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Author Topic: Sacrah's fantasy and exotic, also some Normal Ideas NSFW  (Read 1243 times)

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Sacrah's fantasy and exotic, also some Normal Ideas NSFW
« on: May 24, 2013, 03:01:02 AM »
Looking for people who can write two + paragraphs

I know I keep posting a lot of Ideas this Board is the ones For actual story lines, not just links, And prey that I can keep it cleaner. I am constantly up for new ideas, even if i have many games going, just may result in slower response times, once a day perhaps twice if the rp has me completely absorbed in it or something. I do work nights, and sleep during the day so that also needs to be added into consideration. But I will do my best in keeping all my
partners happy..


To my list of likes and what nots


-Monsters, Beasts, things that aren't human
-Intelligent creatures
-Rape,Force etc...
-Macro,huge, Unique cocks.. (thats right I am a twisted girl)
- My girls body having the power to restore her virginity.
-Cum inflation

-small amounts of blood play(like vampires etc)

-bad posts, If you can't write a decent paragraph or two then dont bother messaging me.
-Disrespect for other players.
-Do not play my character
-Tentacle beasts or plant based monsters

With this said I do hope we can have fun otherwise

Main creatures I like
-Farm animals,domesticated animals, or even wild animals
-dragons, Gryphons, ogres and trolls.
-Even creatures that are made up from your own imagination.

I also prefer Forums so please keep that in mind when asking me to rp with you

Next post will be some more ideas, Once this is board has all i want in it i will see on getting the other ones removed. So stay tuned :P

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Re: Sacrah's fantasy and exotic, also some Normal Ideas NSFW
« Reply #1 on: May 24, 2013, 03:18:17 AM »
Not from this world
Arriving on earth had been something she did not want. Station around things she did not understand. but she would not complain. It was for her own safety after all. With the war brewing between two planets in a galaxy beyond this one. It was the only place her parents could think of. putting in memories and knowledge about this planet she is left to survive here alone. Years passed and she managed to survive. Meeting knew people. Getting a small place of her own, and a job. Meeting a guy as well that she had taken a fancy in. Though her life was about to change, the night she had confessed her feelings for him. thinking the war had long passed, turned out otherwise, and a man finds her. knowing who and what she really was, and tries taking her to his people. The very people who her parents tried to hide her from.
Hired Vet Assistant

Starting his own  veterinary clinic , he has found he needed more then just himself to run it successfully. So he places and an add looking for an assistant, that knew her animals, knew how to run the computer and be able to take on more then just being an vet nurse. When a young neko girl has bitten the ad and comes in for an interview. He finds her more perfectly fit for the entire office job and within the room aiding him with creatures that need more then one person.
First week on the job, he finds that she had this connection with animals, calming them making the job easier. That is until that time of month rolled around. Sending the male animals into a craze making her needing to leave the clinic for that week.

((i see  this as him gaining an attraction to him, and turns out he uses his clinic and the acreage it is on. Since i think it will be a farm based area, as his own kink haven. Those animals he perhaps looks after when owners leave behind there pets. Or those that he things should stay over night or weekend. And she is more then willing, just seeing this as another challenge to her job.))
The Elvin maidens Adventure
Long after the fall of her people, and seeing the rise of other nations, she had decided she would no longer hide hidden in the depths of the enchanted forest. Her people had been known for there restorative abilities and endurance. But no one had ever tested it out. Until one day she finds herself cornered be a large orc male. Seeking a new plaything, and today he had just gotten lucky.
To Satisfy to serve
Once a month her parents leave for a week, which means she must come back from her journey to take care of the farm. She gets there a day late or so she though, but turns out her parents had left a little earlier, due to wanting a few days alone. So she takes this chance to make round upon their vast property ensuring things are all in order. She finds that most the females are in hiding.  She soon discovers just to the reason to why they were hiding.
In a Monsters world. (Taken)
Based in a post apocalypse era. the land over taken by the earth. Great cities falling, leaving everything just so primal. You play a being(your choice, and is extremely well equipped) Who is one of the few men living outside Safe Havens. small communities built of human, and other races to protect them from the wilds and the many heat crazed monster girls. Some rough with their men, some gentle. But each after one thing. To be filled, covered and satisfied by a nice huge cock and giant loads. I will play the females monsters.
or you can play a human based being who can shift his form, and alter his cock. Also could be rather dominate putting the girls in there place :P
Some monster girls that interest me.
(note all characters I play are of legal age of 19. Some may look younger, but they are monsters who forms are like that or simply under developed.

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Re: Sacrah's fantasy and exotic, also some Normal Ideas NSFW
« Reply #2 on: May 24, 2013, 03:24:21 AM »
So something really different. Though i am sure would be really fun.
A complete feral rp. though they can talk to one another and human beings cannot understand them though in this land there is no humans. Only beasts, and creatures.
Searching for Answers Craving (blue Jay) my character (red one) Being main male who travels with her. Dominant over her after there meeting. Likes to whore her own to gain information. (main male is red, my character the blue one.
well basically I play a blue jay gryphon  who is pretty young still though legal age mind you. Maybe a size of a great dane in height. And the only one of the blue jay line. Unsure how or why she is what she is, and never knowing her parents she sets off in search of answers. Meeting a cardinal based who is last of his own line. Together traveling through wild lands untouched by man kind.  He of course is much larger then she is. in all sense.
Anyways this will come with us both play more creatures. Both wanting answers about who they are, where they are from and what happened to their race. But in order to find the way they have to dominate or submit to creatures of other races (many included in that list i sent) i play random females, and u the males, we can rotate or co join the rolls of the others. Like first male then female. or a pair  who your character doms the female, and i play her and the males dom my girl. Or both both eager to find out the truth of who they are willingly do things to learn what they can.

They could also play around with each other. Both having high stamina, both having unique abilities. him huge loads. while she retains her tightness.  (rathlos) (Lagaicrus)
Canine ideas:
Large feline:
Other creatures:
creature watching from the mountains, could be a servant of the higher being.
Found the ones i originally was seeking for: (bi sea creatures  (size of cock compared to hole.....Yet will be playing the bluejay Gryphon.
Some possible kinks
maybe water sports on the female
cum inflation. size difference
story line
Large unique cocks
and more
All in name of science Craving, another twist to in a monsters world.You are a scientist/warlock (preferably none human)  and you would do anything in the name of your passion. Being one of the few males that survived the apocalypse he takes it upon himself to see to it to document all the earths new found creatures. Collecting materials from them to study upon. But the materials don't come freely. There's something the females want. And its the seed of a male.  A strong and dominant one in fact, to ensure the survival of there young and their race as they try to produce males for their people.
Scales (lavender mer scale) (Auqamarine mer scale) (emerald scale) (serpents scale) (darkness scale) (draken scale of earth) (draken scale of fire)
Slime (snow slime) (grey sludge 9 (purple slime (toxic)) (water slime) (algea /green slime) (purple slime)
Pollen and spores (pollen) (pollen or spores )
Essence/elemental (draken ore)  (same as above) (water essences
Fur/hair  -lock of elven L(Light hair)  -Lock of elven D(Dark hair)  (coon tail hair) (wool or cotton) (feline hair)
Nectar/Secretions/other liquids (Sly nectar) (succabus honey(cum)) (honey) (Vampire blood)
Other stuff (hoof clippings)
Her Boyfriend That came from beneath.CRAVING
As a child she was always told there was nothing in her closet or nothing beneath her bed. And for years she tried to believe that. Despite what she heard. Her parents would tell her it was the cat or the mice in the walls or some lame ass excuse to she believed. Now nineteen and all grown upand all moved out,  she still had to tell herself that monsters weren't real. that was until one night. When he came out. A handsome man, or monster, or combination of both, crawled out from beneath her bed. She wanted to think it all was a dream, or figment of her over active imagination. But it soon all became real. Not only was he real, he was skilled in bed, and well equipped.
Their love affair happens for months. And she begins to see changes in herself. As little by little she becomes his forever mate. And she will soon be with him in his world. He has tried to tell her this. But she had simply laughed, and shrugged it off. But now it is very real. But she wasn't sure if she really should worry about it. She loved him after all, and the things he can do to her body that she has never experienced before.

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Re: Sacrah's fantasy and exotic, also some Normal Ideas NSFW
« Reply #3 on: May 24, 2013, 06:10:07 AM »
To capture a Dragoness
Dragons have becoming instinct, so Hunter comes up with an idea to help bring them back . But he needs some females, and some males. But all he can find for the females are these sexy hybrids. though their dna shows they can create off springs of full blooded dragons. But only on problem theses females are not so willing to be some breeding tool, despite their dying race.

Perhaps he has the ability to turn to the dragon of each species, or he has a full bred male dragons for them and even though they are not willing, the male dragons do not care one bit about it. they will have their way with the females.

Perhaps he to has his way with them once they are exhausted and to tired to fight them claiming there mouth, or asses. so he doesn't risk messing the fertility.


The Order
((note: I don't know much of assassins creed. But the thought of playing an assassin intrigues me.)
Azia is scent on a mission to save one of her comrades. Who had gone missing. But it turns out he betrays the order and takes her captive proving the point that the order was and is weak. She puts up a good fight when she realizes he is right, breaking her of her oaths, and creating something else of their own. He shows how it is corrupted, and that they fuoght for power for themselves. Ruling the people with fear. Something she had failed to see.

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Re: Sacrah's fantasy and exotic, also some Normal Ideas NSFW
« Reply #4 on: May 25, 2013, 08:42:15 AM »
Never in one place long
She never stayed in one place to long, never allowed someone to get close to hear. Taking upon her steed, and wandering waist land,forests and whatever remained of cities of old.  There had been a reason she never stayed long, and it was because her past would always catch up and people get hurt. After weeks on the long voyage through the dense reclaimed land of the wilds. Taking in the destroyed ruins of a old lost city inhabited once by people. She had found old papers that had been lock in what looked to be a library when she came to rest. Reading the histories that she had long forgotten. It was hard being a being of her own, one that did not know death. She knew not her parents, all she knew was that she wasn't humans, perhaps not entirely a being of her own.
It all came to that one day where creatures not of this world attempted to break her. to use her to there own pleasures. Somehow her body mending the the tears and that innocent barrier. And that made her unique, her name moving from beast man from beast man. Many hunting her down just to experience the pleasures of her body. Killing anyone who dared to stop it. this is why she kept out of human settlements. the last time she spent more then a week in a town the inn was destroyed the people slaughtered.
wants:large beastial cocks. Cum inflation, rape, rough handling.  imagination,pictures of the creatures if you can, be creative, with decent post lengths.
Maybes: Watersports birthing/egg lay, or being filled with eggs, some blood nothing extreme.
No: Vast body modification,scat,vomit, gore,vore. underage.
The centaur mistress new Lover

infor coming soon

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Re: Sacrah's fantasy and exotic, also some Normal Ideas NSFW
« Reply #5 on: May 29, 2013, 07:39:07 AM »

War and urges

Stationed in a remote or so he had thought remote forest, he is saved by a young woman when the raid had begun. Managing to the safety of a small cave she nurses him back to health. Where innocence once was, soon became so much more.

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Re: Sacrah's fantasy and exotic, also some Normal Ideas NSFW
« Reply #6 on: May 30, 2013, 03:03:28 AM »
Up in the wild North Craving
All begins when a Young female elk had been an outcast all her life. For being small. So she had left the hear. Years passed and she hadn't changed much aside her being slightly larger in the breast department. And her round young bearing hips. Still sleek but nearly perfect. But As she entered the a well know pub/tavern filled with rowdy males, and the lead male she finds she for once is center of attention, and the largest male, with the biggest rack , the alpha, wants her.

Willing too ad more to it. but looking for large cocks, and forceful breeding. Although she is more then willing :D

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Re: Sacrah's fantasy and exotic, also some Normal Ideas NSFW
« Reply #7 on: May 30, 2013, 03:20:00 AM »
Blackmailed into being a toy Craving

She was a star, one of those rare beauties, that was also independent. Never having done anything that could tarnish her career. Asides one night she was lonely, craved a touch of a man. It was nothing at first, until she gave him a blow job int the front seat of his car. Unknowing that he had taken a video of the act with his cell phone. What she didn't know was that he was rather twisted. He loved to make his women squirm in discomfort. To humiliate them. To use them till he grew tired of them. But she was something different. Something so fresh and pure. and famous. And when she decides to call it off he brings out the black mail card. Showing her the video he could easily stream on the web. And her reputation of the good and innocent movie star would be ruined. So what he decides is she will be his toy, his sexual slave. And despite his size she seemed never to loosen. Making it seem like the first time every time.

I wanna use the characters in the pic above i find it reall drool worthy. and love size difference.

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Re: Sacrah's fantasy and exotic, also some Normal Ideas NSFW
« Reply #8 on: June 13, 2013, 05:34:19 AM »
Hunter becomes the hunted (my character)

Post apocalypse, monsters X Girl, Large unique cocks, cum inflation, unique cum, Rapid birthing process, Pain, rape-pseudo rape

Something is up with the monsters. Sending them into a mating craze and they don't care who it is as long as they get off. Even a poor hunter, who is scent out to find the cause of the change in them. Only to be effected slowly by the airborne aphrodisiac that send her own body into a state of need. And changing her body to allow her to accommodate any monster that comes after her. As much as she fights it the more it takes root in her body until she is nothing more then a breeding bitch for the worlds creatures.



Born in the new world, The young monster girl (shes eighteen )sets off to explore.Never understanding what the post apocalyptic world had in store for her, nor the danger and pleasure that came with it.

At my Whim

(only changes to the pic is to keep it male.. I know she has boobs but rather the red headed creature to be male if possible.)

A being of his own, he learns of a girl who is a goddess without her memory. She always thought she was something else, at least it was what she wanted to believe. Not having much memory of her past asides the last seven years. She wonders near aimlessly through a life did not understand, it was boring, uneventful. she worked ate and slept. But when she slept it was haunted by recurring nightmares. About her past, and her fued with the demon(your character).. thinking it but nightmares until one day he shows up, and forever changes her life..

(perhaps she likes it perhaps not, we can discuss more details if you want.

************************************************************************************************* (Planetary dome aboard there ship, as a pet)
Sex Doll

Orphan and alone like she had been all her life, she prays one day to find something anything not to be alone anymore and her prayer comes true not in a sense she had been expecting. They take her up. Thinking she would not be missed and they were right when they looked further into her. Finding that she was alone. They take her up, making her a new toy for them and their brothers on their long journey to find a new homeland.

(They dont have to be all the same creatures... Could have other races, their pets anything.)

Life on a Farm

Life on Fantasy far is just that. A farm of fantasy ran by a handsome man, who hires a young elven blonde to test and train the animals that he had brought onto his land.

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Re: Sacrah's fantasy and exotic, also some Normal Ideas NSFW
« Reply #9 on: June 13, 2013, 05:59:19 AM »

The risks of being a Trainer

There is more then one way to train pokemon, if one was willing to risk it for the task. And this Trainer finds herself trying to bring her boys, and more under her wing in a fashion that many would shun.. But it works, a few times and the boys will know if they do well they get well rewarded.


Princess and her Dragon

she was tired of being told what to do and how to do it, where she can and cannot do. Everything of her life was directed by her father or her adviser. Until one night she flees into the fores surrounding her kingdom. Managing to escape the eyes of the guardsmen. Once in the forest she travels for many hours, until she comes across some ruins nestle between the mountains, the river, and the forest. Unaware of who's territory she had walked int.


Reds all grown up

With grandmother dead, and she was a grown woman, she returns to claim her grandmothers land. She remembered as a child being stalked by a great beast. A wolf man hybrid, although sometimes she wondered if it was but a wolf. She decides to lure him out, with food. But he wants more then that. He is tired of being alone. But as intelligent as he is he is unable to fully express what he wants and winds up just taking what he wants.


The Furbolgs new Pet

She was found wounded and unconscious in the forest. Unsure where she was she finds herself waking under the close supervisor, and inspection of a chief furbolg. And with her lack of memory decides to use her and for his fellow bolgs as a new pet, since females have been avoiding their camp for months.

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Re: Sacrah's fantasy and exotic, also some Normal Ideas NSFW
« Reply #10 on: June 13, 2013, 08:09:09 AM »

Offline Knightshadow

Re: Sacrah's fantasy and exotic, also some Normal Ideas NSFW
« Reply #12 on: June 21, 2013, 04:54:58 AM »
Re:  Sex with a Supermodel

Are you still open for this one?  It's totally hot!  Loved the video you attached.