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July 26, 2021, 07:59:31 am

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Author Topic: DC and Marvel crossover  (Read 549 times)

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DC and Marvel crossover
« on: July 04, 2017, 05:00:34 pm »
Please read

Please only get in touch if you are alright with the following. There will be no budging on this as too many people on here have messed me around.

From this moment on I will no longer be writing the opening post for any potential stories. The last few times I have done so the story has died right away, and I have received messages such as this:

So....mine's probably not gonna be nearly as long as that, haha.

Even when I explain that my opening posts are always lengthy as they introduce the story, characters and world and that matching the length is not a requirement, they still go on to say that they cannot keep up the pace or I get ignored.  Because of this I won’t be creating the thread as I am sick of putting in effort to just get dropped for no real reason other than I write a lot.

The boring rules

#1. The most important rule and the one I am totally inflexible on. I am a mum to two boys, a pre-schooler and a baby. They come first. Their dad works all day Monday - Friday, and so weekends and evenings are times reserved for my family. I write when they are at nursery, asleep, out with relatives or when he has a film on. Please understand I will not be the most active partner but I will do my utmost best to keep you informed should there be an added delay. My activity/time for posting will be weekday daytime or on my night shifts.

#2. Message me when ever and I will do the same. Even if it is to tell me about a rather delectable piece of toast you had that morning, I love to chat with my writing partners. I will message you if I am going to be delayed with a reply, and I ask the same courtesy shown.

#3. I like to write, I love it in fact. I thrive on details and content, but only when it is done correctly. unnecessarily filling your post with content just makes me lose interest, as poor writing hurts my head. I would hate to call myself an elitist as that is just arrogant and I am not that good, but I would like to put myself at an advanced level. So unfortunately I am not compatible with people who prefer quick-fire, short posts. Anything less than a paragraph makes me frown. Scene and dialogue dictating, I would like to ask for at least two paragraphs per response. If you can do more, than that'd be wonderful. A 1000+ word count post? Love it!

#4. Please read my O/O list, as I will yours. If it is in my off's then please do not suggest it.

#5. My female characters are neither dominant or submissive, as it isn't something I really do. I cannot play as a submissive, they make me uncomfortable. But likewise I cannot play a dominant woman as weak men make me uncomfortable. So I don't partake in exclusively D/s style relationships. Now that being said, and perhaps somewhat a little contradictory but hey-ho, I do prefer the male to take the more dominant role. Depending on the setting, my female's sexual experience will differ, but as a general rule I prefer to include power play and physical, passionate encounters.

#6. Story over smut, always. Purely sex based with no other concept are dull and silly.

#7. I am looking for male writing partners, yes. But am not opposed to playing against a female writing as a male character, or even the pair of us taking on several characters at once.

#8. Some pairings do come with story ideas, but I would like us to come up with something together. Feel free to ask.

Right. What I am looking to do is a Marvel and DC crossover with Thor and Wonder Woman as the lead characters. I have a few story ideas in mind but am also open to any suggestions you may have.

Thor is the main male lead I am looking for, and hopefully will be able to find someone who can take on the Asgardian. However, I will also be open to pairing Diana with Steve Rogers.

If you're interested then please PM me.