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Author Topic: Videospirit's Transformations, Mental Manipulation, and some demons on the side!  (Read 1370 times)

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Offline VideospiritTopic starter

All ideas are open to suggestions to make them better fit your desires.

Fantasy settings

Faerie Trickery: Seeking Female
Lady Serena, widow, has had one of her most prized possessions stolen by pixies! The notorious pests are always causing trouble, but this time they've taken something irreplaceable! The dildo modelled after the Lady`s late husband`s most impressive member. You must venture into the woods near the city of Stoneman, find the Pixies Hideout, retrieve the dildo, and return it to the Lady.

You're stuck with me!: Seeking Female to play either role
While looting a dragons lair a powerful adventuress comes upon a magic sword and is forced to use it to defend herself when the dragon returns home. After the fight she discovers she can no longer get more than 5 feet from it without it reappearing in her hand. Other problems soon become apparent as well as men of all races begin lusting after her to nearly irresistible degrees and the Succubus sealed within the sword reawakens. At least it's a very good sword though, right?

Special: Or perhaps the adventurer was a male until laying hands upon the blade, and it turned him into a woman as the first part of the curse.

It's just a make believe world: Seeking Female
Every night, Cassandra dreams of a fantastic world filled with orcs, elves, dragons, unicorns, and all manner of fantastic creatures, only to find that one day she doesn't wake up after she's captured by an orc slaving party. Is it really just a dream? Is there any way to wake up? And will Cassandra's mind be able to endure all that she goes through in this strange world.

Persuasive whispers: Will play either role
A demon simply known as Era, around since the dawn of time, he'd taken part in the rise and fall of many civilizations thanks to his ability to manipulate the minds of all creatures, but he was eventually sealed inside a Ruby Pendant. It found its way from owner to owner, none ever doing more than put it on display. It's soon to be owner is a prestigious thief however, and what woman can resist the urge to try on a pretty accessory?

Would you give me your soul, please? Seeking contractor of any gender.
Ilya Mephisto Beelzebub, heir candidate for queen of hell has come to earth to take part in a competition to get the most souls before the time limit, problem is, she's led an extremely sheltered life and doesn't know the first thing about seduction or being evil. Isn't it a shame she's stuck with the first person who summoned her until she grants 3 wishes or finds some alternative means to extract the contractors soul.

Fantasy Real: Seeking Female
All his life, James had been fantasizing about a mysterious dream girl. They were unusual fantasies as well, never involving himself directly. Little did he know his dream girl had been fantasizing about him as well. When by chance their eyes meet as he looks out the window of the bus he's riding they pass it off as coincidence. Little do either of them know that their fantasies are about to become reality, will they be able to curb their imaginations before the strange altercations to the world around them drive them insane, or will they submit to each others will and embrace the fantasies?

There`s something in the water: seeking partner of any gender
A pair of adventurers find themselves trapped in a room filled with many pools, a sign on the wall reads "Drink from the correct pool, and return from whence ye came, but drink from any other and never be the same."

By the Goddess will: Seeking dominant female
A goddess of dominance and a clueless but pretty farm boy. The setting could be changed to better suit a writing partners whims. Looking to get a better understanding of the SM scene since I'm pretty clueless and so my offs would be non existent for this one.

I am Boss! Seeking writing partner to control several females. Could do this as a group game too.
Anime inspired plot. John is a practitioner of a mystical erotic martial art and travels the lands converting women to his side aiming to one day rule Japan! Hijinks ensue.

Pandora's Box: Will play either role
Hope's grandfather had just passed away, and she was tasked with helping to clean out his home. She found a strange box in the attic decorated with mystical seals and couldn't resist opening it. A Dozen spirits were released and... all of them possessed Hope at the same time! Now she has a Succubus, a Beast spirit, an Angel, A Witch, and who knows what else fighting for control of her body.

Science Fiction settings

Corporate Takeover: Willing to play the scientist or run his victims
The corporations had gained nationhood to protect their interests, which meant that the rest of the country couldn't get legally involved with their doings. It became common place for corporations to set up mega facilities and grant corporate citizenship to their workers, who were never allowed to leave or contact family outside the facility. A researcher in one of Transhuman International's facilities where genetic and nanotechnology research took place got fed up with the corporate demands and realized something. If he could take control of the facility, he could live like a king for months if he could maintain the illusion with corporate headquarters that everything was business as usual, and so he took control of the facilities robotic security system, imprisoned every other worker, and began to use them all as his personal playthings.

Space Pirates stranded in a strange place: M/F or F/F
While sent off to bury the loot on a previously unknown planet, a pair of pirates are stranded when their ship has to make a hasty retreat after Intergalactic patrol catches up with them. With only a handful of supplies and a sub-light shuttle, they'll have to survive on this unknown planet. Will they be able to eat the alien food without side effect? Are the native lifeforms dangerous? Will their ship escape the IGP and return for them? And what's with the creepy feeling that someone is watching them at all times?

You make me crazy: seeking player to take the role of many dreamers
Todd was one of the best and brightest in his field, working on a project that would have revolutionized the entire world, a dimensional gateway! However, an accident at the lab caused him to be caught in the centre of an unstable portal that accidentally formed. Luckily the fail-safes kicked in and he suffered no permanent damage. He went home early that day just to be on the safe side. When he awoke, it was to his roommate touching him sensually while half asleep, Todd's body now that of the girl his roommate had been dreaming about. He discovers this now happens whenever he gets close to someone who so much as daydreams, and his body doesn't change back to normal after they wake up! The strangest thing of all is everyone but the dreamer seems to think that's the way he or she's always been. Is there any cure?

A Certain Reincarnated Bounty: Seeking Female
Dash Arngrim, Bounty Hunter Mercenary and overly promiscuous Ladies man stumbles upon a strange sphere on one of his jobs and ends up injected with a colony of nanomachines designed to act as a reincarnation conduit for an alien woman, transforming whatever unlucky fool stumbled across it in the process. Something goes wrong with the process and he ends up sharing his body with her, Able to exchange places whenever the one in control at the time wills it. It doesn't take long for Dash to discover his "other half" is a universally wanted criminal, a bit of a slut, and may know a way to get rid of him permanently and claim his body for her own.

A new Genesis: Seeking Female
It was just another day in the life of asteroid miner Vincent Heartwood, that is until he discovered a strange pod inside one of the asteroids and SHE popped out of it. Flawlessly beautiful, pleased to serve, and... sought after by at least half a dozen organizations, she was a seed of life, cast away by an ancient civilization to create life on a distant world who never quite made it to her destination. Possessing mysterious powers and a boundless curiosity, she was about to bring Vince no end in trouble, yet he'd be enjoying himself more than he ever had in his life.

Super Heroes:

A new power: Will play either, prefer to play the student.
Aerial Gerhardt, a simple university student studying History stumbles upon a meteor and becomes fused with an alien Symbiotic life-form and gains Superhuman strength, Endurance, Speed, and the ability to extend bits of the parasite like whips. However, the parasite brings with it a side effect of massively increased libido. Aerial chooses to use these powers to become the super heroine Grease Lightning. Little does she know the parasite is in a constant state of evolution, and sentience is the first thing on its list.

Welcome to the Castle of Chaos: Seeking Female
The extra dimensional warlock Bloodspirit has fled through a portal, and a heroine has followed after him, only to watch the portal close behind her. Now trapped in the stone halls of a strange castle, what terrors await her there, and will she ever return to her own world?

There are worse fates than death: Seeking Male villain
One was a hero, One was a villain who'd started capturing female heroines and turning them into nothing more than sex slaves and selling them off to the highest bidder. The hero got cocky thinking the same fate couldn't possible befall himself. Little did he know that some of the villains slaves used to be men, and he wasn't going to be one anymore after the villain was done with him.
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Offline VideospiritTopic starter

Some more ideas.

Offline Jated

A new Genesis: Seeking Female ...

I am interested in this one, please pm me with more information.

Online Callie Del Noire

Definitely some interesting story ideas.

Offline VideospiritTopic starter

Definitely some interesting story ideas.

Anything in particular catch your interest?

Online Callie Del Noire

Anything in particular catch your interest?

Reincarnated Bounty for one.. and the one with the pools (if it's transformative. ) Fate worse than death looks nice too :D

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my story thread.. need to come up with some more. :D Check my o/o for dead characters I'd like to play if they inspire you
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Offline Kyra Q

I might be interested in 'You're stuck with me,' or 'Persuasive Whispers.' if still looking for a partner PM me.

Offline Tagan

'Fantasy Real' sounds fun.  What would this entail though?  I've some ideas, including spontaneous telekinetic clothing loss exc... but let me know.

Offline VideospiritTopic starter

Added Corporate Takeover.