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August 15, 2018, 08:19:13 AM

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Author Topic: Sexy Swingin’ Cyberpunky Sentient Sex Doll Cybercafe Shenanigans  (Read 99 times)

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With loose inspirations from the cyberpunk genre or ‘how human is human’ stories a la Blade Runner, Ghost in the Shell, Cyberpunk 2077, Westworld, et al…

Simple, freeform, sandbox-y premise. In the near future, robotics and AI have leaped the uncanny valley. There’s a market for lifelike ‘can you even tell they aren’t human?’ androids (humanoid robots). Some may have biologically grown skin and/or organs, some may be of synthetical materials that feel just like skin. Some androids look 100% human, others might have visible seams or other tells. AI personalities vary by function and customer request - some androids serve rote functions like manual labor or simple waitressing behavior algorithms; other androids can pass the Turing test and display as much intelligence and variety of behavior as a human.

The RP’s setting (to start, possibly branching later as desired) is a venue which is part cybercafe (offering...other services) and part android showroom floor. It is almost entirely staffed by androids….and the androids themselves are for rent or sale. 

Player character roles include android staff, human customers, and other possibilities. For example, and android customer might be arriving alongside their human owner, or have been sent out alone on a shopping errand, or even have gone rogue and be acting autonomously (perhaps pretending to be a human). You might also play a Blade Runner style human or android hunter of rogue androids .

The broader setting will be a major city in the late 21st century. Possibly Tokyo. Feel free to make specific suggestions if you have a geographic location you'd like to see (and whatever we end up going with, your character could of course be from place X and have moved to place Y where the RP starts).

Character sheet template. Put primary image in the img tags. Any additional images can be put at the end of the sheet in a similar manner.

“Role” is a few words about what your character is - human, android, profession or walk of life - for example “android waitress” or “human scientist”.

“Look” is anything you which to say to contextualize their appearance, such as how they like to dress and/or their biological age. Can be very minimal if the primar image speaks for itself.

“Personality” - you know the drill. Can be very brief if you just wanna feel out your personality as you roleplay. Some androids may have very simple personalities anyway. If you’re an android, mention any specifically programmed personality you may have (such as ‘docile waitress’).

“Background” - their backstory, yadda yadda.  Short is fine.

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[floatleft][img height=400][/img][/floatleft]

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Offline JoanieSappho

You had me at Sex Doll.
What sort of images were you looking for? Actual people ones, or otherwise?

Offline ffTopic starter

oh hey, I remember you from that other RP, nice to see you again

Both 'photography' and 'art' style avatars are fine. For example, below are one of each that were among my image-inspirations in posting this concept

Android avatars could be either 'passing for human' or have visible robotic features like seams or visible cables or metal parts (for example, more images added below of Taylor Swift an an android in music video and ScarJo from Ghost in the Shell)

Also I didn't spell this out in my previous post, but if someone wants to play a human with some cyborg implants that's fine too. Like Batou from Ghost in the Shell, who had robotic eyes and some other robotic parts.

Also if someone wants to play someone like the Major (also from GitS) who was originally a human consciousness, since transferred into a totally robotic body, that's fine.

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This looks very interesting. May want to play a Human "Engineer" that works to maintain The Robot/Androids/etc.