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December 10, 2018, 10:36:16 PM

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Author Topic: Dom and Sub, M/M and M/F, [mul][BON to EX] (All taken, thread locked)  (Read 732 times)

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Offline CaehlimTopic starter

I now have some more free time, so I can now seek out some more roleplays and post at a decent rate.

I'm open to suggestions but also here are some suggestions. My O/Os are in my signature, if you'd like more information about my preferences.

Barracks Slave NC-H or NC-E - I'd be submissive - Preferably M/M

In a not too distant future, a military dictatorship enforces conscription harshly. Draft-dodgers are subjected to punishments and/or menial labour. One punishment is to be assigned to an army barracks as a communal slave expected to perform sexual and non-sexual servitude for the enlisted men.

My character, a pacifist, tries to avoid the draft, gets caught and ends up assigned as a barracks slave. I'd like this to include multiple partners, military uniforms and some non-sexual servitude.

A New Kind of Chastity Bondage - I'd be dominant - M/M only

A young man's strict parents discover his porn collection and believe that he is addicted to masturbation. They ask their priest for advise and he suggests a rather archaic solution, fitting him with a chastity belt that will prevent masturbation and sex until he's twenty-one. The parents agree and arrange for the belt to be locked with the priest holding the key for safekeeping.

The young man comes to the priest alone and begs him to reconsider and the priest offers him a deal. If the young man will submit sexually to the priest and be his guinea pig for bondage experiments, then sometimes the priest will open the belt and allow him to orgasm.

I would play the priest (the profession isn't intended as political commentary, I just find it kinky) and I'd like this to include bondage, D/s and a strong element of orgasm denial.

Doppelganger NC - E - I'd be dominant - M/M only

He had it all, a great family, a beautiful wife, good looks, health, wealth, fame and respect. He never worked to get any of it, and had no appreciation for it all. Until it was all taken away. A shapeshifter took his place, assuming his form, his memories and his whole life. The shapeshifter isn't done with him though. Deep down in the cellar where no one goes he builds a dungeon to hold his victim and torment him further.

The doppelganger threatens the man that every time he disobeys, the doppelganger will ruin one more thing from his life. Give away the money to charity, divorce the wife, lose custody of the children. In a year he'll be let go to resume his own life and by then whatever he has he'll be grateful for.

The Lottery NC-H - I'd be dominant - M/F or M/M

A few laws had to change before it was legal, but people were happy for their reality TV to become more extreme. The lottery gives you money, you can choose how much (terms and conditions apply), but the more money you claim the more chance you have of "Winning".

In their contracts participants sign their right of consent to the producers. If a person wins, the producers grant one person, or several, the 'legal consent' of the "winner" to have sex. In short, the winners get ambushed by a TV crew and a person or people granted legal right to rape them on national TV.

The producers like to keep things interesting so they'll often pick someone the "winner" has a backstory with. An angry ex, estranged family or sometimes celebrity guest appearances. They also run special 'megadraw' weeks were they offer more money but "winners" are forced into more extreme situations, like forced impregnation, a 'season contract' spanning multiple 'episodes' or other kinks/fetishes.

This idea has a lot of different options, so basically this is just a plot that can be attached to any ideas that you like. If you're interested in this one, we'll figure out a more specific plot. I'd play the dominant character(s) chosen by the producers to rape the "winner".
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Offline Saku

Re: Dom and Sub, M/M and M/F, [mul][BON to EX]
« Reply #1 on: June 24, 2009, 11:08:32 PM »
PMed you about Doppleganger xD

Online The Dark Raven

Re: Dom and Sub, M/M and M/F, [mul][BON to EX]
« Reply #2 on: June 25, 2009, 03:23:13 PM »
PMing you about the Lottery.

Offline CaehlimTopic starter

Re: Dom and Sub, M/M and M/F, [mul][BON to EX]
« Reply #3 on: June 27, 2009, 09:44:50 PM »
Lottery, Doppelganger and A New Chastity are all getting set up now. I'm still interested in doing Barracks Slave if there are any M/M doms out there. Otherwise I should be pretty good for games right now. Thanks everyone for your responses.

Offline CaehlimTopic starter

Thankyou everyone, I didn't imagine I'd get all those ideas taken up, but now I think I've got about as many games as I can take. I look forward to seeing how these all turn out.

Thankyou for your responses.