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Author Topic: DETAIL - DEPTH - DEBAUCHERY || Mixed Plot & Smutt Ideas || F for M character(s)  (Read 5034 times)

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Offline Alive Until DeadTopic starter

Mixed Plot & Smutt Ideas
  • PLEASE take a look at my O/O BEFORE messaging me.
  • Also, not a bad idea to gander at my RECENT POSTS, to see the level and style of descriptive RP I write with and prefer.
  • PM me if interested in discussing something here, on my O/O or of your own creation!
  • When messaging me, please give it a SUBJECT related to why you're messaging me
  • Also be specific about your interest with me, or at least that you're not sure but you're interested, if that's the case.
  • If I don't like an idea, I almost always offer a counter idea to accommodate both our tastes!
  • Though I may play more than one character in a story, I make that choice, and I typically still focus on one as my main.
  • I do not mind play partners who can only post once or twice a week-- That may be me if life gets busy.
  • Likewise, I'm also thrilled to find a partner who can post once a day or every other day-- which is me when I'm on a roll  ;D
  • To be clear, YOUR gender as a player, does not matter to me for play compatibility, as long as you enjoy playing men, these ideas might be for you!
    • Questions, clarifications, concerns etc, all welcome.

This is a random collection of plot and smutt play ideas, for which I have no set character in mind for, or even all the details fleshed out yet. Some are just concepts of a notion of something I want to play, others are more well rounded and even very specific ideas. Just because one is geared toward plot, does not mean character chemistry and tension can't loop in elements of sexual intimacy and possibly "romance", you may have to see how it plays out or discuss your desires from the beginning, with me. Below these are more detailed and thought-out plots. 


////////////////////////////// Medieval-Realistic *updated 6/4/16 \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\
  • #1-- Stow Away--  she's fairly young but been running long enough to be able to sneak on a suspect trading vessel, and bold enough to do it, even though it's full of men who'd just as soon throw her over than have the bad luck of a woman on board. Can she stay hidden and still manage to steal their food enough to survive the journey? If she's discovered, will they pitch her over or fight one another to try to get their hands on her? Will she fight, or will she swim?
  • #2-- ROME -- a woman from one of the conquered villages was brought in to be auctioned as an exotic house(sex)-slave, only, as soon as she realized why they'd taken her and why she was in chains, she rebelled. Three men where dead before anyone could even get a good hold of her, bending her back over the auction block, the men who got her down where ready to slit her throat when another man called out a price, far higher than anyone there thought she was worth. He saved her life, but not because he was looking for a new house slave, he was going to make her ready to fight the Gladiators, and then he was going own Rome.
  • #3--SET UP: The Assassin --
    Known in the lore of every major land/kingdom, as The Luvinak, said to be an assassin that cannot die, and reaps in the pitch of night; only to be called upon in times of great injustice, employed through a very specific dead-drop location of a hallowed out tree trunk in the blackwood forest. A King who took the crown at a young age, was known for being just, until he and his advisory got on the topic of "The Luvinak" and made a bet. A bet which blew up into a six year conspiracy and charade that nearly lost him the crown, and his head along with it! Over the course of six years he painted himself the picture of a man succumbing to madness, a Mad King was never good for anyone, and when his people where ready to rebel, he had his adviser drop his name on a scroll, written in blood, down the hallowed trunk of the tree, and waiting. With fire troughs installed during his "Mad Reign" he was ready to light any room or hallways of the castle, to see whoever might come as the fabled Luvinak.  He wasn't expecting a woman, the apparent decedents of a long line of assassins who took that name.
  • #4-- uh... your idea?

///////////////////////// Modern-Realistic *updated 6/4/16 \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\
  • #1-- Hijacked -- A Billionaire has his driver take him to a seedy part of the city to handle some personal affairs, when he returns to the dark, tinted window sedan and gets in, he's pushed across the seat by a woman, with a gun, who'd been shot. She looked normal enough-- beautiful even with the lethal glare and naked puffy eyes like she hadn't slept in days-- jeans, converse, bloody tank-top... it quickly became clear it wasn't a robbery, she was looking for an escape route. "He drives or you die," where the only words she spoke as the bullet-proof door closed behind her. 
  • #2-- Not Your Typical Heiress -- a 100% genetically donated baby girl grew up the only heir to one of the biggest formerly-undocumented fortunes ever recorded. A computer genius and technological savant, she chose to buy an old shipping yard, where she had a ship docked and modified with 134 shipping containers which made up the maze of her windowless, bunker of a home. Regardless of her extremely reclusive nature, she has to have contact with someone to help her manage (meet) contractors and be her line to the outside world. So she starts accepting applications for an "executive assistant" with military and negotiation experience...
  • #3-- The Ward -- a young woman with a violent and tragic past, is on the verge of heading down a dark path that can't be turned back from. A very wealthy man learns of this, of her case, her history, and how no one seems able or willing to put up with, or keep up with her. Out of curiosity, personal interest and perhaps attraction, and a little compassion, he agrees to take legal custody of her, supporting and providing for her at his estate on a remote Island. (( For this play, I'd definitely like age-play of 15+ years, the main focus should be developing their relationship of trust and character evolution as they learn from one another. As far as the specifics of her past go, yes I have ideas, but it's all negotiable and open for discussion! So please, let me know your ideas!))
  • #4-- Your idea?

///////////////////// Medieval-Supernatural/Fantasy \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\
  • #1-- THE SEER --
      it's been known since her birth, that she would develop abilities to see probable futures... in the grand scheme of the world, but also with respect to individuals, so she was locked away and kept under strict guard until she hit puberty and her abilities took root, getting stronger and more refined by the day, every time she was forced to use it. ((No idea what plot to actually put with it, but it was an idea/thought that came to mind.))
  • #2-- A Reason To Live --
    A General has won every battle set before him, but the most recent one cost him all his men, either to plague, war or dark magics. He's lost his reason to continue and isn't sure he wants to fight anymore. Under the down pour of a lightening storm, washing away the blood of the fallen, he pleads for a reason to live. From the rain sprouts a woman in strips of cloth for clothes, half light, half dark like she came from the battles of good and evil-- holding the metal cased scroll out to him. When he gripped it's center he raised his broad sword in warning, an act which got him struck by lightening-- the energy channeling through the mystic object to her, binding her to him and the scroll... until it's completion, when it would turn to dust and she could return from whence she came.
  • #3-- The Amber Cave -- someone, somewhere, some time used magic to trap a bunch of people over thousands of years, in amber (Like from Fringe...) suspending them in time. On some level they have a vague awareness of being trapped, but otherwise have no concept of time and are simply frozen. Someone, one day, finds it, and figures out the magic that bound them and a way to bring someone out of the amber, alive...
  • #4-- Viking Wolfblood --
    ... Inspired by Norse/Viking culture and the show called "Wolfblood," in this idea this woman is young, 16-18 and just coming into her Wolfblood abilities. Her family was killed in a fire when she was too young to remember, and she's since been "the village orphan." There are many Wolfbloods in the area, most dense in the more secluded cultures of raiders and hunters, and it isn't until she starts her first transition, that they know about her, and that she's the one legends say will unite the packs as one; something some Wolfbloods don't want, some do, and humans get caught in the middle of. I would like someone to play a male Wolfblood, could be Alpha of his pack or a trusted hand to the alpha, or a loner, in either case he should be FOR uniting the packs, and keeping her safe. All other details I'd like to discuss, come up with and agree on together! So PM me . xD
  • #5-- Give me an idea!

////////////////////////Modern-Supernatural/Fantasy *updated 6/4/16\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\
  • #1-- The Vigilante --
      -- She and her little sister where sold like property into a sex-ring. Her younger sister didn't make it because she hadn't matured into her power yet, so her older sister does what she can to save other girls like her and her sister, and punish the men who've treated them like slaves... Her latest mark however, turns out to be an undercover cop trying to bring down the men in charge of it all. 
  • #2-- Guardian Angel --
    she was sent from the Heavens to watch out for, and protect a mortal man destined for great power, power meant to save humanity. At first, he has no idea she's even there, thinking his near death experiences where just good fortune, rather than destiny or divine intervention. A decade of his life like that, from the age of 23 when he started coming up on the radar of other supernaturals bent on killing him. Developing minor abilities like heightened intuition and increased situational assessment-- until he turned 33 and he developed the ability to see her, and other supernatural creatures past their facades...
  • #3-- Dance of the Devil --
    He was trying to summon a demon, he got the Dance of the Devil instead...
  • #4-- BAIT --
    Inspirational Image
    -- She was born a long time ago, and when she matured, she also developed an ability which allows her to heal, even after a lethal wound. She can't die as far as she knows and as such, uses her ability to hunt supernatural monsters... using herself as bait more often than not. Could be a scenario where the "thing" she's after is a man who changes her perspective on "monsters" or another hunter who's hunting her, or thinks she's a victim in need of saving...
  • #4-- Got an idea?

/////////////////////////// Sci-Fi/Fantasy  \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\

  • #1-- Age of the Dinosaur --A Jurassic Park type deal where  smugglers and the sort brought too many to various mainlands and they got out of control. Killing billions of humans and taking over the planet over the course of a few hundred years, the last of which human populations have been making a comeback, and sending scouts out to try to make contact with other populations to rebuild human civilization.   
  • #2-- Tomb Raider-ish --
    not sure what I want to play with this exactly, other than my own version of the character...
  • #3--Predator Game Preserve -- with a twist.. in this idea there's a humanoid alien culture that's preparing to invade human worlds, Earth specifically, and they've made a deal with the Predator collective to train their soldiers/agents on the preserve in a kill-or-be-killed fashion by dumping them on the planet with the other "game" to survive, if they can. I prefer your character be humanoid also, even if human/predator hybrid of some kind... We can discuss details and preferences!
  • #4-- The Diamond Fae --
    .. She's a rare creature of which fables like "Genies" that grant wishes, though that isn't how her powers actually work. She's an amplifier, her presence brings out and amplifies what's already there. Supernaturals get stronger, their senses even more keen and so on, often allowing those who are able to either gain her favor or bind her to them, to go after and obtain what they want. In this play, I'd like the man who finds the diamond she resides in, to have done so on accident, not knowing what he has at first ..
  • #5--.. more to be added..

///////////////////// Futuristic/Sci-fi \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\
  • #1-- Deadshot --
    Soldier of some kind, never been known to miss, not afraid to get bloody... that's all I got.
  • #2-- Recon Mission to Guvar -- a brilliant scientist and engineer is sent on a solo mission out to deep space to check out another planet believed to be capable of sustaining human life. By the whim of some deal maker, the planet was dubbed "Guvar" and thus the seven year Recon Mission to Guvar began, not having any idea just how much life could actually be found there.... 
  • #3-- Amnesiac Hope -- there's a
    The Bourne Legacy style perhaps, with Jeremy Renner, but in the future with the offspring born enhance or some such.
    , your character, who is pretty much the best there is in the fleet of whatever army/armada etc. He has been since he joined up almost twenty years ago, but then this hot-shot young woman pops up, and no one will shut up about how she's beaten a few of his records and might even be as good or better than him; like he cares, because it's never been about being better than others, just his best self. Alas, in all the chatter, he's also heard about how cold she is, like a machine, pointing out the biggest difference between them-- besides gender. Just as some kind of big threat arises, that requires the two of them to work together to save humanity... or that faction, the young woman is injured out on a mission during an ambush. Not only is she the only survivor, but she has amnesia and can't even seem to remember who she is. It's been tasked to him, all favors pulled to get him to agree, to get her battle ready in ten days, or all hope may be lost, because he wont be able to do it without someone who can keep up, and she's the only one who's come so close. (I expect him to enter the arrangement begrudgingly, ready to hate her a little, even with the amnesia because he's going to find the idea of re-teaching someone a bit tedious at first. Yes, I expect him to be late thirties to mid forties, and she can be anywhere from a shocking sixteen to the more appropriate twenty-something (Up to you!) Furthmore, I expect it will occur to him at some point, that while her mind may have forgotten, her body hasn't, and he uses her muscle memory to force her to remember-- like attacking her and letting her reflexes show her she can do it. We can discuss when he'll think of this, be it when he first meets her and tests the theory right off, or because of something during their first meeting that gives him the idea. )
  • #4--.. more to be added..

//////////////////////////////Strictly Post Apocalyptic \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\
  • #1-- Young Sniper
    I admit, I have no idea what the premise of "The Last Of Us" is besides post-apoc, that said, this picture gave me the idea of a post apoc world of some kind, where there's a young woman who has the sniping skills of a seasoned shooter from before the apocalypse, somewhere in a desert like area, there's a large old building like a small shopping mall,with an old gas station on the other side of the road that splits them apart. Around them is open desert and further still, mountains and more desert. Most notable is the ring of dead bodies marking a perimeter of a little over 300 yards around the plaza, as if someone's been shooting anyone that came that close, to intentionally stack the bodies in warning....
  • #2-- Two is a crowd -- in a world where aliens or some other supernatural has taken over the world, hunting and killing humans to ensure they wont ever rule the planet again. In this reality, the conquerors and smell humans, especially when they're in groups. Some even believe any combined human scents are too dangerous, leaving them to a life of solitude. Others risk bunkers with special filtration and scent nuetralizers created in secret since before the human extinction began. In this idea, there's a woman who's lived most of her remembered life alone, and knows it to be the only way to survive. There's a man, who actually comes from an underground bunker that has remained undiscovered (through advance technology of some kind) since the invasion began, despite housing a few hundred people. Obviously, they cross paths and for the sake of showing her a better way of living, he tries to take her back.. or maybe she gets knocked out at some point and wakes up there... 
  • #3-- Dirty Thirty -- Inspired by the show "The 100" this is a plot where humanity's last hope has been living on a massive space station with dying resources and failing systems, waiting for Earth to be hospitable again. In a more extreme take, most of the prisoners sent are criminals like killers, rapists and those considered criminally insane or violent, of course because there where only so many of those, there where a few lessor criminals sent down, like thieves and population violators. I'm cool playing either a native, because yes I like there being "grounders" or one of the 30 sent down to see if Earth is hospitable.
  • #4-- your idea?


//////////////////////// Seduction/Passion/Romance \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\
  • #1-- The Ranch -- Don't know what I want to play but yes this would be like a horse ranch or cattle ranch. I don't even care if she's the one who owns it/works it and he's a stranger, or the other way around, I just love the idea of a seductive, passionate coupling on a ranch. Something unexpected and roleplayed into naturally. Shoot me ideas!
  • #2-- -- Begrudged Savior -- a woman (we can discuss if she's dangerous and got overwhelmed, or ill skilled and didn't have a chance) gets caught in the middle of a brutal group of men who seem help bent on beating the shit out of her and stripping all her clothes off, even though none of them seem interested in trying to rape her. Your guy doesn't really know what's going on and doesn't want to get involved (you can decide why) but considering they'll probably kill her painfully if he doesn't, he steps in and saves her. She complicates things, when she tells him he can't take her to a hospital or they'll kill her, and then passes out. Yes the idea of this is that he takes her home or some place "safe" to see how bad the damage is (we can discuss) and go from there depending on how much you want to play out before the intimate one on one, we can discuss starting points. 
  • #3-- Prisoner of War -- A very dangerous woman has been captured and naturally most of the men want to rip into her; in part because she's stunning and exotic, but also because she's killed a lot of their men and even as a prisoner, tries to cut them down with the sharpness of her tongue. It's these attributes however, and his own doubts about the side he fights for, which attract him to her, your character. As such, he asserts his dominance among the men, by protecting her while she's in their custody, challenging them to go through him to get to her....
  • #4-- Exotic Housekeeper --
    ... An elderly man with more money than he ever knew what to do with, was dying and confined to a wheelchair when he hired a woman he'd seen in a grocery store, to help him keep up with his house, which was big enough to be a mansion. He was charming, honest and she needed the money so she agreed, with skepticism. It didn't take long for her to realize he just wanted the company, and the eye-candy, because he'd lost his sons to different branches of the military and Government and his wife to the bottle. He told her many stories about his sons, some of them a bit fantastical, but she humored him. She also humored him in cleaning his house and chatting with him in nothing more than lingerie and high-heels. Despite his obvious desire to look at her and watch her body move, he was always a gentlemen, to the day he died almost two years later. He left everything to her, which was a surprise, but not half as surprising as finding one of his son's in the house after his funeral... 
  • #4-- Got an idea?!

/////////////////////////Strictly Supernatural/Sci-Fi *updated 6/4/16\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\
  • #1-- Hunter Hunted -- a man who's been hunting his whole life, born of a long line of supernatural hunters, comes across a creature no one's seemed to have even heard a whisper about; but he's seen it, her, almost got killed by it when it seemed they where going after the same target, though it looked more like she was looking to capture it some how. A predator hunting prey that looked every bit like a gorgeous young woman with pearly, almost glowing, white skin, maybe a teenager, but far faster, more agile and stronger than anything he'd seen before. Hurtling him and another creature in opposite directions with the impact of her palm which -- to him, felt like she was ripping his soul right out of his body and ramming it back in when he hit the wall. He'd gotten a good enough look at her to see her cosmic eyes, but blacked out before he could even tell which way she'd went. She could have killed him, but she didn't, and now, he realizes she's hunting him... (Before I go into how this can and probably will take a intimate and sexual turns, we should discuss the hunter. :-D)
  • #2-- Angel Juice --
    a cult has summoned an angel to steal her power, but she's a little too powerful for them to keep a hold on, especially since they don't really know what divine powers they're messing with. Unfortunately her battle to escape left her weak, too weak in fact, to hide her wings from being seen by mortals. In an attempt not to be seen while she heals, she finds a cemetery to rest in, only there's a groundskeeper there who can actually feel her presence and see the faint glow of her power, especially when she makes eye contact with him ... (I like the idea he's a fallen angel maybe, doesn't remember ever being one, and she doesn't really know he ever was one.. we can discuss the possibility of her finding out, after we've played enough or discussed enough of the "him" she may remember/know. In any case, I do imagine some means of instant attractions, so if I need a new pic of inspiration, let me know!)
  • #3--Traveler --
    She has the ability to travel from one reality to another, through space and time; her attire is intentionally revealing because in most cases it's been proven to reduce unnecessary death of these ambassadors and observers. In this plot, she's gone rogue-- more interested in experiencing new things herself, seeing what she wants to see, and living where she wants to live. In her jumping, she finds herself in a bunker of some kind... with only one man inside ... (we can discuss the rest of the details!)
  • #4-- Alien Passion --
    * please note, I know nothing about that actual alien woman, but I do want to play a blue alien woman who's either sent as a peace offering, to the captain, or perhaps an ambassador who's taken a strong fancy to a specific man where-ever she's gone....

///////////////////////// Taboo/Unlikely Pairings  (UPDATED: 7/30/16) \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\
  • #1-- Convict + Law --(humiliation/degradation not welcome; could be modern, future or medieval) she allegedly escaped solitary confinement of a maximum security prison, of which she was said to have been locked up almost a decade. In the three days she's been out she's gotten an impressive distance, but not far enough to get beyond the watchful eye of a well informed officer/soldier. This man spots her, hunts her and captures her, not expecting her to be quite as much trouble as she is. Whilst holding her and waiting for someone else to come pick her up, they end up in a struggle, in her attempt to use her feminine wiles to distract him to escape for freedom once more, she actually finds herself clipping her own reigns and unbrideling long pent up passions. (Give me an idea to the guy you want to play and time setting when you message me about this one please!)   
  • #2-- Daughter + Protector -- She could be the daughter of a President, King, Emperor, etc... someone "important" who would require she be protected 24-7. She'd be 16-18 years old and too willful not to have talked her father into making it just ONE highly skilled and trusted protector to shadow her, instead of a full detail. Especially since she's hit puberty and began to appreciate the subtitles of dressing to her femininity. It's hard enough not to feel awkward about doing it around one man, but she refused to go through her maturing evolution under the watchful eyes of many men, all the time. Though this may read like the beginnings of a Romance, I'm not against this trustworthy man having an unknown side that is sexually aggressive and increasingly hard for him to keep at bay even watching her do the simplest things. While it's not in the "NC" section for a reason, I'm okay with him pushing her into it if that arouses you (it arouses me too!) but if not, I do see her getting more curious and more brave as she gets to know and trust him herself.
  • #3-- Employee + Boss -- I'm not really into the office sort, if you couldn't tell, I'm more of an action-adventure gal, so I imagine them as... Commanding Officer and Soldier, or Team Leader and Field Scientist, Bounty Hunter and his Investigative Assistant... In the other cases I'd be willing to play the female as the "Boss" though I'd like to discuss your comfort level playing him as the aggressor in any of the pairings--  again, I don't mind playing a sexually aggressive/passionate woman. For extra kink, if we can do age play with a younger woman in any of the scenarios, that'd be awesome (yes, even a younger female Boss!)
  • #4--Incest -- Yep, if you're really curious, I can explain why this kink appeals to me.. Ahem, anyroad, I don't have a specific idea, but I do kind of have parameters for how I like to play it. 1)They're either estranged or more like "friends" with the relationship they do have be it older brother or father (not currently considering any mother/son or older sis/brother scenarios.) 2) We create a scenario or situation which puts them in frequent contact and proximity.. like being locked up somewhere, Post Apoc and Space are prime settings to accomplish this, but feel free to get creative (Surprise Blizzard during a cabin trip?) 3) While I very much enjoy playing the sexual curious and easily aroused young woman, I do prefer he be the lead, even if done so in baby steps just to prompt her. Like, if he gets aroused and notices her looking at it, being aroused by it, he's bold enough to give her permission to touch it, if she wants. Or even go so far as to lean into her and rub it between her thighs, whether she's clothed or not, etc. I promise, once the bar is set (they have sex for the first time) she will get increasingly bold with her own sexual desires; which we can discuss as far as any kinks you have I can play into with her!
  • #5-- Nun + Soldier
    -- This is a seduction/passion idea as much as an unlikely/taboo pairing-- even if there will be NC elements. Could be Modern, Medieval, and either with supernatural/fantasy, whatever you're comfortable with & want to play. Which means I want to discuss. The gist of what I considered, was that he is alone and seeking refuge-- maybe from war, maybe from a storm, maybe just from a long travel through no-where. Could be the convent is occupied by many nuns and she is but one, or could be it's been deserted-- via war, and she's the only one left. I welcome your ideas and encourage you to have an idea for the man you'd like to play, even if you have an idea other than soldier!
  • #6-- Werewolf + Supernatural Human - So... I'm going to be selective of my partner because this is a plot I want to try concerning fury smutt. Yes, that means I'd like to explore sex when he's shifted, we can discuss what he looks like, which kind of transformation you like playing most... The basis of the plot is that they kind of meet up on the road, unaware of what the other one is at first yet aware enough they can trust one another to watch their back as they make way to wherever. Along the way, through a bit of trouble, he, The wolf, learns that she can heal, and can take a beating unlike anything he's seen... he hasn't really allowed himself to think of her sexually until this revelation, because he'd always been worried about being too aggressive with his passion, but now he can't stop thinking about it. So he makes his first move as a human, an enhanced human but a man just the same-- if you want to take it borderline NC, he can shift during their first sexual encounter and force her to face what he is in the throes of carnal lust.. otherwise we can discuss how he reveals himself and they approach the subject of sex in his transformed state. (When PMing with this one, please have specific ideas of what you'd like to play, pictures are good too!)
  • #7-- your idea?

///////////////////////// Borderline NON-Consensual (UPDATED 7/29/16) \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\
* Let it be noted, I am not aroused by humiliation and degradation or any "use her" behavior. It's far more arousing as a man pushing a females sexual evolution, or as a base instinct and desire to breed with her-- be it a supernatural urge, or just because of the situation, circumstance, or even how long it's been for him etc. We can and will discuss "The Line" of limitations and desires as they related to the idea and characters chosen.
  • #1-- The Experiment -- a corporation/private research lab has created an enhanced human by mixing other animal genetics (Yes, Dark Angel style, and we can discuss if she has any visible animal attributes per your preference and my comfort level) and in an effort to make it more docile and controllable, it was made female. Both because he, your character, pissed someone off, and because he's qualified, he's been put on as her handler whenever she goes out on field-test missions in whatever remote location. It's half paperwork, writing how she does, and half babysitting, keeping her on task because they couldn't take out her curiosity. In a way he hates his job, but mostly he hates it because they've given him strict instructions to treat her like a prototype android or something, like she's not human-- though she is and she couldn't have been made sexier in his opinion, so one day on one of those missions, he changes the plan and introduces her to the pleasures of sex; binding her so she can't fight him in the process...
  • #2-- Found Bound -- He heard a woman scream in a frightened rage inside the abandoned building he's turned into his home off the radar. By the time he gets to where all the commotion is, they've torn or cut all her clothes off and tied her on her back, spread eagle on dusty bed. He only has to fight one of them, breaking his arm and his face in the blink of an eye, before they all shag-ass and scatter. Leaving him to deal with the woman tied to the bed with her mouth duck-tapped shut. The good man in him wants to let her go, but the threatening look in her eyes makes him want to replace it with pleasure... (Yes, I want him to take advantage, but again, not in a "use her" manner; more out of attraction and curiosity... toe the line between force and seduction I guess.)
  • #3-- Public Claim -- It's a world where women can't be out in public without a male escort under any circumstance. Being caught, can be a sentence of death or sexual slavery. In this case, a woman is out for unknown reasons and gets cornered by whoever enforces it. A passing man who doesn't really agree with the rules, has pity on her and speaks up as her escort, saying he only stepped away to relieve himself or some such. They don't really believe him and ask their relation. When he says they're lovers, the enforcers demand a public display, or they'll haul her in... (it may be possible she's been locked up so long she doesn't actually know the rules, and while she wont entirely fight him for the sake of her life, but he's not exactly given her a choice in denying him without a worse fate either.... We can discuss details!)
  • #4-- Killer Attraction --
    Inspiration for HER
    Lucia Javorcekova as the picture base?
    I have a thing for dangerous men, so in this one, the guy is a killer-- whether or not he's an Assassin, up to you, could just be a killer because of the life he's lead and the job he has, or because he's good at it and feels like someone has to do it, why not him? In any case, he's been married to his craft to the point he rarely even looks at women, simply because he's always wanted more than meaningless sex, but has never crossed a woman who spurred such desires out of him. When he has had sex in the past, it was usually a means of relieving stress or simply letting out some much needed pent up sexual tension with a woman bold and vivacious enough to arouse him. Then one day he gets a target, a woman said to be as bad as any corrupt man, but when he meets her-- to kill her, he realizes there's more to her than they or anyone else knows, and can't deny an immediate attraction, which soon turns into a burning desire to make her his. Especially when he finds out she's sexually untouched and intrigued by him enough to notice things no one else ever has... (Obviously a lot to discuss before playing, but yes this would be a seduction/force kind of erotic plot. The key note of which is the fact she's the first woman to make him want a relationship of any-kind, and that her virginity makes him feel like she's been waiting for him her whole mature life, and didn't know it-- or some such. Let me know your initial thoughts!)
  • #5-- Art of Seduction - In the modern world of this age, open sexuality is at an all time high, and while many people do participate in public orgies and literal fuck-fests, there are still those that maintain older fashioned ideals and enjoy their sexuality as a private thing for select individuals. Many of them of the elite and wealthy classes of share holders and high-skill tradespeople. Espionage had taken on a new form of seductive infiltration, where men and women are literally enhanced for providing pleasure, and picking up on sexual cues the average mind would miss. These men and women also undergo extensive training, which does eventually escalate to live subjects. In this plot, one such Cadet is up for their final test before field trials. As is protocol, a senior alumni of the program is selected to both be the subject and the evaluator, though the cadets don't know this until they finish their final test-- to pass, they must successfully seduce their subject into consensual sex, even if they do not start out that way. There is a time limit, selected specific for the cadet and subject's compatibility, and should the cadet fail to succeed by then, they fail the program and get their memories replaced to fill in a mundane role elsewhere. (I'm cool to play the senior subject who's already been through the program, or the cadet trying to seduce the subject. This is sort of a one-shot, but has potential to go further with the taboo notion the cadet is so successful, the subject plots a way to take the cadet as a personal assistant and specialist for cases of their choosing.)
  • #6-- Conversion - post-apoc or dystopian world where females aren't as many as males and most females are kept well protected and on one side of an extreme or the other-- treated like goddesses, or like slaves. In this plot, there is a lone female that hunts in a particular forest. A few men have caught sight of her, but no one has gotten close enough to capture her, and enough men have died just looking for her, that the majority of men only look to avoid her. Your Character has hunted the same forest almost as long as she's been around. They've crossed lines of sight a number of times, but always managed to be peaceful in going their own ways. This time however she hunts and attacks him like he's no longer welcome in the forest, and though he may not succeed unscathed, he manages to best her, and normally would kill her, but she's a she and not only is he attracted to her, he can tell she only wants to kill him because she grew up in a world where men were to be feared. The idea of being able to cultivate a woman's sexuality to his preferences, appeals to him as much as the desire to be the man that shows her being a woman isn't all bad...
  • #7-- Northern Outpost - It was a forgotten outpost of a time when the world was full of advanced technological wonders, but like many things of that world, it was forgotten when wars between enhanced humans and immortals creatures tore it all down, normal humans taking the brunt of the death tolls, but no species survived without heavy losses. The wars were so bloody, and so full of death, only two generations later, and few even heard the history, they just heard wild stories about what had been and why it was as it was now. Someone from that outside world, knowing or unknown of what they found, crosses this seemingly untouched Northern Outpost, there they find someone from the past, in a status chamber, and in waking them, they lock themselves into the Outpost, where only the survivor in the stasis can let them out. The heterosexual pair quickly realize that being from two very different worlds isn't the only complication to their situation... the survivor from the stasis pod is sexually ravenous thanks to a bit of degradation in the stasis fluid cocktail. (While I would prefer the ravenous one be the male, I'm not against playing that role where the woman is found in the pod and driven to seduce or force-herself on the man who woke her.)
  • #8-- Got an idea you think I might be interested in? PM me what you have!

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Re: DETAIL - DEPTH - DEBAUCHERY || Mixed Plot & Smutt Ideas || F for M
« Reply #1 on: September 10, 2015, 11:21:21 PM »

This section is for ideas that are VERY well thought out, with a very specific character concept, for a "special" idea.
While there are always elements to be compromised and of which I'm willing to negotiate the details of,
this section as a whole is separate and titled "Specific" for a reason. Meaning there will be elements I
wont be willing to negotiate on, which will be everything not tagged as negotiable. If you find disfavor
or taste in these things, then that plot/idea/character may not be for you. I DO NOT want to
play alternate versions of these ideas unless you think you have one that will absolutely trip my trigger.

#3 - Magic vs Evil (TAKEN) - ADDED 06-04-16 @ 10:51pm Eastern Standard Time
In Play 06-05-16 with Raziel Link Here - ON HOLD

MAGIC vs EVIL details
A recent development of previously untouched lands, stirred up a burial ground and unleashed a terrible evil upon the world. One that warnings indicate can only be defeated by "The Mother of Magic" assumed as much a myth as the evil set free from it's cage by human civilization. The only ones who're taking the threat seriously are also considered a myth in modern society, The ASH, Associate of Supernatural Hunters, some of which are paranormal themselves, having or being magic. The keepers of the truth and protectors of the unaware.

One such man is a Legacy, part of a long line of men with a blood-link to the Island of the Damned, the place said to keep the Mother of Magic caged. Only to be released when there was no other choice. It was a purpose many of the ASH members mocked him for, as they did his ancestors before him. "Training and conditioning for nothing" they said. Until now... he's the only one who can find the Island. The only one who can see it and the only one who can step foot on it without meeting an instant and certain doom.

The Legacy
  • I could give you a list of potential PB's but it's important you like the one you use.
  • He should be late twenties to early thirties in apparent age
  • Totally up to you if he's also supernatural, has magic etc. -- Due to his bloodline, her magic wont work on him directly.
  • Whoever you choose to represent him, he should be somewhat God-like in his physique because he's been preparing his whole life for the trials he's said to face on the Island-- even though he may never have actually thought it'd happen in his lifetime.
  • He may have already been engaged or wed to a woman by the ASH, to continue his bloodline.
  • The records paint a very grim picture of the Mother of Magic, making her out to be a mad-woman and man-killer, so this is what he'll mostly be expecting when he reaches the Island.
  • The setting for this can be present-day modern, or futuristic modern... in either case my character, the Mother of Magic, wont be aware of it, so you can make it up if you want!
  • I can and will make up detailed lore and specific things he might have trained for, but I would most like your input to decide together what would be the most fun contrast of what he expects to what he actually finds.
  • Yes, to be clear, he's responsible for bringing her from the Island to fight the evil we can and should also define together.

The Mother of Magic
  • She felt when the evil was released, and knows a Legacy ASH will come for her, though she doesn't otherwise know what to expect.
  • She's five-two, about 110 lbs of lean feminine flesh and meat that looks to be in her early twenties or so. She's actually thousands of years old and been alone on the Island most of that time.
  • The Island subsequently, has some modern amenities though they're a bit different because they were made from her magic and imagination. (Pool,working kitchen, bathtub, bed, etc)
  • Being alone on the Island for so long, she's pretty much a nudist who cares little for clothes except on special whims and occasions.
  • She is, by lore and all recorded recollections, the Creator of Magic and all creatures of supernatural origins.
  • The legends about her being a mankiller, spawn from the earliest days of her confinement, before the ASH made the Island disappear from everyone's sight but one bloodline.
  • She and the Island are also said to be the Origins of the Siren myths, leading men to their death in her rage for being trapped there.
  • It's also believed that her power is so great, it's the reason for the mysterious happenings in the Bermuda triangle where the Island and she are rumored to reside.
  • We can discuss what her present demeanor might be like, what would appeal to you the most (and I'll enjoy playing the most.)
  • Most important, if looking at the picture choices and the reading the basic concepts of this plot don't stir erotic notions in you, than this might not be the plot for you.

Additional Plot/Play Notes
  • A good portion of the play will be on the Island, her testing him to determine if she should go with him, as the choice is still hers.
  • I'd like it best, if even though he may be immediately and madly attracted to her, he fights it and doesn't want to be because he's worried he'll fail the mission if he gets involved with her.
  • SEXUAL TENSION should play a big part in this plot. Not just because she's not been with a man for a very long time, but in part because he's a descendant of her first and only love-- even if neither of them know it right away.
  • I will run and detail the Island while they're on it, but when they leave, you'll need to take the lead on describing the world she's entering into-- though you should have plenty of time to give it some thought.
  • If you have questions or want to suggest your own elements to this plot, please do when you contact me.
  • My time is limited to only contact me if you're okay with the possibility there may be times I don't reply for a week or two.

#5 - WELCOME TO THE JUNGLE: Timejump (TAKEN) - ADDED 06-27-16 @ 9:20pm Eastern Standard Time
Picked up by Formless, posted play thread HERE. 06/29/16 @11pm EST (On Hold)


!!!! READ ME FIRST !!!!
  • I will be playing the main/lead Female character shown in the pic above, PLUS native/jungle NPC's and one or two other supporting characters.
  • To be clear, I will be GMing the world/culture you're bringing your character into!
  • I expect my partner to play at least ONE Main/Lead Male character, with room or openess to play one or two other supporting men
  • The Jungle NPCs will be male and female, with a strong heirarchy toward female leadership, though not all leaders are women.
  • The Lead Female I play will be the "Queen of the Jungle" and ruler of those in her territory, all outsiders and invaders must face her, which will be the core of our RP's begining.
  • I DO NOT WANT a male player/character who wants to play a submissive man, or a man taken advantage of by her or the other women.. not my thing. I VERY MUCH WANT a strong male character who's intelligence and perceptive above all else (though being a hunk doesn't hurt, dangerous in his own right is even better!)
  • Expect power plays in a tug of war manner, mental and physical! Expect calculating behavior and iron-fisted rule with the dash of compassionate curiosity. Expect strong sexual tension and culture clashing!
  • PLEASE, do not contact me about this plot without considering who you want to play, or taking the time to at least skim over my O/O page. Thank you!
  • Firstly, the lead woman, Queen of the Jungles, is native to the timeline.
  • Your character/s will be the time-jumper/s who end up in her territory.
  • As an outsider, he'd be captured and brought to her-- If you'd like to play a soldier/warrior type man, I'm perfectly fine with him putting up a fight, perhaps killing many, before he goes down. Sheer numbers however, and poison darts, would be his undoing. We'll discuss this!
  • RP will begin with their first meeting! We can and will discuss how we'd like that to start off, and let it play out from there.
  • As a man (or men) from another timeline, I expect serious culture-clash, be it if he went to some distant past, or distant future, there should be some forms of technology and industrialism where he comes from. Other than that, totally up to you how advanced or unadvanced that timeline is, and whether or not you want to discuss or just throw it at me in play!
  • While not strictly sexual or designed for smutt, I do very much want to play into the strange bonds and moments where they can relate, and where they don't understand each other. I'm also totally comfortable improving an unknown language for her and her people if you're into that sort of thing-- if he learns it, then we'll just migrate to English for all dialogue from there.
{{ZANNASIN (the woman)}}

  • She is considered old and tall among women in the jungles-- around 33 years old and 5'6'' in height.
  • Women of the jungles (Laudalesh they call themselves, men are Laudalek) are known to die giving birth to a child-- Yet Zannasin has birthed 3 children (2 boys and 1 girl all considered adults now, though.. Raising children is a community affair and there are den-mothers who handle basic care, while the birth parents focus on training and teaching. So she is still their mentor as well as their leader. )
  • Zannasin rules all the jungle tribes and settles all tribe disputes as judge, jury and executioner as necessary. For those who've never met her, she's rumored to be brutal, strategic, and mystic (precieved as prophatic or legendary.) In truth, she's only brutal when she needs to be and has no special powers besides her superior genetics.
  • While the world she lives on may not have only one continent, the continent she resides on is ALL jungle and ALL her domain.
  • She never stays with the same tribe for too long, and has a personal gaurd (not responsible for her saftey, but for carring out her orders as needed.)
  • While companionship is common among the jungle tribes, especially in unity treaties, as the Queen, she is forbiden from having a companion. (Not from sex or intimacy, but she cannot be "wed" or "bonded" to anyone.)
|| THE TIME JUMPER/s (the man/men) ||
  • If you are only interested in ONE lead male character, I would prefer he be a survivalist at minimum, even if he's not really a fighter or thought of/considered dangerous.
  • If you're interested in playing up to three men who time-jump... I strongly suggest a Warrior/Soldier, a Scientist and a Wild-Card (someone who the other two may wonder why he's there) Let me know which one you consider your main, if you have one.
  • I prefer older men, that said, if you're playing multiples, one can be in his 20's, otherwise 30+ please!
  • While I'm totally down with him being intimidated by her, I do not wish him to be unafraid to stand up to her and for himself.
  • The Jungle men average 6' and are rarely taller than that, so I would love for your Main to be in the 6'2''-6'5'' range to further make him stand out among her people.
  • I can suggest pictures bases based on what you may provide me via PM, but also very much welcome you offering suggestions/options of your own, for a likeness that you think best suits your character concept.

Thank you for your interest!

#6 - STRANDED: lonely planet (Not Available Yet) - updated 07-03-16 @ 09:15AM Eastern Standard Time


Olivia OzGud was part of a science expedition as the first teenager to go into deep-space as a crew member for the mission. She was a prodigal biochemist and botanist who'd dedicated her whole live to the cause. Some speculated that she was only chosen because of the qualified women, she was the only one who was single. Some even suggested she had a relationship with the commander of the mission, though nothing was investigated or confirmed. It was a crew of two-hundred and eighty-three souls, most of them civilians and scientists, with a modest crew of military security. Unfortunately their ship never reached its destination. It was unclear what happened exactly, but everyone was told to get into their escape stasis pods and jump ship. To maximize the survival ration of a deep-space evacuation, every pod was equipped with jump-space technology, to travel further in a shorter amount of relative time. Sending all the pods in slightly different directions from every level of the ship.

Her pod and many that shot off the port-bow, jumped through space right into an asteroid field. Many of the pods were obliterated, and a few were knocked into the same trajectory, most of which would drift off into the black of space for ever. Oliva's pod and another pod were lucky enough to hit the same habitable planet on the same forest, on the same continent. While her pod opened right up as it was supposed to, the other pod had a sensor malfunction and was reading the air as toxic, thus keeping the pod closed to preserve the life inside. It took Oliva a week to scout her own landing site and determine the largest threat in the forest would be not eating anything that could poison her, which meant watching the few animals she'd seen, like birds, some reptiles, some mammals and fish, all small and in modest numbers, unafraid of her like they didn't know they should be. Like they'd never been hunted before.

After establishing some semblance of a base, a place to live near a waterfall and all the food she'd need, she set out to find the other Pod hers told her had dropped not far from her own. Both, completely unable to get a signal off the planet, beyond it's unique location within an asteroid field. A location which made for interesting skies when those floating rocks between the planet and nearest sun, caused eclipsing and strange distant dark spots within the daytime sky. When she found the other pod the name plate had been torn off in the decent, and she didn't know enough about the mechanics of it to fix the sensor and get the pod open-- though she tried for weeks. Eventually, she left it where it was, too heavy to move, and did her best to accept the fact they were probably going to die in the pod, and she was going to live, alone, until she made a mistake or died of old age.

As time passed, Olivia learned that the continent didn't get rain that often, but it did almost seem to be on a schedule every 93 solar days-- days and nights that were much longer than that of Earth. When the first year rolled by, she questioned if the planet ever saw changes in season. Questioned if it was actually moving around the sun, or stuck in the asteroid field as a rogue planet. She got her answer around the second year, when a slower moving planet, closer to the sun, came into view. It was stunning and fascinating.. until she realized the planet was going to eclipse hers and throw the forest into a cold winter. She took the time to throw dirt and moss over and around the other pod, hoping to preserve it from the freeze in the hope she'd one day know how to open it. Then she took to a cave by the waterfall she'd claimed as home, and waited it out with a small stock of dried meat and fruit. She fought with cabin fever, her own loneliness, occupying her time and mind with cave drawings, trying to remember Earth. Remember her team mates. Remember she wasn't alone, even if the other pod was still sealed, there was someone in there.

It wasn't until her second winter that Olivia all but completely gave up on the other pod. Not visiting it as often. Not thinking about how to get it open as much. It wasn't entirely lost hope, but a question of whether or not it was morally right to force them into surviving the lonely planet with her. She didn't realize she could have opened the Pod if she'd figured out how to cut the power. Nor did she know exactly how long the power of the pod would last. So after that second winter, nearly six years after their crash, the other pod lost power and sprung open to release the man inside. For him, it'd have felt like he just crashed, like the escape order had just been issued; and with her Pod long cannibalized, he had no way to know he wasn't on the planet alone... until he went exploring and caught sight of her bathing in the waterfall.

Olivia OzGud - 1st Survivor - Woman

  • When she accepted the mission, she was 16, 5'7'' and treated with mixed feelings on board the ship, which kept her in her quarters or lab more often than not.
  • NOTE:  With the unknown planets years being a little longer, she'd more accurately be around 23-25, which is also why I didn't give her a specific age, because I haven't decided on the specific ratio of difference in that planets rotation around the sun (1 solar year) and Earth's rotation in 1 solar year. Hence the "a little over 20" reference because she didn't actually keep track and doesn't know how old she is now, though it's obvious by looking at her, she's not a teenager anymore, but not old enough to be certain she's in her mid or late twenties yet.
  • Her personality before the evac, was one of soft-spoken confidence and full dedication to her work. She didn't socialize much, or make apologies toward those who felt like she didn't deserve to be there.
  • Presently, she's a little over 20, 5'8'' and more lean than she was before.
  • She knows the areas around the crash sites, but hasn't explored much beyond that.
  • She knows what to eat and what not to, and has learned how to hunt the various animals for food.
  • She has no idea the pod opened and there was a man inside who is now free...
  • She hasn't seen or interacted with another person since the evacuation.
  • Her current personality is more free, less work oriented as she's made an effort to enjoy what life she has, and learn what she can while she's there, on the slim hope she'll one day be rescued.

Unknown Name - 2nd Survivor - Man
  • I would prefer he be 30+ years old, and know of her, but never knew her, even if he'd bumped into her once or twice on the ship while they were navigating out in space.
  • His occupation is up to you! He could be another scientist, a soldier, a mechanic, a pilot.. your choice what he did on the ship, and your choice if he had any relationships on board.
  • Ideally he's at least 6' tall and was skeptic of her being on board, even if he never gave it enough thought to form his own opinion of her. Though, if you'd like to play that he'd got swept up in the rumors of her selection, I'm 100% okay with that too!
  • He wont know how much time passed, but when his pod opens, it'll be clear enough someone or something buried his pod.
  • He should have some survival skills regardless of his occupation before, because no one would have been allowed on the ship without some such training.
  • When messaging me about this plot, please let me know what thoughts you have about the male you'll be playing.

  • I'm specifically looking for a player who can play emotional themes, suspense, action, adventure, and even seduction.
  • It's super important to me, that the player of this plot be able to write descriptions which will define his personality, mannerisms, expressions, posture, and sometimes thoughts. This means I'm looking for an immersive player who wants to experience the story with me, rather than just tell me the events that happened. If you're not sure if you're an immersive RPer, you're probably not.
  • The RP itself will be slow paced, in that I want to play out as much as possible in an engaging, action-reaction sort of way.Which means posting a few actions at a time, and allowing the other player to react, then playing your own reactions from those before adding a little more forward action or dialogue. Depending on posting frequency, it could take us a month to play through the first scene, if that's too slow for your to complete one scene, this isn't the RP for you.
  • This is a survival plot, with room for 'romance/bonding' and lots of sexual tension and debauchery which will be built on genuine, role played out character chemistry.
  • Whether or not they do get rescued or picked up by aliens later in the RP, is entirely up to us as we go and decide what to throw at them.
  • Any questions, concerns or ideas you have for this plot, please let me know when you contact me. Too, be sure to check out my O/O and such, so you know who and what you're getting into play with.

*If you're not certain if you're level of immersive detail will peak my interest, please feel free to write a sample post of him waking from the pod and assessing his situation, based on the provided plot and information above. If you do this, I suggest you put serious effort into it, and not half-ass it because I will be using it to determine if I like your style of writing and detail. Otherwise, I'll use my usual assessments of your current posts and plays here on E.

#11 - ACQUIRE THIS: the relic (TAKEN) - ADDED 07-27-16 @ 08:10pm Eastern Standard Time
Taken by tobiasquestion -- posted HERE -- 08-06-16


Ashira acquires the rarest of things, but this time her client has asked for something...
dangerous and wanted by several well funded parties. His standing with her as a Client
is the only reason she agreed to find it for him, without knowing the full story about
what she was getting for him. When she does find it, she also finds out it has a different
kind of man bonded to it, a man of myth and legend thought to be just another story.

Ashira has debated her gift of finding things, pretty much her entire life. For a while, she thought she had to live one way or another, a Wine Empire Heiress, or an Acquisition Specialist. She'd been wrong, her mother guiding her on the path to both before she and her father died, leaving everything in her young but capable hands. There was scrutiny, sure, a blind woman barely old enough to be called an adult, running one of the most successful and exclusive wine brands in the world... but she was made of stronger stuff. Ashira became internationally known for Oded Wine and Global Antiquities. When her fame became a problem for her hobby turned underground acquisition business, she took control of it. Every year in the spotlight was all the more cultivated by her brilliant mind and inspiring, very loyal affiliates and clients.

Of course, pulling all those strings as she got her network of specialized blackmarket needs, it required a few IOU's of undisclosed natures. Most of those Clients and friends called in their favors already, but there was one who was saving it-- for what she didn't know, until nearly five years later he approached her to call upon her skills, or perhaps ability, to find things. It was an ancient relic, not her first and surely not her last, rumor and myth about it having powers the beholder can tap into, confirmed somehow by a dig in Antarctica of all places. Confirmed enough that she was being asked to find it, and he'd spent the money to have a replica made of what the relic would look and feel like.

She had a week to find it, to ensure she found it before anyone else, given just enough information to get her started, and despite her gifts, it took her that entire time to track it down and retrieve it for herself. It wasn't until she touched it that she knew for herself it held power, unnatrual power, it was in her head before she could drop it, but not everywhere. It was like there was a consciousness guiding it, fishing through memories and intentions like it was trying to know who and what she was. Rooting out her passions, her love for water and wine, her knack for antiquities and acquisition. It fished through the comedies of her life, and the tragedies of being blind. Too, the complex suffering of being mortal, and living a mortal life.

When the fishing stopped, Ashira realized she was no longer alone in the room, there was another presence, a physical one...

Additional Notes
  • I don't know that she should be anything more than a prodigal human, with a unique talent for connecting dots, but if you like the idea of her having a gift to locate things, and her trouble with this one being Your Character fighting being found... I'm totally on board either way!
  • Yes, if it wasn't clear this is a mortal/Demon like plot, though I'm negotiable on the male immortal being something else, feel free to pitch whatever you're inspired to suggest!!!
  • In my mind, the relic allows the person holding it, some measure of control over Your Character, namely in that he can't hurt them directly, and can't lie to them, perhaps has to obey their commands to an extent-- we can discuss what you're comfortable with.
  • I intend her client to be an NPC, though if you'd like to play him too, let me know! I haven't considered who he might actually be so, creative freedom!
  • Ideally this plot is a bit taboo in the sense of her getting enthralled with your character, fascinated by the magic or supernatural aspects of all of it, making her reluctant to give the relic up, wanting more time with your character, intellectually and sexually.
  • Because your character will have seen into her mind, he would know a lot more about her than she about him-- which will be part of why she wants to know more, learn more, experience more with him.
  • I DO prefer he be humanoid, but I give you creative liberty on skin color and some inhuman features-- pitch it to me and I'll let you know if it's right up my alley or not my thing.
  • I'm also open to ideas on what abilities/powers your character has, though I think it important they be powers that made someone fearful enough to have bound him to the relic... which we can discuss what it should be!

#13 - THE ASSET  (TAKEN) - ADDED 08-15-16 @ 11:40AM Eastern Standard Time
Picked up by Countdown, played HERE.

THE ASSET plot details

A lone space salvager, the best his galaxy has ever had, finds a war-torn ship of similar but foreign design to his own, out at the edges of his chartered territories. There are no life-signs on board, and while it's heavily damaged, it has parts he could use and modifications he wants to learn more about. So he tows the ship into a near by asteroid field for cover and relative protection while he goes between the two to salvage what he can to improve his ship even more. As he guts the war-torn vessel, he comes to realize there are no bodies on board, save one. Fully intact and apparently sleeping, a Synthetic Being who looks every bit a woman and human. When he revives her, he realizes she doesn't know who and what she is, or how she got there.

  • What galaxy/universe/timeline we play in is totally negotiable. Could be the Milky Way some time in the future, or another galaxy all together.
  • While she wont remember who and what she is, she still has all her skills and knowledge otherwise, even if she's not sure how she knows what she knows and how to what she can do.
  • Ideally, either his reality has no androids or synthetic beings at all, and she's so life-like he questions if she's really synthetic... or his reality does have such beings, but none as flawlessly human as she seems to be.
  • This is intended to be filled with strange tension and odd attractions, backed by a lot of hesitation. In other words, Yes, I like the idea of him wanting to explore her sexual reactions-- perhaps to ease his own mind about wanting to have sex with her, perhaps out of genuine curiosity if intimacy produced just as emotional and human reactions as everything else has.
  • I love the idea that he doesn't immediately tell her what she is, maybe because he doesn't believe it himself, or maybe because he's intrigued by her realness/humanness that he doesn't want to ruin that illusion. Either way, it appeals to me, but is not required if you're more aroused by her knowing she's a synthetic being.
  • Long term, I like the idea of them salvaging together as a team, of playing into the fact no one else can tell she isn't human-- except perhaps those with refined scanning technology which may detect the nanites in her otherwise flesh-and-blood body.
  • If you're not into space stuff, but otherwise love this idea, I am willing to twist things around and put her in a bunker of some ancient ruin.. xD
  • This character concept and plot is LOOSELY inspired by the following: Dark Matter (TV show), Stargate Atlantis (TV show), and UNCANNY (Movie).

E.S.A.B.IX (Enhanced Synthetic Altruistic Being IX)
DESIGNATION:: Enhanced Synthetic Altruistic Being IX (9) -- E.S.A.B.IX, Esabix
COMPOSITION:: 90% synthetic flesh, blood and bone, 10% advanced nanite tech & programming for optimal realism & practicality
ENHANCEMENTS:: The synthetic muscle fibers and nanite enhanced nervous system allow for super-human strength, agility, reflexes and healing. Advanced design of her synthetic ear canals and eyes, provide a wide arrange of audio and visual ranges beyond the human spectrum. Nanite neural network expands her human designed brain usage to 20%, and increases the processing speed by 62%.
HEIGHT:: 5'4" / 162.5 cm
WEIGHT:: 121 lbs / 55 kg
HAIR COLOR:: Black/Brown (depends on the lighting)
EYE COLOR:: Glacier Blue, sometimes luminescent
ID MARKS:: "E.S.A.B.IX" genetically tattooed on the back of her neck.

BASE PERSONALITY MATRIX:: Observant bordering on voyeuristic. Exploratory in a constant quest to learn and adapt. Core desire to be useful. For human realism, the love for swimming and enjoyment of cooking and massage therapy. Adaptive humor and linguistics.

BASE SKILLS MATRIX::rapid situational assessment, adaptation, advanced learning, negotiation, acrobatics, contortion, balance, stealth, combat improvisation, advanced programming, full spectrum astral physics & engineering, mechanical engineering, cooking, massage, and swimming.

BASE MORAL MATRIX:: Altrustic standards to put human life above all others, and all life above her own.

Upon waking in this plot, she will have all the base standards listed above, and the more she interacts with the man who woke her, the more she will bond to him as the most important life to preserve, and the more she will adapt to him and his preferences. Even so, this is NOT the kind of plot for those seeking a puppet, as she does have her own personality traits and subconscious programming which allows her to be an individual with her own perspective and opinions. While sexuality isn't programmed into her base skills, learning and adaptation is... so, the more sexual tension and exploration there is, the more she'll learn about how to make her own advances and the more she feel the desire to. She doesn't and wont entirely grasp the concept of breeding, or risk of pregnancy because without adjusting her the programming of the nanites in her body, she can't conceive. She will, however, quickly grasps the pleasure and stress relief aspects of sex, which will become her focus and purpose when engaging in such. If you have ideas/kinks that could be incorporated, please let me know!

  • A loner, 35-45, perhaps considered strange or dark by most people-- maybe just anti-social and plagued by a lot of loss.
  • As is usual for me, I like the idea that in his lone wolf nature, he's not been with or around a woman in a really long time.
  • Ideally, despite any attractions from the start, he has both the self control and the uncertainty of whether or not he want to even consider the idea of being intimate/sexually physical with a synthetic being. (Which isn't to say I don't want to play in their sexual tension while he fights it and she figures it out. xD)
  • As stated in the plot portion, up to you and your character on whether or not he tells her what she is, when.
  • Personality wise, I definitely would like this man to be rough around the edges, but whether or not he's kind at heart, or a circumstantial ass hole, is up to you and the backstory you create for him.
  • As always, if contacting me about this plot, please include a relevant subject and an outline of the man you have in mind to play, or men you'd like me to choose from.

  • This should be, at minimum, 50/50 with plot and smutt/sexual tension.
  • As a synthetic being, YES to excessive cum, cervical/womb penetration when time comes. Also, still provided there is ass-play to indicate to her that anal can be pleasurable for both as well, she will be one who doesn't actually need a warmup before penetration, though lube of some kind will still be appreciated, even if it's her own secretions-- which will work just fine! As a reminder, any and all anal must be followed by vaginal sex with additional cum. Personal preference!
  • Prior to the actual sex, I definitely want to play all the tension. Being in tight spaces, accidentally, or purposefully getting close, rubbing against one another, etc.
  • I will also admit, I find the idea of him stripping her to inspect her feminine realism, very erotic and hot, even if it begins as a completely platonic and curious investigation.
  • Too, I enjoy the idea of her catching him, or being caught herself, masturbating, so if you're also aroused by that, let me know!
  • Lastly, kind of as a suggestion/idea for advancing her own sexual curiosity with him, he could get electrocuted/knocked out at some point during the salvage and retro-fit of his ship with the parts he can use, which gives her the opportunity to explore his body-- this would be most likely if he'd already explored hers, because she could and would rationalize it as a learning process, same as he would have done.

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Re: DETAIL - DEPTH - DEBAUCHERY || Mixed Plot & Smutt Ideas || F for M
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#1 - THE BOSS - updated 09-30-15 @ 06:28pm Eastern Standard Time

//////////////////// Bajiel Rajna -- the "Boss' Pet" \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\

"I know you weren't speaking to me, but I am the best person to answer that question, why is she here? Though to be frank, you already know the answer, you're just too intent on diverting attention away from your nervousness, you thought more about the question than the answer-- but that's alright good Sir, the answer lies within the question, because if you're thinking about me, you're not thinking about killing one another. Consider me a walking, talking.. lounging part of the scenery, and if you're particularly amiable during these negotiations, I may even serve you refreshments myself, in as little clothing as would please you most. "

Only a few people know what Bajiel (Bah-Jeel) did before she popped up on the International Black Market radar, but since then she's gained the reputation as The Boss' pet.  If she's not with Him exclusively, she's out with his right hand man, as The Boss' eyes and ears. Most of his men have a high respect for her, even if they say unseemly things to her and behind her back, because her presence tends to class up a meeting and dial down unnecessary animosity. There are rumors that she's the Boss' lover, but none seem able or willing to confirm that, as there are also stories that suggest she's his little sister. One thing that's been clear since her debut, is that she seems to take orders from the two leads of the organization, Benjamine Rahmor (name negotiable) and his right hand, Noah Decker (name negotiable).

When she's not aiding with business specifics, she's organizing intimate retreats for Clients and staff which often escalate to all-out-orgies. The women and men she brings into these events, are often solo contractors who specialize in discretion and nameless affairs. They're also known to be of all ages and size ranges, with a love or comfort with sexual exhibition. Despite being the facilitator and organizer, Bajiel has never been seen actually participating or indulging in more than marijuana, ecstasy and watching a good show; which has included Benjamine and Noah on occasion. These lavish events often last all night long, and are done within the private confines of various secluded estates owned by the organization-- presumably properties she or Benjamine picked out.

Though Bajiel may not participate in the sexual exploits of depraved desires, she can be seen dancing on tables, poles and even dangling from tall curtains and sturdy light fixtures. It is usually in these cases more than others, where men forget the "look, don't touch" rule which applies to Miss Rajna. While she's perfectly capable of protecting herself from randy, drunk, overzealous men, she rarely has to. If Benjamine isn't around to enforce the rule, his Right Hand will be and neither of them are known to hesitate in that regard. Subsequently adding to the allure of her status among the organization and in some cases, increasing the risk and desire of other men trying to take her as their own. The two known cases where this happened, both men vanished, simply seemed to disappear-- no doubt presumed dead.

//////////////////// Benjamine Rahmor -- soon to "die" \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\

*Picture Base Likeness = Joe Manganiello

  • YES -- he is her older brother and an Incubus at that.
  • If you're interested in an Incest angle, he can "fake" his death in "The Story" to come back into play whenever we agree is the best time.
  • He is 6'5'' and should remain that height or within 2 inches either way.
  • Bajiel may be the Brains and actual Boss, but he plays the role of leader very well, and has long developed a knack for asking her opinion on the spot, without making it seem like she's an adviser of any kind.
  • The two of them may or may not have spent an extended period (100+ years) apart, and recently rejoined forces to dominate in a new field of fun and sexual energy gluttony.
  • Key personality traits: Well spoken, laid back-- but rules with an iron fist as needed, well known for his diverse sexual appetites, strictly against the abuse of women, and only truly trusting of Bajiel and Noah with all his secrets, both personal and within the Organization.(Beyond that is totally up to you!)
  • Up to you on whether or not he uses firearms, but he should be very capable in hand to hand combat, both armed and unarmed.
  • He will be more of an NPC character, unless you desire to play him later in the game once we've gotten better acquainted as players and writing partners.
  • In the event you want to play him, but don't like my Picture Base choice, I may be open to suggestions of a similar ilk(look) and impressive height (even if we have to fudge their height a few inches)
  • Any detail not yet specified here, about this character, is open to your creative inspiration!

//////////////////// Noah Decker -- soon to be "Boss" \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\

*Picture Base Likeness = Optionally: Morris Chestnut, Lance Reddick, Lance Gross, or Charles Michael Davis

  • I couldn't decide on a Picture Base, other than the fact he is a black man. He will be a main character, either NPC'd by me, or played by you. Regardless of PB he should be between 6' and 6'4''.
  • He may or may not have something to do with Benjamine's death, as written in "The Story"
  • Key Personality Traits: Methodical, Deceptive as needed, Highly Intelligent, Charming, Quietly Dominant, Observant, Perceptive, and extremely loyal (all other traits are yp to you and your vision of him after reading the rest of these points!)
  • YES -- Noah is one of the few who knows that Bajiel is Ben's younger sister. He is also aware that she is the real Boss, and a Succubus, both secrets he'll protect with his life.
  • He may or may not be supernatural himself.
  • If I am NPC'ing him as a main supporting character, he and Bajiel will have already established a sexual relationship. If YOU are interested in playing him, they will NOT have had sex yet, though they may have kissed and even openly flirted with one another, but we will play the natural progression to intimacy with the plot as it goes!
  • Bajiel and Noah have an otherwise very friendly and trusting relationship. She is one of the few people he can lean on and not be judged; plus she has a natural talent for making people feel better. While he's not always forthcoming with his thoughts and perspective on things, Bajiel is hyper-aware and unabashed to ask him outright, or call him out on any attempts to deflect when it's just them. They trust each other with their lives.
  • A background piece I'd like to incorporate for him, is coming from a large family-- whether or not he's still close with them, or if they're even still alive, is up to you; but when he was with them, I like the idea his loyalty and commitment first developed with them.
  • As far as his sexual prowess goes, he could have pretty much any woman he wants, but he's a selective man who appreciates what a little restrain can do for him when he finally does let loose.
  • If I didn't specify it above, it's safe to assume you can make up your own details for him to fill in the blanks!

//////////////////// New Guy -- soon to be "Right Hand" \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\

*Picture Base Likeness = Jai Courtney (Optionally: From Divergent, Bearded, or shaven/scruffy from movies like Jack Reacher)

  • THIS GUY, is the main guy I would like YOU to play if you're interested in this plot and scenario. As such, I have not chosen a name for him.
  • YES, that means if you're willing, I would like you to play two men in leading roles (Noah and this guy.) If you're curious and haven't read that far, I do discuss my parts in the "Additional Notes" spoiler, which goes into more detail about the fact that yes, I will probably be play one-to-two additional females as main supporting roles-- to be discussed with you.
  • NO -- up to the point of "The Story" he DOESN'T know that Bajiel is the real Boss, OR that she's Benjamine's sister, though he does learn these things when Ben dies, as per "The Story."
  • He is, essentially, Noah's right hand man, someone who's worked his way up from the bottom of the organization as no-namer enforcer (protection more than forcing payments, because payments rarely fall behind due to Bajiel's persuasive nature.)
  • Unlike Noah, he's never really had a family until Noah saw potential in him and took him under his wing. Since then, Noah has become the only real family that he has, and as such he trusts Noah beyond a shadow of any doubt.
  • While he's aware that Bajiel has an abnormal amount of influence and sway, even with strangers, he's not aware that she's a Succubus-- this is something he'll find out in play.
  • Because he is like a brother to Noah, and Noah to him, he's been in semi-frequent contact with Bajiel.. enough to have seen how she works in a meeting as much as at an orgy event, and even in a quiet room lounging with the men. If interested in this story, we'll discuss some details of what that's like once you've fleshed him out the rest of the way-- so we can use what you've created in making those "moments."
  • For the record, while he's probably seen her naked plenty of times, I would prefer if they haven't even really flirted yet-- and it isn't until he finds out she's the Boss, and not Ben's "pet" that he realizes how attracted to her he is; maybe moreso now that he knows she's far more tactful and cunning than anyone else gives her credit for.
  • If you choose to play him as a supernatural (as I hope you will) it may be plausible that he does know she's not human, even if he's never crossed her kind before, and thus doesn't really know what she is. On this same note, I have a favor for Werewolves, Wizards/Mages, Mutated/Evolved Humans, and Angels/Fallen Angels-- though other supernaturals will be considered!
  • Key Personality Traits: Habitually/religiously maintains physical and mental alertness, distrusting-- especially of strangers and anything that sounds too-good to be true, perceptive- though sometimes clouded by his own passions and skepticism, selectively protective, instinctively violent, and extremely skilled at hiding his thoughts and emotions when he wants to. (I leave the rest to you to flesh him out as YOU see him!) 
  • Jai Courtney is 6'1'' and this character should be as well-- though I certainly wont complain if you want to make him a few inches taller. As far as negotiating this picture base, my reflex is to say "no negotiating" but the truth is, if you can find a man of similar features (not necessarily skin color) I'm willing to consider it. By similar features I mean: Thick, well rounded shoulders and arms. Broad chest and tapered hips. Short crop or shaven head, preferably with scruff/stubble. Strong legs. Kiss-me lips are also a big plus, as is the predominant jawline. Tattoo's and scars are loved.  ;D
  • If I haven't detailed it above, you can consider it up to you (or discussion if you prefer) as to how to fill in the blanks to make him a complete character concept.

//////////////////// "THE STORY" -- the scene you'll be playing into \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\

It was a closed meeting at dusk, the two heads of the Organization, their mood regulator-- Miss Rajna, and three representatives of one of their biggest club-owner clients. The location was neutral territory of a vacant penthouse in one of the most expensive high-rises in Detroit, rented out by a mutually agreed upon third-party. White sheets covered all the furniture, of which no one had made any attempt to remove, simply sitting on the sheets covering the couches and the drink trays on the equally covered coffee table. While there where only six people in the penthouse, each side had an odd number of associates waiting throughout the structure as both security for the meeting, and total surveillance of the building proper; which was a historical landmark with completely analog and human security features of its own-- chosen for those very reasons.

While expensive to live there, it didn't have the appearances of a lavish apartment complex or condo high-rise, in fact it was a whole-lot-of-polished-concrete. The walls, the floors, even the ceilings where slate grey with a dull sheen of modestly spaced lighting fixtures. Small white domes lined all the hallway ceilings four feet apart in perfect replication from one floor to the next, making it hard to tell what floor you where on without looking at the door numbers, or out of a window. Between each door was a wall-sconce shaped like a mini, old fashioned, street lamp also giving off white light; making the place look more sterile than it probably was. The musk of sex, sweat, ganja, and an around-the-world-tour of edible smells wafted through each floor.  Every doorway was inset within its own little hallway big enough to squeeze four men, shoulder to shoulder-- all but the penthouse which had its own elevator and stairs for private, direct, entry.

No one had been allowed to enter the penthouse with a weapon, though there where a few spoons for tea, and a butter knife for the butter and honey provided for the little bite-sized baked breads Bajiel had brought; and truthfully every one present was a weapon in their own right. The five men where all in different flares of variously expensive suits, shading from all black to the more earthy yet bold browns and maroons which Noah was able to pull off. A subtle, and intentional compliment to the red dress worn by the ravishing Rajna herself. She may have been an average height of five-foot-six, but wearing shiny black, four inch heels as she was, the presumably young woman stood eye to eye with one of the five men, and only a few inches shy of the others. The wide flare of her hips and thighs begged to be held and touched with the way the red satin spilled down those curves like thin curtains floating in the breeze of her every movement. Bronze legs as curved as the rest of her, where shamelessly displayed while the center of her forbidden fruit was always artfully kept from view. In a compromise of visual appeal, the dress was tailored to drape off slender shoulders and over pert, heavy, breasts just tight enough to make even relaxed nipples notable, rippling the red satin which was cinched by a matching tied belt that simply blended with the folds of the fabric.

While it wasn't as obvious when she sat down, it had been apparent she was naked underneath when she walked in with Benjamine and Noah to her left, where they remained for the beginning of the meeting, even as they all sat on the same couch opposite the clients. Bajiel let them open with cordial greetings and provoking small talk for the purpose of gauging one another, while she nibbled samplings of the breads and dressings as silent proof they weren't poisoned. It was also an intentional, idle, distraction for the men who all took turns periodically glimpsing at her. Watching the way her jaw flexed and her lips moved while she chewed. Then the delectable flex down her throat as she swallowed, looking around the ghostly penthouse suite as if she didn't really care or have an interest in their tête-à-tête sizing match.. but she was, perhaps, the most observant of them all. The beauty in her craft, was being a master of misdirection with such natural seamlessness, Noah and Ben both had admitted to forgetting her true role from time to time, though Baji wasn't one to let the facade of their positions go to their heads.

When the actual meeting got started, the topic of ecstasy quality got heated enough Bajiel was sure Noah's Brother, the third man down in the official chain of command (the soon to be NRH,) could hear Ben shouting with at least two of the client representatives-- something about Bajiel testing every batch herself, and that not mattering if those cooking it where rigging the samples. Followed by even louder shouting that carried a tone of warning from both sides, concluded by an eerie, but not entirely abnormal silence. It was a safe bet that the Boss' Pet was living up to her reputation for swaying the mood of a room. Though the safe bet wasn't always the right one, as the "Third" in command would soon find out.

There were vibrations of a low warning tone from one of the men just before there was a clash of broken glass and the skid of a couch which escalated quickly into a short-lived grunting burst of violence that ended with Noah calling for his right-hand-man to have the building locked down and to enter the penthouse to assist him. With two ways in, besides the balcony or a sunroof, there was no way for him to miss the obviousness of how terribly wrong the meeting had gone, the second he entered the living space from either of the main entries. The first and easiest thing to spot was usually always Bajiel Rajna, but this time it wasn't entirely because she was the only woman, but because she was one of three people standing, and she had a bloody butter-knife in her left hand. Her red dress wasn't torn so much as pulled off her upper body, leaving her half-naked torso blood-splattered and redened by the rough groping hands of the two men slumped and bleeding at her feet-- each one had their throat ripped out by a thin dull object, obviously the butter knife. The third man was in a choked grip of Noah's arms holding the man against his chest stretching his slightly shorter body making it harder for him to fight, both of them panting and standing on opposite ends of the broken coffee table which had spilled tea, bread, butter and honey in it's center all contaminated the arterial spray. Beyond that was the skidded couch with Ben's body laying a bit sideways with a pool of blood soaking his white dress shirt, and a clearly dead-glaze in his absent gaze across the room between the three.

Bajiel only looked to the man who entered long enough to recognize him and realize what all of this meant and in an effort not to give him time to object or react to counter her command-- because he didn't yet know her true role, she barked at Noah with an acid venom toward the man in his arms. "Kill him." And it was with that order that Noah didn't hesitate to snap the man's neck and let his body slump to the floor. In that time Bajiel turned for the couch to swallow her brother's death and say her good-byes before they had a clean-up crew flash the place. Shameless as she was, she didn't bother covering herself up, though she did drop the butter knife on the floor on her way, just before kneeling and extending a shaky naked hand out to touch Ben's morbidly frozen face, stunned and unmoved by her tender touch across his brow. She'd never really had reason to cry, even in some of the more dire situations she'd found herself in, but there was no holding back the stream of hot saline sorrow which poured from her tear ducts, down the slopes of her cheeks to pool and drip off the delicate point of her chin, leaving a splatter trail on her clavicle which ran a clear river between her breasts until it was muddled with the blood.

Noah wasn't phased by the dead clients in the room as much as he seemed angry and inwardly wrecked about Ben and seeing Bajiel in such a distraught state. Despite this, it was to his right hand he directed his attention, "Bajiel will explain everything to you when you get her to a safe-house. Don't tell me or anyone else where you're taking her, just call me tomorrow to confirm she's secure and... give her a few minutes with him.." A warning as much as a command, not yet explaining she was the Boss, though it was possible his right-hand-man was already picking up on that notion, even while Noah stepped onto the balcony to contact a proper clean up crew and get a status report on the lock-down of the building, specifically any additional casualties they may have suffered, and which route wouldn't be safe for Bajiel to be taken through.

//////////////////// ADDITIONAL NOTES \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\
ADDITIONAL NOTES-- they're important, so please read them!
  • This plot/story is Modern-Supernatural; fantasy elements also welcome.
  • The location pf play begins in a slightly futuristic and mildly more populated Detroit Michigan, though the Organization is International.
  • If there is anything about the female Picture Base/Likeness for Bajiel (Helga Lovekaty) that you don't favor or can't stand... this isn't the story for you, she is non-negotiable. Some of her stats and personality however, may be discussed if there's something you'd like me to change or add, please just be upfront about it when contacting me!
  • If you're interested in playing Ben, her older brother, know that I would love to play backstory of them when they where a few hundred years younger, perhaps when she looked more akin to 16-18 and fresh into her maturity. When, where, and what is open to discussion if interested.
  • One of the main appeals, for me, about this whole set up, is the the New Right Hand (NRH) gets to take the next big step in the organization, and learn things that will blow his mind, including the fact that Bajiel is the Boss. That Ben and Noah both, take orders from her and have since he joined a few years shy of a decade ago (negotiable timeframe!) This means I want you to play into that and his evolution as he adapts and takes his rightful place as Noah's official Right Hand Man (RHM.)
  • As mentioned in the NRH's spoiler, Bajiel and he don't start to feel any real sexual tension until after the events of "The Story." Yes, I do want and expect that an intimate relationship will develop between them.
  • To be clear... Ben, unless you wish to play him, dies in "The Story" where play will pick up from. Noah, as his RHM, takes the new position as the presumed Boss, and his RHM takes the official role as such under him, becoming aware they both actually answer to Bajiel, but must hide that fact from the rest of the Organization and all outside parties.
  • Also to be clear, the ONLY character I really want you to play, is the NRH, pictured as Jai Courtney, the other two (Ben & Noah) are totally optional.
  • Regardless of whether or not you're playing ONE main character or more, I will be playing a variety of NPC's and secondary female characters, including up to two supporting mains. I do not presently have any solid ideas on who these women are, but when I do I'll update this with more info. Too, if you do choose to play one or more men, I will be more likely to play the supporting main females in an intimate scene together.
  • Yes, I'm open to suggestions on the other women, but PLEASE do not take advantage and use these blank slates as a means to create a more attractive (to you) lead character for your character to set his sights on. The point is for me to play the evolution of Bajiel accepting a new member into the fold because she has little option otherwise. So again, if she doesn't appeal to you, sorry, this story isn't for you.
  • If you haven't looked at it yet, please look at my O/O page-- and READ the Compatibility Checks, BEFORE messaging me.
  • It should be known, as a "specialty" idea, I will keep it open and may begin several discussions with several different players to who may be interested in playing-- however, I will only actively play one at a time. I'm saying this because it's possible I may begin with someone and through playing, learn we're not as compatible as we'd hoped, and thus will retire that story. In this case, I want to play this enough that I'm willing to discuss with others as back-ups, should you be willing.

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Re: DETAIL - DEPTH - DEBAUCHERY || Mixed Plot & Smutt Ideas || F for M
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#2 - The Blonde Babe in the Basement - updated 06-04-16 @ 11:40pm Eastern Standard Time

This one is a long read, but the gist of the story is that she's a brilliant tech-savant who's lived all but the last two years of her life in captivity, under the sadistic and torturous control of a Crime Lord, who she killed to take her life back, and has since been living in the same sub-basement she was held in, because she's too afraid to face humanity on her own, and too comfortable in her own space, finally free to do as she wants-- which is to help others and atone for the bad things she's done. The kicker is that in killing the man who owned the house above, the Government seized it with his public conviction and auctioned it off to be bought by a billionaire who gets the surprise of a lifetime, when he finds her in a hidden second basement. If this summary doesn't sound interesting, no point in reading the rest-- though I included pictures! xD
:::::::::::::::::::: Magnolia "Mags" Ashcroft -- the babe in the basement ::::::::::::::::::::

Given Name:: Magnolia Ella Ashcroft
Short Name:: Mags
Age:: 24
Height:: 5'5''
Weight:: 117 lbs
Eye color:: Blue
Hair color:: Blonde

ID Marks:: A series of small surgical scars down her spine, five in total, from the nape of her neck to the dip of her lower back. Three piercings in her right ear, one in her left;

Best Skills:: Eidetic Memory = vividly remembers everything she's experienced, viewed, heard, felt, tasted, smelled and read (may get dates wrong though because time was hard to keep most of her life,) recalling them at will is a skill; Pick-Pocketing; Advanced Cryptography = decoding, as well as creating her own complex codes; Engineer Of Advanced Technologies  = robotics, genetically responsive tech (only responds to people of a specific DNA type or person), gadgetry like surveillance drones and external sensory mapping and translation etc; Advanced Mathematics = it is the fundamental backbone of everything she does and creates and where the core of her genius lies; Multi-tasking = be it working on multiple projects at the same time, or hacking a source from multiple angels; she's very good at doing things together but separate;  Advanced Software programming/hacking = making the gadgets is one piece of the equation and the programming is the other. This extends into all forms of computer and software code which would allow her to gain access to just about anywhere given enough time and an actual access point (if it's not on a network it requires a physical port plug in), worms, viruses, encryption, etc;
General Skills:: Cooking; Boxing; Running; Swimming; Climbing; Rowing; REM sleep processing (purposefully inspiring her mind to think about problems and such during her REM sleep to help her work through them); Gardening (fruits, vegetables and spices for her cooking mostly, some flowers and plants for medicinal purposes); Massage (pretty much only uses it on herself);  ... more may be added as I flesh her out ...
Basic/Hobby Skills:: Piano/Keyboard (hobby); Soldering sculptures (hobby); Pyrotechnics (hobby/obsession) (more may be added later)

Known Quirks:: Extreme phobia of being in public, around crowds of people, to the point she hasn't left her current basement residents for about a decade; She's hyper religious about only eating foods she's grown or tended to herself;  Extremely uncomfortable with having anyone behind her; Violent aversion to being bound or physical bent over; enjoys marginally loud classical music when "working" and classic rock when "working out"; Enjoys dressing up/well/professionally/elegantly even though no one sees her; Has had an increasing fascination with explosives and flammables (ever since having a bomb collar around her neck and watching a room full of people explode, about six years back); Avid online message-board text-based Roleplayer; (more may be added later)

General Personality:: Darkened by her past experienced which have given her a vigilante complex, trying to make up for the bad things she did-- so long as she can do it from her basement home; extremely resourceful and innovative thinker; as analytically inclined as she is creatively inclined; somewhat childish at times because of her lack of a traditional childhood and evolution of maturity; extremely distrusting but compassionate; a bit socially awkward, even in her online life; She's strong willed, emotionally expressive, passionate about most of what she does, and full of guilt for what she did while enslaved (as described in "The Backstory" within "The Story")

Digital Footprint:: Only existent in the posts of her role play under the handle "in the clutches" submitted from a network so secure anyone with the knowledge to track an IP it would look like a ghost-post originating from the message board servers, never the same one twice in a row. Her "online shopping" for supplies is done through hacking and burning her targets hardware with various complex viruses, after having them set up the delivery to the designated location, which goes through a series of these "couriers" to get to her to it's next to impossible to track the right delivery to the right location, thus making even that, nearly nonexistent. Finally, her money is kept on the move through ninety three different banks of the thousands, at any given time. Following her own coded complexities, it's done in a way that makes her money as hard to pinpoint as it is to track. For all intent and purposes, she doesn't exist and was never born. (( It is possible that there may be hard-copy images of her when she was younger, including the incident where she had the bomb collar around her neck.))

:::::::::::::::::::: THE MAN -- a reclusive billionaire ::::::::::::::::::::

  • As seen, I don't have a specific Picture Base Likeness chosen, but have provided 4 options of men I like of different ethnicity. You may choose a different picture base to propose, though please keep him 6'1''-6'5'' and 30-45 years old please.
  • Each of the above options I've picked out, I see as different men with different pasts and motives.. I've written the key ideas for each of them below. I've also noted what I'd prefer to discuss, what's open to negotiation, and what I'd like to keep as a key feature of interest.
  • Chris Hemsworth- Australian, 32, 6'3'' - feel free to change his nationality or keep it to the actors. I'm also alright with moving his age and or height a few numbers if you'd prefer, though not shorter, or any younger than 30. I see him as a man who cam to America to get away from an Australian crime family he worked for. Maybe as a specialist enforcer who did more than just "break bones," a man more like a criminal architect, who knew where to squeeze someone and how to get results. I'm thinking he was born into it, more than he enjoyed or liked doing it, except when it involved corrupt or unquestionably sadistic people. For him, the Mansion was one of many he bought with stolen/saved/invested money as a series of safe houses across the country. Given his criminal background he's not likely to want to involve the police in any way, and since this is the first time in a long time he can see the possibility of having a relationship, when he finds the Blonde, he can't help but think there was a divine force at work which prompted him to choose that estate.
  • Arjun Rampal - Indian, 42, 6'2'' - Again, feel free to pick a different nationality or keep the one of the actor. For him, I'd like to keep his age 40+ with or without the glasses. Maybe reading glasses? I picture this man a former spy, probably corporate or private military. He's spent pretty much his entire life alone, and had full intent to spend the remainder of it in peaceful solitude; buying the mansion as his new permanent home, now that he's retired, living under a new name since he's presumed dead otherwise. I also view him as the least likely to jump right into something with her, and the most specious, when he first finds her, that she's a plant from someone who discovered him already, quickly realizing when he finds the videos, she's not. Despite this, he may also be more attracted to her than any woman he can remember before her, perhaps because of her youth and beauty, but more likely because of her intelligence and covert way of life. 
  • Ricky Whittle - British, 33, 6'2'' - With this guy specifically I'd be cool with him being from another place like South Africa, Brazil, or even Yemen. I likewise would like him 30+ if not using the actors stats. I see this guy as former military who retired after his first tour because he wasn't very good at following the orders of men and women who had no idea what it was like on the front line. He wasn't done though, not really ready to retire so he entered the private sector as a protector for high-end clients for ridiculous amounts of money. Most of them where easy, babysitting, type jobs but occasionally he had some real "fun." He doesn't see the world the same way as most, for example violence is a part of life to him, he believe some people where born for it, others not, and it's up to those who are, to protect those who aren't. He, of course, is one of those with a natural affinity for violence. As far as his attraction to her, I see him being surprised to feel an attraction. Maybe he's not really his type, maybe he's not a fan of blondes or prefers taller women, whatever. I imagine him a bit more "playful" and possibly even "flirty" versus the others, though only because he's learned the only way to keep the darkness out is by shining light.
  • Josh Duhamel - American, 41, 6'4'' - Yep, you can change his nationality if you'd like. Either way, I view this guy as a former family man, though he wasn't always a billionaire. In fact, he was born a bastard child, the only genetic heir, of a corrupt corporate tycoon who had the image of a saint publicly, but the family knew better, him the most, considering his own father had his wife (and maybe kid?) killed in an attempt to break him and cast him further into familial damnation. He spent the rest of his life being a ghost, planning the downfall and execution of his father. He didn't want anything from the man, and didn't even know his Grandfather had still been alive until after he died and had everything given to his only living grandson, bastard or not. He's a minimalist at heart, but bought the mansion because he couldn't stand living in the one owned by his Father and Grandfather. He, I imagine, takes the longest to find her, simply because he's in no hurry to settle in and is at a point in his life where he's not sure what to do next. In this, I think he'll struggle with his attraction to her, because of his dead wife, but he also can't help but feel a sense of purpose helping her, and maybe a desire to protect her like he couldn't protect his wife. 
  • If you choose an alternate picture base to propose, please include a blurb like I did, when you message me, of how you imagine the guy and his general reaction to finding her.
  • Mags has no idea there are tapes of her captivity, it's completely up to you and your character, whether or not they want to show her or tell her about it!
  • In any of the scenarios of the different men, if it takes them a month or more to find her, it's possible they'd see packages arrive and disappear before they could be returned or sent back. It may also be possible that items of his, around the mansion, get moved or go missing when he's not around. This is all done by remote robots of her own making.
  • Regardless of his likeness/image, he's older than her, taller than her, and has more worldly experience than her overall. Experience that will help him help her, and ultimately help himself.
  • He should also be a bit gruff, even if he has a sophisticated personality, he's never really been much of a people-person, but he trusts his instincts about people, and his say she's good, a better person than she even realizes, and maybe even "better" as in more compassionate, than him.
  • Lastly but not least, if I didn't specify something about him, consider it up to you to fill in the blanks and toss ideas my way for how you picture him thus. While there's obviously some elements I definitely want in him, I want YOU to play him, thus I want YOU to help create him. Afterall, role play requires at least two to tango and I'm not a player looking to have someone fill a scripted role.

:::::::::::::::::::: THE STORY-- How he bought the house and found the babe ::::::::::::::::::::
((* "Mendez" is pictured as Robert LaSardo.))

It all started with the announcement of his death, a man once called, "The King of Chaos." Despite skepticism about the circumstances of his death, there was no evidence of foul-play ever officially reported. Among the many headlines on paper and online, every one of them maintained that Mendez was a mass murderer, drug lord and human trafficking mogul; and nearly every one of them put "seventy-two individual dog bites" in black and white as the cause of death. Within two-weeks, his death and the arrests of over one-hundred and fifty members of the Mendez crime family where considered "old news." The only thing that kept the Mendez name in the papers at all after that, was the auction of over half of his possessions ranging from rare antiques to the massive mansions that housed them all across the U.S. To date, it remained the largest collection of seized property to ever be auctioned off to the public and it took over a year for the sale to even take place; given the level of controversy raised about selling off his and his family's possessions, of which where likely all obtained illegally.

Rumors spread about the Government controlling the media response about the Auction, which got most heated in the months leading up to it in the spring of 2015. Concern poured from the public about the possibility of Mendez supporters buying the items of which where said to all have been thoroughly scanned and searched for contraband, but worry remained about the idea of post-death communication and mayhem. Due to the simple fact that there where no retaliations for Manuel Mendez's death, the media played the outrage off as the outcries of paranoid extremists. Many items where purchased by "Anonymous" bidders, who weren't actually "Anonymous" to the Government sponsoring the auction, but to the public records anyway. It was estimated that at least a third of the total auction inventory was sold to "Murder Mooks," enthusiasts who spend a lot of time and money, buying "artifacts" owned and presumably used by murderers. Though those numbers where never confirmed.

It didn't really become International News until the middle of the auction period, which lasted several months, when a class-action lawsuit was filed against the Government from almost a thousand families effected by the damnation of the Mendez Crime Organization, all of whom where seeking restitution in a long list of damages; a list which was eventually divided into several lawsuits spanning several branches of the judicial courts with the goal of taking the money the Government was claiming would be used for the War on Drugs, and give it to those whose lives where ruined by the leading actions of Mr. Mendez. While media in the U.S. was tight lipped about the whole affair, International Journalists became obsessed with supporting the people. Often prompting the idea that the whole case would set a record of precedents from quickest conviction of a dead-man, to the first ever auction of Government seized property to pay the effected people and families restitution. In some cases, there was even dialogue about such an act stimulating the American Economy and restoring the people's faith in their Governing body.

Off course, with the argument of the need for more funding for the War on Drugs, American Media outlets reported a record number of spikes in drug trades across the U.S. in the wake of the power vacuum left by Mendez's death, supporting a favor for a Government Sided Ruling. It wasn't until an "Anonymous" donor sponsored the lawsuits with an incredibly handsome retainer with a small, but increasingly powerful law-firm, booking the entire office for the purpose of fighting on the behest of the named victims, most of whom had their own share of evidence to support their grievances and claims for restitution. It was with that shift of representation that the tides turned and the opinion of the public became a beast to big for the Government to deny without getting caught in it's teeth.

It wasn't a total win though, as the Government only coughed up 40% of the sales, after tax, saying the War on Drugs couldn't afford to offer any more without cutting back on the funding of a mountain of programs which popped up to fight against the "influx" of drug traffic through the United States.  It was a cop-out and several International Countries had no problem saying so in their media fronts, but it wasn't enough to sway the decision despite numerous appeals. The one favorable thing that echoed through the buzz, was the gratitude and praise for the "swiftness" of the justice system, not dragging the lawsuits out, which probably would have been the stratagem, if not for the public sympathy vote.

Some of the patrons of the Auction where said to have bid higher sums, for the purpose of giving the victims more money to be divided among them. Reports which later created a small buzz of controversy about whether or not the Government was being honest about the amounts paid for the thousands of items sold. It was also because of the sheer number of items in the auction, that media coverage of what all was being sold, was hard to maintain. So even items like the Ohio Mansion, formerly owned my Mike Tyson, never quite made it into the public spectacle of the Government vs the People.

((*Mansion negotiable, but currently written around the old Mike Tyson Mansion in OH.))

This particular house should have been the hardest to sell, as the location of the accident, but it wasn't, and was in fact one of the higher priced items sold, and also the one item with the strongest media blackout, because of it's history. While it's true that the local police and the FBI swept the place for contraband and hidden rooms, they completely missed the fact the estate has a second basement. Not their fault of course, considering it was designed to avoid their detection, among others, but it allowed the occupant living there, to continue to do so, even during the sale of the mansion to a new owner who, as it happened, out-bid her, without knowing it. Anonymous or not, that sale was when she began looking into the new owner of the property and assessing the threat risk to her lively-hood.

Naturally the new owner had no idea someone was living beneath the estate which was recorded at 19500 sq ft, and 58 acres. Not until he got around to checking out the known basement, which was moderately sized compared to the rest of the wide open space of the mansion proper. It was in the basement where there'd once been what some of the Police where calling a "Torture Dungeon" though it was stripped down to bare concrete and a set of large mental lockers along the back wall, where they where bolted down. Two of the thirteen lockers that took up the entire back wall, where also passages, one into a "secret room" very much designed like a panic-room, and the other to the stairway and large elevator shaft which lead down into the second basement.

The third one from the left was opened by a pressure pad in the floor of the locker, requiring the full weight of 150+ pounds to expose the lever in the roof of the locker, which opened the back of it to the room. It was in that room where there where a series of monitors which not only showed hidden security camera feeds throughout the house, but feeds from another location labeled on the screen as "Sub-Basement." Given the fact that all the cameras where run through tiny fiber-optic cables in the wall, hardwired, there was no way to hack them outside the room, or pick up a "signal" to clip the feeds. Which is also why the woman in the Sub-Basement, didn't seem to even know the camera's where there.

Also in that relatively small room, with only one chair in the center of the desk, was a small, thin bookshelf stacked with CD's dating back two decades, but having stopped after Mendez's death. Those CD's contained thousands of video files, footage which didn't just paint a clearer picture of what kind of monster Mendez really was, but who the woman in the Sub-Basement was, and why she was down there. Having made the concrete cage look awfully homely, even with the tech-center taking up most of the space in the middle of the room.

:::::::::::::::::::: THE BACKSTORY -- what he finds on the videos ::::::::::::::::::::

He may have only been four inches taller than her, but he knew how to make her feel smaller than a microbe. It all started the day Manuel found out his wife was pregnant. He never wanted kids, and made her he couldn't have any, so he knew without a doubt, the baby wasn't his. She was perhaps the only thing he truly loved, and she betrayed him, damning the child before it was even born. The oldest videos where filmed at a different location, another mansion somewhere else, depicting Manuel as an unforgiving man. He locked his wife up, chains and all, to a bed for the majority of her pregnancy. Keeping her well updated on his search for the father, which came down to a DNA test of of his own men, as soon as a doctor was able to get a sample from the baby without harming it. No, the sadistic bastard didn't want to kill either of them, yet.

When he found out it was his own "brother-from-another-mother", and right-hand-man, he had him taken to Mexico, where a black-market surgeon removed one of his eyes and connected a bionic eye, which was actually more like a mini video screen directly connected to his brain through the optic nerve. One video in particular showed Mendez explaining to his brother, Joshua, that the video feed in his eye, was going to be connected to the feed of Manuel's wife, so he could watch everything that would follow, while he lived in watchful exile, hands tied by the chords connected to the lives of the woman he loved and the child they made together. Manuel was a master at torture, particularly the psychological variety and he set out to break all three of them, and recorded every step of the way so he could enjoy it even after he killed them.

While his wife was given proper care to keep her and the baby physically healthy, she was constantly bound by chains and mentally tormented by Manuel and his twisted plans for her child, which he was all too happy to share with her every time he visited. All through the pregnancy, he tortured her with scenarios of selling her baby, and even chopping it up and feeding it to her without telling her. In all the cases, he swore she'd never even get the chance to hold her baby. When they found out for certain, the baby was going to be a girl, he shared plans of keeping her for himself, and turning her into his own personal sex-slave. A topic which carried on even during her delivery of the baby in the same room she'd been chained in for the previous seven months.

From there the videos jumped between the location of the mother, still kept in that room, and the child which seemed to have been moved to a steel cage in the middle of a warehouse where a portion was tented off for the processing of cocaine. The mother was given a TV screen the size of the smallest wall, where there was a 24-hour display of her caged baby, being tended to and fed by an array of half-naked women pulled aside for the task. Despite the grim situation, the baby girl who didn't yet seem to have a name, didn't much cry. Not even when Manuel visited the baby girl himself, to torment his wife by making her watch (with the help of his loyal men) as he fondled her with the promise to make her his. All of which the father and his former-right-hand was also forced to watch. Brief as it was, it was one of many dominoes that ultimately lead to his mauling death.

He also introduced pot to the baby, through second hand smoke, and a drop of various hallucinogenics through the first few months of her development. The torture didn't stop, and the tapes continued for years... less drugs and more sexual assault, this time extending to his own wife, who was a shell of the woman she had been. By the time the little girl got a name, (unclear in the videos how or by whom) little Mags was beginning to display evidence of a superior intelligence and understanding of the world around her. Barely old enough for kindergarten and she was picking pockets for anything she could take apart and put back together again. While it didn't stop Manuel from continuing the groping threat of turning Mags into his sex-slave, her intelligence influenced him enough to start giving her things to take apart and put back together. Books to learn how to read. Puzzles to learn how to solve.

Unfortunately, her mother was already dead inside, and thus no longer able to rile, so Manuel killed her, making her lover watch. It was also so she would never get to see just how brilliant her daughter really was. Nor would her father, who Manuel had killed in a "car accident" during the 2004 Hurricane strings across Florida, when Mags was about 13 years old, but before that time, he was lead to believe his daughter was already dead, killed shortly after her mother, whom she'd never officially met outside the womb. Mags wasn't killed though, and the videos showed another change of scenery from the steel cage of a room in the middle of a cocaine factory, to a large concrete room which may have been part of a psychiatric ward once upon a time.

She was given a desk with books, artistic materials, a few tools and computer parts to build her own computer, if she could. Manuel's interest in defiling her personally didn't seem to change, as it made it apparent to her every time they met, but he did keep his distance more, and simply fed her exploring and inventive mind with a new intent to use that too. There where tapes of conversations with corrupt police, and Government officials who helped to give Manuel the ground work for how best to stimulate her intelligence and technological interests, and of course, how then to use those developed skills to the organizations benefit. By the time she was nine, there was the Y2K scare, and she'd learned enough to not only build her own computer, but to understand the inner framework of the binary programming it all ran on.

Her work was surprisingly elegant, but a bit small minded on her own, yet they still used the algorithms she'd come up with to scan the hacked bank records she'd been challenged to obtain to earn new hardware to upgrade her computer, algorithms which filtered through the client records and spending habits of everyone jumping on the online-banking and shopping bandwagon in those systems; narrowing down the pool of victims to those least likely to notice a siphoning of funds, or the sudden pop of unauthorized spending on credit cards they never signed up for. It was the beginning of a long running Identity Theft ring, and she had no idea-- at the time, what she'd actually been working on, what it's practical application would be. So while banks especially, where preparing for system wide failure of all the computer systems, they where buying programs said to "ensure the proper update of time into the twenty-first century" software which granted Mags the access to their records in the first place.

To her, it was presented as a game, a simulation for which she could demonstrate he hadn't been wasting his money giving her the things he'd given her, and a chance to earn more. To a child, it was a no-brainier, and if kept him from making her feel uncomfortable, she was all the more willing to do it. A fact he didn't catch onto until she hit puberty a few years later. He let his sexual interests go, in favor of using her skills in inventing new things, to build him a series of drones and spy-bots. At first, purely to bolster his surveillance and the pulse he had on his organization, even when they didn't think he was watching. It was those videos which where found in the mansion when his death was called in by an Anonymous tip. Videos of those in his organization, doing his dirty work, as instructed. Too, there where still the videos with "Mags" in the label, showing that while he may have dropped his sexual interest in her, he got increasingly violent with her when ever he thought she wasn't working fast enough, or explaining what she was doing in terms he could understand.

He punched her, pretty much every where but her face, threw her around, slapped her, pulled her to him by her hair, and even kicked her legs out from under her to make her kneel to him. Over the course of her pre-teen years, he broke her right ankle twice, and even went so far as to starve her when she wasn't being cooperative,  or tried to negotiate the terms of her assistance to him. He kept her under constant guard and supervision, men who often taunted and cat-called her when-ever the Boss wasn't around. Sometimes getting physical enough to work her nerves but they never actually crossed the line for fear of the consequences. It seemed though the videos proved he knew about it, he didn't care enough to stop them because they didn't disobey his chastity-order on her.

In time for her fourteenth birthday, there was another change of scenery, this time to the much larger studio-space of the Sub-Basement. There weren't any walls but the four that boxed it in, but it had all the amenities on an individual, self-sustaining electric and air-filtration grid run separate of the main estate. There was a shower, with a clear shower curtain, an old claw-foot tub as the base, big enough for two. Sink, toilet, queen size bed, kitchenette, weight training and workout corner, living room/recreation with shelves of books and solitary games, puzzles... perhaps most impressive was the mini garden which looked like a crop of the outside world in the corner opposite the workout mats, complete with real grass and artificial sunlight from a dome aimed into the corner from the roof.  It was boxed in, the patch of earth, like a garden deck accented with a little tree and koi pond with a mini waterfall from small rock formation. It was a stunning room, but still every bit a windowless cage it was meant to be.

Her menstrual cycles had always been the hardest, because her own mood-swings would provoke his, but when he moved her to the Sub-Basement, he also began giving her tri-monthly injections which stopped her menstrual cycle, just like he told her it would. Of course, Mags' mood still had a bit of swing to it, but either the shots dulled that too, or she got better at controlling herself and her reactions to him. It may have saved her some of the violence, but between her calmer demeanor and maturing body, he became increasingly less willing to keep his hands off of her when he came down to the sub-basement to visit her and check on her progress.

More drones to spy, but this time he wanted her to include weapons, like guns, in their design. She halfheartedly agreed and stalled as long as she could, but it only made him angry to find out she had no intention of weaponizing the machines she was building for him down there. Tables of computers and various parts taking up the entire center of the large space for which her living quarters surrounded. It was there that he stole her virginity and wrecked some of her work in the process, holding her accountable for repairing them in time, with the weapons included, or he'd bend her over the table again. A threat that obviously terrified her, but also didn't discourage her from taking a stand against participating in his violence. He not only came through with his threat to have her again, but he also made arrangements to make her participate, and watch-- first hand, the mayhem he was known for.

It was on her sixteenth birthday, with a bomb-collar, he affirmed his ownership of her. He had a camera fitted into her glasses too, so he could film the whole thing from her perspective and make her watch it again later as a reminder that she did what she was told, or she'd do far worse with her own hands. He armed it and left her in the care of a group of men ready to die for their leader, knowing they just might if she didn't do as she was told. Of course, at the time she had no idea, yet again, what she was in for. The videos covered the men dressing her in a slinky gold dress they made sure she knew they liked her in, all the way to the escorted arrival at what looked like a charity auction of some kind.

As they entered through the back, kitchen area, the men put on masks to hide their faces and practically dragged her between them onto the mainfloor. There was a mass of gun-fire which began the chaos that was as much a distraction for Mags as it was for the people. With other members of the organization in on it, the people where locked in with only one escape route, and no one but the Mendez Organization was getting through. Mags pleaded for them to stop terrorizing everyone, but they didn't, even while two of the six men who'd escorted her, took her away from the mayhem, up the stairs to watch from the balcony above.

People where huddled together, crouched down hiding behind and under tables as best they could. No one had been killed yet, even if it looked like a few people caught stray bullets or fragments in the ricochet. Mags wanted to keep everyone alive so much, she started pleading with the men to stop, this time with the insistence she would do whatever they wanted. Shortly there after one of the two who brought her for the better view, handed her a cell phone. She cautiously put it to her ear. From her side of the conversation, she was being asked to prove she was willing to comply. When she reluctantly confirmed, she was told to follow the two men out of the building, and use the phone to dial a specific number. She asked who the number belonged to, but never got an answer. From the view of her glasses she left the building through a balcony and a zip-line to the building adjacent, where she called the number as instructed.

Two rings later, and there was a mass explosion which fire-balled in the reflection of the windows just before they shattered, everyone inside the charity dead or dying, including four of his own men. The cell was ripped out of her hand and a bag tossed over her head for the return home. "People will die, get used to it," Manuel said as his final goodnight, leaving the replay of the chaos and explosion looped on the main computer screen to drive that point into her soul. She was crushed, and fearfully obedient after that. If Manuel had been a better man, it would have made him ease up on her, but the further she crawled into herself, her uncertainty and despair, the more he tormented her, belittled her, and threatened her with the loss of innocent lives for her mistakes. He rooted serrated hooks into her soul and reeled her into him. Raping her mind with his violent coercion and raped her body with his own, as if that was all the proof she needed of his superiority.

Five years of it.

Modernizing guns for DNA and fingerprint recognition and explosive denial. Putting small guns on equally small drones which where built to withstand electromagnetic interference, of which it produced to disable all other electronics within a 50 foot range, making it harder to spot, and easier to do use in "drive-by's" as a ghost executioner. A few incidents of which he made her ride-along to watch and sometimes control them; always under the threat of making her do worse things if she didn't. A variety of computer viruses and harvest codes, encrypted messages, cell phones and so on. Binding her while he had his way with her, and on occasion even inviting his highest ranking loyalists to watch and join in the degradation of his property, to keep her in her place. Manuel was determined to break her so her intelligence wouldn't allow her to find a way out and by all appearances, he did just that. Or did he? He was dead and she was now living there quite comfortably by the looks of it.

The last video was recorded the day before his official death was reported and presumably was never seen by Mr. Mendez, or he might have known he was a dead-man walking. In that five years, Mags had built pieces of a bigger something, with the pieces of what she needed to build for him, often then cannibalizing the part she needed for his machines later in the build, to divert her watchers attention from what looked like scrap pieces no longer suitable for the given project. What she was building was a drone of her own, far more equipped than any of those she'd built for him. She waited for the day he went for his annual "check up" one she only knew about because he was vain about what good health he was in despite the drugs he did. Like he was touched by God. It was then that she used the drone to clear the house, killing every man there to protect it and cage her; starting with those who practically lived in the Sub-basement with her.

It wasn't much of a blood-bath, considering she'd worked up a poison cocktail from her garden which dropped the men like bags of concrete and killed them shortly there after. By the time one of them knew to be on alert, it was too late, and Mags made way topside, on her own, for the first time in her life. She didn't have any time to enjoy it though, she had bodies to move, and if the videos where any indication, she buried the men somewhere on those 58 acres. After which, she not only cleaned up after herself, but was smart enough to raid one of the vacuums in the house, to throw dust back down to hide what she'd done. Then she waited, with his own dobermans, dogs she didn't really know that well, but had heard enough about to know how to get them to listen to her. She had them following her around the house, like she assumed they did with him sometimes, and as she did, she laid out evidence she'd been collecting.

Flash-drives, mail-order prints, recorded conversations and so on. All over the mansion, in places that she hoped would speak to his pride and hubris. The last few hours she waited for his return, she spent cooing and loving on the dogs she was about to sentence to death-- though truth be told, he'd done that when he picked them out as puppies. Taking them upstairs to his bedroom to set the plan in motion while she tried to make the time as good and fun for them as possible. She played with them, with his clothes-- brand new work gloves keeping her DNA off them while she did. When she got a new item, she sprayed it with something, mixing the smell with his own, off his dirty clothes, which seemed to rile all the dogs into trying to tare his clothes apart. Her drone alerted her of his return and she shut the dobbies in there until she was ready for them.

Using a controller on her wrist that looked like an elaborately jeweled bracelet, she set the drone up to open the door when it was time. She changed clothes, into that damnable gold dress which surprisingly still fit her, maybe even a littler better than it had the five years before. She wore high-heels too, and a few other items of jewelry she'd changed into down-stairs. Cautiously putting on the gold gloves that extended up past her elbows, so she could touch him and the walls without leaving traces of herself behind. Her hair was pulled up tightly and damp, to eliminate stray hairs. She surprised him, by being there in the Mansion foyer, and being dressed as she was. For all her meekness before, she held herself together well when she lied about wanting to explore his sexual desires with him. As if he'd finally won her over.

He did her the favor of sending his guards away, giving them the night off so it could be just the two of them. Of course those men had no idea that as soon as she heard their engines fade down the driveway, she let the dogs out. Worked into a frenzy which almost had them scratching at the door before she could lure him into the living room, where the dogs startled him, peaked his happiness before obliterating it in a hellacious display of what almost looked like a small pack of rabid dogs. They weren't rabid, but they tore at him without mercy, ripping his clothes apart and tearing gashes in his limbs like hot knives to butter-- because he had their teeth filed unnecessarily sharp. He screamed, but no one was there to hear him but her, and she was slowly taking her exit, with one final act to add something to the dog's water bowl which made them all sleep soon after the mauling. Sleep through the arrival of the police she'd alerted.

:::::::::::::::::::: ADDITIONAL NOTES ::::::::::::::::::::
* While I'm not in a "rush" to play this one, it is a craved concept I would love to play into and create with a quality play partner.

  • Sorry, but as a specialty idea, the Picture Base likeness (Emily Bett Rickards) is non-negotiable, if she doesn't appeal to you, than this story isn't for you.
  • The name of the man and the details of why he bought the mansion, and how he became a billionaire, are totally negotiable and things I'd love to discuss YOUR ideas on, if interested.
  • One of the biggest appeals about this plot, for me, is the idea of him overcoming his own fears and dislikes for humanity to help her with hers. They're both a bit broken, but in different ways, which should ultimately make their chemistry and fondness for one another natural and relatively self-written.
  • YES - I do expect you to lead a good portion of the play, with the main male character, however you can fully expect me to throw in my own plot surprises for him to react to, things ranging from her technology to NPC bad guys looking to leash her once more.
  • YES - Mags was raped, repeatedly, but that doesn't mean there shouldn't be some NC elements to push her into getting over her past and learning to enjoy life, and desire to live for herself and not just for the sake of trying to help others. This could be NC non-sexual or sexual, though for the sexual bits it's strongly desired and recommended to be more seductive than possessive.
  • BONDAGE is accepted, but should be done with caution and care. Best done with forceful compassion, like holding her wrists to keep her from punching something, or pinning her down by her throat to calm her/stop her during a panic attack, bear hugging her to him to make her stay still etc.
  • If you're not comfortable with a slightly twisted romance of sorts, this isn't the play for you. To be clear, I do desire that they are not only physically attracted to one another, but almost enchanted by each others intelligence and personality, quirky as it may be. I'm not usually great with strictly "romance" which is why I've created this idea with the convoluted background it has. Again, if it doesn't interest you, this isn't the story for you.
  • The idea behind him finding the videos, is to give him the necessary information to make it easier for him to know what not to do to avoid freaking her out, and what TO do to help her get past it. I left a lot of details vague, both for the ability for us to add details as needed and desired, as well as avoid unnecessary grimness that's easily summarized with a word or two. Though if you have any questions, just ask!
  • For the record, even writing some of that in simple mention made me feel sick and violent inside. I in no way condone or support the bad behavior written about for the dead Antagonist of this story. I also want it to be clear I'm NOT looking for any of these elements in this play what-so-ever.
  • That said, this is a somewhat Grim plot idea, at least as far as the set up of the background and her history, which will have weight in the RP. As such, if you're not comfortable playing around and through these touchy topics, this isn't the RP for you. If you're open to helping me give her story a happier, more hopeful next chapter without dodging the darkness, then please, PM me. xD
  • To keep it clear, Manuel was mauled by his dogs about 2 years ago, meaning Mags has been living there alone, since then. You can decide how long ago he bought the place, and how long ago from then, did he begin moving in/arrive.
  • Lay all your thoughts and reactions on me when you PM me with your interest eh?!
  • .. more may be added later ..

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Re: DETAIL - DEPTH - DEBAUCHERY || Mixed Plot & Smutt Ideas || F for M
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#4 - THE CARGO: Early Release (OPEN) - ADDED 06-09-16 @ 12:12pm Eastern Standard Time -- FIELDING PROSPECTS - as of 08-11-16

This one is a little different, in that before I go into the details of this idea, there are a few stipulations that need to be addressed.
  • Regardless of how many plays I have, or my cap, etc, If I find a suitable play partner for this, we'll play it.
  • Due to the nature of this plot, I'll only consider players of Above Average Intelligence. If you have to think about it, or question if you are or not, at all, you're not-- you'd know. If you need an IQ range to know what I mean, 115+ (if you're curious to know mine, ask)
  • Aside from intelligence, my play partner will need to be of a creative mind-- willing and able to make things up on the fly to work in or explain things already in play/discussed. If this doesn't make sense to you, it probably doesn't apply to you, though feel free to double check your understanding with me. :-)
  • Despite the specific I do have set out for this plot, there is a lot I left undefined in relation to the actual characters and depth of their backgrounds-- this is both because I want my partner to have an equal role in developing the starting point and what not, and also a means to gauge any prospecting players during the discussion of this plot.
  • Unlike the other "special & specific" plots, this one is negotiable on the male and female pictures bases.
  • This plot will require a degree of forward/blunt discussion and ... manipulation in a way, meaning I want my play partner to be able to discuss possibilities, without letting me know what's actually going to happen in the RP-- so I can be surprised too.

  • I will play a minimum of two main characters, possibly a third.
  • You, my play partner, should be able to play at minimum, two main characters, possibly up to five if you wish and can play them all in-depth.
  • I'm thinking Spaceship/Firefly type of a setting, where your characters who run the ship, were hired to transport some cargo from point A to point B, only the cargo gets out en-route.
  • Yes, the Cargo in this case are my two main characters, generally described and depicted in the picture above. They are fugitives and depending on your preference, may be of alien or genetically altered/engineered origins.
  • Yes, they, the women, will have their own agendas, however they will be meant for RP discovery and thus not entirely discussed.
  • The bulk of the play will be on your characters ship, the reactions and scenes that follow the women's early release. We can discuss the basics and where exactly to begin, but this will be a very action/re-action based RP.
  • If you get daunted or exhausted leading and making decisions, this isn't the Plot for you.
  • If you don't know how to roll with the punches, take hits and dish them true to your characters abilities and demeanor, than this isn't the RP for you.

The Cargo (the women)

  • These women are highly sexual in nature (and depending on your preference, may need sex to sustain themselves. We can discuss.)
  • Dahlia is the youngest, appearing in the 16-18 year range despite possibly being a lot older than that (let me know your preferences!)
  • Deliverance is the older of the two, appearing 24-30 year range, despite also possibly being older than that.
  • The two may share genetics, and consider themselves sisters but are more like companions.
  • As a starting rule, I will not put them both in the same sexual scene until I get the notion you'll be able to keep up with them both in such a scene. (which translates to RP quality more than IC capabilities.)
  • As mentioned in the picture, Dahlia has mental enhancements and Del has physical ones. They use their abilities together to get what they need and go where they need to go, theirs is a bond that can't be broken.
  • Depending on your preferences, they can be very knowledgeable of the outside world/universe, or they can be limited in such knowledge per their previous captivity.
  • Yes, I am willing to change/negotiate their picture bases. Dahlia is represented by an unknown model while Deliverance is represented by Lucia Javorcekova. If these picture bases don't appeal to you on appearances, please let me know from the start so we can find ones that suit us both. I would like to keep them having different hair and eye colors.

The Men/Ship Crew
  • At minimum it should be a Two-Man crew. These two men should be human in appearance but may be of alien breeding or mixed breeding if you'd like. Regardless they should be very intelligent respectfully and adaptive-- the best at what they do and perhaps best friends or simply long time partners who may not openly like one another but they can't deny how well they work together... up to you the dynamic between them!
  • If you want to play up to five men, but wish to start with two crew, that's fine. I'm cool with the RP picking up other crew members along the way for different reasons... maybe they need a weapons specialist, or a guide to take them through "uncharted" and hostile territories. This is also where I may pick up a third female character to either be an unexpected (complication) passenger, or an additional crew member.
  • If you read/skim my O/O you'll know the various kinds of men I'm attracted to, and thus will enjoy playing across from in this sort of plot. Though feel free to ask questions etc.
  • The men, however many you start with, wont know that the cargo is going to open. As far as they know and have positively planned for, they're taking the cargo to another location and may have to dodge interception.
  • I will expect you to play each character independently as I will with mine-- though they may be posted in the same post, separated by their respective banners which I will make for you.
  • As it will be your character's ship, you'll be expected to pic some visuals and help me make a blue-print for easy play navigation, etc.
  • Likewise, whether we're playing in our own version of a per-established universe, or making one up specific for this plot... I expect equal contribution in the decision making (which means I don't want a player that wont give me feedback and is content to let me decide on everything for us...)
  • No man should appear any younger than 18-21 and no older than 40-48 years of age for this play, though they, like the women, may actually be older than that.
  • When contacting me, PLEASE have ideas for the men, be it two or five.
  • Ideas include either descriptions for me to help find picture bases, or suggested picture bases provided by you. (If I don't favor them, I will offer counter suggestions!)

*Yes, this is geared for both heavy-plot and heavy-sexuality ... if you can't handle both please don't inquire about this plot.

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#7 - WITCH WHACK: spellbound (CRAVED) - ADDED 07-15-16 @ 11:50pm Eastern Standard Time

Two Notoriously Untouchable Outlaws.
One Wickedly Hellacious Witch.
Three Barbed Cages.
One Way Out.

  • SETTING will be either the "Wild West" post civil war, OR a bordertown, post-apocalypse of a technology nature.
  • THE MEN, or man if you'd rather play on on one, DO NOT know that supernatural creatures and magics are real, until they meet her.
  • THE MEN, or man, may have seen her face in a painting before, a hundred year old painting, prior to spotting her during a heist. 
  • Whether it was because they'd seen her face before, or because she was the only one not willing to let them take what she had, she is the reason the men get caught, and they are the reason she gets caught. (We can discuss the specifics of the heist and their capture!)
  • OPENING SCENE will be in the cages, each to their own. At some point during their initial engagement, she will try to strike a deal, knowing they have loyal and fast horses. She gets them out of the cages, they give her a horse (though one or both should counter offer to give her a ride with them on their horse, rather than giving up a horse.)
  • It is during the breakout they first see her use magic, and see her eyes change colors.
  • I leave it up to you, whether or not they've heard the campfire stories about her-- as per the rhyme on her banner.
  • Assuming you like the idea, I most certainly do want her to have heard of them and know who they are.
  • She is and will be their doorway into the Supernatural war, and by helping her escape fast enough not to be recaptured or shot, they unwittingly become her accomplices in the eyes of those that hunt her for her publicized transgressions.
  • Plot Drama will come from some powerful Witches who're hunting Poe, AND from various Lawmen, bounty hunters, and cross victims or rival outlaws who may be gunning for your character/s. (so we'll both be driving the story)
  • During their escape, Poe gets hit by a magic arrow which temporarily strips her of her ability to conjure and use magic, thus making her rely on the man/men longer than she would have liked, which may entail her making a deal with them to help him/them with an impossible heist later down the road, or some such.
  • Whether you are playing one of the two men, or both of them as partners/relatives/friends, I will take care of the Supernatural elements (unless you'd like to join in!)
  • 5'3'', 118lbs, black eyes (except when using magic, then gold) black/darkbrown hair, appears 16-20 but is actually closer to 325 years old.
  • She practices two kinds of magic, blood/sacrifice magic, and soul-magic (using the power of her own supernatural soul.)
  • Other than her magic, which has kept her alive this long, she is restricted to normal human limitations.
  • Using magic, any magic for more than a few seconds, allows the coven who want to execute her, to find her, this will play a continuous challenge and theme throughout the play as she works on a cloaking spell for her magic.
  • She has been all over the world, and stories of her are told all over the world-- some depicting her as an angel, and other as a devil.
  • Having been on her own most of her life, she's very independent, sometimes mouthy and reflexively prone to looking out for herself above all others; I do desire that her experience with your character/s will help her remember some people are likable and worth getting to know, even if she is likely to out live them. xD
  • I am rather partial to using the female picture base as seen. If she doesn't appeal to you, this plot isn't for you.
  • I would LOVE to find a quality, immersive RPer who can and wants to play both men as partners in crime, friends or relatives,-- one can be the main character and the other the supporting, but I like the idea of this plot enough to be perfectly happy with just one of them.
  • Obviously one is older than the other. The oldest man I imagine being very level headed, self-controlled, and blunt-- he's not unintelligent by any means, but may let people think he is. Anson Mount from "Hell on Wheels" is the PB shown above, but you're free to change him!
  • The Younger one I imagine being more impulsive, perhaps even hot-headed and subsequently savage/dangerous.. which is why he sticks to sleight of hand, despite being a very proficient gunslinger. He is pictured as Josh Heartnet from "Penny Dreadful" he is also not mandatory for this plot.
  • Aside from mentioned traits, it's up to you to decide their personalities, quirks, strengths and flaws and YES, I would like them to be contrasting yet complimentary if you're playing both men.
  • Up until they realize Magic is real, and there's a whole other world they haven't seen or been certain enough to notice, they've considered themselves as untouchable as their reputation suggests they are.
  • SUPER important, no matter if you're just playing one man or two, that you are a detailed and immersive player. You can write out your character's personality, mannerisms, observations, deductive reasoning, idle/subconscious thoughts, and even their style of dress, in some manner, in every post. I want to read your posts and feel like I could imagine myself there, looking at them or interacting with them.
  • While sexual tension should and probably will be high, there will and should also be a lot of conflicting tension from them clashing, or trying not to like one another which will certainly be her standpoint from the start, trying not to like him/them.
  • If you do play both men, I can and will bring in a second female character upon request and discussion.
  • YOU MUST be able and willing to pay attention to details and portray at least one of the men as perceptive if not intuitive.
  • Most important, if you have questions or ideas of your own, please ask and share!

#8 - QUARANTINE: containment protocol (OPEN) - ADDED 07-16-16 @ 11:10pm Eastern Standard Time

------------------ THE PLOT ------------------
((Inspired by "Marvels, Agents of Shield" TV Show, Season 3))

Haily (no E) and her friends went on a trip for her 21st birthday. One of them booked one of a few guest cabins on a private 100 ft yacht. None of them knew the yacht wasn't even registered, nor that it was being used to find random test subjects for a private research organization. The first day was every bit the blast they were promised to have, cruising out to international waters with 30 guests and six crew members. The second day however, took a turn for the worst. It seemed everyone, the crew included, had caught something and were getting sick; though the odd thing was, no one seemed to have the all the same symptoms. Sure, they shared a few like hot flashes, delirium, and paranoia, but the rest of the effects were as different as the individuals on the boat. It was a long and brutal day, but the night was total chaos.

A total of 3 passengers died from the sickness, the rest...

Cataclysmic carnage. The deaths of the tree passengers made many of the guests as demanding as they were panicked. Doors were broken. Fires were started. Flareguns were shot. People were butchered by each other, hung, impaled with broken furniture, and burned alive. A few tried to kill themselves but seemingly failed because their deaths were other causes like, blunt force trauma, suffocation, and broken neck. The violence and dying lasted well through the night, as the numbers thin and hunting began. Not one of them unaffected by hallucinations and intense fear. Even Haily.

By morning, the boat was quiet and adrift.

There were bodies on every deck and in nearly every room of the 100 foot yacht. Laying across the bow, half clothed, bruised, burned and covered in other peoples blood, was the young blonde who had been celebrating her 21st birthday. She was the only person still breathing, still alive. She wasn't supposed to be. No one was supposed to survive, but there she was, out cold in a hibernation like slumber, as if she'd exerted so much energy her body put herself to sleep to recuperate.

  • I'm pretty open to ideas on whether or not you want to play a random person who happens upon the scene before anyone else, OR if you want to play someone from the research organization, involved in this particular project, now assigned to make sense of why she wasn't dead... OR someone from another organization, who knew about the experiment but didn't get there in time, thus arriving to find a sole survivor, no doubt now going to be hunted by those who made the biological weapon (BW).
  • To be clear-- the BW was made to cultivate violence and cause a group to murder each other, those that didn't die right off, HOWEVER, something about her, or about and unexpected mutation of the BW, created a genetic change in her, making her not-quite-human. (We can discuss your comfort levels on what that translates to.)
  • The meat of the RP beginning, will be rooted around her and whoever finds her, if you're not playing someone from the research organization, than the plot will include them trying to recover her, while Your Character tries to make sense of what happened to her, and of course, has the difficult task of handling her post-change.
  • While not a specifically sexy plot, I very much welcome sexual tension and intimate bonding regardless of who you're playing. This plot may have bondage and Non-Con themes in the sense of her being held against her will because she's a potential bio-hazard herself, and a danger to society because of her change.
  • How the plot plays out, is entirely dependent on what we discuss and want to do with it!

------------------ Haily Hawkins & her change ----------------

  • Haily Hedda Hawkins - 21 - 5'6'' - 122 lbs - gymnast, dancer, surfer, and small pub bartender.
  • She lived a relatively simple and uneventful life, unless you count the occasional bar brawl or grabby patron... so this event is going to traumatize her as much as it genetically changes her.
  • As seen in the banner, I do like the idea of an obvious change to her eyes!
  • I have NOT yet decided what ability she may have or what the change in her eyes means for her and her sight... please feel free to share your ideas!
  • I'm open to one of the people she was with, being her boyfriend if that kind of plot-twist dynamic interests you!
  • She will be a bit emotionally unstable at first, as she processes everything, so you'll need to be okay with that, and most preferably, enjoy that kind of opening relationship/challenge.
  • She WILL fight her captivity and insist on going "home" -- you must be at least willing to play through such a struggle of circumstance.
  • She WILL retain her prior memories, but the whole trip on the boat will be a mess in her mind (we can discuss the reality of what happened, versus what she'll remember.)
  • She may have to be restrained or otherwise knocked out for blood draws and other testing, at least until some form of trust or bond forms between her and your character.
  • Unless you have a striking picture base/likeness to suggest in place of the one I chose (Alexis Ren) then consider me pretty determined to use the one I chose.

------------------ The Man/Men --------------------
  • Researcher/Scientist, Random Boater, or Last Minute Savior, again, up to you!
  • He should be between the ages of 25 and 45.
  • I would prefer he be mostly level headed-- though obviously she will push buttons, so having triggers that may rile him is perfectly awesome for the plot!
  • As per my usual, 6' or taller please. xD
  • He should be perceptive, intelligent and resourceful-- so regardless of what sort of man you choose, he should very clearly be able to tell she's different/not-quite-human anymore, and a possible threat to him and others (based on the boat and blood she's covered in.)
  • If I haven't specified it in this list, consider it something you have full creative freedom over, and please be sure to let me know what you're considering when you PM me!

  • If you're so inclined, I would love you to play more than one man interacting with her, even if only one is your main character, but truly I'm only looking for one-on-one for this plot.
  • If you're not playing a researcher/scientist of the organization who created the BW, I will be playing them as NPC's in the plot, for us.
  • Though it was inspired by Agents of Shield, Season 3, I did not intend to play that genre-- however, if it tickles your fancy, I am a fan and would love to.
  • Lastly, I'm also open to the idea, the man who finds her, also having an ability or genetic anomaly that may give him an edge over her in her changed state.

#9 - GYPSY GEM: the gift (OPEN) - ADDED 07-25-16 @ 12:30AM Eastern Standard Time

In a time when steam engines and telegraphs were in their infancy, a man crosses a trader of many goods, their negotiations were interrupted by thieves, of which this man saves the trader from near death, despite losing all their present goods. The trader swears to repay the man with a gypsy gem capable of giving life. He had no idea it would be a woman the trader had given to him.

INFO for the idea/plot
* Normally I'd have a lot of specifics, but in this case I only have a few.

  • She is supernatural in that she can heal others by taking their injuries and healing herself.
  • I like the idea it's believed her ability is linked to her virtue-- but I'm not married to it.
  • I also like the idea he's a bit of an enigma, either a grifter sort who'd never consider having a woman companion, or a very wealthy and reclusive man who hardly even has any servants.
  • I'd prefer a bit of age/size play but, also up for negotiation.
  • I'm also open to semi-realistic setting, or a more of a fantasy/supernatural setting.
  • Definitely interested in an immersive player for this, someone willing, wanting and able to indulge in their interactions-- good and bad.

#10 - 3300: new beginnings  (OPEN) - ADDED 07-26-16 @ 010:10pm Eastern Standard Time

** Inspired by the TV show, "The 4400" and meant to be an alternate reality of a similar nature defined by my partner and I.

  • Some time present day, 3300 people who'd vanished at different times from different places all over the world, suddenly showed up in a remote area of Seattle, Washington. 
  • Whether or not they know it when they return, they are there with the purpose to make the world a better place, not just for humans, the whole world.
  • We can decide if it's the future that has done this, like in the show, or if it's an alien race trying to help the world of primitives.
  • I'm open to playing both women presented, or whichever is your favorite-- and with the right partner, I'd be willing to make a custom Returnee.
  • We can use as much or as little from the show as you want, so long as the vanishing, return, and abilities play a role in the plot.
  • I'm willing to be "GM" if you'd prefer to be along for the ride, though I'm also totally open to dual GMing!
  • YES this plot has potential for M/FF scenes, and or F/MM scenes.
  • YES, despite being plot-heavy with conflict and the general quest to improve the world, I want and expect sexual tension and a little smutt to find it's way into the plot-- but no, I don't yet have specific ideas, and wont until I know the man/men you'd like to play.

RETURNEE 369 - AJ Reaper - Disappeared: *December 3, 2008 -  age unknown


NAME: AJ Reaper - possible alias
AGE: unknown, approximately 36
HEIGHT: 5'3''
WEIGHT: 121 lbs
EYE COLOR: Dark Brown
HAIR COLOR: Dark Brown
BLOOD TYPE: O negative
PERSONALITY: Controlled, perceptive, guarded, secretive,
 profane, evasive, dark humored, calculating, skeptic,
borderline anti-social, borderline sociopathic-- stemming
 from deep empathy and compassion.

DISAPPEARED: December 3, 2008 - *according to Returnee
ABILITY:  Push her will upon others through direct eye-contact

QUARANTINE NOTES: Returnee 369 is hostile toward being restrained.
She may have a military background, and certainly had a diverse array of
combat training. She has zero trust in the Government and refuses to disclose
 her history. It is unclear if she made any friends during her time in quarantine,
but she was often seen around Returnee 452 (Nikki Jordan.) Her ability didn't
manifest until after she was released from Quarantine, and she has evaded
capture since.

RETURNEE 452 - Nikki Jordan - Disappeared: April 1, 1991 -  18 years old


NAME: Nicole Lee Jordan - aka Nikki
AGE: 18
HEIGHT: 5'6''
WEIGHT: 116 lbs
PERSONALITY: Before disappearing she was suspected of having genius level IQ,
but refused to be tested. Family and friends reported her as easy to smile, quick to stand
 up for someone and a sure thing for valedictorian. She was captain of the speech and
debate team, and a strong breast-stroke swimmer for her highschool. After returning she
 was more resistant to taking tests and being tested, and exhibited a desire not to be touched,
 later linked to her ability.

DISAPPEARED: April 1, 1991
ABILITY: (new to develop and not something she's yet aware of)
When she touches someone she can experience their memories,
even after they've been dead for up to thirteen hours.

QUARANTINE NOTES: Nikki has had a hard time adjusting
 to the fact so much time has gone by, particularly because despite
 having been the oldest of four children, she's now the youngest,
 by vanishing technicality-- and both of her parents are now dead.
She has agreed to lend her ability to the Government in extreme
cases, at her discretion. Despite her siblings insistence she took
up her own residence and picked up a job at a botanical garden.

  • I'm perfectly happy if you want to start out with just one character and work in a supporting male character at some point, OR play two from the start, OR only one the whole time.
  • I prefer any males you play to be in the age range of 25-45 years old.
  • I'm equally excited to play with another Returnee, and or, a Government Agent tasked with monitoring the 3300, though not entirely against playing with a human not involved with any of it, until crossing my character(s).
  • The extend of the plot is totally up to our discussion, inspirations, ideas and so on.
  • When and if you message me for this plot, please be sure to include what came to mind for the male lead at least.
  • Also, should be implied, but please do check out my O/O there's some good stuff there.. xD
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#12 - SAFETY NET (OPEN) - ADDED 08-12-16 @ 04:30PM Eastern Standard Time

"I made myself a key, I hope you don't mind me letting myself in,
but I knew you wouldn't answer the door. I'm sure you know
very well who I am, and there have been recent efforts to kill
me for what I've built... I have a young woman in my employ
who can look at anyone, photograph, TV or live, and tell if they
have any abilities, and what they likely are. She's still working
on her interpretation but, she says you can see lethal danger
before it happens, that you probably tried to save your family,
but when they wouldn't listen and died for it, you shut yourself
off here. I'm here to ask for your help, and offer you a job."

CAVEO (Kuh-we-O) a.k.a. MADAM METAL

BIRTH NAME:: unknown, presumed mid-thirties
COMMON NAME:: Caveo (Kuh-we-O), Latin translation: to be on ones guard
GIVEN NAMES:: Madam Metal
AGE:: unknown
HEIGHT:: 5'3'' (160 cm)
WEIGHT:: 111 lbs (50 kg) unique skeletal and muscle composition doesn't weight as much as normal human tissue
EYE COLOR:: brown & gold
HAIR COLOR:: blonde/dirty blonde
ID MARKS:: unknown
ABILITY/ies:: Has metal bones of an unidentified nature, which allow her to absorb other metals and mold them
as she can with her own bones. The unknown metal is resistant to all tested heat and cold extremes, and is stronger
and more light weight than any known metal on earth. Her ability to control the metal of her own bones, also allows
her to cover her entire body with the metal, as armor, the only known limitation to how long she can hold it, is how
long she can hold her breath, or whether or not the environment is breathable enough to leave her nostrils
unprotected. Her body does produce the metal, but at a steady rate, so if she looses some of the blades she may
throw, she has to wait for her bones to replenish before she can properly shield her whole body. Many people are
calling the metal of her bones, Alltanium, though she has yet to recognize there is a name for the substance.

PERSONALITY:: Charming when she wants to be. Often witty. Sometimes brutally sharp witted. Seductive.
Compassionate. Strong Willed. Passionate but sexually selective. Indulgent. Loves a challenge. Bold. Daring.
Unpredictable, yet calculating. Typically dominant and assertive. Commanding. Well spoken. Highly intelligent
and not afraid to show it. Very private about her personal life and preferences; slyly evasive when not outright defiant.

REPUTATION:: Not easy to rile. Quick to defend or help someone in need. Strong advocate for inter-species
equality. Minimalist. Permanent Bachelorette. Runs the #1 Supernatural Security firm in the world. Offers a standing
reward of $20 an oz for any "Alltanium" returned to her through her security firm, no questions asked.

OCCUPATION:: CEO & Head of Security for Sultry Supernatural Security Inc,
and the "Pretty Protection Escort Service" subsidiary
THE MAN (pictured as Ricky Whittle- negotiable)
  • You can choose an alternate picture base if Ricky Whittle doesn't suit you/your character.
  • He should be 35-45 years in age, and have lost his family (wife/kids?) as recently as 6 months ago.
  • He should have been in some public splotlight before the incident with his family, for whatever reason you choose.
  • For plot purposes, he should be reluctant to accept her job offer-- we can discuss why, with any ideas you have!
  • It is also important he does have an ability that allows him to foresee bad events, even if it's in a very specific way.
  • Being able to foresee lethal danger headed her way, will give you some creative freedom to lead or just toss some curve balls.
  • Please provide your ideas for this man when you PM me with your interest!

  • Caveo IS an alien, part of the race that spawned the humans with abilities, going back centuries, though never as abundant and in the open as the present.
  • She has no records prior to her Security Agency, because she was original sent back to Earth to raise a super-human army to wipe humans off the planet, in atonement for her rebellions back home-- only the conditioning they thought had worked on her, didn't, and she hates being told what to do. 
  • No matter how his ability works, he will not be able to predict or foresee events with her in the picture, or any other aliens, because of their alien nature-- this will play a role in invasion/alien-bad-guy plot twists I'll be tossing in!
  • The opening scene should be of her invading his house or wherever he's been hiding out, to ask for his help and offer him a job as her own supernatural security.
  • How the plot plays out from him reluctantly taking the job, and even how that plays out, is up to discussion and natural play progression.
  • Caveo is my oldest existing character, though.. toned down and modified a little for this plot, I would like to say she was created before the Liquid Terminators, and was inspired by wanting to enhance/play-off-of Wolverine's bones and healing ability. :-p
  • Definitely looking for a detail-oriented, immersive, plot&smutt driven player for this one.

#14 - THE WITNESS  (OPEN) - ADDED 08-15-16 @ 11:40AM Eastern Standard Time

INFO for the plot/idea
  • A lot up for negotiation as this is a world-building plot I'd like to make up with my partner to suit the plot and our interests.
  • Basic concept, this young woman sees an event that can help some government/law/enforcement agency capture dangerous criminals, but she'll only talk to one man, your character-- who should be in the agency, but perhaps not usually taken seriously or seen as more than an average agent, even if he is above average and chooses not to show it.
  • Why and how she knows who he is and will only speak to him, is something I'd like to discuss.
  • Likewise, I DO want SUPERNATURAL ELEMENTS, especially if you're willing to play him a skeptic for a knack in telling when people are lying.
  • While there will definitely be a heavy plot around the case we will build to bring them together, I do want to explore the taboo relationship that may spawn between them as he is tasks to both protect her, and get information out of her to report back.
  • With the supernatural elements, double points for playing in a world where it's not common knowledge, thus hard for him to accept and harder for him to think of how to report back what he's learned from her, without sounding as insane as she does.
  • Yes, I would like for her to be supernatural, though we can discuss your comfort levels, and whether or not you like the picture base shown-- who can be played in apparent age of 16-21, with a supernatural age up to a few hundred.
  • I would prefer he be in the age range of 28-45, and of whatever demeanor and personality you're most interested in playing!

#15 - POWER SOURCE: hunted (CRAVED) - ADDED 08-20-16 @ 04:30PM Eastern Standard Time

Twenty three years ago there was a world wide black out.
Eighteen years ago, the man who caused it, created a solution for it.
Two years ago, rumor broke out about the cause and power source.
Now, that power source is being hunted down by every nation,
all the while, Outlaws are waging war and trying to find it first.
CAYEDEN CASSIDY - the power source

BIRTH NAME:: Cayden Lee Cassidy
COMMON NAME:: Cayden or Cassidy
GIVEN NAMES:: Blue Eyes, Blondy, Cass, Cay, Cayd, (more may be added later)
AGE:: 18
BIRTH PLACE:: Southeast Commonwealth, March - 5 years after the black out
HEIGHT:: 5'6'' (160 cm)
WEIGHT:: 133 lbs (50 kg) unique skeletal and muscle composition doesn't weight as much as normal human tissue
EYE COLOR:: blue
HAIR COLOR:: blonde/dirty blonde
ID MARKS::Few arrow scars (front right thigh, left ass cheek and right shoulder,) two bullet scars (right shoulder all the way through, right front abdomen,) small circular birthmark on her left breast (usually hidden by her clothes,) also identified by electrical objects still plugged in or connected to an otherwise functioning battery/power source, to turn on.
ABILITY/ies:: Unknown to her, there is a chip inside her body, near her heart, which makes all the power-sucking nanites go inert around her, allowing powered objects to kick on as they had been at the time before the black out. This chip also reprograms the nanites in her own body, to heal damages and preserve her well being in unbelievable time (though not without leaving a scar.)

PERSONALITY:: " grow up fast or you die young..." was her take on the world, even at a young age. She's fiercly independant but also compassionate and willful enough to fight for more than just her own life-- when she can. Her mother died giving birth to her, and her ability kicked in after she hit puberty, around 13/14, which soon followed her father getting ill and dying, leaving her on her own with only in journals to explain what she is, or rather, what's inside her, and her purpose for having it. These sequence of events has made her as curious as she is a bit quirky and quite capable. She's brilliant, and savy when it comes to staying alive. She can be as witty as she can be utterly stoic and hard to read, though her eyes are usually telling either way. (We can discuss if she's sexually experienced or not, I'm okay either way but wont deny the appeal of playing such discoveries such as pleasure during sex which, virgin or not, she may not have much experience with.)

ACCUMULATED SKILLS:: Linguistics, Research/Investigation, Observation, Cryptography, Basic Engineering, Hunting, Tracking, Trapping, Hiding, Running, Sabotage, Stealth, Archery, Cooking, Thieving, & Lying.

CURRENT LOCATION:: Westlands, where there is the least amount of old technology and a lot of space to run and hide as the threat of more hunters looms over her.

  • Growing up in the Southeatern Comonwealth, she was well educated and her intelligence fostered.
  • When she hit pueberty and things started turning on within twenty feet of her, the community banded together to build a bunker for her to live in while she and her father tried to determine if and how she could control it. This soon became the Comonwealths greatest secret.
  • For her 16th birthday, the same day her father died, he took her to the Confederation, to see slavery first hand and try to explain her purpose... things didn't go well and he died to protect her and give her a running start toward the Westlands.
  • For the last two years, she's been a nomad, wandering up and down, east and west, through the Westland trading posts and communities, never staying in one place longer than a week, and doing her best not to go to the same place twice-- though accidents and fatigue happen...
  • For this plot, I like the idea of her resisting/not liking the idea of help, even though she knows she needs it as the different factions close in on her with more and more floating tech on the bodies of scouts, hunters, and killers.
  • Her picture base IS negotiable-- ideally, she should rock your socks at first glance.
  • If you like the bullet points for this plot, and the female lead, then please come back to properly read through the "STORY GLOSSARY & INFO CENTER" spoiler below this list. It's important for the plot and all things are negotiable from the names to the factions.
  • Your Character (YC) crosses paths with Cayden, either because he's a hunter looking for her, a rebel trying to save her, or an Outlaw Killer from King's Malitia, who just happens to find her before the Hunters do-- no matter what you decide, the meat of the plot hinges on him having to spend time with her, and possibly debating what he wants to do with her, versus what he should do with her...
  • This IS a plot with room for NC-ish elements, I'm not actually into rape, but I LOVE sexual tension when it's not otherwise wanted by the character in play, and I also enjoy my characters being pushed into wanting sex with men they shouldn't want to have sex with.
  • Most of the antagonsitic elements of the plot will be through NPC's we'll play of other Hunters and such, trying to stake claim on the young woman who can turn the lights back on.
  • The internal meat of the plot will be in the conflict between our characters... YC with his duty and her with her need to survive, compounded by their undesired, but undeniable attraction.
  • Opening scene would idealy be me posting her running right into YC or a trap he set, or a fight he's in, etc. Please be sure to PM me your thoughts on how you'd like them to meet!

This section will be updated and edited as necessary, to keep certain details clear and easy to reference.
YES, this plot is inspired by the TV show "REVOLUTION" and shares some characteristics.

  • KING REPUBLIC // Northeast Territory // Borders the Westlands and the Seaboard Commonwealth. Most militaristic, brutal and strict with weapons control among their population-- Ruled by Commander KingNPC and enforced by Kings Militia, which has been known to kidnap young adults and teens for "conditioning" to be members of their Malitia. What the conditioning entails, is the King Republics best kept secret. Kings Republic receives various payments from most of the nations to hunt and kill the raiding Outlaws from the Skag Flats.
  • WESTLANDS // Far&Mid West territory // Borders ALL other territories. Largest expanse of land, filled with nomadic people, the traders with the best trading posts, and strict keepers of neutral peace-- their strength is in their numbers and communication network. Also ground zero for the tech-death-apocalypse (TDA, or "TuhDAh" as some people call it) and the land with the least amount of remaining technologies, most of it gathered and burned, buried or bashed to pieces.
  • SEABOARD COMMONWEALTH // Mid Eastern territory //  Borders the Westlands, King Republic, and the Southeast Confederation-- this nation has the reputation to have the brightest minds on the continent.  Its they who developed new "technologies" after the techno-apocalypse, bringing back steam powered machines and other devices working on alternative power sources.  They claim to have access to large quantities of knowledge found in ruins from the world before the blackout. Ruled by scholars. Secretly funding the rebels to bring back one country and the old ways by bartering the transit of goods from the Southeast Confederation to the other nations.
  • SOUTHEAST CONFEDERATION // South Eastern most territory //  Borders the Westlands, Skag Flats and the Seaboard Common Wealth. An alliance of small townships/cities under the influence of a powerful group of landowners. This oligarchy produces food and brought back slavery. Anyone who cannot pay their tribute to the leading family is turned into a slave and sent to the fields. In an alliance with King Republic, providing food in exchange of protection.
  • SKAG FLATS // Burning Wasteland(desert) south of the Westlands and West of the Southeast Confederation // A gang of misfits, loners, scavengers and brutes commonly called Outlaws.  Ruled by the strongest fighter they often raid their neighbors.  Rumored to resort to cannibalism when they cannot find food. Killed on sight by most people able and willing, otherwise reported to the King Republic for extermination.
  • REBELS // a movement within all nations // - made up of those who want one country/nation again, not the current divide they found themselves in.

  • April 1, 2017 CE - A Lab in Phoenix, Arizona, USA, unleashes nano-technology capable of self-replicating in the atmosphere. In less than a day, they sucked up all the power and made their way across the world, sending civilization spiraling into dark age chaos and suffering. The whole socioeconomic world came to a crashing halt, hundreds of thousands dying in the first week alone, and millions by months end. For eight torturous months the world fought for some kind of stability and hierarchy among the people, realizing the power wasn't coming back on, and no one was coming to save them. 
  • January 1, 0 ABO - Corporal Christian King had maintained a small band of military men who became known as Kings Militia which targeted brutal gangs preying on defenseless people and groups, with brutality of their own. As their fame grew, so did their ranks, and their appetites. King was named Commander of the entire Militia within three months, with a number of Generals relaying his orders, and with an army at his back, he set forth to take over and restore order to the Northeast. A feat which only took a month to do, an before summer hit, he named his territory, King Republic. 
  • June 1, 0 ABO - A different kind of take-over was occurring in the west, all the way to the coastline, people were destroying old forms of technology and setting up trade routes and communication outposts-- they remained well informed of Kings Malitia and the new King Republic, just as they knew Land Owners in Georgia and the Carolinas up through Virginia, were banding together with fragments of their governments, to unify their territories, though the civil wars were arguably more bloody than the wake of Kings Malitia, there weren't as many deaths and those who rebelled against the Land Owners and their affiliates, were enslaved by force and threat of starvation.
  • December - 0 ABO - The actual dates remain unclear but by this time the Landowners named their territory the Southeast Confederation and they horded their food stores during the winter, arguably the deadliest winter since the black out. It left a valley of death between the well prepared Southeast Confederation and the not so prepared but undeniably resistant King Republic. A void which was filled by those who sought to learn and create things, rather than claim territory and starve people. They helped the two nations on either side, to maintain the peace, and in sharing some of their refurbished and reinvented technologies, and thus became the Seaboard Commonwealth, highly respected, yet also seen as highly intelligent outcasts. 
  • March - 1 ABO - The trade routes and information centers of the west were commonly referred to and so named, Westlands. They became the place for the average survivors and National representatives to mingle, trade information, goods and rumors. In their unification and accepted by the other three factions, they subsequently created the Skag Flats where most of the scourge of the apocalypse was pushed out to by the people, and Kings Malitia, still sporting the good-brutal-men reverence. 
  • October 18, 3 ABO - The Southeast Confederation makes an alliance with King Republic to exchange regular food shipments for protection from Outlaws from the Skag Flats and Slave Uprisings. By the end of the year, King Republic has 4 outposts within the Southeast Confederation, which constitute KR territory.
  • April 25th, 5 ABO - Tensions rise between the King Republic and the Southeast Confederation over absent or slow food deliveries. As war threatens, the Westlands boom with tradegoods, including food. Supplying their own raw materials, specializing in metals.
  • August 24, 7 ABO - Southeast Confederation makes a long term trade deal with the Seaboard Commonwealth for steam trucks to transport crops and cattle to the Westlands, King Republic and the Commonwealth itself.   
  • Febuarary 5, 11 ABO - a Rebel uprising in King Republic pushes Commander King to instate a law against civilians carrying guns of any kind, raids take place and hundreds are slaughtered in the largest arms claim in history. In doing so, the Republic became the most well armed faction, with the best trained and equipped soldiers. Some in the Westlands confirm the raids reached well into the Seaboard Commonwealth, under an undisclosed treaty of protection, shared technology exclusivity, and gun ownership to King Republic in exchange for no deaths. Some believe the lack of deaths is the only reason it was allowed to happen.
  • July 13, 12 ABO - The people pushed to the Skag Flats start organizing under a single leader, and demand recognition as Outlaws of the other nations, plunderers and boogeymen. Their first targets were within King Republic, and the losses were heavy on both sides, with skirmish wars going on for months. By the end of it, King Republic demanded all nations accept a Kill On Sight law, for all Outlaws. The only nation to offer objection was the Seaboard Commonwealth, which negotiated an Extermination Alert Protocol to quickly inform Kings Militia of Outlaw sightings. By the end of the year, the EAP was adopted by all nations for civilians unable or unwilling to kill another person. 
  • November 30, 18 ABO - The longest peace since the black out, is broken by new skirmish raiding wars waged by Outlaw packs, all answering to a new leader. Every Nation feels the pain, though the King Republic lost the most men. It it believed this is when the kidnapping and coerced recruitment began to replenish the ranks, though the quickness with which the Republic recovered, suggested to both the Commonwealth and the Westlands to suspect it had begun long before the Raid Wars. The Confederation lost the most in goods, and the Westlands lost the most in structures, most of their trading posts burnt to the ground. Rumors begin to spread about a rebel faction which helped civilians in each nation, rebuild, rebels spreading word about a group that wanted to renuinte all the nations. When Kings Militia begins killing these ambassadors, the movement goes quiet, but doesn't lose speed in gaining members in the other nations. 
  • May 4, 21 ABO - Rumor breaks about a programmer from before the blackout, a man who some come to believe, didn't just cause it, he created technology so small he now controlled the world. Most dismissed it as whimsical stories, one of many attempted explanations for what had happened when civilization died and had to be reborn again. However, by the end of the year, there were a few reports that could draw a line through the Southeast Confederation and Seaboard Commonwealth, into the Westlands. A line of reports of various old technologies, suddenly turning on. Commander King was the first ruler to give the claims credit by sending scouts across all the continent, with various old-tech, waiting for it to work, and confirm the rumors.
  • Sepetember 22, 22 ABO - A mutiny brews inside the Republic as even the Generals begin to loose faith in Commander King, but on this day, word gets back to the Commander and the Republic as a whole, that the rumors of a power source, were true and the Westlands as a whole were accused of harboring said power source. An accusation with closed the Westlands borders to every nation for the rest of the year, a reaction which forced the Republic to give into the pressure from the other nations to that they be civil about investigating and finding the power source. Meanwhile, the Outlaws begin their own raiding searches in an effort to beat the Republic and gain conquering power. 
  • July 10, 23 ABO - The Westlands are so ravaged by the Outlaw Raids that they open their boarders to a complete search and seize of any power source, to the Republic, in exchange for fighting the Outlaws back to the Skag Flats. Two different factions of Kings Malitia are dispatched, a team of hunters trained to kill as skillfully as they retrieve, and a few small groups of executioners, specifically trained to track and kill Outlaws. Secretly, all the other Nations also send their own undercover hunters to find the power source, fearful of what Commander King might do if he gets it first. Some of them intentionally make false reports to slow the hunt for their opponents, muddling the information network and forcing all the hunters to rely on their own skills and intel...

... more may be added later ...
THE MAN, Your Character
  • If you don't have a picture options to suggest for him, or one in mind for his likeness when you message me with who you'd like to play, I will help you find one based on how you describe your character.
  • As a reminder, he can be from any faction/nation, he can be a Hunter, Executioner, Scout, Rebel, Lone-Wolf, even an Outlaw with the right ideas to support it without it being too NC.
  • I do want to play into age, so he should be 30-45.
  • Playing into size differences is optional.
  • He can be clean cut and militaristic, or gruff and rogueish, whatever inspires you the most!
  • In depth character only, with an immersive writer to portray him please!!!

#16 - BLACKTOWN: nomad nation?  (CRAVED) - ADDED 08-21-16 @ 02:53AM Eastern Standard Time

(Yes, the above banner is who I would like YOU to play, with whatever personality the general banner/picturebase inspires.
I can and will change the Jason Momoa images if you prefer a different look, but he is best suited for this plot concept-- to me.)

  • "Blacktown" is named for the fact it's rumored to be the go-to place for black market and black magic goods.
  • As the plot name suggests, it's a nomadic nation of people, perhaps this is one town of many, could be any setting, though modern(w/scifi elements)/post-apoc would be my preference.
  • If, in reading through their blurbs and the rest of this info, you have your own ideas how open a scene, PLEASE SHARE, I'm totally open on collaborating on something I didn't consider. xD
  • For the right partner, I will introduce all three female character choices, with your favorite as the "main squeeze/heart throb", and yes the plot opening/starting direction will differ depending on which female you prefer.
    • Deevs (1st option) would open with her blazing into their current set up of town, trailers, tents and the like, details to be discussed.
    • Franky (2nd Option) would open with some locals harassing her about who she is after closing the bar, like they're trying to pick a fight or run her out of Blacktown.
    • Isis (3rd Option) would open with her getting too close to Blacktown and being dragged in by low-level border patrolmen looking to interrogate her.
  • The Head Enforcer, Your Character (YC) knows everything that goes on in Blacktown, he also helps to organize their moves from one place to another. As the title suggests, he's the guy who handles security, which includes unwanted/unexpected drifters, investigators, local authorities and looky-loo's some of which he delegates, some he handles himself. All of these elements will likely pop up in the plot as we deem fit!
  • Black magic, supernatural humans/beings, questionable dealings, psychics, seers, the whole lot, as much as you can stomach!
  • Yes, this plot will revolve around YC, if that wasn't obvious, which makes it important you have an idea of his personality and leadership tactics, before you contact me, even if its a few ideas.
  • Each female has a subplot/background tied to them, so being honest about your preferences, in order, will be important, regardless of who I'm playing as a main and who I might bring in as a supporting or NPC character.
  • While sex shouldn't be the main drive of the plot and subplots, I do very much want and expect sexual elements to make it into the other goings on within the town. We can discuss kinks and plot twists there in!


DELTA VON SECK - aka - DVS/Devious, Deevs
The kind of witch you want on your good side. She's a petite and curvy five foot power-house
of natural magical ability built on a few centuries of practice and magic accumulation which is
why other witches don't even like to be around her. She's trouble with tits and a fiery attitude
to take-no-shits from anyone. Deevs isn't really part of the Blacktown community, however,
she's handy to have around when you need someone of her abilities, and she isn't someone
you decline to sell goods to, especially with the price of a favor. No one really knows how she
spends her time, but rumor has it, when she isn't indulging in physical and psychological
pleasures, she's terrorizing who ever she deems needs punishing. This time she's in town with
an obscure shopping list and a few peace offerings for being a general pain in the ass.

FRANKY HART - aka - Franky The Bartender (badass)
Blacktown Bartender. She was a drifter a long time ago, but managed to seed herself as part
of the community before YC became head enforcer. As far as anyone knew, she was just a
hot, evasive but charming bartender who maybe had a psychic ability of some kind, on
account for her knack for knowing what drink people wanted before they asked. Some thought
her submissive, other just figured she didn't like conflict. The only thing besides her bar-tending
skills, anyone really knew for sure, was that she didn't like to be touched (except when she
not that anyone was aware.) Six months ago, everyone, including YC, found out why--
a barfight got out of hand and the compact thirty-something, five-four-nobody put seven men
on the floor, and sent three of them to the local healer. No one has looked at her the same since,
and the fact she's a mystery is beginning to mount tension in the community against her, rumors
of her being a spy and the like. She's not a spy, but she has been running from her past which
she refuses to talk about.

ISIS ANKH - aka - Carla Cash, Nadia Loken, and many others...
She's been a brilliant outsider her whole life, seeming to bring out the best, or worst in people with no idea why.
Her tattoos are representations of emotional pain given physical presence as a reminder of her survival.
The leggy blonde also feels like she being followed by darkness in that, weird things always happen around her.
Computers, gadgets and other technology became her refuge. Her therapy. It was also the epicenter for the
majority of the arrests under her belt, from hacking to unauthorized drone flight and theft of government
property. Most of the arrests were thrown out on a wide variety of technicalities, the only conviction on her
record is public indecency when she was 18, about four years ago. Several agencies try to keep an eye on
her but she's a master at digital drag nets and ghosting; which is also how she found out about Blacktown
and decided to check it out in the hopes someone could confirm if she's cursed. (She's not, she's a conduit
and amplifier for all kinds of energy, particularly moods and magic, though she possess no magic of her
own otherwise. and has no idea what she is.) Without an invite, she had no idea what she's getting into.

  • The lead female, should be the one you/your character are most attracted to all the way around.
  • The condition for me bringing in the other women, is entirely upon your ability to inspire with just the one to start.
  • Each woman has her own sexuality. Franky is likely going to be the toughest/most intense challenge, but also perhaps worth it. Deevs is a wildcard with a lot of buttons and no shame, so she is arguably the "easiest" so to speak. Isis is kind of in the middle, socially/sexually/romantically deprived but no less wanting and sometimes impulsive enough to take it.
  • Deevs is best paired with a man who won't get jealous about her having multiple partners, isn't afraid of sensually passionate sex, and a wide variety of foreplay...
  • Franky is best paired with a perspective button pusher who actually cares about her and her trust in him; a man not afraid to get close or touch her.
  • Isis is best paired with a cunningly blunt flirt, a man to remind her there's more to life than tech, and that she's as stunning as her mind.
  • It's perfectly AWESOME if YC is a chameleon sort who can fit all three types of man! Or also quite hot if he's better suited for one more than the others.
  • Regardless of who may be your favorite, please consider making YC supernatural, whether he has magic, or an ability, or is a shifter or whatever.

  • PLEASE take some time to read a few of my RECENT POSTS, that are replies for a story... this will let you know the level of detail and immersive style I'm looking for.
  • Give your PM a subject like, like "BLACKTOWN prospect!" or something...
  • If you want to change the Momoa pictures for YC's banner, please send me examples!
  • If Jason Momoa isn't the kind of likeness for you, it doesn't excite you to play him, etc, this isn't the plot for you.
  • If at least one of the three women presented don't make your loins twitch, than this isn't the plot for you.
  • If you're not into gritty, suspenseful, sexually tense drama type plots, than this probably isn't one for you.
  • If you don't enjoy a little world-building with both leading and following along/rolling with the punches, this probably isn't a plot for you.
  • If you're not sure about your writing prowess, so to speak, than this isn't the plot to start with.
  • If size difference play, instant attractions, intelligent partners, deep penetration, excessive cum, multiple orgasms, squirting, sexual tug-a-war, some bondage, and possible borderline NC elements don't trip your trigger, then, yeah, you guessed it, this may not be the plot for you. No hard feelings though!

#17 - UNDERCOVER: discover or die (CRAVED) - ADDED 08-30-16 @ 9:47pm Eastern Standard Time

Detachment and mission focus always seemed easy...
Then she got a new case, and a new handler...
Things got real complicated, real quick...

THE PLOTs and the MEN (handler or target)
Because I like, both the idea of her with her handler, and her with a man in the organization/network for the case she's working on, I wanted to write plot profiles for both.

  • I imagine a modern-realistic type world with supernatural/paranormal elements not public knowledge.
  • I also see this world having a few agencies and private organizations who's job it is to keep such things from public knowledge.
  • I'm perfectly fine with us taking creative liberties on historic events, as they "really happened" versus recorded history.
  • Whether or not you want to play a supernatural/paranormal man, is totally up to you; but I do love it.
  • Maddox is her current alias, a carry over from a related case TBD.
  • She has a handler for every case, though not always the same handler as there are times she's asked to work cases with a specific handler.
  • There is a small group of five, who know who she really is, and they are called Asset Control, they decide who handles what case with what handler.
  • The agency with which she's employed, I imagine as a black-op type organization few even know the name of, other than those within it. Name TBD.
  • Maddox is telepathic, but only Asset Control knows this, because she's very good at hiding it (most of the time to the mass majority of even the most perceptive people-- totally cool if your character is an exception, so long as you can play such perceptiveness well.)
  • This plot should be both plot heavy and sex/sexual tension heavy, to whatever ratio comes natural as we play.
  • That said, I wand to discuss the actual case she's working, based on the idea/tid-bits/suggestions for the two main male characters I'd like to put her in a plot with.
  • Ultimately, it should be a case with very high stakes, globally, or to the human population in mass numbers.

  • Most of the plot/play would revolve around her meeting with her handler to debrief, in various states, in different locations, after different spans of time.
  • Playing the handler gives us a lot of creative freedom to play with the scenarios and circumstances of their covert meetings.
  • I would like there to be immediate attraction, be it physically, mentally, or both.
  • However, I would prefer they both try to keep things professional despite how hard we make it for them.
  • The handler is the longer game, high in sexual tension, slow-cooking to the actual sex.
  • I imagine most of their meetings being a few hours, or maybe a night/day at a time, so despite the simmering tug-of-war between them, the plot will be quicker moving in "shorter" scenes (in terms of IC time spans)
  • The Handler provides a taboo love of forbidden fraternizing, which neither of them have had a problem with until now.
  • Yes, this would be the first time they meet, though he may have heard of her unofficially in chats he's not supposed to have with other handlers.
  • The Handler should be of a strong military background, though not necessarily with a good/clean record.
  • Ideally we start with them meeting so he can brief her on the case-- both getting a location independently, obscure, remote, and impossible to get to on accident.
  • This opening scene is where the first impressions and initial impact of attraction should happen. When they realize there's a mutual desire to break the rules, if only there wasn't a pressing need to prepare her for what she's going in for.
  • It can be any time of the day or night, and may or may not include one of them bringing food/drink.
  • If you want to make this meeting more interesting/kinky we can bring her in directly from another case, with whatever attire we agree on, and him bringing her new wardrobe and the freedom/need to take a shower.
  • If you enjoy playing doctor-like scenes, she can have a cut/injury that needs stitching and requires her to be half naked and him very close to her while he patches her up and briefs her.
  • To really spice up their first meeting, they could arrive around the same time to the point whoever's ahead of the other, feels like they're being followed and engages before they get to the actual location-- putting them in a physical conflict before they figure out who eachother is and why they're the were going the same way; obviously when he gets a good look at her.
  • Regardless of his age he should be experienced enough to have a sense of wisdom and calm about him.
  • He should be physically capable and skilled enough to give her a run for her money, if not beat her.
  • He should also be psychologically perceptive, as a handler, to read into things she doesn't say or want to say, I'll help you with that in my posts.
  • I don't necessarily really want them sleeping together in the first night/meeting/interaction, but I admit, with the right plot and partner playing the right kind of character chemistry, I'm not striking it completely off the table, though they should try to regret it/not talk about it for a few scenes/meetings after it happens-- until one of them breaks for some reason and pushes the other one into caving with them.
  • Bonus points if he's paranormal/supernatural in some way; particularly for the perk of him admiring that she's tough as hell for a human.
  • Bonus points if he's been married, widowed or divorced, but otherwise jaded to the idea of getting involved with someone again, yet couldn't help but have wayward thoughts and feelings when reading through her NTK (need to know) profile and alias dossier, making his surprised to recognize her own attraction and intrigue in him when they meet-- setting off a chain reaction of moments within the bigger plot.
  • More special points if you're open to the idea of this being a very delicate case in which the handler has to go under with her because reporting back otherwise might be too difficult and hard to plan. In this optional scenario, I like the idea he's supposed to be her brother undercover, adding to the reasons of why they shouldn't give in, even if they do, and even if they get caught by those they're infiltrating. If they're caught, I imagine the targets actually being aroused by the idea he might be banging his younger sister, that they might even encourage them to be publicly passionate during "off hours"...
  • You don't have to know the kind of case you'd like her to work, but please have an idea of the kind of handler/man you want to play!
  • He may not actually be her target, unless you're playing him and want him to be!
  • This man shouldn't be the boss, but part of his elusive inner circle, in some way, and perhaps the one with all the information she needs.
  • Without question, he should be a little older than her, and skeptically intrigued by her.
  • I prefer he be perceived by most as cold and calculating, even if he's a lot more passionate than anyone knows.
  • Because of the plot idea I have to open with this guy, I know playing him has the advantage of them being physical/intimate and somewhat indebted to each other in the opening scene.
  • It's important to this plot, that he be openly interested in women, but never actually been known to take one to bed, or stick around for any orgy parties that may go on for whatever reason.
  • Why he's never been known to actually sexually engage a woman, is up to you, but know, he breaks the streak with her. xD
  • So, the reason he can't be the Boss is because the opening introduction I have in mind, hinges on them trying not to get caught in the same area, for different reasons, less she be discovered, and he be suspected of treason or some such.
  • This opening scene would take place after a summarized narrative I'd post about her being tortured/vetted/interrogated into the circle, which your character was witness to, if not having carried out himself (to be discussed, not played out.)
  • After she's been "vetted" she's given free roam of whatever location their in, we can decide, it's hours, maybe a day later, when she finds your character walking in the doorway of a secret room (either he shouldn't have himself, or shouldn't be in), OR if you enjoy the kink, the Boss' office in that location; where neither of them should be.
  • She of course follows out of curiosity and hope for information/leverage she can use, but he can see her approach on hidden camera feeds on monitors inside the room, and the closing approach of the Boss around the corner of the connecting hall, or those who'd report suspicious behavior to him, so he has to act and think fast.
  • Ideally, he's already a little smitten with her, for her mental and physical fortitude, he may even already suspect she's playing some other angle, even if he can't yet prove it.
  • To promote the ongoing conflict and sexual interactions between them, I imagined he would snatch her and drag her out as the door closes, before she gets a proper look, and forces a kiss (whether or not explains the danger they're in) to try to will her into a reaction distracting enough for those who'd find them.
  • Considering I like the idea of her being instantly attracted to him when they first meet, I expect she will impulsively kiss back and imagine that scene/moment which sparks the initial fire between them, giving credibility to their surprise when they're caught, and the shock of how much they enjoyed the decoy kiss that could have been more.
  • Yes, the kiss should be hesitant/cautious to begin with, and progress into the second round of posts when they actually get caught, meaning I want to play the spark of passion as they feel the bridled need in eachother and the sudden desire to do something about it-- though they can't right away.
  • How things go from there, how they actually end up having sex, is entirely up to what we decide she's there for, case wise, and what reactions/expectations come from the men who find them making out.
  • The forward plot would be played both just between them, and them with other members she may be trying to get or piece information from, or simply have to deal with to maintain her cover.
  • I am TOTALLY open to him finding out she's undercover, but only if you enjoy the idea of him NOT wanting to rat her out, when he otherwise normally would have in a heartbeat, if not kill her himself.


Maddox "Mads/Maddy" LaMarr
28 years old
5-foot 7-inches
one hundred and thirty-eight pounds

Eyes ::» Right eye brown, Left eye green
Hair ::» Dark Mahogany Brown
Piercings/Tattoos ::» Ears pierced, winged scarab in a simple line design tattoo halfway down her back and across her shoulder blades, it descends into another tattoo, of an equally simple sword which extends all the way to the crease of her rear at its point.
Scars/I.D. Marks ::» Scar over her right eyebrow; scar at the bottom of her left eye which is slightly notched with missing scar tissue (the green eye a transplant); surgical scar from her navel to the peak of her ribcage, straight up her center; more jagged scar across her lower abdomen from her upper right hip to her lower left hip; smoother scar across the right side of her lower back just above the curve of her rear.

Notable Family ::» None.
General Demeanor/Personality ::» Self-reliant; Untrusting; Manipulative & Using of others on an as-needed basis; Deceptive; Extremely resourceful; Provocative; Unsuspectingly violent;  Willful/Stubborn; Protective of those loyal to her; Selectively Reclusive; Graceful; Passionate; Seductive; Territorial; Intuitively impulsive; Perceptive of base instincts; Witty with a questionable humor;
Quirks/Weaknesses ::» Pot Smoker; Sapiosexual; Takes a daily dose of poison cocktails to continue building on her immunity; Can't usually truly sleep without being strapped down or given a paralytic; Doesn't like to handle or use guns;

Best Skills ::» Manipulation (including Seduction;) Deception & Deception Detection; Behavioral Analysis; Stealth; Evasion; Chemistry (specialty in poisons); Engineering (specialty in explosives/demolition); Extreme Torture Endurance and Counter Interrogation; Hand to hand combat (armed and unarmed);

General Skills ::» Cooking; Massage; Meditation; Mixing massage & bath oils; Judo; Dance (wide variety); Running; Swimming; Deep Sea Diving; Precision Driving; Sky-diving; Hang gliding; Base Jumping; Languages (English, Spanish, Farsi, Arabic, French and Russian, all in various dialects, some German and Congolese Dialects)

Reputation ::» Some say she's bat-shit crazy. Other will attest to how brilliantly calculating she can be without anyone even realizing it. Either way she's renowned for being sly and easy on the eyes, even when she's about to slit someone's throat for betraying her or otherwise pushing a button they shouldn't have pushed, few as they are.  She has an uncanny knack for being around when least expected, and rumored to have some special kind of "juju" when it comes to avoiding guns.

Brief Known History ::» She's never been arrested, though made it on various persons of interest list when it comes to explosives and mass poisoning cocktails. As far as where she was born or if she has an actual home somewhere, no one knows, though speculation remains she may have come from Iran, or Pakistan. Though with as many languages as she speaks, and the lack of documentation and record of her, allows her to remain as much a ghost as a mystery. Recent years there have been incidents with Maddox and a few gun runners and drug dealers and the sort who crossed her path at the wrong time, with the wrong attitude. Sixteen dead in total, 137 shots fired, not one of them hit her.

Kneed To Know on The Asset

  • Very proficient with guns of every variety.
  • Averages 98% mission success rate.
  • Has no allergies and many toxic/poison tolerances, including paralytics, hallucinogenics, and psychedelics.
  • Prefers the quiet but enjoys most music.
  • Perceptive enough to lean more favorably to blunt honesty than covert sugar coating.
  • Knows her limits and company expectations; has top clearance for improvised decision making in the field.

//// additional notes \\\\
  • Don't let my ideas for this one, be the limit. If Mads, or the undercover operative herself sparks an idea, share it with me!
  • Yes, for the record, many of Maddox's traits are her own, though not all of them and I think it best to discover which in the RP. xD
  • If you think of a different kind of man with a different plot, for her, let me know!
  • The key desires here, plot wise, are playing into the undercover facets, be it from the handler side of things, or the undercover environment she's trying to blend into and make her way through.
  • Come to me with ideas and input of your own! Also, please take a moment to check out one of my RECENT POSTS to know the kind of writing I'm looking for.
  • Lastly, if you haven't already, also a good idea to at least skim over my O/O.

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