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Author Topic: Wanna play with a Kitty? (Closed)  (Read 5390 times)

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Wanna play with a Kitty? (Closed)
« on: February 12, 2012, 11:26:46 pm »
Hello and welcome to Kitty's Playhouse. Please have a look around, I promise not to bite...too much ;]

If I am ever gone for a super long time I will post it in my Absences, which can be found in my banner. Another thing I have terrible sinus and allergy problems, so I do get sick often during the fall and spring time.

Some things to know. I can always change the ideas so that it's more playable if you want. Check out my o/o if you wish to rp with me. Just shoot me a pm if you wish to talk about anything, I'm basically open for anything.  Oh I will do a story twice at the most, just so everyone will get a chance to do what they want. If you still want to do that one just tell me. =]

Oh and my long or short ideas can be changed from either long or short, just depending on how you want to do it. Purple is being played once, Maroon is twice and closed. :]

Important!!!! If we ever talk about a roleplay and I'm supposed to make a starter and don't after a few days send me another pm. I more than likely got caught up with real life shenanigans and the post completely slipped my mind.

Long term Stories
Short Term Stories
Quick Ideas


These are the stories that I'm craving at the moment. They might be switched out or put into a another category depending on how I'm feeling about it that day. 

Kadia Kawaguchi (character can be found in character selection)
He is a popular geisha that hides the fact that he is male instead of female. He has very feminine features and can easily disguise himself as a woman. Only a few people know of his secrete and they would carry it with them to their graves. Now he would be a very popular geisha and some how a client would find out his little secret and use it to blackmail him if he didn't become his completely.
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Re: Wanna play with a Kitty?
« Reply #1 on: September 20, 2012, 09:14:55 am »
Long term stories

These Stories I plan or think will take a longer time to play with since they have a little bit more story behind them. Same rules apply from up top. Purple means it's has been played once, but I don't mind doing it again. Maroon is twice and is closed.

Prince Charming
Any girl would have killed to be in her shoes. To be one of the chosen five to fight for the Prince's attentions and become his wife. Yes anyone would want her spot and yet she was willing to give it to them for free if she could. She was one of the candidates to become the so called 'Prince Charming' wife and really she just wanted to go back to her old home. The girl wasn't a nobleman's daughter or even a merchant's daughter. No she was just a poor girl that just happen to have the right looks that the Prince wanted. At first it was all fun and games during the parties and the balls, but when she was chosen to be one of the five everything went down hill real quick. There were lessons to be learned, people to impress, and rules to follow. It was rules that got to her the most. There were only two.... One- Always act like a lady. Two-never deny the prince....ever. Breaking any of the two rules meant that the girl was sent home in shame. She didn't want shame, but she also didn't want to be his wife.

Your Surrender
He had lost her once, letting her have her freedom because he cared for her. Now after a hundred years of dreaming of her and missing her, he finally meets her again. Now that he finally seen her, met her he didn't ever want let her go. All he wants is her complete surrender no matter what the cost. He wouldn't be letting her go again.
((Ok i have some requirements for this one. One it's going to be about vampires and more along the lines of Amelia Atwater vampires. If you need an explanation just ask me. Two I want to be the girl or the one the dominate vampire is after. Three and this is a big must have, I want this to be extreme. Sorry if this seems a lot but that's what i want for this one.))

Shifting Love
There are two warring countries that have finally after hundreds of years of warring have finally a agreed to end the war, the only this is that the daughter and son of the two countries must marry to keep the peace. One country is very emotionless or rather they keep a tight hold on their emotions and are very reserved in what they do. The other country is very emotional, wild and the exact opposite of the other country. I mainly had the idea of using shapeshifters, felines and dogs, but I can work with anything on this one. There doesn't have to be love right away or any love at all if you don't want. Just in the beginning the son and daughter shouldn't get along and feel that they are forced to everything just so another war doesn't start.

Make a wish
Once there was little girl who dream of a man dressed all in white. He showed her how to make a paper star and told her that once she made 1,000 stars he would come back and grant her a wish. As the years went on she made the paper stars when ever she was lonely or sad until one day she reached 1,000 stars. As she sat there crying over a another heart break clutching the jar of stars to her chest a man dressed all in white appear. He had only one question... "What is your wish?"

Peter Pan
Peter Pan had let Wendy go, but never really forgot about her. After letting his lost boys and Wendy go back home Peter goes back to Neverland, but it doesn't feel the same with out them. So after talking to Tinkerbell and the fairies he leaves to find Wendy and to watch over her. As he grows older he doesn't forget about Neverland because it's always with him, whether it's visiting the fairies or going on short flies around London. Fast forward about 10 years and Peter is finally a man of 23 years and he still wants Wendy. He knows what these feelings are and there is nothing to stop him from taking his precious Wendy back to Neverland so that they can be together forever.

Unforeseen circumstances
Two large corporations are fighting for power in the business world. The heads of the company decide to marry their children so the fighting will stop, or that what is seems to the public. Really the grooms company is blacking mailing the bride's company and the only way that they will keep everything hidden is if the oldest daughter marries the their oldest son. what she doesn't realize is that their son is a sadist and enjoys the darker side of love. Something she has never experienced before.
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Re: Wanna play with a Kitty? (Under Construction at the moment!)
« Reply #2 on: September 20, 2012, 09:26:41 am »
Short Term Stories

They don't have to be short, they can be long term. It's just that I don't have a lot of back to story to them. So talk it out with me, I'm sure we can work something out! Same rules apply here Purple means it's being played once. I'm willing to do it again. Maroon means it's been done twice and closed.

Apprentice to the Gods
No one ever realized how difficult it was to study under the gods. To be ripped from your every day life and be thrust into learning a whole new life. Not even mention trying to control untold powers that always seem wildly out of control. Nor did anyone realize how hard it was to say no to the gods, even when they were just being unreasonable. It was almost an impossible task, but one that was almost worth it in the end.

Faerie Tales
I want to do any of the Grim Faerie tales, like Sleepy beauty or Snow White, Cinderella or Beatuy and the Beast. We can create it to be whatever we want it to be, have our own little spins on it. So if you have any ideas on what faerie tale you want to do just talk to be about it! I've had this idea for a while now. :D

Vampire hunter hunts his/her favorite prey and won't let another other hunter come near this vampire. The hunter is a Dhampire, who has a tattoo on his/her tongue that can slightly paralyze a vampire. Ummm can come up with a plot if you wish to do this.

Making of a slave
In a brothel featuring S&M the head of the house decides he wants to make one his strongest masters into a slave. Other masters try to save their friend but nothing they do can save the master. Can be mxm, mxf or fxf.

Assassin test
Young assassin girl is caught by the law enforcers. The prince of the country takes interest in her and wants to put her in for becoming the country's newest assassin. Will she past the test or be killed. Wlll she fall for the princes advances?

Pirate's Pet
A young girl is trying to get away from her old life. She is a thief and orphan, one day she was running from the guards and went aboard a ship to leave the city. What she didn't know it was a pirate's ship. (( Pretty much anything goes. We will talk about it in pm. Also based off the picture Trapped))
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Re: Wanna play with a Kitty?
« Reply #3 on: September 20, 2012, 09:29:54 am »

~Take a look at the pictures and if inspiration for story just tell me. A* means that someone is already doing this picture but I can use it again. :)~

Wanna play a Game?
Dragon's Keeper*
Ying and Yang
Capture Me
Together At Last
Wedding Knight
Calling the Ancestors
Minor Fox God
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Re: Wanna play with a Kitty?
« Reply #4 on: September 20, 2012, 09:38:05 am »

These is where the strike through stories will be. I don't want to get rid of them, but I also have played it 3 times or more. When one of my games with them are done I will take them out of the graveyard. Also this is a place where I will put stories that might seem boring to me or need to be fixed up a little bit. Lime Green means that they are dead. Brown means that they are almost dead, but I'm willing to play them if someone wants to.

White crow
Unlike other crows with their beautiful black, blue feathers this one was born with pure white ones. It is always bullied by the other crows when a young, sweet human girl came to save him. What she didn't know what that he was shapeshifting crow. The legend is that when the crow find their true love they gain the ability to shift. The downside to this is that they will slowly die if their true love doesn't love them back. (can change roles and the animal can change as well.))

A young girl has always wanted a pet, or rather a shape shifter.  Every year she has pleaded her father for one and each year she was denied her wish. It wasn't until her 21st birthday that her father finally granted her wish and  bought her a pet, a female shape shifter that she would have to train and take care of herself, too bad this wasn't going to be as easy as training a normal pet. (I would like to play the pet, but I can play the girl too. We can switch the genders too.)

It's all fun and games
She was funny and cute and was such a tease to her male friends, especially her best guy friend. Teasing him with sexual acts but never following through with them, sending him dirty pictures of herself and other naughty texts, until he finally snaps. He blacks mails her into becoming his sex toy until his desire for her finally goes away, which might take a while because this is pay back for all her teasing over the long years.

If anyone as read this manga I would really like to do a rp about it. What it's about it is Vampires Charles J. Chrishunds (Charley) and Johnny Rayflo have a strange relationship. Charley is a cyborg, and a vampire hunter for the Vatican, while his master Johnny enjoys a playboy lifestyle. While fighting crimes involving vampires, Charley struggles to control his lust for blood and for Johnny, while Johnny (previously known as Addie before becoming a vampire) delights in seducing his servant and attempts to deal with issues from his own past. Johnny cares about Charley (also known as Cherry and Chris), and the feelings don't seem to be one-sided. -from wiki- Basically a master vampire who is dominate when it come to everyone else except for his favorite servant where he very submissive to him. MxM pairing and I need a dominate person to play Chris.

Whose's the Master?
I want to play with the idea of a slave having two masters. Now this can be group or solo, and I don't mind playing the two masters. The two masters are vampires and they are from the same master. Now one master is really into the BSDM and the other is more into the sweeter side of the love again, at least that is what they want you to think. The darker master buys a new slave, one who will fight him and give him the pleasure of breaking someone strong. Really the darker master is the sweetest guy in the world and is addicted to the pain that the lighter master gives him. The lighter master trys to make the slave run away because he wants the other master to himself.

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Re: Wanna play with a Kitty?
« Reply #5 on: September 26, 2012, 09:40:23 am »
Quick Ideas

This section will hold some simple ideas, settings or characters I would like to try out. If you like the idea just message me and we can hash it out. :3

Police or vampire hunter hunting down two vampires or just one
Love story between Life and Death, both are gods and fall in love with each other.
Cheating- more so getting caught and significant other punishing the other for the cheating.
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Re: Wanna play with a Kitty?
« Reply #6 on: July 14, 2013, 08:31:24 pm »
These are characters I have already made. If you want to rp with them just ask. They will be one time deals. If someone has already taken one I will take him or her off the list.

Xavier Lucain
In the realms of Hell Incubuses and Succubuses are low on the food chain, but high in authority only because they are one of the few groups of pure bloods. They didn't have a lot of spells or powers that other demons in Hell have, nor can they create their own power. They have to feed off of others lust to maintain their power, just a few days without feeding and they could be as weak as new born babes. Though life wasn't too bad as one off these demons, Xavier Lucian made the best of it every day of his life. Since he was a noble within the Incubus community he never lacked willing victims that wanted to drown in his powers.

Xavier was a particularity strong Incubus, when he will it the air around him could make anyone want to touch him or have a taste of him. He was one of the few with the ability to feed from others directly or from the air around him. It was harder to feed indirectly, but it was a useful power to have when he was in a sticky situation. He was able to hypnotize anyone, no matter how strong they were, with his eyes or silky voice. Change his age and power level so that one could think he was younger or older with just a thought. Bring anyone to completion or lust with just a touch of his hand and his most famous power was his organismic bite.

He was a handsome demon, though most Incubuses are in overly handsome and beautiful. Xavier is extraordinarily seductive, both in regard to his mental abilities and conventional seduction. He is a ruthless demon and great manipulator when he feels like getting his own way. Like all Incubuses Xavier has a 'Master', an older, more power demon that protects him and takes care of all his needs. Having an Incubus as a 'pet' is a show of one's status among the community, the more power the incubus the high ranked you are among your peers.

Xavier had dark red hair that brushed past his shoulder and graced the bottom of his shoulder blades. His eyes were the color of sapphires and his was pale but held a nice creamy tone to it so that he didn't look deathly pale. He stands about 6'3" and has a lean, well muscled body. His 'master', one of the fall angels that followed Lucifer in his fall from grace, branded Xavier by tattooing a necklace of diamonds and his own symbol onto his neck so that no matter where Xavier went people would always know that he belonged to one of the seven princes of Hell, Beliel. It was ironic that Pride had taken Xavier under his wing, but it was a known fact that the demon had stolen him from Asmodeus, the demon of lust.

Xavier is has a laid back personality and very mischievous usually causing trouble so that his master will pay attention to him. It was only once in a blue moon that Beliel would allow him to feed off of him. Not that it mattered to incubus since he had plenty of willing victims to feed of off. Never staying in his 'Master's' palace Xavier will wander around both the human and demon world trying to find something that will keep his attention for more than a few moments.

(Looking for a master for him. )

Ezekiel Watson
A young man stayed back in the shadows of the alleyway, but even the darkness that surrounded him couldn't hide his pale glory. Curly Hair of the palest gold, almost white in the moonlight, brushed his shoulders. The pale strands tied back so that one could see that his ears were pointed like an elf, though he was human...once. He just like the exotic feel that they gave them when he was out and about among his prey. It wasn't like he needed it with skin as pale as death, his eye the darkest black that all vampire eyes turned to when they died. Though so that he didn't scare off his prey he morphed the color so that they just looked like the darkest blue before it turned to black.

Ezekiel was a vampire well into his thousandth year of life, maybe even a little bit older, though he only looked like he was in his mid twenties. He was 5'8" and lean with just a hint of muscle. He loved to wear lots of lace and tight leather pants with boots, but when he was out and about in public he toned down his wardrobe and went with simple tight jeans, and nice dress shirts. He always looked like he just stepped out of a Victorian age sex shop when he was up to his own devices. He was charming and held an undertone of seduction that he barely ever used to lure people to him.

Growing bored with the crowd around him he changed so that he was pure energy  and with a thought traveled back to his mansion far out in the country. It was a skill that all vampires had and it only took but a moment for him to be home. There were only some myths about vampires that actually held true for them. Even now when Ezekiel past a mirror in the foyer one could barely see his reflection, in fact it was so faint that it wasn't even there. The younger and less power the vampire the more their reflection showed in the mirror. Since he was older and had time to collect immense amount of power he had no reflection to call upon, only his memory of what he looked like and photos that were painted of him.

Another myth that was correct was the fact that he hated the smell of garlic, but that was only because his sense of smell was stronger than most dogs. The myths that weren't true were sleeping in a coffin, burning in the daylight (though midday sun did hurt his eyes), silver, holy items, or even a church didn't affect him. Most myths were created by humans and vampires did nothing to stop them from spreading them. It wasn't like they cared if human were dumb enough to believe such things.  Since vampires were able to change into pure energy they were also about to change their appearance and their shape into animal that they wanted.

Ezekiel, though many that were close to him called him Zeke, was an old soul. He was calm and collected, always holding tight reign over his emotions. He could be manipulative when he choose to be as well as cruel, but only when the mood suited him. Ezekiel had a long line of vampires that called him Sire, so he had to appear regal enough that his children wanted to follow him instead of kill him. For if his children fed off of his blood he would lose some of his power and they would gain more than him. It was invasive as hell, but his children got to rowdy it worked like a charm to keep them in line and make his power soar even higher.

Kaida Kawaguchi
Kaida Kawaguchi has a secret, one that could make or break her geisha career and maybe even make her lose her life. Kaida was born Masaaki Yamauchi the sixth son of a large family in small village near Okinawa. When he was younger his parents sold him off to merchants looking for strong boys to do some work for them in large cities. It was from there that he got a job at a government office to run errands for rich people in Kyoto. One day when he was running an errand to a geisha a house he was stopped at the front steps as the ladies inside looked him over. They were surprised to see such feminine features in a such a young boy of 13 years.

His skin was a soft and as pale as any noble lady's skin even though he did hard labor everyday. His shaggy black hair was shiny and soft, something that all the girls in the geisha house envied.  He looked like a young girl of 10 then a boy hitting puberty. Even when he talked it was in hush tones and gentle words. Nothing about him screamed that there was a male standing before him. That day the geisha house bought his contract from the government office and secretly changed his name to Haruko Kawaguchi, the boy that he was died that day as they made him go to the springs with the other girls and mediate in the icy cold waterfall to purify himself.

From then on he was trained to become a woman and if he had any progress in doing so a geisha. It took Masaaki many years to master the art of becoming a woman and during his transformation they hit some bumps in the road, but nothing they couldn't handle. He was just a little bit too tall for a woman, but he was slender and held more of a feminine form than that of a boy. He had a slim shoulders, a taper waist that flowed into well sized hips for a slim, tall woman. His face had a strong jawline but his small nose, large amber eyes and full lips made into a woman that many men couldn't keep their eyes off of. The one problem all the woman in the geisha house thought they would have the most problem with was his voice, but that too was a quick fix. He learn to turn his deeper voice into a husky purr that any man wanted whispered into his ear.

Yes Masaaki went from a low born peasant to a high class and most wanted geisha. His seductive attitude towards men and woman helped create a name for himself. He was graceful and luring, something that shone through his dancing, social skills, and other party activities that he performed in. Almost all other geishas and maikos a like cared for him and treated him with respect. When he was a maiko himself, he was given the Kaida or Little Dragon. His older sister had given it to him, knowing that he would use the name proudly. Now that he was one of the elite geisha in Kyoto, the only ones who know what he truly is are the elders of his house and some of the senior girls living with him, all swore into silence. The woman in charge of the house even forged his mizuage.

Kaida thought that he was living the life, though not one he would have ever chosen. He loved all the other girls like family and it showed when he would be a great hostess and allow others to shine in his spotlight from time to time. He just never knew that he his secret would be found out so easily by one the men that adored him.

(Looking for a male to find out his secret and use it against him.)

Name: Asra
Age: Appears 24
Hair/eye: Red, Red, though use to be hazel
Height: 5'5"
Personality: Very warm personality. Always trying to smile and make others happy around her. Has a very sexual feel to her, but being that she is an Arabian dancer it is understandable. Asra appears weak and breakable but only so that men will enjoy her more. Deep down she is a wild cat with her own teeth and claws and stubborn as hell. Though have those characteristics doesn't bring in costumers that she is willing to entertain.
Background: Asra can remember a time before all the technology now a days. When men relied on horses and birds to get things done quickly or send messages to others. She was been before the crusades hit her lands in the Middle East, when the people there still feared the stories that were told on dark nights. Since her family was relatively poor they sold her to a betrothal/dancer house. There she learned the ways of the dance and how to entertain a man properly. As she became older her beauty gave her a reputation and it wasn't long before she had enough money to life comfortably and her most value costumers were Royalty. One day when she was entertaining a certain king one of his guests too a little bit too much interest in her. Cornering her in the hallway one day he tried to force himself onto her. Fighting back she didn't realize that the male was a genie and everything went wrong from there. By accident she wounded the genie and he became outraged. So he cursed her to immortality and every hundred years he would come by and have his way with her because she was forced to follow every order that he had given her. As times changed Asra still danced from time to time, but she has grown bored with live. Now she seeks something to keep her attention, even if it is dangerous.
Other: Modern appearance- her hair is long almost to her waist. Has her ears full of earrings and tattoos all over her body.

(Mainly looking for a genie for her. )

Abanddon and Muriel
It was a strange occurrence in Heaven to have twin angels. It made them both stronger and weaker at the same time, since their powers where connected in the most intimate way. One couldn't exist without the other and what one felt or did the other acted upon it. None could tell them apart for they both had the same white hair that was almost like the color of snow on earth and the same pale blue eyes that seemed to glow with a inner light of hope and innocence. Their wings were white with a dusting of black spots, their bodies held the same lean almost frail look to it. They were the angels of Innocence and Hope, their powers and minds so perfectly in sync that they couldn't even tell who was what. Since it didn't matter to them, they just acted together for almost everything.

That was until Lucifer fell from grace taking many angels with him to the depths of hell. It was on that day that Muriel of the kinder and shyer of the two brothers lost his other half forever. His name was taboo and eventually forgotten, his demon name becoming his true name. Abanddon...destroyer of the world, hope and everything that stood before him. During his time in hell the older brother had changed for the worse since his other half wasn't there to balance him out. His moods became unpredictable, his temper and ideas of fun made even the strongest stomachs turn in disgust. Abanddon had embraced his new life all in the sick hope that it would seep into his brother's psyche and change him forever.

Abanddon had lost his angelic look and now took on the appearance of a taller, well muscled male. His hair had turned black, curving horns grew from his head and his eyes turned the color of blood. He was cruel and vicious doing everything in his power to taint what little goodness was left in his brother Muriel. Even today angels give Muriel space because it seems as though he has two different personalities, a sign that it was working. With each evil deed that his brother did Muriel fell more and more into the abyss, unwilling to fight to get his light back. It felt as though two people lived in his head and it drove Muriel slightly crazy. 

(This can go two ways. I can play both characters and interact with yours or you can chose one character and I will do the other. )

Otto Graysen
Name: Otto Link Graysen
Age: 25
Birthday: April 13th
Height: 5'7"
Hair: White blonde hair
Eye color: light grey
Appearance: Dresses pretty fancy most of the time. He likes to be well dressed even if he is just laying around his apartment. Almost every time he goes out he is in some sort of business suit, or suit attire. When he wants to be casual he wears nice dress slacks (never jeans), a dress shirt or nice long sleeve shirt in a solid color. He usually only wears blacks, grays, and white, sometimes a splash of color here and there.
Personality: Serious, but can be mischievous when he feels like it. Very sweet and caring to those who are close to him, but he gets jealous easily. He is one of those that doesn't forgive very easily. Some of his friends believe that he is a stick in the mud.
Background: Works as the top account of one of the top businesses in the country. Otto works hard to keep his position and tries not to flirt with the staff. He came from a wealthy family and to college at Yale. It was a strange for him to go to such a college for his degree, but it was tradition for all males to go to that school. He was the youngest son of 5 children and his family was very loving. He doesn't keep it a secret that he is gay, but it's not public knowledge. He lives alone in a decent apartment in the city, top level of course.
Hobbies: Reading, doing math, watching horror movies and spending time with his three cats and one dog.

August and Fredrick
Name: August and Fredrick Nyx
Age: 18
Height: 5'8"
Hair/Eye: Dirty Blond with amber eyes.
Personality: August is the more serious of the two brothers. He still has the mischievous and wild side to him, it is slowly becoming buried beneath the weight of the responsibilities from his family. It also has to do with his special powers. Fredrick is more wild of the two, full of fire and wildness that can hardly be contained. It is like night and day with the twins. August is more reserved, silent and calm, having the patience to wait all an eternity before he acts on something. Fredrick is untamed and a bit harsh, wanting things down fast and his way. The two brothers love each other deeply.
Background: The twins where born into a family of psychics, their powers even more rare than the family them selves. Each member of their family is able to use basic psychic abilities, though all of them have a specialty that is higher in power than all other. This is call their cardinal power and it's power is off the charts. Their family is kept secret from the world and their power is used by all forms of governments for the right price. Their family owns a large business which is a setup to hide their real business deals.
Other: Fredrick is a cardinal Tk-V, meaning that he has the ability to transport himself anywhere in the world. August is a cardinal Psychometry, meaning he can gain information and memories from the things he touches.
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