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Author Topic: The Princess Apprentice and other stories (M/F, F/F) (ALL TAKEN!)  (Read 809 times)

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Edit: That's all for now, folks! More coming soon!

Hi! I've been away from these boards for a long time, and looking to get back into the swing of things with some new threads. For my Ons and Offs, see my signature. If you're interested in any of these scenarios or have questions about anything, send me a message. As a note, I'm generally flexible with a lot of story elements, including who plays which character, but one thing I won't do is play opposite a fully male character. Male players are fine, however!

The plots below are taken!
If one of them still interests you, however, you can always PM me and maybe we can come up with something else in the same vein.

The Sealed Succubus (M/F, F/F, MMM/F are all possible, NC(?), demon, magic, transformation)
Several years ago, a powerful and dangerous succubus had her memories and her powers sealed away by her enemies. Now, she lives as a human woman, unaware of what she used to be... However, demons conspire to bring her back to her old life, by force if necessary! They've been sent to Earth to jog her memory in any way they can, and as they do, she gradually turns back from confused young woman to powerful demoness. Why do the demons want her back? What will she do before she truly understands what's happening to her? Will she be able to to control her powers? And once she regains her memories, will she choose to live as a demoness, or as a human?

For this story, exactly who the amnesic succubus character runs into may depend on your interests. It could be a horde of nameless demons, a former demonic lover, a former rival succubus or a combination of the above.

The Genie Trainee (M/F or F/F, romance, comedy, magic)
Being a Djinn (or "Genie", as everyone says these days) is a very serious job. Before they can be trapped in bottles and use their reality-altering powers to serve humans' whims for some reason, they need to learn. This Genie, however... did not. Due to a bureaucratic hiccup, he or she was trapped in a bottle before their time, and instead of winding up in an arabian tale of their own, they were forgotten until the twenty-first century! Since little is impossible for a Genie, they could go back to their home time... if only they could figure out how. Until then, they've been bound to the first person to rub their lamp, who might be too happy about the prospect of unlimited wished to worry about the fact that this Genie can't quite hack it. Who is that person? What would they wish for? How will their clumsy new companion bring trouble to their life as a result? Will the two fall in love? Will the Genie get their act together?

For this story, the gender of either character may vary (the genie could even be a futanari if you're into that), and I'm willing to play either. This is meant to be a rather lighthearted story. The template isn't terribly original, but obviously seeing which forum this is, the wishes will obviously often have some kind of sexual slant!

The Princess Apprentice (F/F or F/M, fantasy, teacher/student, magic, possibly romance)
The spoiled princess of a fantasy kingdom is gifted with magic powers and one day demands a teacher so that she may learn to use them. The mage she specifically requests is quickly brought to the castle and put to work... only to find out that she's not that interested in learning at all. She is certainly powerful, but lacks discipline, and in fact, the magic lessons were only a pretext for her to spend time with someone she was secretly infatuated with! Now, the mage his to serve her whims, whether they like it or not, play along with her little games and occasionally satisfy her sexual urges. Will they grin and bear it for the pay (and to keep their head connected to their shoulders), or will they try to control the little devil? Will they play along with her magical fantasies, or will they manage to get her to learn a little discipline? Furthermore, what IS the princess going to do with her growing powers?

For this, the mage could be either male or female, depending on who plays them. The age difference between the characters may or may not be important, but I'd rather the princess not be any younger than about 15. I'd also like magic to be involved fairly heavily in some way or another. Because otherwise, I'd have made this about, I don't know, a music teacher!

Second Skin (F/?, exotic, clothes, transformation)
A lab accident leaves a female scientist covered in a strange goop with mysterious properties. After attempting to scrub it off, she realizes that a skintight film just won't come off, and strangest of all, she can alter its shape and appearance with her mind! Out of... scientific curiosity, she begins experimenting with it and finds tons of amazing uses for this new "power", from instant wardrobe changes to growing tendrils to grab the remote or becoming a smash hit at Halloween parties. But naturally, things can't quite stay that simple for long. What if that second skin was actually a living, sentient being? Or what if someone else found out about this and tried the experiment on themselves? Or maybe, more simply, there's someone in particular the scientist is trying to get the attention of, and amazing shapeshifter powers are as good a way as any?

Since the range of possibilities for such a scenario is dizzying, both in terms of story and sexual content, I'm being even more vague here than I usually am. It could be a simple cute workplace romance involving a bit more emphasis on clothes and uniforms than usual, or it could be a crazy wild tentacle sex romp. Let's discuss it!

More will be added very soon! Post here or send me a PM if you're interested.
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Re: The Sealed Succubus and other stories (M/F, F/F)
« Reply #1 on: March 08, 2012, 02:40:53 AM »
Added a note at the beginning, since it came up, along with the Second Skin scenario.

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Re: The Princess Apprentice and other stories (M/F, F/F)
« Reply #2 on: March 19, 2012, 11:43:03 PM »
The Princess Apprentice has been added.

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Re: The Princess Apprentice and other stories (M/F, F/F)
« Reply #3 on: March 20, 2012, 08:19:01 AM »
Love your Princess Apprentice story idea.

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Re: The Princess Apprentice and other stories (M/F, F/F)
« Reply #4 on: March 20, 2012, 12:11:08 PM »
Someone else has PMed me about it earlier and we're discussing it, but if for some reason that doesn't work out I'll contact you. For now, consider it taken!

Edit: And the Second Skin too for that matter! If you're interested in these ideas, then keep watching this space for more.
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