A Long Night In The Mech Bay [GunmetalDreamer x Zero]

Started by Zero, February 03, 2024, 04:23:11 AM

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"Weasels, the lot of them. Just a bunch of low life .... bzzt ... If you thought there was any honor amongst those rebel cowards, you've been living with your eyes closed. Imagine ... bzzt ... and running from a duel, its disgraceful. If I were the rebels I'd find the pilot and hang them myself. Imagine watching that kind of humiliation live, it'll be a wonder if they aren't crushed by...."

More and more static began hissing out of the receiver/transmitter, Goggles wasn't sure if it were better this way. His eyes were shut as his legs dangled off the edge of stone embankment. The river was unusually high today, and Goggles had wanted to enjoy it by letting his feet soak in the cool water as night approached.

The receiver was all the way near the back entrance of his repair bay. He didn't care much for the Zalavar propoganda, but it was still the only way to get any kind of preemptive warning of an attack on the sector. The fortified armor of his mech bay was more than enough to take artillery hits, so long as he was inside of it... but the outer facade that he had been so proud of had now a number of holes, revealing that armor out to the world.

It had been so peaceful here just a few short years ago. Goggles reputation meant that he could secure funding back near his hometown, and open up shop to deal with mechanical problems big and small. He designed the mech bay himself, a large hangar with two monstrous doors, one servicing the road and the other servicing the river. Once it was built functional and practical, Goggles had covered up the exterior with an intricate wood and stone facade, masking it as more of a barn or a granary. Just a natural part of the scenery and able to service a growing city without being in its jurisdiction.

The war changed it all, from what Goggles could tell, most of the city had at this point been reduced to rubble. Whether or not the first strike was done by the Rebels or by the Republic itself Goggles couldn't even remember, and while the Zone had been a part of Republic control for most of the war, encroaching rebels had pushed in, and the Republic wasn't exactly keen on letting rebels have refuge.

Goggle's mech bay, once stocked with some of the latest technologies and of course, plenty of raw materials, was now almost completely empty. Only some heavy specialty machinery that couldn't be easily moved or were literally part of the design of the bay were left visible, while the bay itself maintained its protected status with the Republic. Even if Goggles wanted to work, there were no longer any customers, no longer any materials... and no authority under punishment from the Republic.

Still, Goggles couldn't leave. He had sacrificed to get here, sacrificed at the start of the war to stay, and stood his ground under threat of execution once the sector became contested. In the end, it was the Republic's own arrogance that this sector wouldn't fully fall under Rebel rule that spared his life. Still, they took his prized plane and left him with nothing but the bay itself for his troubles.

At least he had the grass underneath him and the river still to keep him company. That and the starry night sky. If only he could open his eyes and bare to look at it.
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