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December 11, 2018, 03:29:17 PM

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Author Topic: Seeking Dom Male  (Read 470 times)

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Offline LittleKittenTopic starter

Seeking Dom Male
« on: August 26, 2016, 06:10:48 PM »
I'm currently craving the following role plays. If you are interested then please PM me!

Vampires Bride
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Every vampire is given one Bride, one who is destined to be his. His Bride is to be protected, after all-he only gets one.

A young and stupidly bold werewolf girl leads a hunt onto vampire lands. Predictably, the group is caught and executed. Yet the vampire leader stops at her-he can't bring himself to kill this one. He feels a pulling, drawn to her in the way vampires are drawn to their brides.

Tala's head in thrown back as she drinks in the light of the moon. Her head lowers as she glances at her friends, there's 5 other younglings like herself. All 6 of them will kill tonight. They will hunt in wolf form and kill. They will become adults tonight.

The group turns and as one, loops off to the forest. Their taking a risk, but as the closest thing they have to a princess...Tala must prove her bravery. They've decided to hunt in the vampire prince's forest. The game they take will be from him, the ultimate humiliation when youngling wolves outsmart and steal from him!

The group loops into the forest, sniffing the air as they slowly shift into wolf form. Their forms elongates into the tall, strong hybrid were-wolf as they catch scent of deer. The 6 young were-wolves race off, unaware of the strange scent following them.
Tala leads them, then crouches low as she sees the deer. She leaps up, feet clearing the ground in a graceful pounce only to find herself suddenly tumbling through the air. She looks down, a searing pain in her side. Blood seeps down her side from the bullet wound as vampires race from the shadows.

Tala pulls herself to her feet, roaring with rage. She charges, claws dancing out. They meet flesh, pulling against the muscle as she claws. Her teeth follow her claws, sinking into the vampires shoulder. She tastes his thick, metallic blood as her teeth clink together. She tosses the severed arm aside and spins to face another.

A second bullet slams into her stomach and Tala doubles over, unable to resist as they shove her to the ground. The other younglings have received similar treatment. The older, stronger vampires have shot them into submission and now hold the bleeding wolves to the ground.

Occasionally one stiffens, having healed enough to fight only to have one of the many vampires fire again. The young were-wolves are kept beaten and bleeding on the ground, helpless as their forced to wait.
Long minutes pass, terrifying for the wolves as they wonder what their fate will be. Will they simply be killed or will the vampires use them for experiments?

Finally a figure steps from the shadows, accepting the salutes with a calm grace.

Alien Invasion
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This RP is based off a dream I had so there are some details that need to be worked out
No one knows why the aliens came or why they look so familiar. The large, intelligent beings simply appeared and attacked. Their ships leveled cities before landing and ejecting the shock troops.

The brutal soldiers are highly disciplined and while intent on destroying the resistance seem similarly focused on preserving the surviving cities.  No more bombs are dropped once the militaries are dispatched. These alien visitors want the land preserved for their own purposes.

A general, known for his brutality and ruthless nature, leads troops into human held city.  The fighting is unending with little ground given by either side. 

The general is leading a raid when he discovers a woman-cut off from the rest of humans. He's ready to dispatch her when his own hormones get the best of him. It's been a long while since he's had a woman and females are rare to this alien race.

After the rape, the human is able to escape the general and disappears into the maze of the city.

Many months later, when the human line is broken, the general scents something familiar. It's the smell of the woman he enjoyed but oddly her scent is now combined with his! He seeks her out, finally finding her hiding in a basement and discovers that she's pregnant.

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WARNING The following section contains spoilers related to the film Dark Knight Rises. Please only read if you don't mind spoilers or have seen the movie. Thank you
I'm looking for someone to play the Bane from the latest movie but with a few twists.  This is not cannon. The basic plot will remain the same with a few major exceptions. Bruce Wayne, knowing he will not always be able to fight for Gotham, has adopted and trained a protege. This young orphan has become proficient in armed and unarmed combat and has never adopted Waynes refusal to kill. The second deviation is a simple one, Bruce Wayne dies in the foreign  prison. His protege, Matilda, realizes shortly after his disappearance that she must step forward. She bids her time and works closely with Commissioner Gorden as they try to find and disarm the bomb.
The third and possibly the biggest deviation is the final battle. The police are defeated and the bomb detonates. However, Miranda Tate and Bane have escaped with most of their army.  Bane has brought with him Wayne's defeated protege.

I'd like to start the roleplay at the beginning of the final battle with the villains believing Wayne has escaped and returned to do battle. Bane unmasks the Batman, wishing to see his face as he dies. Seeing the young woman, he decides to take her.
Plot beyond that will need to be discussed.

Nekos and Humans
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Keidrens and humans are at war. Perhaps war isn't the best word for it, a series of never ending border raids would be better. The two sides feud over territory with the Keidrens angry over the loss of their ancestral homes and the humans simply needing more space. 
The humans are winning, gradually taking more and more land but both species ignore the third side.

Born of peaceful days, the nekos are a cross between human and keidren mates. Now, however, their hated by both sides as a half bred. A few have managed to rise in keidren ranks as powerful warriors but those can be counted on one hand. Most struggle to survive, living on the edge of both societies.

One neko begs on the streets of a large city but she can't beg enough food. It's not long before the half-starved neko is brought in for thieving. Her questioner, the local lord has to determine if she's only a simple thief or a spy for the keidrens. He decides she's only a thief and sentences her to hang but only after raping her.

The lords wife is infertile so when he hears of a pregnant neko convict waiting to be hanged... Well, he needs a son and heir and she's proven herself to be fertile. The lord decides to spare her life and instead keep her.

I do feel that this plot needs to fleshed out a bit more, otherwise it will very quickly become sex only. Please message me with your ideas!

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