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Author Topic: CriminalMinds' Request Thread  (Read 686 times)

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CriminalMinds' Request Thread
« on: May 14, 2012, 06:45:52 AM »
So, after a long break from the forums, I've decided to get back into some RP's. Please do not post in the thread, shoot me a PM with the ones you are interested in. I'm willing to double up if you like more than one idea. :)

A few things I won't do - scat, mutilation, castration, peeing, gore. Other than that I'm pretty much open for anything else :)

My Best Friend's Younger Sister

She's just the best friends little sister. But she's hot. Adam, the brother, is protective and his number one rule is that nobody ever touches his sister. Ever. No one is allowed to date his sister and if they show any interest, he quickly scares them off. Their parents let them hold an annual beach party at their cabin each year. Thinking their children are angels, they don't know that alcohol is involved. They both have their friends down and it's a wild party full of hook-ups, sex and drinking. All except for the sister.

But rules are made for breaking. And this summer they will be broken.

It's more attractive having something forbidden, and at the start of the night that is what she is to the brother's best friend. Something he wants that he can't have. She's hot, a virgin, and forbidden. So what better challenge then to try and take it. So he does. He spends the best part of the evening making sure the brother is occupied by girls while he pursues the sister. And what starts out as just one night of fun, soon he wants to be more.

Sleeping With The Bodyguard

She's the First Daughter to the United States' President and needs all the protection she can get - especially as she's been sent death notes and is threatened. He's been her bodyguard for the last few years and they've been great friends. Neither has mentioned the crush each other has on the other. But when they are in lockdown at a secret location - just the two of them. It's hard to resist each other.

Bringing My Sister Out Of Her Shell
Semi N/C

This is what your sister could look like if she'd just loosen up a little. At the moment, she looks like a geek. She has glasses, covers up her whole body and is a complete geek through and through. She prefers to stay inside and read books instead of going out partying like normal people. Her brother is the total opposite. He loves a good party. He's the most popular guy around but everyone always chooses to make a joke about his sister. He wants her to change. She's affecting his reputation.

One night, after a party he comes home quite buzzed. His friends have made a bet: 'That even her own brother can't loosen her up'. If he manages to - and get's proof, then they'll all buy him a crate of beer and have a massive party to celebrate. If he looses, he buys everyone else beer and they party. For him a lot is riding on it.

But he's got the upper hand. He knows that it just takes a lot of sweet talking and manipulation on his part to get his sister to agree to something before she's even realised what. And he can talk her into doing anything, he's sure.

My Not-So-Innocent Girlfriend

Your girlfriend is hot. She's still in school and you're out in the real world. The only reason you are dating her really is because she's hot. When you first got with her, she was an innocent virgin and was planning on staying that way until married. You were the bad boy and got what you wanted though, sweet talking her and making her feel guilty until she gives what you want. So far that is her virginity. And so far it's only been in the missionary position. She still refuses to do anything else because she's scared and worried. She's too tense. She needs to experiment because she's getting rather dull after three weeks. Yes, in the first week you managed to sweet talk her into taking her cherry. Now though, you want more.

So you have a plan. You invite your best friend Terry over to help you get your girlfriend out of that shell. It was cute at first, but now it's frustrating. So, once she comes home from school, you have Terry hidden in your room while you blindfold your girlfriend and let her know she's in for a big surprise.

And then the real fun starts...

Not Just A Bus Ride

It's a bus tour over America that your parents have booked the family on. You don't want to go, but it's the same every year. And so you are going. Most of the bus is full, except the back seats. Most of the bus journey is done at night, stopping in the day to tour the sights of each place before moving on. It's boring for both you and your sister. But you are about to make it a lot more entertaining - at least for yourself.

Your sister gets up to use the toilet and just as she's climbing over you, the bus goes over some potholes. She loses her balance and her ass lands firmly in your lap. Her back against your chest and looking down the aisle. About to get up, you stop her, completely turned on.

You decide to have fun with that ass. She pleads with you because she's a virgin, so you decide that anal will suffice. It's your guilty pleasure anyway. And what's more exciting is the risk of getting caught. Most people are asleep on the bus, including parents. But anyone could look back down the aisle to the middle seat. And one noise from her could alert them.

The fun has begun...

The Train Journey

The train was packed. She is hot. She's pushed against the pole and your body. Her ass right on your cock. All you need to do is move the material and bingo. You have a hole to enjoy. She is too pinned to stop you and it's too noisy to hear any protest. The perfect opportunity to take a hot, round asshole. And you won't give up an opportunity like this.

Arranged Marriage
Semi N/C

Her parents are very strict and old fashioned. They believe in arranged marriage's, no sex before marriage and all that stuff, so with their 16 year old daughter, they decide to arrange her marriage and make sure she's pure for the taking to someone who will treat her well and teach her what a woman should do in life, and that's be in the kitchen and bedroom, not out working. She's also eye candy. Any man would want a cute 16 old wife. Mandy is pulled out of school completely and her parents tell her the news. She's getting married to her dad's 35 year old friend. She's a little wild and needs to settle down and treat her husband well. Though, Mandy doesn't agree at all and they hope that once she's married to him (forcing her to say I do) and having her move in with him. She'll settle down and serve her man.

Mate For Life

Mandy's life revolves around the computer. She signs into chat rooms everyday after school at 16 and talks to people she's never met or even saw but she does think about safety, until she starts talking to him. Her parents regularly fight and she's unhappy at home, often talking about not being able to wait until she can leave. She believes that he is 18 and one day, months after they initially began talking, she agrees to meet him at the local park one evening, trusting he is who he says he is.

But he's not. In fact, he's 30, not 18. And he's out looking for someone to mate with, someone to take back to his house and keep as a pet - as his. She is that girl. She's alone and vulnerable. Mandy doesn't have any friends at her school and it seems her parents don't care for her. She's sent her pictures and he's sent fake ones. After months of talking to her, pretending to care, not mentioning anything about sex or anything like that because she talked about how she couldn't understand people that looked for sex online.

She's everything he wants - naive, innocent, a virgin, beautiful, young. And he's about to get her, making her his mate, his wife, the mother of his children and his pet.

In The Future
C or N/C

It was the year 2200 and Essie's coming of age. That meant that she was about to be partnered with a stranger so they could mate and create more children for the military to test at the age of ten and discover whether they'd produced military kids or slave kids. It was all to do with health and fitness, and at the age of ten Essie had found out that she was the weaker twin. Her health was good, but she wasn't physically fit. Her brother had being both, and had also been smart. But then again her parents had invested more time in her brother and making sure he was up to military standards because he was male. 90% of the time females went into slavery and the males went to the military. Sometimes it was the other way round, but it wasn't all that common.

And when the females in slavery hit eighteen, they were partnered with a male to make children. Some got harsh men, some got kind. It was hard to say who you'd get. The way the system worked was a computer based random generator had all the names of the female slaves that turned eighteen that day, and a list of the men that were available to mate with. Sometimes not all women were partnered with a mate, the longer after eighteen you weren't partnered, the less chance you had of being partnered at all. There were generally more women than men and if you hit 21 without getting a partner, then you were left to work in slavery for the rest of time as your ripeness had apparently passed.

Today Essie was picked. And today it was more than likely she'd find a mate. She'd heard that 100 females were up for selection today, and with that 100, there were 62 males. She didn't know how many females had just turned eighteen, but it was more likely that the ones closest to 18 were picked first by the generator, and then if there were any males left for that days selection then the ones that were older would be selected once all the younger ones were gone. Essie just prayed that she got someone nice.

She'd made a few friends in the slave section. One of them called Jade, the same age as her. She was also up for selection. "Good luck, Essie. You excited?" She asked.

"Nervous." Essie told her friend.

"Don't be. I can't wait to be partnered." Her friend spoke.

"You might be ready for all this, but I don't know if I am." She admitted.

"Well you have no choice, but hope that you get a good man."

Essie nodded and the girls parted way for the time being. They were called into the slave canteen once the other slaves had finished eating and gone to work for the day. It was where you were assigned a number before waiting to go through to the auditorium where the generator would begin. Finally, after what seemed like hours of waiting but was more like an hour, they were led out of the canteen and down to the auditorium and onto the stage. There were a number of men sitting, obviously the ones waiting to get a mate. Essie stood uncomfortably, shifting from foot to foot. Her long red hair fell down her back freely and her green eyes stared at the ground. Normally the slaves didn't look all that clean, but the day before their mating arrangements they were pampered and cleaned, made to look like goddesses. Now Essie stood with a white dress on, that was designed to show off her body. It was v-necked, showing her cleavage of her 36c breasts, and clinging to her hourglass figure of her 5'6 frame. She was healthy looking, with meat to her bones and had milky white skin. Someone had told her that she'd probably be the most wanted today, that all eyes would be on her. She wasn't sure if that was true though.

Finally the computer started calling the numbers of the females.

"Number 58." The electronic voice stated.

The girl that had been assigned that number stepped forward. Essie looked down at her number 29. The computer then spoke again, calling out a name of a military person.

"Mark Anderson." The electronic voice boomed.

The soldier who it was stood up and walked up onto the stage to claim his mate before leaving to the right with her. Jade was called not long later - number 8 and seemed to be happy with her partner as she smiled at Essie and left with her man. This continued until finally she heard her number called - 29. Slowly and quietly, as well as nervously, Essie stepped forward and waited to see who was assigned to be her mate. She looked over the crowd of men quietly while the names flashed up on screen randomly until it stopped on one name which was called out.