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Author Topic: Darkcide's Playhouse: M seeking F (Constant Updates, undergoing a revamp!)  (Read 44032 times)

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You Fucked Up Big, Mi Amor  I'm Not Your Girlfriend...
I'm Your Fucking Slave 
So When Is The Next Time You're In Town?

They really appeal to me a lot. I would love to roleplay with you.

Offline DarkcideTopic starter

(5)Favor for a Favor- You're an odd sort to say the least. Growing up, you always had something of an attraction towards black men. It might have been from a music video you saw or something to that effect, but it has always been there. To that end, when you can? You've dated them. For you, it is all a matter of preference. The thing that stands out about you is just that. Because other girls who might be in a similar position tend to do it due to trying to upset their parents, or they're trying to be different. For the most part, everyone is used to it by now. You've weathered the dislike from racist people on both sides of the equationm white and black. Your parents have also accepted it, and are ok with it. Their only problem in that regard isn't the color of the guys you've dated but their character. A lot of your exes have been low lives, or just haven't been that good of guys. That isn't to say you've only ever dated black men, but you've noticed the most attention and appreciation from them because you have a definite hourglass figure and curves.

Now you're in College, and it has been a different world. You left home, and this is your first time really getting out of the south to the Midwest. You get a lot of attention and notice from guys, but there is one in particular who catches your eye in one of your classes. He's a young black man who in comparison to your exes? Is quite different. He's educated, fairly well spoken, trying to move forward in his life and even though he grew up in a hard neighborhood? He didn't let that determine who he was, though he never forgets where he comes from. He even dresses differently and carries himself differently.

He's attracted to you, but very reluctant to do anything. You see, he's never been with a white woman before and he's aware that there'd be definite backlash there. Even as the two of you spend time together because you ask him to work with you since he does MMA. You're already in excellent shape, but you want to maintain it without losing your hips, butt or shape. You on the other hand are adept as a masseuse and frequently find yourself giving him massages as you offered him one once, and it was his first ever one. After? He found himself getting addicted to them. He was dating someone when you two first met, though it wasn't a happy relationship and you could tell it was almost over.

You have always been used to getting your way, so realistically? All you had to do was turn on the charm a bit more, and with a little convincing? He poured his heart out to you somewhat, and found himself looking at you completely different. Where his girlfriend didn't appreciate him or really make him feel wanted? You definitely made him feel something special, and with that you're able to steal him away. It doesn't hurt that you're also a very sexual person and have a sex drive that is as high as his and that he doesn't have to do all the work and is genuinely able to enjoy himself. Everything about you appeals to him though. You were never the type to be anyone but yourself, and even before you two got intimate? You were always someone who was easy to talk to, and who came without drama. The two of you get together, and things seem like smooth sailing on both ends. Especially as he's different from your exes and able to appreciate you fully, for more than just your body. He's able to worship every aspect of your being and still be a man about it.

The problem? His ex doesn't take kindly to having her guy stolen by you of all people, and now he's having to deal with a lot of the shit you dealt with growing up. 

Offline DarkcideTopic starter

(5)Traitor!- The two of them were stars in completely different genres of music. She was an accomplished and very popular rocker who was the main draw of a band that crossed different genres. Known for her skill, her voice as well as her good looks and outspoken nature. He was a rapper on the other hand who had made the jump from underground to mainstream success without compromising himself as an artist. Notably he was more from the school of Lupe Fiasco, Kid Cudi and Mos Def in comparison to his peers and was actually able to sing. He was also a huge fan of rock music and always had a live band play when he did shows.

She for the most part wasn't a huge fan of rap music, but he was her one guilty pleasure in that regard as she found him rather attractive and enjoyed his music. She wasn't alone in this regard, as he actually went ahead and listed her in his thank yous on his latest album. Citing her as his muse despite the two of them never having meeted. The two of them were going to get a chance to meet soon however when he was included on the bill for a large upcoming tour that her band was taking place in. Each of them were headlining on seperate days. He in particular was nervous about this as he was the only Hip-Hop act on the bill, and several of the acts on the tour? Weren't happy about a rapper taking the main stage.

Despite having few friends on the tour, she approached him and was a massive help in keeping him grounded and relaxed. The tour turned out to be a success and he silenced a lot of naysayers. To this end the two of them remained somewhat close, and he asked her to do a guest spot on his upcoming cd. This started to fuel rumors, especially when the two appeared onstage together and started to be seen more with one another.

In all actuality? They weren't together, at least not initially because she was technically with someone else. However things have a habit of changing and before either one of them really realized it? They were a couple, and right smack dab in the center of the public eye with both camp's fans quite unhappy with this turn of events.

(5)You're My Heart- He'd lived a hard life, and for all intents and purposes was what you'd consider a hard man. His father was an abusive and horribly violent man, that even as he tried not to? He seemed to take after. When he was younger, he had plotted to kill his father for how he treated his mom though his brother talked him down. He'd done time in Juvenile Centers, had gone to war, and was a violent and angry young man after returning home. At least until he met you. You were beyond gorgeous, and could light up a room by walking into it. More than that you were honest, and you always spoke your mind. Despite how nice you tended to be, you weren't a pushover or naive by any means. You were the kind of woman that someone like him needed. The two of you had actually met for the first time when you commented on his banged up appearance while you two were random strangers. After a short conversation, you took him out for a drink as a way to apologize for being so rude and actually liked what you got to see when you got to know him.

Despite his anger, he was bright and a very honest person. Although you realized he drinks a lot, and is fairly violent. He would drink to bring about his violent side more and you worked to cure him of these two habits. You were also able to help him get his mother to move away from his father, and when his father insults you and he nearly beats the man who is nowhere near his prime? You're able to convince him to leave him. Even sex with you is a new experience for him, as it had always been something dirty and just to fufill a physical need. There was no real intimacy involved, but with you? He'd make love to you. He fell absolutely head over heels in love with you, and you with him. However even if he no longer committed violent acts? You knew that it was only your presence that suppressed it, and when an ex boyfriend of yours who is involved with criminals and still quite fixated on you shows up into time? You have to worry not only about what the man could possibly do to you, but what would happen if your boyfriend got wind that you were in danger.
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(5)Get It Wet- You've always been somewhat shy despite your good looks, although you're a very sexual person on your own. The current guy you're dating isn't the first guy you've slept with, but he's the first to really nurture your more sexual side and to make you feel empowered when you do it. On the surface he is quite imposing, and he frequently intimidates people. However he's different behind closed doors when he's with you. More gentle, sweeter and he lets the tough guy image fade away when you're together. The two of you are a pretty happy couple, although as of late? He's developed a minor obsesssion of sorts. He believes that any woman if properly stimulated? Is capable of squirting, and to that end? He's hellbent on making you do it, and after a lot of effort on both your parts? He convinces you to let go, and you finally wind up doing it. Upon doing so however, you realize he's going to expect and want this more often. What sucks about that? It can take a lot out of you and it can get a bit messy, and he's focused on making you do it often...

Offline DarkcideTopic starter

(5)Lust At First Sight- She was used to getting a lot of attention from guys. It was understandable. A pretty face, a curvy hourglass figure that defies belief, and a whole lot of confidence? Every guy on campus had fallen for her, yet she intimidated the hell out of them. She didn't tolerate fools kindly and could be fairly ill tempered. If someone didn't come to her in a respectful manner? She'd pretty much humiliate the living hell out of her. Yet she wasn't some terrible bitch who got off on hurting feelings or anything of the sort. In the past? She'd been done wrong by exes. and now she was hesitant with most guys. Overly nice ones had a habit of pissing her off also though, she wanted that classical sort of guy who was a man but wasn't a dick. Knowing what you want doesn't mean one will get it though, and she wasn't willing to settle. Not anymore.

He noticed her in class on the first day and was instantly drawn to her. She was that attractive, plus there was something about her that drew him in. Turns out the two of them live in the same apartment building and are actually next door neighbors encountering each other in the gym. She'll make sweet talk with him, but has seen his type one too many times to go further. At least that was until one night she heard music coming from his apartment, and realized they had very similar taste. This encourages her to reluctantly talk to him more, as she hardly knew anyone who shared her taste. It turns out that the two of them share a lot of things in common, and have similar interests.

One night her roommate invited a guy over, and she didn't feel like having to be there for that or being in the way so she hesitantly knocked on his door despite it being rather late. He was however awake and let her hang out over at his place. Hanging out, eventually turned into spending the night and we all know where things go from there. It isn't long until they're an item, although he finds himself pleasantly surprised with how sexual of a person she is? He never expected someone to really be able to use intimacy as a means of control, since outside? He intimidates most people and he's used to being an alpha male. When they're alone though? She knows just how to make him hers, and it is definitely a new experience for him.

(5)There Is No Turning Back- You're a young woman who has dedicated her life to vengeance. At a young age? Your parents were killed in front of you, however what you didn't discover until later is that your mother? Was an assassin before you were born, and though she tried to leave the life behind? Her life caught up with her. You are raised by an aunt and uncle, and your life insurance money? You put it towards training in the Martial Arts and training and the such. Memorizing the face of your mother's killer, and working towards eventually being able to take them down. You learned to really love the martial arts, and excelled at them. Having very few friends, outside of one guy friend who you've always had feelings for. You committed yourself to your quest though, giving it more importance than you gave to boys. However there is one guy who you've managed to remember, he was the only person to ever beat you in one of your martial arts tournaments.

As a young woman you're following bread crumbs, and upon coming across a real lead? You find you're in over your head, and are very nearly killed if not for a timely rescue. Upon waking up? You're greeted by your hero, he's the kid who had beat you in the tournament years ago. Now it makes sense why. Although you've both trained in the martial arts and fighting techniques, his schooling has been on the killing arts and it turns out he's been watching you for awhile now. Curious ever since the tournament since you'd been more of a challenge than anyone else at that time, you'd been something of a hobby of his. It turns out for good reason. The people he's working for? Were associates of your mother who want to help you in your quest. They believe that you need more training and have tasked him to expand on your training and to turn you into a killer.

He's different though. He is an absolutely ruthless killer, whom shows his targets no mercy. Although he isn't a sicko who outright enjoys murder. He's somewhat spiritual in an odd way and isn't what you'd expect from a hired killer. He begins training you, and his tutelage? Is easily the cruelest you've endured, all the while he frequently asks if this is the route you want to go down? If you want blood on your hands and to lose your innocence? Every single time you insist it is, and slowly but surely you start to get it. Even if the two of you fall for one another in a manner that could threaten everything.
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(5)Sex With Men, Relationships With Women- Hostile, doesn't begin to describe you. Everyone has baggage, not like what you have though. As a result, you do not process your emotions much. You were a surviving victim from a childhood prostitution ring, and you're understandably quite bitter. Now as a young woman you have alt fashion sensibilities, and you under no circumstances get into relationships with men. You may sleep with a lucky few, but you'll discard them and you only really get into relationships with women. Although you notice a lot of them can be a bit clingy or ask too many questions. When pressed? You can be very violent and you have a history of violence. All of this serves to hide the very real emotions and vulnerabilities that you do have.

A new guy eventually enters your life though and makes an impression for better or worse. You meet him at a club where he's with a young woman, and you are instantly attracted to him although you only plan on having sex with him. Boldly flirting with him in front of her, he elects to get to know you and you take him back to your place later that night where the two of you have your ways with one another. To your dismay, he's still in your bed come morning and finds himself beyond confused when you essentially kick him out. However this same guy manages to come to your aid later that week when you pull the same trick with another couple, only this time you intended to talk to the girl and neither her or her boyfriend were really having it. You're surprised when he comes to your rescue despite how you treated him, and you go with him to his place although not to sleep with this time. Instead patching him up, as he got cut a few times in the brawl. He's something of a curiosity to you, since he isn't clingy but also isn't a jackass like the other guys you've known. He's nice in certain ways, but you'd never consider someone like him a nice guy.

You eventually discover he's a P.I, and is investigating these sex rings which definitely catches your eye since he actually has some really good information and could potentially do a lot of damage to them. This gives you a reason to keep around, and you start to discover more about him and he about you in the process as the two of you grow closer and your bring your own skills to the table.

(5)Were You Anyone Else? I'd Kill You- You're the daughter of the leader of a massive criminal empire. You always get what you want, and just like your father? You're absolutely ruthless. Your father has sired several children, but you are his sole heir. Proving the most capable and resourceful of his children. He's seen to it that you've been trained by the best people his organization has to offer, and entrusts several vital tasks to you. His dream for you is to eventually find a man worthy, and to have children with him that will essentially inherit the planet. You're iffy about this plan as you've yet to meet a man who can really impress you.

You do eventually meet this man however, and he is at complete odds with your father. It is hard to say what he is exactly, but he's travelled the world most of his life. Studying under assassins, chemistry experts, and different armed forces operatives. It isn't clear who or what he is aligned with, but he's disrupted several of your father's operations and your father believes it to be a group. Sending you to deal with it, you're surprised to find it is one man and you manage to get the best of him because you surprised him being a woman. Instead of killing him, you bring him in to your father and insist that he could be a benefit to the organization. Your father and you get to know him and figure out just how formidable he is, and how the most dangerous thing about him is his mind.

He learns about you two as well, and the relationship between the two of you is somewhat hostile. He expresses open sexual attraction to you which is something you're not used to. You're aware of your beauty, but anyone else who does? Would never openly express it to you for fear of death. Your father has the two of you work together frequently, and you find yourself getting drawn to him after the two of you are imprisoned and he manages to free the two of you. You give into his desires, and the two of you sleep together although you insist that it was a one off thing and merely to get it out of your system. He frequently pushes your buttons and goads you, realizing the easiest way into your pants is to get you angry with him. Although you absolutely don't want your father to find out about the two of you, you slowly start to develop real feelings for him though you're not sure what he wants which can is problematic.
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(5)I Hate Groupie Men- You're an actress, a singer, and a fashion icon who has had a very successful career. Still quite young, you've topped out many year end sexy lists and it seems like everything is going right for you. However one thing that stands out in interviews and definitely to you is that you're single, and in all actuality quite lonesome. You want nothing to do with famous guys as they have egos, and you figure that being famous? Doesn't make you better than anyone else, it just means you're in the public eye. To that end you work a lot, and when you can? You try to talk to regular guys, although they annoy you because the way they act around you. Like they can't believe they're talking to a celebrity, and in that sense they try to use you either to become famous or to meet other famous people.  You've become quite adept at spotting the bullshitters. You just want that experience of getting to date, since you don't even get to go on dates anymore. You're seen as a sex symbol, which is funny because you definitely enjoy it but only with someone who is special to you because you're a relationship kind of woman.

It seems fate was paying attention however as you wind up meeting a regular guy. You've always been interested in exercise, and you hear that martial arts are one of the best ways to get it. So on a whim you go to a martial arts school later in the evening, wanting to talk to the person who runs it to see if you can enroll. It turns out to be a guy who is pretty close in age to you and he's fairly easy on the eyes. He talks differently to you in comparison with other guys and aside from obviously finding you attractive? He doesn't know who you are until his young daughter walks into the room and goes ballistic upon seeing you as you're something of a role model for her. It turns out he's a single father, and upon finding out you're famous? He still behaves the same and enrolls you into the school.

Before his daughter was born, he travelled the world. Going to tournaments and winning them. His ex is the daughter of one of his instructors who left because she felt like he was holding her back from what she wanted to do with her life, and that a daughter would do that also. The two of you get to know each other, and inevitably start dating. You even grow close to his daughter which is a new experience for you, being a maternal figure. The two of you make for a pretty decent couple, although he finds himself somewhat dismayed by the constant attention from people and the media. Just dating you? Drastically changes his and his daughter's life.

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(5)You Know The Routine- You work as a prostitute. Mind you, you're not a drugged out back alley whore. Fairly high end, and definitely clean and attractive. You work out of Strip Clubs usually. Nobody can really know why you do it besides you, however it isn't an easy life. Especially due to a certain Detective who won't let up on you for a second. He comes around to see you often, and the sucky part is there is nothing that can really be done about it. He's corrupt as all hell, but he's still a cop and your line of work? Is very much illegal, which he has no problem reminding you of. That is why he's able to get what he wants from you when he wants it, the fear that if you say no? He'll bust you.

Even aside from that, him coming around never leads to anything good. The guy is attractive, but he doesn't pay for it and at the most? He'll throw a few dollars your way as a tip which is more of an insult than anything. He keeps you from getting other business while you're occupied with him, he is quite large which can be problematic, has an amazing amount of stamina which forces you to be occupied with him longer and refuses to use condoms with you despite it being known that you force clients to use them. Somedays he might just want you to provide oral, other days he'll want what he feels is a quickie, and on the worst ones? He'll want more. It isn't enough that he gets what he wants from you, he'll force you to sell the illusion that you're enjoying yourself and will frequently force you to accompany him to functions and the like before he spends the night having his way with you. It has become something of a routine, although it is one you're not a fan of.

(5)Knock Her Bottom Out- A lot of guys think women don't like sex as much as they do which is a lie. You can attest to that, although that isn't to say you're a nympho or anything. You just have a very healthy appetite sexually. You're in school, but you dance to put yourself through school and even if it is far from an ideal career? It pays the bills. To your credit, you don't have sex with customers or anything of that sort. However you're at a point where you're starting to consider it because you're not happy with your current boyfriend. Even if he was doing everything right, which he's not. There'd still be the elephant in the room in regards to him being very small and you not getting any satisfaction with him sexually at all, especially with you being as curvy as you are. However you manage to meet a new guy at your job, and there is just something about him that you find to be an immense turn on. He's very confident, cocky even and has that aura of danger to him. While you're dancing for him, he asks you out on a date in the near future and despite having a boyfriend? You agree to it.

The two of you go out and have yourselves a nice time, and when you go back home with him? You're shocked to discover that the guy is very large. Although it is a bit of an adjustment at first, you discover yourself to be a bit of a size queen and wind up breaking things off with your boyfriend to date him instead. He's exciting and fun to be with, the sex is absolutely amazing and what chiefly drives you to fall for him rather quickly. However he is quite dominant, and figures out quite early on that he can control you somewhat through sex as you're not used to having someone who can get you off. The bad thing about a guy like that is he's far from a good guy, and is going to do what he wants regardless of dating someone.

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(5)I Forgot To Mention- He couldn't believe his luck. She was impossibly gorgeous, like to a point where she could make an attractive guy feel ugly in comparison. He never saw girls that looked like her walking up and down the street, and if you saw them at all? They were usually dating extremely rich guys just off the basis of their looks. So imagine his surprise when this 10 out of 10 shows up at the Open Mic night he is performing at and then comes up to him afterwards gushing about how much she enjoyed his performance. The fact that she even grabbed a coffee with him following that was just amazing. Everything seemed perfect about her. She was smart, she was funny, she was into the arts and said all of the right things. He felt a real connection to her, although he couldn't let her get close. Hell he couldn't let anyone get close. Someone like him? They deserved the isolation, and didn't deserve to be happy.

She was gorgeous, and aware of it. To the point where she intimidated guys, and yet? It didn't matter. Guys only ever saw her for that, and when they found out what she did for a living? It changed everything. She was an adult model, though there was a very clear distinction between that and doing porn. She under no circumstances would have sex with people for money. She took tasteful photos, and did some fetish photo shoots. Even if it was nude, art was what mattered the most and she actually like what she did. She didn't get forced into this line of work, and she had many devoted fans. She just wanted to be taken serious despite her line of work and it was hard. She got lonely quite often and it developed to the point where she needed emotional closeness to someone before she'd sleep with them. So imagine her surprise one night at Open Mic when a guy went up on the stage and absolutely blew her mind. Talking to him afterwards made the little crush she developed feel that much stronger. She deserved happiness, and this guy? Seemed to have everything that could make her happy even if she wouldn't tell him what she did right away.

The two of them grew closer over time and got into a relationship, reaching a level of comfort to where they got intimate which only made things worse. Both of them were generous lovers and impossibly compatible with one another. However he eventually wound up discovering what she did for a living and confronted her about it. Needless to say, this made things rocky. Although if that wasn't enough? The past he had worked so hard to escape from began to resurface.

(5)Anything but that...- You're an attractive young woman who is in a relationship with a guy who she absolutely goes wild for. He's pretty much everything you've wanted in a guy and he's really helped to break you out of your shell. When the two of you got together? You were definitely what would be considered a good girl. After getting with him? Not so much. If you were a type? Your type would be called adorable, and despite your enjoyment of sex with him? You tend to get really embarrassed though you enjoy it when he calls you sexy or urges you to act in a more sexually aggressive manner. Things have been going along nicely, although you are definitely uncomfortable with his interest in anal. This is definitely something you're worried about as he's not exactly the smallest guy in the world. He tries to urge you to experiment, and him playing with your backside? It becomes more common even if you float between enjoyment of him playing with your ass or discomfort. You come to realize that his desire for your butt is something that you can use to tease him, although as his birthday gets nearer? You start to realize more and more that he might not accept a no for his desired birthday present.
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(5)Unbelievable- It is senior year, and you're one of the most attractive girls in the school. You have a killer body to boot, however there is the small little issue of you scaring the hell out of almost everyone in the school. You're very non-conformist, and you have an interest in the macabre. You can be downright hostile, and you hate a good deal of your classmates. Possessing a very sharp tongue, you've cut a great deal of your classmates down to size and now a bunch of the more popular kids? Share a mutual hatred with you. Even though they call you a freak and the like, a bunch of guys still want to get into your pants all the same. Though none of them are aware of the fact that you're still a virgin.

A new guy transferred to the school part of the way through the semester, and became fairly popular just off the fact that he is a successful athlete. He's not dim like the rest of his teammates however and your chief nemesis who is head of the cheerleader plants an idea into her boyfriend's head. This new guy will attempt to seduce you, and see if he can fuck the evil bitch out of you. It is presented to him as a gentlemen's bet of sorts, and although he's initially wary about the idea? He changes his tune upon seeing you for the first time and makes the bet that he can nail you before the year is over. Having never met you, he's in for a rude awakening upon meeting you for the first time and is thrown for a loop. However that doesn't scare him off like it would any other guy, and despite being popular? He seems somewhat genuine and over time? The two of you start to spend more time together and you find yourself growing closer to him, and allowing yourself to be more vulnerable.

Him on the other hand? He finds himself genuinely becoming changed through his time with you. Recognizing the popular kids as being more of the morons that they are, and even realizing a few things about himself. He starts to care less about impressing people and actually falls for you, which sucks because the impending bet hanging over his head. Were you to find out about it? There's no telling what could happen and he is surprised because he'd never known anyone like you. You're extremely affectionate when you're with someone and you seek his approval and get quite jealous over him. More than his fear of what would happen if you discovered the truth? The biggest thing he feels is guilt, because in your own way? You're perfect, and you don't need to change.

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(5)This Fall- A new television show is being casted, and the studio projects that it is going to be an absolutely huge smash hit. A young adult based show that is dramatic but has elements of comedy. Basically they want this to be The Dawson's Creek, The OC and so forth for this decade. A defining teenage show that will earn them tons of ratings and really make a career for the young actors that they cast. To that end they've looked long and hard and the audition process? Has been absolute murder, with tens of thousands of hopefuls auditioning for a chance to get on this show.

You're a young woman who has worked in show business since she was around 10 or so. Having a Broadway credit under your belt as well as a role on a fairly popular Nickelodeon show a few years prior. You're already a star, but this show? Will be your chance to reinvent your image as an adult actress and to really go to the top to get the sort of roles you've always dreamt about. Another of the primary cast they enlist isn't really actor, although he definitely has talent and wowed everyone at the performances. He's actually a musician who practices martial arts, and somehow just really seemed to be perfect for one the roles that was written. Both of your characters on the show are supposed to be involved in a very heated love-hate relationship that is one of the most significant arcs on the show. So it is suggested that the two of you spend a lot of time together to build better chemistry and comfort with one another.

Both of you are quite different from your characters in real life. On the show he is supposed to be a violent antisocial tough guy, and while he can handle himself in real life? He's far more outgoing and flirty than his character is, and is a genuinely fun guy. Your character is supposed to be something of a snooty and very evil rich girl. Yet in real life you're fairly sarcastic and can be mischievous, but you're actually quite nice. You're actually somewhat weird in a way that isn't a turn off, and actually quite fond of his music. The two of you wind up hitting it off and become very, very, very close friends. The show is a hit, and as the two of you spend a lot of time together? Everyone who watches the show assumes that you two are dating, with the cast even being unsure despite the insistence from the two of you that it is platonic. While the two of you are friends, there is a certain degree of intimacy between you guys as well as a mutual attraction that is dangerously close to turning into more.

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(5)A Torrid Affair- You're the most popular girl on campus, easily. Your looks, body, intelligence and charismatic personality either make people hate you or absolutely adore you. You're practically treated like royalty by your peers and you love it. When provoked, you can be an absolute bitch and tear people down to size without any effort on your part. You're dating a guy who is seen as perfect by everyone who isn't in the know, but you're doing it more because it is expected of you than anything else. The guy is boring, doesn't have a personality, and you won't sleep with him after the tragedy that was your one time together in which he was absolutely terrible. To find excitement, you've gone elsewhere.

The guy you're currently seeing on the side is the total opposite of your boyfriend. Something of an outsider, who is non-conformist and somewhat eccentric. He disdains popular people and tends to not care what people think about him. He doesn't come from money like you and your friends and it reflects in where he hangs out as well as the people that he associates with. Despite this, he's genuinely exciting and by far the most adept lover you've ever had. The two of you are intimate with one another although it is kept a secret from everyone. Even though you tell yourself it is strictly about the sex and the excitement between the two of you? You actually have very real feelings with him, and get quite jealous as he does see other girls. You're aware he doesn't fit in your world and you don't fit in his but that doesn't change how you feel and when he's with another girl or flirting or anything? He can expect to hear it from you later, especially as you start finding excuses to spend more time with him and he finds himself genuinely confused because one minute you're gushing and extremely affectionate and the next you're berating him or reverting to you mean girl personality as a means to keep up your defenses so to speak.

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(5)You Should Leave- You're a young single mother, one who previously worked as a high end call girl during an ugly time in her life. You were quite popular because of your mixed heritage which gave you an exotic look. At the time? You were also using. However that changed one night, when he came into your life. He had money, he was attractive and dangerous. You knew that he was an assassin, but the money was enough for you to take a good amount of time off. After the two of you had your weekend together? He disappeared from your life, but he left you with something. You wound up pregnant as a result of the time you spent with him. For the sake of your little girl, you got clean and quit your job as a call girl. Now? You live in a horrid neighborhood, and work a less than spectacular job. But your little girl is the center of your world, and she is a highly intelligent 4 year old.

You have a few strong friendships in the area, despite the rampant crime that controls the area. He winds up showing back into your life, after getting a tip that you had his child. Upon seeing him at your door? You are obviously less than pleased, when he sees your daughter? He knows instantly that she is his. He's lived a somewhat sad life up to this point. He moves from place to place, doesn't develop relationships and will admit that in the last ten years or so? He hasn't had sex without paying for it, feeling that if he wants something done? He'll pay a professional to do it, and to avoid complications. He tries to offer you a lot of money to get out of the area, but you're too proud to do it and dislike him enough to turn away from it. Not to mention you know that he killed to get that money. However he resolves to stay in the area, and to clean it up for the sake of you and your daughter. His idea of cleaning up, means to leave scores of bodies. As he tries to make amends with you and to be something of a father to the little girl.

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(5)Poe Man's Dreams- He'd never really had money, so he was used to going without. For most of his life? He'd always had an interest in music and he was very talented but he never could have pictured himself reaching the level that he reached. It all happened so quickly and there was no way he could have been ready for it. More than the fame, more than the fans or the money, if there was anything that he was blown away with in his new life? It was her.

She was the same age as him, but it just felt like she was on a different level. She'd gotten famous relatively young, and had an extremely successful music career ever since. He'd had a crush on her for a number of years now, even if he didn't listen to her music because it was too pop for his tastes. He could appreciate her beauty, and when she did interviews? He was able to see that she was quite smart. A girl like that though was one of a kind and she'd date other famous people so she just remained his celebrity crush.

Upon getting famous though, everything changed and now people were noticing him and the thing that threw him for a loop? When she managed to mention him in an interview as one of her favorite artists currently and even threw in a little comment regarding an attraction towards him. That? Was when he knew he made it, and that was when he knew that he had to do whatever it took to have her as well. A woman like her deserved the best, and at the very least? He could treat her like the queen he felt that she was. All it would take was an invite for her to do a feature on a song with him.

(5)Make It Hot- Reality TV, the only form of television where even if it is terrible? People will still tune in faithfully and profess their love for the show in question. For a network's latest project they want to do things a little differently. They're used to getting the stupid and most ignorant people they can for their shows. Now however they wanted to cast artsy type people. All of the young adults who are casted on this show where they'll be living together? Are heavily involved in the arts. Whether they're musicians, performing arts majors, or comedians or whatever, the point is that they're all going to be living together. They're going to be studying together and at the end of the season? They're expected to turn out a performance of some kind for a very large audience and to make sure that it is the best that it can possibly be.

Of course since this is reality tv, they still want drama and they want people with personality. Two of the people in particular are ones that they really hope to be able to get some good footage from. The guy? He's the only black guy on the show, but is very noteworthy in the Detroit area for both his music as well as his stand up comedy routines. He has something of a temper on him, and is very very outspoken but they feel that he'll be able to provide good drama. She was an actress and a glamour model who despite her beautiful looks? Was far from the flighty air head you'd think she was at first glance. She happens to have just as much a temper as the aforementioned young man does, if not more. Were these two to hook up on the show? Ratings would skyrocket.

(5)Get Her Some Ice- For two young aspiring adult entertainers? This was it, this was the chance of a lifetime for them. A notable website was planning on having an innovative new website, where for an extended period of time? They'd move two young adult film actors into an apartment together and prompt them for shoots but would otherwise see what'd develop as their lives together are filmed and new daily updates are added to the website. The concept alone ensured a good amount of attention, however the key to it would be the actors that they chose. They'd need to be capable of supporting long term interest and would need to be worth watching.

The porn industry uniquely found her. She was living a somewhat unremarkable life and was a very sexual person in her personal life. With a gorgeous face, nice natural breasts, and a round ass with a flat stomach? She had a look that they were just looking for, standing out in contrast to all of the silicone barbies that usually worked. She started out with modeling, which transitioned to nude modeling, to doing adult films. She had an energetic nature to her that people just found endearing and while she could be totally nasty when it was called for? She was very sarcastic and had a notable sense of humor. While he got into the business through a chance meeting at one of the sex parties he usually frequented and was noted as an aggressive yet passionate performer.

For her, it'd be her first time ever doing interracial and they figured he'd go nuts over her because of her build and her large backside. However the two of them shared some personality traits and even though there was an attraction? Initially they didn't get on too well with each other even though they knew they'd spend the next few months pretty much fucking each other's brains out. Despite this being a job, she still wanted to be seduced all the same and wanted to feel passion and not just like this was work. He wasn't used to that with the girls he worked with, so naturally? There'd be problems there, at least at the beginning.

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(5)He Loves Me, I Know He Does- She seemingly had it all. She was beautiful in a way that straddled the line between sexy and innocent, she had an amazing body with an ass that everyone commented on to her dismay, and she was going to an excellent school where she was studying in her dream field. Not to mention that aside from all the guys wanting her? All of the girls were jealous of her because of her boyfriend. The two of them lived together, and he was helping to put her through school. Having already graduated, he had a fairly decent job and was supporting the two of them. However everything wasn't perfect in paradise. She knew that her boyfriend loved her in his own odd and eccentric way.

Yet he also made very unique demands of her. He'd never hit her or anything like that, but she was still scared of upsetting him because of the dominant personality he had. In regards to their intimacy? It wasn't that he liked to hurt her per se, but he seemed to get off on her discomfort or even degrading her during sex. He wasn't the smallest guy in the world, and despite the length of time that they had been together? He was still quite a bit for her to handle and it was always something of a struggle to even as she's gotten somewhat used to him. Initially she knew that sex with him wasn't something she enjoyed but she wanted to make him happy, but after she had her first orgasm and realized that she actually enjoyed his treatment in a sick way? That was when things got blurred as her mind and body would always be in conflict with each other ever since.

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(5)Am I Alive- The two of them went to Highschool together, and during that period of time? They were loosely friends and ran around in the same social circles. However they never knew how much pain the other was in, and if they had? It likely would have brought them closer together. You see she had a facade that she put on, and it was mostly so that nobody would ever really know what she was going through. She always seemed happy, and perky and would giggle over everything. Nobody ever took her seriously and that was the way she wanted. Back when she was around 12 or so, an older guy took an interest in her and took her virginity. Initially she felt special, as if he loved her but she quickly started to see him for what he was and the bastard wouldn't let her go. Drilling it it into her head that she was worthless and he became more violent and cruel with her. She'd self hurt to get some measure of control back in her life, and her own family didn't believe her. He'd eventually get locked up, and following that? She figured that all guys wanted was sex and to that end would disconnect entirely when she was with one and just looked at it as a meaningless act. She didn't care for them and they didn't care for her. In Highschool? She had only a mild crush in her loose friend, but never dreamt of approaching him.

He had problems of his own, and his home life? Was hell. He'd grown up being beaten by his step father, and as he was the oldest? He had to be something of a guiding force for his younger sister. Frequently taking beatings for her and stopping other kids from bullying them. His mother would drink and pretend like everything was perfect even though she was being beaten. It all came to a head with his step father getting drunk one day and flying off the handle, he'd actually choked his own daughter to death and in a rage? The boy stabbed his step father to death. He managed to get off, but the event traumatized him deeply and he became far darker and acted more coldly towards people. His own mother abandoned him after, and he was put in a group home where he was adopted by a halfway decent family although he was withdrawn from them even. In Highschool he was seen as mean spirited, an outsider despite being attractive and somewhat popular, and he generally didn't let people get close although he was notably at least somewhat tolerant of you. Nobody knew what he was going through, and nobody knew of the suicide attempts.

Now in college? You went to a different school from all of your friends, wanting to leave your old life behind. It isn't uncommon for you to sleep with guys at parties and think nothing of it and to blank out entirely during it. However you're surprised to see him of all people at one such party. Of all the people you went to school with? He is the only one to go to this college as well, it seems like he had the same idea of wanting to start over. He's notably less outright rude, though still a very stoic person with a quiet rage to him. Seeing him gets to you somewhat and when a guy takes you to a room? Before you two are able to get to it, you find yourself deciding this isn't for you and try to back out although the guy won't take no for an answer and begins to get more forceful. The guy from the past manages to save you from the rape attempt and beats the guy half to death before you leave ashamedly. Dominating your thoughts after, the two of you start to get somewhat closer especially as you find out you're going to the same on campus therapist and yet? Both of you know you're also hiding something, especially as your friendship becomes more romantic and for once? You find yourself unable to go to your usual place you go to which becomes highly problematic.

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(5)One Hell Of A Vacation- You're a wealthy and gorgeous young woman who suffers from boredom, you desperately want to explore new venues for excitement and you're quite open minded. So what do you do? Different things like skydiving, or surfing. However none of them really truly satisfy you. That is when you hear about an interesting "camp" of sorts. There is a new enterprise of sorts that caters to the wealthy, you're able to spend a week with one of their specialists. In this week? The objective of the specialist is to dominate you completely in every sense of the word, and nothing is off limits to them. You'll live with them, serve them completely and have an experience that is out of this world. Intrigued but somewhat apprehensive? You decide to give this a try, and upon entering their headquarters and being shown the specialists that they have working for them? One in particular catches your eyes, and you absolutely decide that you want to give this a go. Though you couldn't have any idea what you're getting yourself in for or just how deep this man's desires might run.

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I am very interested in Were You Anyone Else? I'd Kill You If it is still up for grabs. Looking at getting into roleplaying some more and would love to work on this with you. ^_^

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(5)Life Or Death- The two of them worked as black-ops agents. They came from different backgrounds and had differing philosophies in regards to their work. It wasn't an easy job however, they were forced to do unspeakable things in the interest of national security and frequently put their lives on the line. When the two were paired together, and told they'd be operating as part of a new covert unit? They were less than thrilled. The thing about spending so much time in close proximity with one another, and having to rely on each other and being forced to trust one another? Is that in the course of doing all of this, sometimes a little relief can go a long way and if there's enough of that and life and death circumstances? Other sorts of things can develop.

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(5)Rules Were Made To Be Broken- This vacation was all about clearing her head and having a good time, she'd been through so much and just wanted to get away from it all. It was planned out, her and her friends would be staying at a very notable hotel. Whatever happened out there? It'd stay out there, which pretty much gave them license to do whatever they wanted. Getting a guy's attention? Wasn't hard for her. She was gorgeous, she was in excellent shape and she had a very prominent and large ass that guys couldn't get enough of. She was tired of always being seen as the good girl, and this trip? Would be the way to escape that stigma.

She wound up meeting a guy in one of the 24 hour pool areas late one night, the place wasn't overly crowded and the hot tub seemed absolutely perfect. He was definitely what she was looking for, plus she'd never been in an interracial intimate setting so this was just exciting. He didn't mince words, and the two of them seemed to hit it off. She was used to getting attention paid to her ass, but this was different and quite a turn on coming from him. It turned out that he was out there for an internship and would be staying at the hotel for awhile just as she was. So it didn't take much convincing for her to go back to his room with him, where the two proceeded to have themselves one hell of a night and she discovered that she was actually something of a size queen. The two agree to see each other frequently, but they won't call it dating since if they wanted to? They're free to see other people, and neither one is looking for a relationship right? All the same, the guy is every bit of naughty entertainment that she could have ever wanted and a very dominant one at that. All of her rules she ever made in regards to guys were broken with him, and it was clear that he wanted everything and wouldn't let anything remain off limits to him.

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(5)I'm Not A Princess- You're a young woman who has spent most of her life as an actress. You were a child actor, and have come a long way to the place where you are currently. Considered one of the sexiest women in the world, and getting more high profile roles. You seemingly have it all, but the life can be hard at times for you. You don't want to date another famous person as most of them seem to be self obsessed, and you do your best to keep your private life private and have had to deal with stalkers in your time. Despite appearing a certain way, you have interests that stand out in stark contrast to your looks. You're into video games, you like to watch fights on television and you're a self described nerd to a degree. You hate clubbing, you hate parties and you would just like something simple and to meet someone real.

After a very notable encounter with a stalker who breaks into your home with a teddy bear and a weapon, your management decides that you need to learn how to defend yourself and they want to hire you a new bodyguard. The guy they hire is a former Marine who is currently working as a bodyguard and is highly trained and even did Spec Ops. He teaches you how to shoot, how to disable attackers and very efficient ways to defend yourself. You all the while find yourself developing more and more of a crush on him, especially after it turns out he isn't impressed by you being as famous as you are. When he accompanies you on a trip you're taking, you come to his room in the middle of the night under the guise of being "afraid" of the storm outside which he sees through, but is pleasantly surprised.

(5)There's A Limit To How Cool I Can Be- You have a complicated relationship with your male best friend, it turns out that you're in love with him and he's in love with you but you two are too stupid to really tell the other how you feel. To that end, you operate on different sides of the social circle in High School. You are quite popular, although seen as something of a good girl and a lot of the jocks are interested in you. While he's unpopular, gets pushed around and keeps to himself. This all changes when his mother is killed Freshmen year and he disappears until right before senior year starts. When he returns? He's not the same person you knew. He is much larger, more aggressive, and more solitary in comparison to what he once was. Around this time there's a costumed superhero going around and beating criminals to a bloody pulp. You're currently dating the Captain of the Football team halfheartedly but you grow disappointed in your friend's new behavior. He's colder, he's distant and when your boyfriend steps to him? He breaks his collarbone.

It turns out that your best friend is the costumed superhero, and him being distant is an attempt to protect people so they don't get close to him and so he can keep them safe. When you find this out, you realize he's still the same boy you had fallen in love with and the two of you are able to finally admit your feelings for one another. You begin a relationship, and initially things are awesome. You become one of the few people who knows his identity and you're able to cover for him. He takes you swinging through the city. And you know he is out there doing good. However he comes home banged up several nights, he also associates with very buxom women in costumes whether they're villains or they're teaming up which can make you jealous and then you unwittingly get pulled into his night life. That is when you begin to realize just what kind of life he's leading, and how much of a fight it is going to be to deal with it.

(5)A Bargain Is Struck- It is hard to know what you are exactly. A powerful demoness, a dark fallen god? Nobody really knows but you, but you're the mistress of a dark domain that is full of all sorts of nightmare creatures. You're quite powerful and you're also alone and bored. You delight in corrupting other beings and in bringing out their darkest desires, so when a fallen warrior god enters your domain after fighting in an apocalyptic war? You find a new pasttime and an opportunity to get that which you've always wanted. The beings in your dimension cannot give you a child, they're not alive but him? He isn't dead, he's an immortal and him arriving there is unprecedented. He is a violent god who lives for battle, but he also has honor and conviction which are two things you absolutely love to corrupt. You know he wants to be returned to life, and to escape from your domain so you decide to propose to him an idea. You'll return him to his dimension, if he gives you the child you've always craved. Naturally he isn't keen on this deal, even as you reveal just how attractive you really are but that untimely means nothing. He can't leave this place unless you allow it, and manipulation? Is your game.

(5)Bored Now- In a world full of superpowered people, you're somewhat unique. You are violent, arrogant and a genuine goddess who spent thousands of years asleep. You've woken to a world you don't find yourself liking all that much. You also happen to be one of the most powerful ones even as you live amongst the inferior humans and learn. In the time you've spent asleep, you have desires that you wish to see sated and mostly you want to alleviate the boredom which means finding one who'd be worthy of you and as powerful as you. You're able to find this individual in another one of the heroes. His powers are quite similar to yours but he doesn't know why. You realize that he is one of your kind quite quickly, and upon attacking him as a test? You're delighted to find that he is able to match you completely. He isn't aware that this is a courting ritual in your culture, and when you present it as such to him? Despite him finding you beautiful? He's quite reluctant as he's seeing a human. You aren't willing to let this go, and decide to be a hero for the time being as it'd appease him even as you continue trying to seduce him and his resolve weakens over time. He only really knows to handle you with kid gloves because when angered? You are quite destructive.

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(5)My Homegrown Slut- If there anything your boyfriend has excelled at? It has been training you essentially. You two come from totally different backgrounds, but he managed to get hold of you early. When the two of you met? You were in your freshmen year in college, and you being a white woman with a very, very prominent backside? Immediately caught his eye and it wasn't hard for him to charm you. You were really inexperienced when it came to guys, and he was exciting and dangerous. He was the one to take your virginity, and you're head over heels for him. Hell, he has you to the point where you need him and you strive to make him happy. You know he loves you in his own way, but that doesn't stop him from going out and chasing skirts elsewhere every now and then because he knows that no matter how upset you get with him? You won't leave him. As mad as you get, he can push your buttons and eventually you'll forgive him.

What is worse is that he won't handle you with kid gloves and he uses his cheating as a method of control. Reminding you that if you want to keep him all to yourself? You'll need to go that extra mile. It is how he convinced you to allow him to have sex with you roughly. Most couples you know might make love or be tender with one another, but when you two are intimate? He pounds you like you're a cheap prostitute. It is how he convinced you to routinely practice kegel to make sure you remain as tight for him as you were when he deflowered you. It is even how he convinced you into doing anal, since he notably pays a lot of attention to your ass. You two have been together for awhile and this cycle has continued to your displeasure. You love him, and have reached a point where you enjoy the rough treatment on a primal level but at the same time you realize something needs to change. You couldn't bring yourself to cheating, but you need to gain some measure of control and you need to convince him that you won't tolerate the cheating anymore. That means going from the shy young woman you are to someone more aggressive and someone as violent as he is.