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Author Topic: X-Men Dark Days | Seeking Players!  (Read 1775 times)

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X-Men Dark Days | Seeking Players!
« on: April 18, 2016, 06:24:39 PM »

X-men Dark Days[RPG]

In October 2000 a young man named Erik Lehnsherr met 23 year old Charles Xaiver. Both mutants, hiding their powers from the outside world. Along with DR Moria Mctagert (Charles girlfriend) the three of them started to track down other mutants across the globe First was a young woman who had the ability to look like anyone named Mystique living in Germany with her infant son Kurt who looked like a blue demon due to his mutation, they took her back to the states to live with them in Charles Stately family home in Westchester New York City.

A couple of years later they met a man named Logan Howlett a mutant with a healing factor and metal claws, he was a former prisoner of the weapon X programme which in the 90s had been using Mutants as weapons and experimenting on them. He had escaped with the help of a Doctor Sarah Kinney, who he later fell in love with and married, they too had a young daughter named Laura. Logan and his family moved into the mansion and soon the group were finally joined by an Irish Immigrant named Sean Cassidy. Moria decided they should form a team, using their gifts to help mutantkind and fight barbaric programs like Weapon X.
Charles called them the X-men and soon they took on code names such as Magneto, Mystique, Wolverine and Banshee. Xavier himself simply calling himself *X* and they started to make headlines and the world saw them as anti heroes fighting for the wrights of human's and mutants alike.

But soon their enemy Bolivar Trask tracked them down to the Mansion and while the team were distracted stormed the home and killed both Moria and Sarah. luckily young Kurt  was able to teleport himself and young Laura away in time. The X-men returned and both Xavier and Logan swore revenge. While Erik say they needed to air on the side of Caution and find and protect the children. Xavier and the Wolverine went off to Canda anyway and raided the Weapon X facility killing many soldiers and scientists. When faced with Trask Logan couldn't deliver the final blow as he didn't want to be the monster Trask made him years ago. Xavier seeing this as a weakness Killed Logan by giving him a violent brain aneurism and then brutally killed Trask on public television.

Erik luckily had built a fail safe helmet should Charles ever go rogue and fought him days later with both Mystique and Banshee in toe. Xavier killed Mystique and Banshee infront of Erik and tried to end his life too but Magneto was able to get the upper hand and paralyzed Xavier before he could finish the final blow. Both men left the battlefield that day. Erik was able to inherit the School and stayed behind to raise both Kurt and Laura as if they were his own Children. He went back to school and finished his education and was able to get a position as Professor. With a device Raven made for her son using her own power Kurt was able to pass off as *Normal* and Laura developed her late fathers healing powers and claws.

Years later in 2016 Lehnsherr had opened up his school for gifted youngsters and is accepting applications. Its a safe haven for mutants and the training grounds for the next generation of X-men. Laura has taken up the mantle of the Wolverine in honour of her farther and Kurt now goes by Nightcralwer in the field.

In early 2014 a team of young people were outed to the world as mankinds hope for survival the Fantastic Four. The fall of that year New York started to see heroes pop up such as the Devil of Hells Kitchen, Spider-Man and Iron Fist and Power Man.
In Summer of 2015 Loki of Asgaurd tried to invade Earth but was stopped by a team of unlikely heroes such as Iron Man, Thor, The Hulk, Ant-Man and the Wasp. The formed under the name the Avengers.

SHEILD is run by director Natasha Romanov and the President of the United states is Nichols Fury.



1. This game will be focussing on the Westchester Academy in upstate New York. *Lehnsherrs school for the gifted.*

2. The game is set in its own continuity with its own timeline in place.

3. Writers may put their own  unique spin on canon Marvel characters. So no "Homebreweds" im afraid.

4. Jean Grey, is all allowed but not poessing godlike powers i.e the Phoenix force, no "Mary Sues".

5. Characters ages and backstory's willy varies but no character under the age of 16.

6. Wolverine, Mystique, Banshee, Azerel, Moria Mcttargert are all dead when the story starts. 

7. Just because a canon character was in a relationship in the comics doesn't mean your PC was.  It's up to the individual players.

8. This is not a sex focused game but rather a story focussed game. However it still will feature scenes when they occur.

9.  GM ran plots and allow for character/player developed plots as well, who are encouraged to make suggested plotlines.

10. The game is "sandbox" in style.


This is a freeform game, so fight scenes shall be discussed and planned with GM approval. I.E the outcome of a fight as we are not using a Dice system to determine such factors within the story. In many superhero fights luck and chance are factors to the eventual outcome and that will be taken into consideration here.

Brotherhood villain's may have been *Reformed* and are now heroes, but you need to explain that in their bios. It needs to be a credible reason. For example is Sabertooth a completely different version from his comics counterpart, no violent tendencies.
Each player may start off and submit Bios for TWO characters to start off with. But if you claim more then one character you must be willing to write double the amount expected of a player with one character.

Your GM for this game will be Silence (main GM).

Claimed Characters

Magneto/Erik Lehnsherr
Wolverine/Laura Howlett
Colossus/Piotr Rasputin



President Nick Fury
SHEILD Director Natasha Romanov
Charles Xavier/X/Onslaught
Mr Fantastic/Reed Richards
Invisible Woman/Susan Storm
Human Torch/Johnny Storm
The Thing/Ben Grimm
Spider-Man/Flash Thompson

For Approved Characters and Face Claims, and Players Please PM the GM

Character Sheets:

Hero Name:

Legal Name:

Origin of Powers:



Description (Appearance):


Special Skills and Other:



== Character Extras =
Played By:[/b]
Face Claim: 

Please PM your questions to Silence for approval.

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Re: X-Men Dark Days | Seeking Players!
« Reply #1 on: April 22, 2016, 10:24:02 PM »
I'm interested and Silk can guess who I want to play. It's Darwin.  Always fun to play with a highly depressed unkillable guy who can't fight back very well. 

Either him or Quicksilver. :)

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Re: X-Men Dark Days | Seeking Players!
« Reply #2 on: April 23, 2016, 09:01:48 AM »

                       David Haller                                                  Luke Wayne

                       John Kroane                                                  Sarah Striker

                       Margaret                                                     Derek Crash

                                                          Virgil and Dante

Hero Name: Legion
Real Name: David Haller
Age: 22

Powers: David Haller is an Omega-class mutant, and has the broadest range of powers known in any mutant. However, this comes with a catch; due to a childhood trauma - a trauma he keeps to himself - and the resulting coma, his psyche has been fractured into countless separate personalities. Many of them are benign, many of them less so, but all of them have their own memories, lives, likes and dislikes....and every one of them has their own power or small set of powers. Recently, David experienced a crisis where one of his more malicious and sadistic personalities attempted to wrest control of his body from him, slowly devouring several weaker personalities to become stronger. It was only after David - the original - and six other personalities banded together to overpower him that he was stopped. These seven personalities agreed to share control of the body amongst themselves - occasionally allowing other personalities to manifest in controlled conditions - and agreed to the use of a regulator, which could control which personality was dominant at any one time. Thus far, all seven facets of David's psyche have kept to the agreement.

These seven personalities and their powers are as follows:
- David Haller, the conflicted but even-tempered original and the owner of Telekinesis.
- Luke Wayne, the suave, cocky and slightly narcissistic "ladies man" with luck and chance manipulation powers.
- John Kroane, the somewhat dim-witted but well-intentioned man with the ability to turn his body into solid-but-movable diamond.
- Sarah Striker, the rebellious punk rock girl with the ability to emit high-pitched, ear shattering screams.
- Margaret Thara, the reserved, distrustful intellectual who can only speak in tongues and utilises powerful incantational sorcery.
- Derek Crash, the hotblooded and rash show-off with the ability to create and control fire.
- Virgil and Dante, the energetic and flirtatious "twins" who, as well as being slightly stronger and more durable than a normal human, can also clone themselves indefinitely. The twins are inseparable, and though they admit that one is the clone of the other, they won't say which. They claim that they can't even remember themselves.

Appearance: Davids body and physical characteristics change and alter depending on who is in control (one leading hypothesis is that this is a form of shapeshifting that only manifests during psychological and personality changes. Therefore, pinpointing a specific appearance can be tricky. Bearing this in mind, the main sevens appearances are as follows.
-- David stands at just under six feet tall, with an athletically muscular build and a mess of mid-length black hair on his head. He has dark blue eyes and a slightly squared chin, along with an oftentimes strained and sometimes almost scared cast to his features. Before, during his conflict with the darker personality, he was lithe, skinny and fragile. Now, several years on, he has managed to bulk himself up a little and gain a far more healthy build. Though not overly large, the muscles he does have are toned and relatively solid.
-- Luke Wayne is lither and more traditionally thin than David, having narrower shoulders and being slightly taller. He's still muscular, though not to the same extent, with longer dark hair and deep brown eyes. He tends to spend a fair amount of time grooming, too...he is a self professed ladies man, after all, so he needs to look good!
-- John Kroane is a giant of a man, standing at around 7 feet tall with broad, easily four foot across shoulders and a scarily large amount of bulging muscles. He has a thick, squared face and practically no hair on his cut-short head besides his thick, ample beard, but despite his intimidating appearance, a nicer guy you will never meet. He genuinely dislikes hurting people and actively tries to help wherever he can.
-- Sarah Striker stands at just under 5'10, with a curvacious form, soft features and a gently curving chin. The smooth curvature of her face is framed by a head of long, flowing brown hair (though she has been known to talk about dying it, given the realities of their just isn't possible) that fall about a pair of deep green eyes and curving lips. Despite this obvious "Hotness," as Luke likes to call it, her fashion sense tends to be less "preppy popular girl" and more "Punk Rocker With Attitude," consisting of shredded t-shirts, worn jeans, spiked bracelets and even - if she feels like teasing some of the boys or just if she thinks it goes well with the outfit - chokers and collars.
-- Margaret is a smaller young lady, but no less capable in her own way; she stands at a similar height to Sarah and has a head of dark, raven hair that falls about her smooth, curved face. She is significantly more serious and business-like-looking than any of the others, ordinarily wearing sensible clothes and some form of glasses as she walks about her business. She can usually be seen with at least one book.
-- Derek Crash is much smaller than everybody else - only around 5'7 - though has a build similar to David's in that proportionally speaking, he's well muscled and in-shape for his height. He has similarly short hair to John, with a well-cultivated beard-and-moustache that, despite his hot headed nature he takes great care to maintain when he has to.
-- Virgil and Dante are identical - one being a clone of the other - with long-ish blonde hair, chiselled, handsome features and brilliant blue eyes that are usually filled with flirtatious mirth. If you are in any way attractive, expect one - or both - to flirt with you outrageously. They're cute, and they know it.

Very simply?
- David is conflicted and is the more "level headed" of the group, usually taking his time to make his mind up but acting decisively when necessary, generally ending up being the defacto leader of the little council in his head. He is at times stressed and introverted due to his unhappy life and unusual problems, but attempts to put a cheerful face on things. He tends to try and avoid drama and conflict, but is unafraid of standing up for himself when pushed. He isn't particularly flirtatious or "womanising," and just tends to take things as they come.
- the complete opposite. He's flirtatious - outrageously so - cocksure, somewhat arrogant and just a little narcissistic...though when the chips are down, he's loyal to a fault and will always stand up for his friends. And then probably hit on them afterwards. When in a stressful situation, he's the first person to make a joke and if fighting will tend to mock or goad his opponents constantly.
- John is, in a word, taciturn. He doesn't talk very often, he doesn't say much when he does and he's very much the "Strong, Silent Type...." but when it comes to his friends, he is extremely protective and will move heaven and Earth to help them if they need it. Further, though he appears slow-witted and a little dull, he isn't stupid. He can give some very surprisingly deep insights sometimes, and as he says...not speaking gives him more time for thought.
- Sarah is a reballious little firecracker; she tends to go against authority just to go against authority, and is extremely liberal with both flirtation, "fooling around" and generally reckless fun...though there is definitely a brain in that head of hers; she actually, despite appearances, thinks through her actions carefully and - if you can handle her crass sense of humour and rebellious streak - is one of the friendliest girls you're ever likely to meet.
- Margaret is extremely businesslike, formal and practical, looking at things in terms of logic rather than emotion. She's loyal, yes, but only when she feels appreciated. She doesn't get along with Derek or Luke, obviously.
- Derek is, in a word, reckless. He's always taking risks, always throwing himself into things head first, always listening to his gut and his temper first and his brain second, and is the most likely of all of the personalities to take something personally or to react emotionally to a situation. He's not a nasty person...he's just hotheaded, rash and reckless.
- Virgil and Dante, besides being almost constantly flirtatious, are playful, mischievous and never seem to take anything seriously. They love to play pranks, make people a little uncomfortable and generally cause mischief. Underneath it all, though, they're kindhearted and don't ever go out to cause people harm. If they do something that hurts somebody, they will - without fail - attempt to make it up to them. It isn't funny if what they do actually hurts someone, after all.

This is....complicated. After a childhood trauma - which he has refused to share with people, though in truth, he can't even really remember the details himself - he slipped into a coma in which he stayed for several months. Just as the doctors were about to switch the machine off, a man claiming to be David's father - who called himself "Xavier" - arrived to see to the young boy. He used his mutant powers to see into David's psyche and realised that a conflict was raging in David's subconscious brain; his trauma - which also triggered his mutant abilities, which had ended up killing the family he had been with at the time - had been so potent that it had caused the young, conflicted childs psyche to fracture under the stress and weight of it all into several thousand different personalities, all of which had their own powers and personalities. Whilst most of them were dormant, one in particular had discovered that its power was - unfortunately - the ability to consume portions of other individuals psyches.

It had also discovered that this extended within itself; since the other personalities were technically distinct, separate people, it had begun feeding off of the other personalities, thereby gaining their powers and strengths. Xavier aided in the rallying of six trustworthy personalities to Davids own in order to fight the malicious force before it became too strong...the only problem was that the effort required meant that these seven personalities would become irreversibly linked to each other, entwined inside Davids own head. They accepted this and were able to defeat and seal away - though not kill - the evil aspect of David's psyche. Afterwards, they all agreed to "share" the body...and that was when Xavier left. Nobody knew why he had stepped in or even whether he really was David's father, but when David awoke...he was alone. After several years of wandering and much discussion, David and the other personalities elected to apply for the newly opened School For The Gifted, looking to find a place where they belonged and could learn how to control their respective powers. With their affliction...where else were they going to go? They arrived at the school only three years ago and have been there ever since.

Brant Daugherty [David Haller]
Ben Barnes [Luke Wayne]
Matt Morgan [John Kroane]
Julie Annee [Sarah Striker]
Summer Glau [Margaret]
Daniel Healy Solwolrd Jr [Derek Crash]
Nikolaj Coster-Waldau [Virgil & Dante]
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Re: X-Men Dark Days | Seeking Players!
« Reply #3 on: April 23, 2016, 09:04:37 AM »
THERE WE GO, finally bloody finished!

And yes, in this universe, David Haller is (relatively) sane. I just like the idea of playing a character who actually has conversations with the voices in his head. :P

I am off to work now, I shall be back soon! :D

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Re: X-Men Dark Days | Seeking Players!
« Reply #4 on: April 26, 2016, 06:07:30 PM »
Looks good virgil! Been a super busy week for me, thanks for being patient guys and gals. I plan on getting my gambit bio up soon.

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Re: X-Men Dark Days | Seeking Players!
« Reply #5 on: June 29, 2016, 07:03:36 AM »
I certainly wouldn't mind doing another 'Storm' like character *grins*

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Re: X-Men Dark Days | Seeking Players!
« Reply #6 on: June 29, 2016, 07:13:34 AM »
Alas, I think this died. Unfortunate, since I was looking forward to playing David again, but...well, it happens. :-(

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Re: X-Men Dark Days | Seeking Players!
« Reply #7 on: June 29, 2016, 09:52:33 PM »
For a second I was all excited :(