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Author Topic: [Unapproved Waiting] GROUP Roleplay Wanted! Medieval Fantasy [MxF Pairings]  (Read 746 times)

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Offline Ella QuellTopic starter

Hi I'm Ella! While waiting for approval to join the site (its taking so looong! :P) I would like to start a roleplay on this thread. ANYONE is welcome to join as long as you follow these simple rules. If you don't, I will ignore your posts:

1. This will be a light romance and action roleplay with NO R-RATED/ADULT material!
2. You can jump in whenever you like as long as your character makes sense in the story and you have read all of the preceding posts. Just make sure to include your name, age, rank, and a picture in your first post so I can add you in the slots below.
3. If you join you must continue to roleplay for as long as the group wishes to continue! No dropping out suddenly.
4. Try to keep the gender ratio even if you join so no one feels left out. MxF pairs only for this rp.
5. Don't go crazy with the fantasy. Avoid modern elements.
6. Feel free to use pictures and nice-looking fonts. I would prefer if you provided a picture so I can put it below when I list your character! No anime!
7. Be polite! OOC chat is welcome, just make sure we know what is OoC in your post. Also, don't post with just OoC content.

War is nothing new to the massive Fenrian army: they have been at the throats of bordering kingdoms for centuries and adapted a military lifestyle and laws to suit. All citizens, male and female, are required to give at least ten years of service to the army, and only the toughest fighters and smartest tacticians rise to the top and survive. Currently the kingdom of Fen has been fighting off hordes of encroaching ogres on the western border as the beasts push east in search of prey and land to ransack. Our story begins at the main Fen encampment on the edge of ogre territory. The strongest warriors have gathered there and for the moment are enjoying a respite: raids have lulled for a few days and the troops take the opportunity to relax, train, and test their strength against their comrades in combat games.

[General of the Army]
:D Vacant Spot

:D Vacant Spot

~Ella Quell~
Eiza Battleblood
Gender: F
Age: 26

[Captain's First Lieutenants]
:D Vacant Spot
:D Vacant Spot

:D Vacant Spot
:D Vacant Spot

:D Vacant Spot
:D Vacant Spot

[Other Staff (Specify)]
:D Vacant Spot
:D Vacant Spot

Offline Ella QuellTopic starter

Re: [Unapproved Waiting] GROUP Roleplay Wanted! Medieval Fantasy [MxF Pairings]
« Reply #1 on: September 21, 2012, 04:45:20 PM »
Captain Eiza Battleblood
"My axe will answer any further questions."

Eiza Battleblood swung a heavy wooden practice sword with one hand at a stationary practice target, its oak limbs and thick trunk of a torso battered and beaten with years of abuse. The captain was in full battle regalia: her iron and chain armor was on the heavy side for a female, but it was carefully tailored to fit her muscular frame. There was nothing remotely feminine about her, really. Even her long, thick black hair was a tangled, shaggy  mess, tied back and barely constrained with a leather strap. Pieces of it, rough like horsehair, fell down in her face and stuck to her skin, growing wet with sweat. She had a nice form, with wide hips and a decent set of breasts, but she was stocky and thick with muscle. Her thighs could crush a man's head, and she could rival most males in arm wrestling. Or regular wrestling, for that matter. She was known for her prowess in combat, both hand-to-hand and armed. Her preferred weapon was a battleaxe: one so large and hefty that any other would find it unwieldy, but it was like liquid death in her palms and its steel was black as night, with the sharp edge often washed in blood.

Her face was mostly attractive, if not strong and always dour in expression. She had a dark glare and straight, strong nose and jaw. She wasn't exactly pretty, but she certainly wasn't ugly. No one had ever seen her with any sort of companion, so it was generally believed she just wasn't interested in recreational relationships, much less having a family. Eiza came from one of the most well known lines of warriors in the land, and the army had quite a few Battlebloods in its rank: her cousins, an uncle, and her father, a major-general tactician in the upper ranks. Battlebloods were well known to be serious and deadly people, but strong and loyal. Eiza herself had incredible fighting ability as well as an innate sense of command. She led a standard captain's command: ten troops of one hundred men each, each troop with its sergeant that answered directly to her, as well as a first lieutenant to carry out her orders amid the lesser ranks. Her men respected her leadership, some out of fear of her punishments, which were often swift and brutal, and some out of confidence. Eiza had a reputation for success in the battlefield.

The wooden sword thwoked loudly against the target. She wielded it two hands, with the swiftness and accuracy of long practice. She was young, and a woman, but already she had clawed her way through the ranks and made a place for herself in exactly the place she belonged.

She was a Battleblood, through and through.

Offline Cyrano Johnson

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Re: [Unapproved Waiting] GROUP Roleplay Wanted! Medieval Fantasy [MxF Pairings]
« Reply #2 on: September 24, 2012, 03:45:54 PM »
I could get into this. A question: in "other staff" roles, what are some of the possibilities? Military chaplains? Foreign auxiliaries or mercenaries? Might be interested in playing a mysterious and slightly-suspect foreigner.

Offline Ella QuellTopic starter

7. Be polite! OOC chat is welcome, just make sure we know what is OoC in your post. Also, don't post with just OoC content.