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January 22, 2019, 10:37:30 AM

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Author Topic: Can you handle her? (F & M, Possibly long-term?, Private Message RP)  (Read 591 times)

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Offline CriptikaTopic starter

Hello, I see you've stumbled across my corner of E. Well met.

Note: I'll more than likely be editing this page repeatedly so new things may be appearing/old things disappearing over time.

I am looking mainly for a long-term roleplay with (hopefully) a long-term partner. I don't have tons of free time so long-term, private message roleplays are preferred.

I appreciate detail, thought, and post length. I'm by no means a novelist, but I do want some effort put forth in each post. My scenario suggestions are somewhat vague and open to interpretation, alteration, and addition as you see fit. If you see something you like but wish to change, I am open to doing so.

Also! I am open to exploring new kinks. Suggest something and I'll tell you if I'd like to try it or not. Don't be offended if I say no, however. I have my limits.

Possible Scenarios

Modern Setting

~ Sera is illustrating a graphic novel of an aspiring writer and the two of them begin sleeping together unbeknownst to the writer’s significant other. Sera doesn’t know the writer has a girlfriend/wife.

~Sera is modeling nude for your character's photography or fine art; drawing, painting, etc. The modeling session turns hot and heavy. Possible age difference here.

~It's karaoke night at the local dive bar. Sera sings her heart out and wins your attention. What comes next is up in the air.

~ Sera is vacationing in a foreign country, loses her luggage and is stranded completely. Meets your character; your character can either be friendly with good intentions or perverted. If he/she is a perv, sexual favors for help are requested.

~ A major natural disaster hits the United States; hurricane, earth quake, etc, creates widespread damage and chaos. A game of survival. Or, the outbreak of war/invasion of the US from foreign country; Sera is made a PoW.

~ Sera and your character are on a plane across the ocean and it goes down. A handful of people survive and wash onto an undiscovered island, a la Castaway or even Lost. More of a group roleplay

Fantasy/Sci-FI meets Modern Scenario

~ Modern day American city; humans live among the paranormal; vampires, lycans, zombies, ghosts, demons, angels, monsters of your choosing. Think Anita Blake Vampire Hunter if that rings a bell


~ Seraphina is a mage of the high order. She is also a scholar. She spends her time traveling between coastal cities, working to expand her magical knowledge. She meets a rival magic user that challenges her abilities.

~ Phina is a monk; she fights with her hands and feet, no weapons. She's a high ranking competitor in her cities warrior guild and often wins against other fighters larger than her. You'd play her mentor. (Possibly F/F)

Main Character

~Serapina Li~

Height: 5’2”
Weight: 120lbs
Body Type: Curvy and semi-muscular
Skin Tone: Cinnamon
Eye Color: Hazel
Hair Color: Coppery auburn
Age: 23

Specific Kinks:

~ Uniforms; cop, soldier, business suit
~ Biting, hair pulling, and scratching to the point of pain and leaving marks
~ Public sex; fear of being caught
~ Power plays; dom with dom
~ Neko wear; tails, cat ears
~ Leash and collar; master and slave
~ Oral; giving and receiving
~ Teasing
~ Non consensual; mild bondage
~ Age play; your character is 10+ years older than Sera

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