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December 02, 2021, 07:22:45 pm

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Author Topic: Love Beyond Borders (M/F lf F/M)  (Read 1174 times)

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Love Beyond Borders (M/F lf F/M)
« on: January 02, 2020, 06:44:13 pm »
What I Have Done

As a standard clause, I don't care about my partner's IRL gender.

I tend to play cis-male characters, because that is who I am IRL and what I know best. However I can play other genders if needed. I prefer to play with partners who can play feminine characters. However I am going to try and expand out with being female characters.[/spoiler]

I can and happily will play multiple characters involved in multiple different relationships, I would just like the main focus to be on the star relationship of that RP.

I tag each of these ideas with the kinks/fetishes that are necessary for the idea.

My O/O is linked in my signature along with my other request threads. (There is a character limit with messages so I encourage you check them out as well.)

The ideas and scenarios presented are just examples to show rather than tell what I am thinking, so there is a lot of room to get creative and do something completely unique. If you are interested in any of them or something like them than send me a message! I can either do a play by post, using the PM system, or use Discord. PM me for details.

I lean heavily towards the story in an RP. I get bored very easily with smut and usually can't bring myself to do more than a post one two for a sex scene. That however does not count foreplay, as that's my bread and butter. What I talk about there is where the the characters are only or mainly doing the act of sex. There are only so many ways you can write "Penis goes in, penis goes out". It's the fifteen or more steps leading up to the event that really get me.

NOTICE: These ideas are little short stories to provide a more interesting thing to read and show off how I write. I use names and images as placeholders for these stories. For example: In the idea The Panther and The Ape I use a human called Adam and a tamed lioness called Sandy with sample pictures of each. The only "type" of character I specifically want for the idea is the pairing in the title, in this case (M Human x F Panthera). So that means I would just like to play a male human to be paired with any member of the Panthera genus. You, as one of the roleplayers, decide the specifics for what you want to be.

List of Ideas:


My Beloved Best Friend (M Human x F Dog)
Dogs have always been man's best friend since the dawn of domestication. While horses were a convenient natural vehicle and cats just stayed around to prey on vermin, dogs joined us while we hunted and integrated into our families. We saw, and still see, ourselves in dogs. Social creatures that form close knit families to work together to accomplish larger goals.

Today dogs are still integral parts of our families. Even though over time we played god and bred breeds with major deformities. But one thing has stayed the same, the boundless capacity for love.

Jack(MC) had a wonderful woman enter his life a few years ago. She was and still is an incredibly intelligent, funny, and beautiful girl. Stella(YC) is an Australian Shepard that has been the light of Jack's life ever since he adopted her from a rescue three years ago. She brightens any room she is in and has been the sole housemate of Jack.

Jack has always been a dog person, having canines around as far back as he could remember. Originally his family only ever had small and unintelligent breeds, ones that wouldn't eat them out of house and home and wouldn't pose a risk to company that didn't know how to handle dogs. But after he left home as an adult he ventured for larger and more intelligent company. Once he laid eyes upon Stella in the pound, he was immediately entranced by her.

Now they live in a small house close to the city. Jack has a good job working as a developer for a company that makes printing software, enough to support him and Stella. The house is kept clean, with Stella being groomed regularly to keep shedding at bay. While Jack's toys consist of nerdy memorabilia decorating the various shelves, Stella's toys fill a basket next to the TV. Ropes, balls, soft fluffy chew toys, and various bones are how Stella occupies her time during the day. Soft warm blankets drape over the couch, cocoons that during cold nights together Jack and Stella share as they cuddle. Decorating the walls were various pictures of Jack and Stella, with one or two being of the other humans in his family. One thing is obvious, Jack's main girl is Stella.

They both have dreams for the future. Jack, while not doing great, is making enough to get by. The doubts about him making it as an adult, the fear of being dependent, are fading. Stella too has a lot to look forward to, with her graduation into being a fully certified therapy dog being within the year. Things look hopeful.

But Jack has been struggling inside. An inner turmoil rolling through his mind and stomach as he's had to confront his emerging feelings. It started shortly after he got Stella and his friends began getting engaged. He wasn't worried about loosing his friends and was glad for their happiness...but one by one the ranks of "bachelor" slowly reduced until it was just him without a significant other. He knew his family expected him to find someone he was interested in, even if they had the common sense to not say it out loud. He was sociable with the women at his workplace, hell he was friends with most of them. He had hobbies, he knew people...but he never found that spark with another person...

A few months ago, he accepted the reason he never felt that spark with a human. He had known for years, even as a teenager, but accepting that truth was...unthinkable...

His porn interests, how he loved the feeling of warm fur, how he gave more attention to pets than their he feared being cheated on, the paranoia that a girl would change her mind and leave him without notice...He knew why...Because that spark, who he thought about every day at work and who motivated him to do better and be better...Who now occupied his mind while he satisfied sexual urges and who he dreamed about sharing a real kiss with...

It was Stella.

He loved her, more than an owner should. He wanted to be her lover and loose his virginity to her...Would she show him the same desire?

And would they be crazy enough to make his dream come true?


The Panther and The Ape (M Human x F Panthera)
Adam(MC) happily smiled at the line of families training their phones on him, watching the little children tense up more and more. Part of why he loved his job was getting to do things like this every day. He would admit he was a little addicted to the attention.

Behind him was a three hundred pound killing machine named Sandy(YC). She was creeping up on him like she would a tasty piece of zebra booty. Of course she had been trained to do this for a crowd, but the audience didn't have to know that. There was an art to timing this stunt correctly. Turn around too quickly and Sandy has to run for too long, then the kids don't scream. Too slowly, and Sandy is just standing there for a second and it looks fake. But if you time it just right, when every kid grows silent in anticipation, then you get the biggest reaction.

Adam began to turn around when he felt like the time was right, knowing exactly what he was going to see behind him. He was charged by the lioness just six feet away. He fell over and gave a delighted scream along with adults in the crowd who were watching the show through their phone cameras. Sandy jumped on the chainlink fence, growling and clawing in a "genuine" attempt to rend his flesh from his bones.

They only did this stunt once a day if Sandy was feeling well, but what a crowd pleaser it was. Adam got up and began addressing the crowd, telling them all sorts of basic lion trivia and how to donate to charities to help more threatened animals in the world. When the show was over Adam went back to actually caring for the animals in the zoo.


A few hours later, after Sandy had been given her dinner of a large chunk of venison, Adam stepped into her enclosure with his packed dinner. The sun was beginning to set behind the trees and other habitats of the zoo. It had been a ritual ever sense Adam began working full time at the zoo that he would spend time after clocking out to enjoy a meal with Sandy. He had with him a homemade salad and a few pieces of fruit. It was important not to associate himself as being a competitor for meat, so he never brought any animal products for a meal. It was a mutual understanding. I don't eat your food, and you don't eat me.

Adam remembered the first time he came into the enclosure for a meal. It had been just after they moved Lucy, another lioness, to a breeding program across the country. Sandy was kept at the zoo because when she was young she developed a cancerous tumor on one of her back legs. With the help of medicine it was put into remission, but it was believed that she had a genetic predisposition to cancer that would be given to any cubs she had. That, on top of the fact she hadn't been socialized with other lions very much, motivated the Sanctuary Organization to keep her in captivity to entertain and educate guests. So, for the past few years, Sandy has been a staple of this zoo.

Adam sat down on a grassy patch of the enclosure, putting his brown paper bag to the side so it wouldn't get squished if Sandy came in for some affection.



Death of Regret (M Human x F Alien) (Muscular Female)
Before the 25th century popular media depicted reaching out into the stars as a glorious and human-centric adventure. Whether it be winning intergalactic wars against invaders, expanding out as a peaceful utopian empire, or extending the plague of capitalism to an empty universe ripe to be exploited. But when humanity figured out how to surpass light they found that not only were they not alone, but also unimportant.

Humanity entered into a galactic war out of necessity. When faced with two factions, both much stronger than them, they went with the only one that asked them to join. Now humanity is part of the Covenant alongside the Nahai and the Bree, contributing in the fight against a shared enemy.

Daniel(MC) is a human recruit within the Covenant Reserves. Most of his days are spent helping maintain the dozens of ground vehicles at Meriposa Base. He has a crush on one of the alien soldiers also station at Meriposa, either Merdi(NSFW)(YC) or Alba(YC).

He plans on asking her out on a date. But will language and species differences prove to be a mountain impassable on the pathway to love?

Robots Can Love (M Human x F Robot) (Dark Skin)
Jacob(MC) could have bought a new car with the money he was going to spend on this doll. Well, a very nice one owner used car but that wasn't important. If he was still paying his student loans this would have been almost half of the principle!...Point is, he was setting himself up to spend a lot of money on this new toy.

But this wasn't a toy, it was the "Personal Companion of The FutureTM". More like "The Worlds Most Expensive SexdollTM". A lovely figure that had an expansive list a features to provide the most human-like experience purchasable.

It could walk upright, had heated extra authentic 'skin', emulated breathing, had a state of the art chatbot AI for conversation, could learn and hold on to 20 terabytes of information, had self cleaning and lubricating holes, and much much more.

When he ordered his new mail order lover, he had decided to set her name to Haydee(YC). After three weeks he got a massive crate in the mail that required multiple signatures. When he opened up the crate he discovered his new toy along with the pieces of her charging station.

She weighed about as much as a real woman, maybe even more, but soon she was on her assembled charging station and filling her batteries. So he waited until it was almost three in the morning for her to be fully charged and able to be turned on. Dressed in pajamas and with a cup of hot soup broth to warm him during the cold winter night, Jacob bent down and pushed the power button on the charging base.

He stood in front of the robot and stared at her featureless white face. What would be the first thing she would say?

Radioactive Lizard Babes! FROM SPACE! (M Human x F Deathclaw) (Fallout, Larger Female)
'Sometimes doing the right thing means risking getting your ass chewed and spit out by life. You wont get praise, you won't even feel good, but you'll make the world a less shitty place for a moment. Now kick bricks.'

Jacob(MC) wanted to do the right thing. If he still believed he would have surely seen this as a mission from God. It was too coincidental. Among the remains of this tribe's hideout he had found the remains of five massive eggs and had heard from the premortem tribals that they had pouched a total of six. They honestly could have been awarded a nice sum of caps from the Valley Authority for exterminating a nest, if they were alive anyway.

Jack grew up in Vault #117 under the theocratic rule of Overseer Marti. Being inside a vault in one of the least bomb affected areas lead to a life of security, a fact commented on repeatedly by visiting traders. When he took the G.O.A.T at sixteen he had been assigned the job of "Maintenance Staff", a career path he was less than enthused lied ahead of him. So, he left the vault to join the Tennessee Valley Authority as a ranger. At 19 he was gifted a set of armor from the west by his mentor and began a journey to America's former capital. It took him a few years to make the trip to and back and now he patrols around central Tennessee helping to thin the numbers of radioactive monstrosities that creep in from elsewhere on the continent.

He had every reason to be helping the tribe to kill the (NSFW)deathclaw(YC), but he wasn't helping them. He was sneaking around under the moonless night using the rain to avoid detection from the acute senses of the monster.

There was a stomach churning roar that made his rears ring.


The combination of squishing sounds and bones breaking made his stomach do an Olympic gymnastics routine.

He darted around from shack to shack desperately trying to find that sixth egg. Even if it was scrambled at least he would know and be able abandon this death trap.

Eventually he found what he was looking for in a rickety shack with a weathered green door. A slightly orange egg about the size of a man's head cradled on a patchwork pillow on the floor. A woman in overalls and a t-shirt was sitting in the corner, a pistol in her hand and a splatter of blood on the two walls behind her. Jack latched on to the egg and ran out of the building.

He had found the nest before he entered the camp, seeing it by chance on his way in. Deathclaws liked to make their nests below short cliffs so they could ambush any intruders from above. There was a thundering drum of heavy steps behind him, the mother. He couldn't tell if she was chasing him, the fading in and out of footsteps came from all around him.

When he got to the nest he placed down the egg as quickly as he could without breaking it. His heart was beating against his ribs telling him go, run!. He tried breaking into a sprint but slipped on a slick patch of mud. The thundering in his chest beat faster and faster as his thyroid burned. He pushed up on the ground and tried to run ahead, but he ran head first into something and got knocked backward onto his ass.

His heart sank as he realized it was the deathclaw he ran into. He wiped off the mud from the lenses of his visor and looked at what might be the last thing he would ever set his eyes on.

My Jackal Girlfriend (M Human x F Anthro Pokemon) (Pokemon, Muscular Female, Furries)
In Dante's Purgatorio the writer describes how the punishment for failing to repent sins before death is to wait an entire lifetime before entering purgatory. It definitely spoke to a shared human connection that hundreds of years ago the prospect of sitting in a waiting room was considered an apt punishment for a entire lifetime of wrong doing.

Jack(MC) flipped through all of the various pieces of personal identification he kept in his wallet. All the various paper rectangles that detailed his presence in various government systems in Unova were in his hands, occupying his mind when there was nothing else to. Once he flipped through them all he stuffed them back into his billfold and looked at a tiny Polaroid he kept alongside the important documents. It was a picture of him and Amy(YC) at his college graduation just last year.

Amy wasn't his pokemon or anyone else's. She was originally owned by Jack's Computing in Capture Devices professor Dr. Sewell. While Jack worked with Dr. Sewell on research looking for more reliable algorithms for pokeballs he met Amy and got to know her.

During Jacks years at college there was a large movement to grant certain species of pokemon legal person-hood and full civil rights. It was argued that ownership of creatures that can speak languages, create art, and integrate as humans in society was morally wrong and needed to be abolished. It had been a huge debate with various high profile trainers either releasing their sapient pokemon in support or keeping them as a rejection. In the end The Humanoid Pokemon Civil Rights Act was passed and several species of pokemon were recognized as legal persons under the law, including the Riolu/Lucario line.

Jack took out his phone and opened up his call history, He had a few calls back and forth with his mom, one with his dad, and the call with Amy he was looking for. He had meant for the past week to call and set up an occasion to hang out, but it had slipped his mind several times. Now, while he was doing absolutely nothing else, would be the perfect time. He clicked the 'Call back' button and listened to the tones.

After a few buzzes he heard the click of his call being answered.
Dr. Sewell

Guilty Pleasures (F Furry x M Furry)
It was eerily quiet on Alimeta Drive at this time of night. Nobody was driving around and the craziness that usually characterized the day had been removed for the night. The houses had dirty children's toys out in the yard and general trash that these people lived in. Down the road a trio of dark hoodied teens were handing out, not doing anything the moment.

Mr. Roberts (YC) was waiting in his parked car on Alimeta, watching one house in particular. His expensive and well maintained car stood out among the bikes and rust buckets around him. This wasn't his neighborhood at all. He was a rich man with a nice private manor and hundreds of thousands in his bank on top of stocks and investments. He had two spoiled kids, now adults doing who knows what, and an old dog that was probably one year from passing away.

He had all the money he would need to live comfortably, but he didn't have anything that made him happy. He didn't have youth, having turned 50 not long ago. He didn't have a loving wife. She was off engaged to a business rival that was younger and would probably be more successful. For months he'd been sleeping alone...

The door to the dingy house opened up and the person he was looking for stepped out. Her name was Rowland(MC) and she worked at a nearby Taco Bell. He'd met her working the register one day when he wanted to eat something his doctor would have objected to. Ever since that day he'd been...obsessed.

When he met her, he could smell the hint of weed stuck to her clothes and breath. Her beautiful flow of brown hair had streaks of red dyed into it hanging loose behind her. Her bangs covered up her eyes and Roberts remembered wondering how she somehow managed to press the right buttons for his order. She called him "bro" and said "'aight" when he finished ordering. She was a trashy young woman...

...And he wanted her so badly.

She had a plush body, accidentally falling into the right balance between a skeleton and a hippo. Her body was young and vibrant, being able to take the pounding of drugs and parties and still wake up fresh for couldn't buy hapiness, but could it buy one night?

Rowland sat down on her fronts steps, dialing on her phone with one hand and a lit blunt in the other. She began talking to somebody, now would be Robert's chance to drive up and see if she might be on sale...


Embracing Femininity (M Furry/M Furry) (Incest, MMC)

Bright neon tubes spelt out the name of the nightclub against the dark brick of the building. Beside it was a regular unilluminated sign proclaiming 'Value Beer and Spirits' for the store that occupied the front portion of the building. The outside of the building looked oddly well taken care of. There was no trash around the building and, while it was hard to make out at night, the bricks and concrete had been recently pressure washed. Extending into the alleyway at the left side of the building and reaching around the corner was a queue of mostly men.

Kas(MC) was inside working the last half hour of his job waiting tables. A few days ago he met with Argo(YC), his father, for lunch for the first time since he left home. Kas had always been a muscular boy just like his father, hitting the gym regularly from the moment puberty hit him. However, Kas didn't use his physique to join the football team or sign up for the, he spent his time on joining the school drama club and raiding his mom's wardrobe for clothes. He developed feminine curves below the belt almost paradoxically alongside his masculine upper frame, a fact that had helped him secure various boyfriends before he graduated high school.

Kas's mother was devoutly religious. Over those developing years the relationship between mother and son deteriorated, until eventually Kas left to stay at a friend's house for a night and just never came back. Kas stayed in touch with his father Argo over phone calls and texts, keeping him informed that he was safe and sharing rent with friends for an apartment. Kas never came back to his childhood home, saying it would be "too awkward" to come back during holidays.

A few months ago Argo had formally divorced from Kas's mother. The fading of the love between them had started before Kas left and had many issues surrounding it, although Argo's continued relationship with their "gay sodomite" son was undoubtedly something Kas's mother had brought up more than once as an issue in couples counseling. In they end a separation was decided to be the best outcome and soon Argo was no longer married to his wife of almost thirty years. Now Argo had his own house in the northern end of the country.

A few weeks ago Argo met with Kas face to face for the first time in years at a family restaurant in the same city as the nightclub Argo was currently looking at from across the street. Kas had remained the large, muscular guy he had always been...but now the feminine qualities of him seemed to mesh completely. He wore eyeliner and eye shadow, adding to the already present color of his feathers. He wore a print pink shirt that hung off his right shoulder to expose the lime green strap of a bra underneath the shirt proper. Below the belt Kas had on a pair of volleyball shorts that hugged his plump waist. Further down he completed the look with a pair of pink women's athletic sneakers, a pair that had seen it's fair share of use. Kas was glad to be talking with his dad again and a planned twenty minute lunch turned into Argo skipping the rest of his work day.

After the lunch they planned on Kas flying to Argo's new house to spend a week with him, but "flying to Argo's new house" became "Argo coming down to pick him up" and "spend a week with him" became "moving in for the foreseeable future" over numerous text messages. Now, Argo was standing on the other side of the street from Canopy. Kas had told him earlier today he was welcome to come inside and that Davis, the bouncer, would let him skip the line, but that he understood his dad would be uncomfortable going into a mostly gay bar with lots of men in sexy outfits.

After some thought, Argo decided to...


Family Workout (F Human x M Human) (Incest)
Fitness had always been a virtue in the Rampart family. Johnathan Rampart(YC) met his wife while he was on the US Weight Lifting Olympic team, with her being a gymnast for Brazil. They met each other at the Olympic village and on a clear night in Lillehammer, Norway Destiny(MC) was conceived. It was only until after Johnathan came home back to the states did he learn that his little romp had produced a little girl. Destiny's mother didn't want to get married or raise a child, being barely able to afford to feed herself most days. So it was arranged to have Destiny brought to the US to live with her biological father.

She was a complete daddy's girl from the moment she landed on US soil, growing up to be a competitive lifter just like her father. While her childhood had it's fair share of princess dresses and rebellious teenage years Destiny matured into a fine and fit young woman. Currently she was planning on going to college and getting a degree in physical therapy for when she got "too old to lift."

However things weren't purely platonic between this father and daughter pair. Since she had hit puberty, they both knew that physically there were few people like them. Things got flirty, with snide remarks and lewd jokes opening up between the two as she grew. Nothing physical had happened between the two until after her sixteenth birthday where, while Johnathan was drunk he asked her for a blowjob which she happily gave. All of which was caught on video.

It was now late into the morning after the party, the house having been cleaned up and Destiny making smoothies after her morning workout. Johnathan had only recently gotten out of bed after seeing the video on his phone in his hung out stupor. How would they move on after that?

Destiny in workout clothes

Mama's Trans Too! (TF Mother x Femboy Son) (Incest)
For pretty much all of Tora's(YC) pubescent life had the ire of his mother. From a young age he knew that while he saw himself as a boy, he wanted to live as if he was a cute girl. His birth mother, being hard core religious, took it as well as you might expect her too. It wasn't long after Tora made his dreams known to her that he was sent away to live with his aunt and uncle. They accepted him for who he was and did their best to care for him as his new guardians. They allowed Tora to be put on medication to block whatever testosterone he produced and provide him the estrogen he need to blossom into an attractive feminine boy.

After he had turned sixteen he got a message from someone on social media claiming to be his biological father. Tora didn't know who his father was at the time, only knowing that his mom referred to him as a "freak" and "creature". Looking at the account the message was sent from only showed a beautiful, mature, and successful woman. One that would, after some examining, Tora found was transgender. Eventually after getting with both his aunt and uncle to talk to this stranger as a whole they learned that in fact this woman, Tatsu Jyuro(MC), was indeed his biological father who his mother had hid him from.

It was arranged that during the next summer Tora would fly out across the country to spend his vacation with his now other mother. Tatsu had made plans to visit many places on the coast to try and make up for all the time she hadn't got to spend with her son. Eventually the day arrived to leave his aunt and uncle and Tora made the five hour flight to Seattle. It was almost 11am when he arrived at the station. Waving at him from below the escalators was a now familiar tan and blond woman who was very excited to see him.

Tatsu Jyuro

Your Son is Such a Slut (M Furry x M Furry) (Incest, Crossdressing)

"Look, I just wanted to let you know my side of things first. It...It won't happen again." A small patch of wetness had formed under Jim's armpits from the heat of being put in the hot seat. He was all too happy to leave the office with his job.

Dale(YC), the boss of this branch of the firm, had called him in to address a video he had found on his son's...Amateur Adult Actor account. The video in question had his son(MC)...filating a man in one of the office's storage closets. The recipient, occurring to the moans, was Jim himself.

Dale's son Jessie had recently moved back in with him, having been laid off of his job as an entertainer after his place of employment was shut down for an unregulated chemical lab in the basement. He'd given his son a pity job working as an accountant in the firm. For the past few months he had been consistently causing problems for both Dale and the HR compartment because he was an almost unimaginably horny slut. Jim was the 4th employee Dale knew about that his son had had sex with in the past two weeks.

That combined with the crossdressing, the casual nudity in his own house, and the...sexual advances he'd received personally as well...He knew this was Jessie's way of taunting him, of saying I've got an insatiable appetite and I don't care who satisfies me.

He was a super slut

Casual Clothes
Office Outfit
Holiday Special!

Gender Transformation:
Dude! I'm like, a babe now! (F? Furry x M Furry(s) ) (Gender Transformation)
"Dude! This isn't fuckin' funny alright!" Over the chorus of laughter a red faced Jeff(MC) tried to hide behind a used red towel, but his new, larger body seemed to want to slip out behind the veil and give his 'friends' a sneak peak.

Last night Jeff had gone bar hopping with the other members of his frat house to celebrate the completion of senior midterms. They drank, they partied, and of course tried to score with several girls. As a bunch of young and dumb frat bros their attempts at getting bedfellows usually resulted in drinks being thrown at their face. However good ole' Jeff, completely plastered, managed to bring a somewhat goth girl with lots of pagan tattoos back to the house. Opinions ranged on her being anywhere from a 6 to a high 4, but everyone agreed that she wasn't serious and was gonna prank him somehow. Well, here was the prank!

When Jeff woke up no more than an hour ago he had been greeted with an aching body and a note on his bed.

Dear Mr. Shitbrain,

Since you like girls so much, I thought you'ld enjoy being turned into one! Enjoy having a bunch of douchebags trying to get inside you 24/7.

With love, [drawing of a middle finger.]

When the laughter only intensified in his gaggle of friends Jeff stormed upstairs back to his room, providing a healthy glimpse at his now plump and bubbly tush. He slammed the door behind him and face planted on the bed completely devastated at this new and sudden change. A few of the guys he left downstairs continued to joke about PMS and when he'd start sucking dick, while others continued their Saturday morning as they normally would. After a few minutes everyone had cooled down while Jeff was still hiding in his room.

Maybe someone should go and check on him?

Nudism/Casual Nudity:
Kardia of Rhodes (F Human x M Human) (Fantasy)
After two brutal winters and a bloody summer, the kingdom of Rhodes was no more. Londo had remained a country of victors, once against The Snake and now in conquest. It was a war that had taken many lives of both sides. With a union between the two royal families a peace had been achieved. Now the name of Londo stretched between the Green and Aul rivers.

Peace was a fickle thing. Unlike the recounts of monks and scholars, wars did not end on specific dates. Fields and homes do not suddenly reform from ashes on decree of any king. Sons and daughters do not return from death once the banners they fought under fall. Warriors do not become content to abandon the trade of violence and become peasants. To ease the transition and prevent well armed fighters from resorting to banditry, the elite of a conquered nation's army had been welcomed into the ranks of their conquerors. It was both to restore fallen ranks and prevents future enemies, a win-win as they say.

Dimitri(YC) saw this first hand when the remaining knights of Rhodes were welcomed into his ranks. Once he had been told to seek them out on the field and kill them in combat to demoralize the enemy and now he was being told to welcome them as brothers and sisters. The one that had been sent to his outpost in the west was named Kardia(MC). Her bright red plumage stood out against the dark gray of the castle's stone like a fire in the night. He had seen her on the field before, usually with the spike of the halberd she carried plunged into a footman or a horse.

Another of her striking features was the lack of any covering to her lower regions. She wore plate on every portion of her body except her hips, leaving her groin and buttocks exposed on all times. This in itself wasn't unusual, as accepting one's body was a core ideal of The Dame. Her nudity however stretched beyond the occasional air bath, as even in battle she maintained this exception of clothing. It was an oddity, although complete nudity was common and accepted among nuns and monks.

It had been a night since she arrived at the fort, being shown around by the master at arms. Now it was early in the morning and Dimitri saw he caring for her horse in the stables, brushing it's mane and coat. He had yet to introduce himself to her properly.

Kardia of Rhodes


This is a place for the serious ideas that don't fit neatly in the other categories. While these ideas might feature any of the kinks defining the above categories, the reason they are here is because it is not the central theme of the idea.

Daddy's Little Pup Is Now Daddy's Big Pup (M Human x F Human Cyborg) (Incest, Petplay)
John kept hearing the ear ringing blast of his rifle.

When he was fading in and out of sleep or his mind drifted away from what he was doing, he would remember the sight of that bear. That big brown blob with streaks of wetness. He couldn't see it's face, only the scratched metal surface of his gun's receiver.

He couldn't remember his daughter's screams. Thankfully, those escaped him.

Almost twenty years ago John(MC) had moved to Northern Alaska to escape the civilized life of the lower 48. He moved there with his wife, a tough red head whose hands helped build the cabin his family lived in now. They had a daughter not long after arrival and began living a life of freedom.

When his daughter(YC) was seven, John's wife passed away of an aggressive form of cancer. Now she had a tombstone on the homestead she helped build. Her legacy lived on in her daughter, who shared the same bonfire of hair and passion for life.

As his daughter grew up, she became a strong and independent woman. She learned how to survive and excel at the edge of civilization. She could take a deer from happily grazing in the forest to cuts of meat in a freezer all by herself. But Alaska was a dangerous place no matter how adept you were.

One day during the summer, while John was tending to the garden his daughter went up into the hills to forage for berries. She had a gun on her, but when she accidentally stumbled on a pair of brown bear cubs she couldn't pull it out fast enough to protect her from their mom. The momma bear, as any mother would, tore into any perceived threat to her babies with a feral rage. John could remember breaking into a sprint to get his rifle and run up the hill. Once he saw the bear tearing into the flesh of his daughter he unloaded every bullet in the magazine.

The bear had torn into his daughter's flesh, shredding muscle and leaving bone exposed. It was a panic to get a helicopter to lift her to the nearest hospital. With all the time it took to get her help the wounds necrotised, meaning that she would need amputations on all of her limbs. The doctors offered her the choice to either stay a completely dependent quadruple amputee or regain some independence by undergoing an experiential surgery. Of course she decided to regain some control in her life.

Now, Ashley(NSFW) has detachable robotic dog limbs that allow her to move around like a fully limbed canine. It was not the direction either her or her dad thought their life would take, but they are happy to be living once again free on their homestead. It was hard to adjust, but now they have arrived at a new normal.

But things have been changing between them. At first it had been the transition into Ashley staying nude almost 24/7. It was prompted by her desire to be able to use the bathroom without the help of her dad to take off her pants. And after they had gotten used to her bottom half being exposed, it was only a matter of time before they decided the top half could be left bare as well. After that was installing doggy doors to allow her to enter and exit buildings on her own, which while weird was completely understandable.

What was an unexpected development was what Ashley learned one night after John had gotten drunk celebrating Independence Day. When Ashley joked about a golden retriever in an allergy medicine commercial being cuter than her, John revealed that he thought the retriever was sexy. Eventually he let slip that he had a sexual attraction to dogs and dog like behavior, and had fantasized about Ashley doing more doggy like things.

In the morning he couldn't remember the event and went on as if nothing had happened. But will Ashley start embracing her inner canine to bring joy to her dad? Will she add 'Amazing Dog' and 'Lover' to her expansive list of skills?

(Most Desired)
Never Alone (M Human x F SCP-1471-A) (Romance, SCP Foundation)

"Touchdown in ten, degenerates. If you got any questions ask them now Clinger." Belted out the older man sitting beside the pilot. The mic in front of his mustached face picked up every word and sent it into the headphones of all the passengers behind him: Two other MTF-Lambda-14 members, a woman holding a chunky laptop down on her lap with 'MTF-Mu-3' stitched on her right jacket arm, and Agent Edsel.

"Are you calling me a piece of shit or an unwanted girlfriend?" Agent Edsel barked back into his mic, barely hearing himself over the whirling of helicopter blades above him. He'd been given almost no information about the nature of this assignment other than it involved Mal, or at least was connected to instances of Mal.

"Yes. Now do you have any actual questions?" The mustached man said back, turning his head around to glace at Agent Edsel through his sunglasses.

"Why am I here? You guys are Kinkshamers right?" Edsel turned to the woman with the laptop bedside him "Except you." "I got told this has something to do with fourteen hundred seventy one."

"You're tagging along because you've got a history and a friend. This is an info-breach and it might be an entirely new skip. Dan you tell him the rest."

The large man with 'MTF-Lambda-14' on his jacket spoke up, Edsel couldn't see the name tag on said jacket but assumed it read 'Daniel'. "There's an online website where people go to write collaborative erotica. Recently several users on the site have made posts containing information about the Foundation and other SCPs, including cognitohazards. Several of these users are planning on meeting in person in a week and a half and we think it'll be used to recruit members into an as of yet unidentified GoI." The man spoke clearly and efficiently, definitely came from the military.

"And you think I know some of them?" Edsel said.

"No, you don't, but you did write porn with other people in the past. You're gonna join the site, get invited to the party, and then be our little undercover princess. That little skip you see all the time might help you stay immune to any mindfucks you see." The mustached man took back his place in the conversation.

"Shouldn't another task force be handling this?"


The conversation ended there, and Edsel decided it would cause less headache to just follow orders. He took out his Foundation issued smartphone and opened up the messaging app. There were texts from his mom, his dad, his co-workers, but most recently he'd gotten texts from his best friend. She was the instance of SCP-1471-A that for the past two years he learned to live with. Now, it was difficult to imagine life without having a friend in every mirror.

Edsel tapped the option to take a picture and held up the phone in front of him. The camera application took a little over a second to load up for a selfie. Edsel was happy to see the creature beside him in the camera even if he couldn't feel her presence. "Say 'Creole'!" He smiled for the camera and took a picture.

Interview Log 1471-8429-04
Interview Log 1471-8429-04


A physical copy of the following transcript, along with preface and Addendum, is to be contained with the personnel files of Agent Edsel. A physical copy of the following transcript, without preface or Addendum and names expunged, is to made accessible to all personnel assigned to SCP-1471 and as a supplementary file to the 05/25/2013 Site-38 Containment Breach. The following interview took place on 05/23/2013 at 1413h at Site-38.


Dr. Weier: Please state your full name for the record.

Jacob Edsel: My name is Jacob Cornel Edsel.

Dr. Weier: Would you like some coffee before we begin Mr. Edsel?

Jacob Edsel: No no, i'm good...It's just been a long day.

Dr. Weier: Fair enough. If you need to stop at any point say so.

Jacob Edsel: Thank you doctor. I...I should be fine.

Dr. Weier: Good. Now, Mr. Edsel, do you remember what you were doing the night of January fourth this year?

Jacob Edsel: Yeah, I was, uh...I was home, my parent's home, for a late Christmas. That night I was, uh, looking through some old stuff that was gonna be thrown out and I found one of the old smartphones I used a few years ago...

Dr. Weier: Continue. I'll stop you I have a question or want to shift the focus.

Jacob Edsel: Okay. So, uh...It was a late Chrismas, I was looking through junk drawers, and I found a smartphone I used at college. It had a cracked screen, just a cheap off brand thing...I uh. Well, I charged it up to see if it still worked. It did and I looked at all the old stuff that was still on there.

Dr. Weier: Where you looking for anything in particular?

Jacob Edsel: No, just a walk down memory lane I guess. I looked at all the old stuff and...I deleted it all and I was just gonna get rid of it after that, but. I, umm. I decided to use it to try some apps.

Dr. Weier: What kinds of apps?

Jacob Edsel: Not!...Not, look, not like...Not like that one...The uh...shit. The uh. The fourteen hundred...uh.

Dr. Weier: SCP-1471.

Jacob Edsel: Yeah, yeah. The, uh...yeah...I was looking for, like, games and stuff. Because my actual phone is really shitty and it doesn't have a lot of space, so I wanted to try some games...So I was looking for small games and that one showed up...

Dr. Weier: Did it look interesting to you?

Jacob Edsel: Yeah. It, umm...I can't remember what it said on the actual page, but it looked like one of those talking friend apps, or something...You know like My Talking Angela or something like that, like a pet...thing...So I install...installed it and it, uh...sent me the first picture.

Dr. Weier: Are you sure you wouldn't like some coffee?

Jacob Edsel ...Sure.

Dr. Weier leaves the room. Mr. Edsel remains seated and looks around the room until Dr. Weier comes back three minutes later with a cup of coffee and a handful of single serve creamer and sweetener packets. Dr. Weier sets them in front of Jacob Edsel on the table who begins adding the creamer to the coffee.

Jacob Edsel: Thank you.

Dr. Weier: So you said you installed the app and got the first picture? How long was it between install and the picture?

Jacob Edsel: Immediately? I don't remember waiting. It looked...terrifying, but in like, a cute way? Ya know?

Dr. Weier: Explain. And maybe describe the entire picture, anything you noticed about it.

Jacob Edsel takes a few sips of coffee before setting it down. Further sips removed for brevity.

Jacob Edsel: Well, uh...It looked really badly photo shopped. Like, so bad it was a joke kinda bad. It used the goggle maps image of the Krystals downtown.

Dr. Weier: Do you go there often?

Jacob Edsel: Not at all. I don't think I have actually been there, specifically. It's just kinda...well, it's on the main strip so you can't not pass it.

Dr. Weier: Okay. Did you find it odd that it sent you a picture of a place near where you lived?

Jacob Edsel: the time, no. I mean, I'd used google maps before. They know your location to do that so I just thought it was doing that to pick a random store.

Dr. Weier: I see. So what about the creature? What did you think about that?

Jacob Edsel: I mean, it looked like a Halloween costume...Like, a good one, yeah, but...I mean it was kinda spooky but it...look I...

Dr. Weier: Take your time Mr. Edsel.

Jacob Edsel:...I don't know if she can hear me...

Dr. Weier: Who is "she"?

Jacob Edsel: The...the thing.

Dr. Weier: Why are you worried "she" might hear you?

Jacob Edsel: I...I don't want to say something and hurtful.

Dr. Weier: Hurtful to who?

Jacob Edsel: It..."She"...It's, uh...

Dr Weier: It's what?

Jacob Edsel: ...It's complicated...She's waved the visions. I, I dunno. It just, it seems like she's nice and I don't want to say stuff she might get hurt by...

Dr. Weier: I see...Well, lets put a pin in that for now. Right now I want to establish a record of events as you experienced them. Is that okay with you?

Jacob Edsel: Yeah, that's fine...

Dr. Weier: So you installed the app and had the first image sent to you. You did not find this alarming. Is that correct?

Jacob Edsel: That's correct.

Dr. Weier: Please continue after that.

Jacob Edsel: So I went to bed after that. I didn't think much of it. In the morning I just tossed the phone back in the drawer and forgot about it...Then I left back for my apartment and got back to my job.

Dr. Weier: And you didn't mess with the app until a few days ago. correct? You didn't look for it on your regular phone and the old phone was still at your parent's house?

Jacob Edsel: Yep, I, uh. I didn't even really remember it until I came home and saw it again in the drawer...When I charged the phone again it just blew up with texts, like a back log. I looked at a couple of them but...not them all.

Dr. Weier: How many of these new texts would you say you looked at?

Jacob Edsel:...five, six-ish? I didn't look at many...I sorta stopped after I found this one I really liked. I, uh,...I sent it to my email and put it on my regular phone as a wallpaper.

Dr. Weier: Describe the photo to me.

Jacob Edsel: Well it was...I thought it was like, the app creator. And it was..."it" really close up, a selfie...I thought it looked really cool as like, a mask, so I made it my phone wallpaper...

Dr. Weier: Did you look at any more of the images after that?

SCP-1471: This interview log is bad, but JimboSpicy spent several hours on it so he's not deleting it and instead just hid it in a spoiler.

Jacob Edsel: No sir...

Dr. Weier: ...I know this might be uncomfortable for you to talk about again, but remember this is to try and help us all understand what's going on...

Jacob Edsel: No, No it's...I understand, it's just...It makes me feel like a fucking lunatic? Ya know? Like something broke or...

Jacob Edsel covers his face with hands. Sobbing can be heard on the audio recording for a minute and a half. After which Mr. Edsel takes several deep breaths and regains composure.

Jacob Edsel: ...I saw her first in one of the TVs of the conference room...It was only for a split second, so I thought it was just a trick or something...I saw her again the next day and...and she was there. Like...I focused on her and she was still there...When I turned around and saw nobody was behind me I..I thought I was going insane...I didn't know what to do so I just...I tried to forget. But that night I saw her again, in the mirror and I almost killed myself falling next to the toilet...I paniced and I called my mom, I told her I think I ate something laced and...I saw her again...She waved at me...Waved. At. Me...I, uh...I...hid under my bed until...until you guys came in...

Dr. Weier: ...Have you been coping Mr. Edsel?....

Jacob Edsel:...I think...It's...It's been easier...I think knowing you guys believe me and think i'm not crazy, its...It lets me think i'm not the problem...

Dr. Weier: We are doing everything we can to understand what is affecting you Mr. Edsel. Is there anything else you would like to tell me right now?

Jacob Edsel:...I don't think so.

Dr. Weier: Well, if you feel like you need to talk again ask any member of staff here on site and they will be happy to connect you to me. Now, this sess-

Jacob Edsel: They've told me i'll have to stay here for a few more days.

Dr. Weier:...Yes. We are keeping you here until we can be certain you are going to be okay going back into the real world.

Jacob Edsel: ...What's going to happen to me if I don't stop seeing her? Or it? Whatever it is?

Dr. Weier: ...If you don't stop experiencing those visual hallucinations then you will need to sign a contract that prevents you from talking about them or your time here in this facility.

Jacob Edsel: I see...

Dr. Weier: ...Anyway, it was a pleasure to meet you Mr. Edsel. I'll be a phone call away.

Dr. Weier escorts Jacob Edsel out of the room.


Two days after this interview, a containment breach at Site-38 occurred when members of the GOC broke into the site in an attempt to destroy several SCPs. During the breach, the GOC used several memetic kill agents as weapons against Foundation employees. Jacob Edsel escaped the facility safely to be rescued by Foundation reinforcements. When questioned, Mr. Edsel stated that he had seen SCP-1471-A indicating directions which he followed in order to escape unharmed. Upon further questioning it was revealed that in several instances manifestations of SCP-1471-A prevented Mr. Edsel from seeing memetic kill agents reflected on various surfaces, thus preventing their effects.

Mr. Edsel was offered the chance to become a Foundation asset, both to continue studying the behaviors of SCP-1471 in this particular case and try and uncover what information SCP-1471 'knows' about the Foundation.

Addendum 1471-8429-A:
By order of Project Manager Dr. Weier, Agent Edsel is to be allowed an instance of SCP-1471 to be installed on one personal mobile device. The device should have all uploads and telecommunications monitored and recorded to the Site-38 database. Any language by either Agent Edsel or SCP-1471 interpreted to be contrary to Foundation interests should result in immediate questioning and possible revoking of this privilege. As of 06/14/2013 information from SCP-1471 to Agent Edsel have included English text messages, hyperlinks, and in three instances corrupted voicemails.

Agent Edsel
Image of SCP 1471-A found on Mr. Edsel's device

(More ideas can be found in other posts.)
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