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Author Topic: What is it to be man? (A Pathfinder-esque Monster Story)  (Read 838 times)

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Offline Quinz128Topic starter

What is it to be man? (A Pathfinder-esque Monster Story)
« on: April 12, 2016, 03:03:53 AM »
Edit: I am keeping my previous post here, as a discriptor for what I wanted originally. Though I still desire the creature I originally made this post for (a kobold) I have my fix going to get scratched, but still am interested in this kind of RP. SO! I am opening it to any 'evil' monster-creature: not just Kobolds. So could be Gnolls, Orcs, Ogres, Trolls, even crossing to some demons or devils if you so want, but it will be in a more Pathfinder/D&D world.

I have this craving to just play a more traditional type kobold that gets displaced and picked up by one of the more humanoid races. This is very open in terms of the roles the characters play off one another, the sex of either character and what species the non-kobold it but here is the general idea: In a more D&D/Pathfinder World there are various creatures. The gods of the Good Spectrum generally create the fair-races, Humans, Elves, Halflings, Gnomes, Dwarves, etc, and with it, give the gift of free will to them to travel and be how they see fit. The gods of the Evil spectrum generally give no such freedom to their creations, inside the mind they are tainted with a fault. A pertinacity for violence, deceit and treachery except where it would benefit them. Orcs, Ogres, Trolls, Gnolls and various other 'Always Evil' Races are such creatures and are considered irredeemable in the eyes of the vast majority. And to an extent, they are right. It is not merely a culture, it is the very nature the Gods reinforce.

In this setting, Kobolds are very much the same. They were given life by a greedy god, who used them as a way to get further wealth, a dragon-god who had been long-forgotten, by now, but who still has their influence linger in the race, especially reinforced by their strict, cut-throat survivalist society that values the Tribe over all else - except if they have a dragon to serve. I wish to play one of these creatures with the backstory that a band of adventurers had found the dragon that the tribe of my koboldi character followed and killed it along with many of the kobolds, scattering the tribe.

The beginning of the story would be with the two characters meeting, mine having been isolated from the tribe entirely. Your character could be whatever you wish in terms of the fair-folk, including some of the more rare species from the setting if discussed. It could have been part of the adventuring party - maybe an extra sword hired for the help and going his/her separate way - or a passer-by that runs into the kobold. But either way, that character shows mercy on the kobold for whatever reason devised, as the important thing for the creature is to survive it goes through. It could be what you desire, using it as a pack-mule, slave, pity or even sexual curiosity/deviancy if so desired. But it will be a focus on character development, really, as the kobold either gives into or resists its natural urge towards evil depending on the treatment it receives.

The sexual aspects are open, if my partner even wants them involved, including the gender of the kobold and the other character as well, The kobold will have some magical powers, but nothing to be a threat - at first - and will develop it further or go more martial in combat or be completely subservient and non combatant as it sees fit and is trained/taught by the other character. It could be seen as a mentor/student story or master/slave story depending on the route of my partner's desires.

PM me or reply here, either way it fine, but will be wishing for a thread/forum RP for it. May be persuaded for PM-RP, but be aware I have limited times despite able to post in threads daily so IM RPs are quite unlikely.
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Offline Quinz128Topic starter

Re: What is it to be man? (A Pathfinder-esque Monster Story)
« Reply #1 on: April 30, 2016, 04:47:12 AM »
Bumping with edit modification opening ALL kind of 'Always Evil' Monsters, not just Kobolds.