anger builds until I eventually snap and do what you want. At first you're definitely receptive, but then when it starts appearing that I'm going to try to penetrate you? You start to get highly reluctant and back out. That doesn't deter me though, and I do indeed take you although you quickly become a willing participant. Afterwards, you assume we're together and break things off with him. You find I don't want a relationship with you though, and you set out to destroy me completely. I am still attracted to you nonetheless and our feud grows uglier by the day.

Offline DarkcideTopic starter

(5)Choke me, spank me, pull my hair- You are a gorgeous young pop singer/actress. One of those types who got her career started on Disney, and is now a young adult looking to branch out. Young girls see you as an idol, while countless guys want to get into your pants. You date other celebs, but they tend to bore you for the most part. They're too squeaky clean, they don't appeal to the dark animal inside of you. That changes when you meet him. He's a highly controversial metal icon and frequently has scrapes with the law. The guy takes notice of you, and one night at a party? You flirt with him shamelessly, something was slipped into your drink and upon ingesting it? You black out.

You find yourself chained, inside of a basement with the guy watching over you closely. He reveals that while you're definitely attractive, he doesn't think you're the real you. So the man plans on freeing you. What does this consist of? Him forcing himself on you repeatedly, treating you quite roughly, degrading you, and keeping you captive while he does as he pleases with you. At first, you absolutely hate him and you want nothing more than to escape. As time goes on though? You find yourself being drawn to him, the pain & the humiliation? You start to crave it, and he has you make frequent calls to the people in your life. Telling them you're on a sabbatical. By the time he releases you? You're a completely different person, one who despite her freedom still gives herself willingly to him.

(5)What The Hell- On the surface, you appeared like a shy & nerdy girl. Definitely cute, sexy even. But nobody could have ever known about your true nature. You have an extremely high sex drive, and are quite addicted to pornography & the toys you own. It takes a lot for you to show this side of yourself to someone because despite your sex drive? You want to have feelings of some sort for someone before getting intimate with them. The new guy in your life is a mystery to you. A friend of yours sets the two of you up, since you're part of a gaming group and he is the newest one to join.

In regards to your group, you're like the queen B. At some point or another, every guy in the group has been utterly in love with you and they frequently comment on your attractiveness. The thing is you have a certain type, despite being nerdy. You're very much into tough guys, and none of the guys in the group fit the bill until this new guy joins. You're surprised he is a nerd, since he looks like anything but. The two of you talk pretty heavily, although you're a bit shy around him. Eventually he takes you out on an amazing date. One where he doesn't try to take advantage, you find yourself growing more and more excited at the thought of possibly getting intimate with him.

Game is at his place one night, and it is a very snowy evening. Eventually everyone else makes their exit, although you wind up spending the night because your car is buried by snow and you don't feel like digging it out. Eventually the two of you do become intimate that night, and both parties find the night to be highly satisfying. Him in particular because he never expected you to be as rough or as sultry as you are. You bite, you scratch, you cuss like a sailor, and when you climax? It seems like you're possessed. He couldn't be happier, and the two of you grow much closer. You're happy because you've finally found a man worth getting intimate with and whom can keep up with you.

Things are going perfect until his martial arts career starts to get in the way, you see? Before a fight, he doesn't allow himself to have sex for a set amount of time. This, is something that you find quite distressing.

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Offline LilBandit

So.... we did have a roleplay going but assuming due to my absence or even yours, you no longer wish to continue it.  Its a shame as I was really looking forwards to getting down to it, you are a very talented writer.  If you would like to continue still or pick another story, I would love it.  but if not, then I wish you luck for all your roleplays and life outside E.
Bandit x

Offline DarkcideTopic starter

Hey, I thought I had messaged you. I guess not. But yeah, the roleplay just kind of died because of the long stretch of time between posts. Thank you kindly though, you're a very talented writer as well.

Offline DarkcideTopic starter

(5 Craving!)My Perfect Slut- You are the perfect woman seemingly. Highly intelligent, articulate, gorgeous, with a curvy figure that any man would kill to get his hands on. However in regards to your own sexuality and attractiveness? You're very shy. So to break yourself out of this? You registered on an adult site. Opening a regular blog on there. You frequently post nude and suggestive pictures of yourself, with sexually explicit blogs and questions. You get an unprecedented amount of attention on the site. Guys offering to come from across the globe to spend a night with you, and constant praise. This does wonders to boost your self esteem however you're very hesitant about meeting anyone. Not wanting to wander in a trip, and there are profiles you find attractive but you have rules you follow. The attention is something you crave though, and the more sexually charged your posts are? The more attention they get.

However one person in particular has caught your eye. The man is highly attractive, his body is perfection in your eyes, most importantly though he is extremely intelligent and has depth. The two of you have taken to talking frequently, and you've kept in contact for some months. You know he lives near you, but you're very reluctant to meet him. This all changed when in a rare moment you gave him your number and he brought you to a climax over the phone. You finally agree to go out on a date with him, and upon doing so? You find he is everything you've ever wanted and more.

You always had a high sex drive, but once you got together with him? He unlocked things in you that you never could have imagined, and after the two of you become intimate you even consider letting him deflower you anally. He is able to stimulate you mentally, sexually and spiritually and you begin to give yourself to him completely. He is even on board with allowing you to take uncensored pictures and videos of your intimacy with him and to post them up. It seems all things are well, however you encounter resistance from a number of sources. The two of you being an interracial couple brings several hurdles, his fear of commitment, you're becoming utterly attached to and almost devoted to him at times. His frequent travels, and both of your jealousies which manifest in different ways.
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Offline LadyDiscord

I would to roleplay Have you Ever Killed a Man!

Offline Barbara4play

woulkd love to try " The Best In Show" if your still intrested

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(5)She Was Built For Sex- You're an absolutely gorgeous young woman, who wasn't born in America. You've lived here long enough to speak English fluently, although you still have a very distinctive accent. You're somewhat self conscious regarding your body. You see you have an absolutely amazing body. You have naturally large breasts, a slim waist, and a very prominent bottom. Your bottom can be a source of frustration for you, but that changes when you start college. You're going to school in a major city, and you find yourself getting a large amount of attention from men of color which is a new experience for you. The problem is, that the guys who approach you? Many of them lack class, until you meet one in particular. As you grow more attached to the culture, you find yourself getting attracted to this new culture and the people in it. The guy in question is quite intelligent, and articulate but urban nonetheless.

The two of you share a class together, and you begin to spend a lot of time with him as he helps you better fit in. He definitely wants you, but he doesn't want to be offensive about it. You find yourself getting impatient. So one night while the two of you are hanging out, you begin to come onto him very heavily as you know he is attracted to you and your body. The passion you two share is amazing, and he is completely shocked at just how rough you are and how open you are to him not holding back. The two of you become an item, and he introduces you to more and more of the urban culture although there is resistance in the way of his ex girlfriend. She's not the only person who doesn't like seeing the two of you together and both of you have enough arguements and issues of your own.

(4)We Have To Stop Doing This- The two of us are actors who will be working together on an upcoming film. It is currently in pre-production, and although we're already in great shape? The movie is physically demanding to where we are to work out constantly for the roles. There's a level of attraction between the two of us, although a great deal of tension also. Since it is usually easier to work out with someone, we do it together. The tension between the two of us stems from your feminism, and my minor womanizing. You know I want in your pants, and while it doesn't offend you? As our attraction grows stronger, the more bold I get? The more you find yourself getting annoyed with me until after a very heated exchange between the two of us, we become intimate with one another which changes our relationship greatly. Now, I try to coax sex out of you quite often which is something you find yourself having to constantly fight against as we try to get to the shape the filmmakers want us in.
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(4.5)I'm Not A Porn Star- I'm a highly successful adult film star, who not only performs frequently but also has several series' of films that I put out frequently. In several of these, I feature other male performers of color instead of myself. One of them is a somewhat regular sexual partner of yours. You're a beautiful young woman who was gifted with an amazing body. You absolutely enjoy sex, and he flat out says you're the best partner he's ever had. You're aware he does pornography, and after some encouraging he convinces you to do a scene with him in an upcoming film. You do the scene, and had a fairly good time doing it. You consent to have it put onto the dvd's but you make it clear that you don't intend to do porn for a living. However I take notice of you and want to do a scene with you in my top selling series. You are definitely attracted to me, and the idea of sex with me is an appealing one. However it takes a good bit of money and convincing to agree you to do this scene. The demand for you after the first one has been quite heavy, plus I've taken a shine to you myself. We do the scene, and you find yourself being nominated for awards which leaves you in a very sticky place as you're highly reluctant to do porn. However you realize the money could be especially helpful in putting you through school, and the fame and accolades can be overwhelming.

Offline DarkcideTopic starter

(4.5)I Don't Want You In My Life- The two of us have recently become Step-Siblings due to a union between your mother and my father. We're young adults in the college age group. Whereas your family comes from money? Mine is more middle classed at best, and it is a wonder that our parents wound up together. Thanks to this union, I have access to a world I never imagined which doesn't sit well with you. You're spoiled, entitled, manipulative and quite mean spirited. At the same time, you're also highly intelligent and absolutely gorgeous. You rule your small private campus with an iron fist, and give off the illusion of being an innocent upstanding role model to the girls in your community. However you're quite lustful and you are used to getting your way. I on the other hand am fairly rebellious, used to coasting through life on my charms and I don't fit in at the school. Being a man of color, who doesn't come from money, with tattoos who is non-conformist. This winds up making me pretty well liked, and when the two of us are on a summer break? This is the first real contact we've been able to have outside of the weather and you make your dislike for me quite clear? However at the same time, you're very much attracted to me and realize that having an attractive and fit young man in the mansion with you? Could prove a fun diversion at best. However while I'm also definitely attracted to you, you find that I'm not as weak willed as you would have hoped and you're forced to take a very personal interest in me because nobody denies you what you want or gets one over on you.

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(5)Breaking All The Rules- You work as an exotic dancer at very upscale gentleman's club. You're one of the main draws there for your athleticism, magnetic personality, charisma, beauty, curves, and outright sexiness. You're putting yourself through school, but you also pride yourself on morals. You've never once accepted money for anything extra or given anything extra, you don't give out your real name or your number, you also give amazing dances but try your best to keep it from being overly lewd. You held to these rules until one day meeting him. On a somewhat slow night, you noticed a guy checking you out. The guy himself is very attractive which is something you comment on, after getting off the stage you go and sit with him and strike up a deep & intimate conversation. He says all the right things and views you as more than just a sexual object, but as an actual person. After buying you a few shots, you ask him if he'd like to go to a private room for a dance which he accepts.

Being in such intimate quarters, and getting close to & on him? You find that not only does he smell nice, but he takes excellent care of himself and is in great shape. One dance stretches on, and you find yourself getting more and more into it. Touching him in ways that you for the most part don't with other customers, you note he isn;t touching back and you encourage him to. Things get hot and heavy as the two of you talk again and the conversation turns to one of a more sexual nature. You find yourself getting more insanely turned on, and to your surprise? He is despite his own obvious arousal, cool as ice and eceptionally gifted. You make a first, and allow him to do anything he wants as long as he doesn't go into your panties which proves a mistake as everything between you two grow more passionate. By the end of the night? You've spent a good deal of it with him and decide to throw caution to the wind and relieve yourself of everything you're feeling free of charge. It is absolutely amazing for both parties, and you give him your number before he leaves telling him to call you very soon. To your amazement? You find that the two of you do indeed go to the same school, and with the semester starting? You actually share a class together.

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I love that last one you posted, truly love it can we rp it?

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(4.5)Ride The Lightning- Both of us are already established musicians in the metal genre. However a series of events has led us to where we currently are now. You're a lead guitarist who was part of a popular band and noted for both her skills & her good looks. However you're quite possibly most infamous for your horrid temper. Your band was destined for superstardom however the lead singer from the group died in a freak accident, and your drummer's drug problems saw the demise of your band. I on the other hand am a vocalist who usually does session work, but I was part of a critically acclaimed band that I wound up leaving because of disagreements. The two of us wind up auditioning for a supergroup of sorts that is being put together and we make it in successfully. The two of us butt heads instantly because we both have inflated egos and disagree often over what direction the band should go in. There's an obvious mutual attraction there, but both parties involved are quite stubborn.

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(4.5)Love & Sparring- Both of us are highly competitive martial artists, and have known each other for years. There is a strong measure of dislike between the two of us, as we were trained together and have differing philosophies regarding our way of life. We were however our master's favorite students. You took more to the self defense & art aspect of our style. When it comes to forms, technique and knowing the body mechanics? You're the expert, whereas I excel at sparring and competition. You strive for harmony & self improvement, while I strive for improvement in besting opponents. We're reunited by the news that our master is dying, he doesn't want the school to end as it is world famous and has long been a cornerstone. So he asks the two of us to run it in the event of his death, together. This is naturally a great honor, but we're forced to move in together and try to come to some level of understanding & agreement. At the same time, the tension and unspoken attraction between the two of us starts to expose itself.