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Author Topic: A few ideas (M looking for female)  (Read 265 times)

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A few ideas (M looking for female)
« on: September 13, 2015, 03:35:29 PM »
I am in need of a few more stories. I have a few rough ideas that I would like to discuss and hopefully write with a interested female co writer. Pm me if interested. We can discuss details through Pm.

1.A shade of her former self: I would like to do as story where my co writer plays as a hologram. I had the  idea of the male character lost love being killed but preserved as a computer program that he can interact with via a hologram. The story would have action as he would be stranded on a alien world or perhaps even a futuristic setting of earth. The hologram would eventually gain enough sentience and would perhaps become real through building a body(perhaps a android or robot) . there would be romance as well as tension as the main character goes through trials of survival while also trying to cope with being alone and unable  actually  touch the one he loves even though she is therein spirit through the marvels of technology.

this can go several ways depending on what the co writer wants to do. I am open to several possibilities.

2.My girlfriend is from dimension X: This one can go several ways depending on how serious you want to go. Basically either through mistake or be it it by design, my character ends up summoning a being from another dimension. How alien and or humanoid or lack there of is up for discussion. The story would basically be  that she becomes trapped in the modern world and has to learn how to live on earth and still have a relationship with the human that brought her there.

Also another way it could go would be that she takes him back to her dimension or perhaps she is a princess or other important person on her world and he has to adapt to being with her as well as surviving in the new environment.

TAKEN 3. Apocalypse road: The world has ended through a plague of zombies or monsters. Humanity hangs on by a thread. A masked survivor finds the female character in danger( how is up for discussion) and pulls her from the grips of death. Both are emotionally and mentally scarred in their own ways  but  slowly bond as they learn about each other while they travel the broken, devastated, and dangerous roads of what is left of the US while fighting off the denizens that seek only to kill and or eat them.

4.A glitch in the system: He was a side kick fresh out of the academy. He had done his best to be as helpful as well as resourceful as sidekicks were supposed to be to their superhero/oine counterparts. Graduation day came and he eagerly awaited the day when he would be assigned his Superhero. Only problem is, the machine that pairs all applicants had a glitch and has paired him with the most nefarious villain in the city. What does he do? What will the vile villain do once they learn he was assigned to them? He knows his life may be in grave danger?

This can go several ways but I thought of it more as a story of him being corrupted eventually by the villain and becoming evil. Or maybe its more of a comical thing. It is up for discussion.

Anyways those are my ideas. Might be a few more as time goes. Pm me if anyone is interested or has questions. These are just barebones ideas and am welcome to  feedback. Thanks
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Re: A few ideas (M looking for female)
« Reply #1 on: September 14, 2015, 03:52:14 PM »
idea 2 is very interesting to me