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December 02, 2021, 07:34:41 pm

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Author Topic: Legalize It [M lf F, Speculative Fiction, Varies]  (Read 902 times)

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Legalize It [M lf F, Speculative Fiction, Varies]
« on: February 06, 2017, 08:55:15 pm »

I'm in a bit of a mood for something a little different. The overall theme of these ideas is that they take place in alternate realities where history played out a little differently. These alternate worlds represent worlds where something we consider taboo is common place and even accepted as normal, if not always willingly. You can kind of consider these ideas sci-fi, but the idea isn't so much to step forward so much as to take a step sideways. Our characters would then be fairly normal citizens of these worlds, for a given definition of normal.

Here's some basic ideas. Details are always negotiable.

Legalized - Prostitution

They always did say there was an app for everything. Now it appears to almost literially be the case. With smartphones and sexual hook-up apps exploding, when HowMuch? Hit the market it was the breaking of the dam. With the HowMuch? App, the governments of the world had to acknowledge - there was just no way they were going to be able to keep up with the surge in prostitution that would result. Sex is the only thing in the world it's legal to give away for free but illegal to charge for after all.

So how did they respond? By deciding to not even try to keep up with it and most develop countries have legalized prostitution on national levels. It's regulated a bit, you can sue for someone lying on their ad-page for example, but otherwise now having a HowMuch advert page is as normal as having a Facebook account.

A Typo
Legalized - Adultry

Amazing what difference a single word can make. It's almost funny really. A single misplaced word accidently shifted a tense in a centuries old law about legal marriages and nobody even noticed for a very long time.

It's gotten out though, word of "The Wicked Typo". It means however that, technically at least, cheating on a romantic partner can not be considered a basis for suing or reprocussions in a court of law. Which means that until the typo is fixed if you cheat on your partner there's no consequences at least legally speaking.

Of course most people are going to take the high road on this matter, but some people are going to get a little nasty with it...

Legalized - Sex As Currency

The concept of a Post-Scarcity Economy is at it's core pretty simple. It's the idea that a society can get so efficient at production and distribution of a good or service that it actually becomes more cost-effective for the society as a whole to just give the good or service away for free. If you're so good at making and distributing food that it costs more to store it away from costumers then it costs to just give it out, why wouldn't you?

Now, let's say you're talking about something that's on the borderline of this Post-Scarcity threshhold. Something that's technically more cost-effective to give away at no cost then it is to make people buy it. Something so much like this that people aren't used to the idea of it being free. What if, to create a little breathing room, you instead set up a secondary currency within the main currency. Just to tip things over the edge. And what if this secondary currency was something that was free to distribute anyway...

Legalized - Nudity

"Clothing Optional" has long been a euphemism for a Nudist attraction. Maybe just a party, maybe a beach, maybe even an entire vacation resort.

Now, funny story - in hopes of cashing in on tourist trade - a tropical island nation has decided to make their entire country is now "clothing optional"...

Legalized - Nudity, Anonymous Sex, Eugenics

Amazing what can happen with a little bit of planning and forethought, if people are just a little bit smarter.

By studying a selection of herbs and breaking down the chemistry, commercial-grade birth control was invented in the 1700's and if anything it was too good. Some people were sterilized permenantly by the mixture, but now people considered it a blessing in disguise. It gave the civilized countries a chance to control the population and put a little quality control in place.

It's been known under different names in different times, but nowadays it's called "Positive Force Eugenics". There was drama with that, oh yes. But with the invention of computers it removed the racial bias elements and now it's more popular then ever.

So now everyone is sterilized when they turn 15, and you have to pass a series of tests set by a computer to be allowed to breed. But once you pass those tests you do more then just breed...

Legalized - Rape

The General Purpose Breeding License. Such an innocent sounding name for something seen as something so sinister.

The plague hit in 2017. A variation of the flu that achieved near-universal communicability, nearly everyone on the planet had it at some point - at the time we just thanks our respective gods and stars that the symptoms were only fatal to those whose immune systems were already compromised in some fashion so the actual fatality rate was very low.

Then the babies stopped coming.

Testing discovered that while the "Man Flu" killed very few it did greatly hinder male fertility. In 2018, most of the world's men didn't even have sex drives - let alone get erections. The worst news of all was that even the most optimistic of experts thought that no more in 1 in 100,000 men could still get a woman pregnant. The human race could very well be extinct by the end of the 21st century if something drastic isn't done.

So something drastic was done. GPBL's were formed and legally recognized in the vast majority of the world's countries. Licences given to the few men left that still test as fertile - licences which give the man the legal right to override a woman's consent, within reason. He could still be charged for assault if he harmed her too badly in the process for example, or maybe if she can prove that she's sterile. Critics say its legalized rape. Proponents agree, but claim that its also necessary to save the species. Most people just try not to think about it.