Blades in the Dark

Started by Rummy Tum Tum, January 02, 2024, 08:10:11 PM

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Rummy Tum Tum

My IRL DnD group has started getting into Blades in the Dark and it has been phenomenal. I don't 100% know how it plays in a PbP format but I'm interested in exploring the setting and system more. Basically, I'd love a game with some craziness, drama, humor, and--this being E--a bit of smut to round it all out.


I'd be down. I've been really wanting to get some experience with BitD.


I've had the book for a while but no opportunity to delve into it at all, so colour me potentially interested.

Rummy Tum Tum


I've tried a couple play by post of BitD.  (In my case, it was through email  and Discord but same thing really...ish )

It absolutely works, pending players and GM.

Good luck with your search!

Rummy Tum Tum