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Started by nudepeach, July 31, 2023, 06:25:36 PM

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HI ! I T ' S ME i'm the writer it's ME !
Hello! nudepeach here - first of all i'd love to thank Jack Black for that L O V E L Y ~ introduction. : ) love you, love him, love it.

now on to the good stuff - i am looking for a long-term roleplay buddy! i tend to like something a little fast paced, like oncexweek minimum - depending on life. but if you're down to post once a DAY i'm here for it.

*snip*  Pre-approval RPs may not be conducted on Discord. - Staff i am an adv lit roleplayer ( or lazy lit ) so i don't make any promises my ass can't cash - YES those are ancient terms back from like 2007 at the threat of aging myself.

lol a typical post for me runs anywhere from 400-3000 words. i’m not asking you to write a novel by any means - only that we can match each others posting styles without judgement.

you can contact me any day of the week, i am always online and accessible via discord ( not elliquiy ) bottom of the line i am fun, energetic, available to reply, i like conversation and making friends and i am looking for mxf / canonxoc. feel free to message me with your interests and questions - i am super friendly. the colored canon below is the character that i'd like my partner to play for my oc

a little more about me ~

  • i play both male and female roles and will request that we double for our roleplay its way more fun i don't know what all the fuss is about

    • of course - if its simply a onexone you're after? that can be arranged.
    • i absolutely LOVE to play cannon - so don't be shy with your requests
    • i am ALL about ooc chatter - i am looking for a friend and a writing cohort. if you don’t like the ooc chatter then turn back now, bc i tend to just pop in to say HELLO on the daily, i am chatty, i like to get to know people and my partners and i absolutely love plotting, world design and character development
    • i live in MNT time zone
    • i like a slow burn romance - meaning it doesn't have to be central to the plot, and i am all about tension and drama, give your character strengths, weaknesses, a background to dig into etc..
    • i am very approachable - if you don’t like something or want to change something, just say the word
    • i am not super ditch friendly... i've been burnt so many times i am basically the inside equivalent of a marshmallow - but if you aren't feeling it, you aren't feeling it! all i question is why would someone go through the process of plotting out an entire roleplay to ghost before it even starts i'm not crying, you're crying   
    • i want to be your OC’s biggest fan! - bring it / make me cry / i am here for mindless self indulgence oc x canon - lets have fun with this
    • i have also started to dip my tangy toes into the sweet taste of original roleplays - so any request is a welcome one : )
    • if you're the sort of person that has a pinterest board or a playlist I ALREADY LOVE YOU
    • i don’t roleplay minors/with minors as an adult - i also don’t roleplay age gaps, pregnancy, incest etc. please be over 21
    • your limits are my limits
    • smutt is great, but not my main focus
    • send me a little blurb about yourself, your interest, your questions and lets chat


    No chick flick M O M E N T S !
    I think I'm adorable ~

    Dean x OC

    i have watched up until mid - season 14
    and have been watching this recently so i am very familiar with the plot

    Oh this is B R I L L I A N T !
    The Witcher was quite reluctant ~ the story had a twist

    Jaskier x OC

    i am mostly familiar with the TV series ( prefer season 1 )
    i have played Witcher 3 ( currently playing again ) and 2, of the games
    and i have read through the first 2 books so far

    He had soft B O N E S !
    it won't match ~ it doesn't have to match

    Kuryakin x OC

    man from uncle
    just a good movie all around imo
    but not familiar with the original series

    Unless you're looking for another N i B B L E ?
    we all have our little eccentricities ~ just some are more eccentric than most

    Astarion x OC

    Baldurs Gate 3
    i can play multiple characters and canons for you
    inquire within ^^


I'd love to develop an Illya x OC thing with you!