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Welcome to my little library of horrible ideas. The tale threads you will find here can sometimes be rather dark, and I have marked
nonconsensual content with [NC], so please read with caution. For more information about the writer, you can find my Ons and Offs here.

If you are interested, please send me a PM rather than replying here.

Also, please note that the genders given are for the characters. The gender of the roleplayer I am playing with does not matter.

Status: Not Seeking!


For Research Purposes

Wren Anderson is an aspiring writer finding difficulty with her attempts to write an early part of her book, in which a woman is taken hostage in her own home. Stumbling by chance onto a certain website while doing research, she learns that it's possible for thrill seekers to organise a feigned home invasion, and after considering asking those behind the website for an interview, she decides instead, for the sake of her book, to experience it the hard way (or, potentially, they talk her into it). The modest little bookworm thinks she has what it takes, but it's all theory in her head until the experience begins for real; she doesn't know what she's in for. I'm also possibly interested in playing out the preliminary interview/negotiation.

Seeking: The paid intruder/s, likely M, can maybe be talked into F.

~ ~ ~

Sins of the Father [NC]

Tess Arthurs is an ordinary girl with an ordinary life, an ordinary apartment and an ordinary job, but her father is anything but ordinary, a violent outlaw in a city torn apart by rampant crime that the police can barely control. He's wanted by more than just law enforcement; over the last two years he's made his share of enemies in the city's twisted underworld, and while there is a target on his head, nobody had yet been able to follow through on taking his life... so, they target his daughter instead.

Tess is the polar opposite of her father, a sweet, quiet, shy girl without an enemy in the world, but for the thug/thugs sent around to her apartment to menace her (the mob?), she's simply an appealing target. They have no interest in killing her, but they're going to make her life hell for a day or three, living in her apartment with her, tying her up, violating her privacy, mistreating her, all to punish her father. This roleplay is about control, domination and violation, not necessarily just a bare-bones excuse for nonconsensual sex, although that would certainly be involved.

Seeking: The thug(s).

~ ~ ~

Family Game Night [NC]

Office manager and divorcee Miranda Lewis lives in a quiet neighborhood with her nineteen-year-old daughter Celia. They're the kind of family that minds their own business, but somebody out there is quite keen on minding theirs, breaking into their home one night and subjecting them to a series of humiliating games against their will - truth or dare, strip poker, games of reluctant obedience - and tying them up, all for the sick amusement of psychologically breaking the two women down.

It might be someone they know, like a spurned would-be boyfriend of Celia or a coworker of Miranda, or it might be a complete stranger. I had a male character in my head but I could be talked into the intruder being female instead. Non-consensual sexual themes are absolutely welcome but I'm not looking for outright rape to be the sole focus here. It can definitely happen but actual sex isn't the main point for me.

Seeking: The antagonist.

~ ~ ~

Turning the Desks [NC]

Erica Taylor is an intelligent, confident young teacher, but her promising career faces a possible derailment as one of her teenaged students discovers a certain video online that she had hoped was buried. Putting herself through college had required money, and Erica had covered it with a brief career in kink pornography, finding herself with few options despite her distaste for the subject matter. Her student, a cruel young man with an interest in bondage and kink and little in the way of morals, uses the video to blackmail her, relishing in the newly realigned power balance between the two to force her into doing what he wants, despite her loathing of being tied up and her care for her dignity.

A non-consensual plotline centred around humiliation, kink, resentment, power imbalance, and breaking down her dignity through control, forced submission to somebody younger than her, sex acts, humiliating questions she is forced to answer, and suchlike.

Looking for: the male student, 16-19.

~ ~ ~

Dirt Road to Nowhere [NC, Dark Horror]

A grotesque horror story. For anyone that has played the video game Resident Evil VII, that is the kind of tone I am going for; a miserable, run-down estate in the middle of nowhere, occupied by a family that is more than a little unhinged. I play a backpacker named Sarah Warren, taken prisoner by the deranged family of maniacs and held captive in their filthy home, physically and mentally put through the wringer.

If you're familiar with the game, you're aware of the foul squalor that their household has been left in, and that's something I'm looking to play into. Horrific atmosphere and over the top, disgusting mistreatment is the name of the game here, and I'd love to include a scene similar to the famous forced dinner scene in the game itself. If you've played, you know the one. Filth, bodily fluids, insects and spiders, general unhygienic stuff. Due to the horrific nature of the plot, I don't want to go into this with someone who is half-hearted about the content, so please don't apply if you don't have a particular interest in it.

Seeking: The horrible locals.

~ ~ ~

Simple prompts from which a roleplay might flower.

Captured human/elven healer x Human, Orc, Goblin or otherwise monstrous warband
Police officer x underworld boss
Princess x soldiers of an enemy clan/nation
A soldier taken as a prisoner of war
Two former best friends turned blackmailer and victim
Modern day girl meets vile monster

Not Currently Sought

Squeal For The Camera
Most porn-related plots are not my thing, but this one is aimed to be more grounded and realistic. My character, a kinky young woman who could use the money, agrees to film a rape scene for a porn studio known for their gritty portrayals of such scenes. It would be rather more kink-focused than something entirely realistic, but my character, the other actor/s and the director are all trying to put together something grim and serious as well as sexually appealing.
Setting: Modern
Themes: Consensual non-consent, bondage, video recording
Characters: I play F, for M or F dominant/s.

Tie-Up Games
Growing up as a pretty girl in a neighborhood with more boys than girls can be challenging, but for one secretly kinky young woman, the local boys' enjoyment of playing out tie-up games and damsel-in-distress stories does have its perks. She's grown up being a part of their games whether she liked it or not, never knowing when she's going to be pounced and used as a 'hostage' in their childhood games, but as they've grown older, the habit hasn't exactly died out. Essentially, she'll fight, and make it clear that she's not happy with it, but she secretly enjoys things and the boys have learned that they can get away with it and that she won't make a big deal of it after. Not really looking for romance angles here - it's more kink-focused. Willing for one of them to be her brother, but not looking for outright incest beyond possibly slight overtones (ha, look, I get to tie up/humiliate my sister!)
Setting: Modern-day suburbia
Themes: Bondage, play-kidnapping
Characters: I play F, for M 'captors' around the same age.

The Dungeon [NC]
This one is a really simple basic plot but a weakness of mine: a prisoner in a fantasy world, confined to a filthy dungeon. That's the core of it, but who is she, and why is she there? A cleric, a princess, or a warrior, to answer the first question; as to the second, to break her will. As a punishment, or a means to extract information from her, or simply to see her suffer.
Setting: Dark Fantasy
Themes: Confinement, humiliation, possible rape/torture.
Characters: I play F, for M or F dominant.

Interrogation of a Spy [NC]
She's a spy. A kunoichi. A snooping teenager. Whether she's stealthily tracking the movements of an army or poking around in places she has no business being, she's caught by the antagonists, and they have ways of making her talk, whether it's tying her up and hurting her until she gives up her secrets, or taking a more sexual approach to their captive...
Themes: Non-con. Bondage. Torture. Humiliation.
Characters: I play F, for one or more M or F captors.


Not seeking stories just yet, but I gave this thread a bit of an overhaul. I'm still horrible, by the way.


No longer seeking, thank you!