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Author Topic: The Talisman of the Pixie  (Read 450 times)

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The Talisman of the Pixie
« on: May 10, 2014, 12:17:47 PM »
 Once Upon a Time...

  There was a pixie.  She had lived as long a thirty grandmother's put together, and still acted as a child.  She loved pranks, and had many powers to help her make them.  She was not evil, nor did she ever once consider anything she did as bad.  But she terrorized the people, hiding behind her invisible shroud of enchantment, her laughter ringing like a toy bell.  Never once was she caught, nor punished, for the fun she had at their expense.

  One day, while flitting through a forest deep among the mountains, the pixie came across a fantastic palace.  Isolated from any human settlement, it was abundant with orchards and beautiful servants.  Unable to contain her curiosity, she began to make mischief upon the people there.  The master of this place was a powerful witch, who tolerated the pixie for amusement's sake.  At length, however, the sorceress grew weary of these games, and decided to play a few of her own.

  Weaving eighteen spells into a jeweled talisman, the witch bound the pixie within it, as a living flaw within the jewel itself.  The pixie was only allowed to exit the talisman to fulfill the spoken wishes of whosoever held it.  Passing it around the estate, the pixie suffered punishment from the very servants she had wronged.  She was a wily sprite, and even bound by such spells, she played these games with skill and some measure of joy.  They were less happy times than before, but still happier times than what followed.

  The Talisman was traded away, and the pixie watched her new home fall into innumerable hands.  Caravans, castles, and countrysides.  Merchants who traded, nobles who coveted, warriors and their spoils of battle, and thieves who took it from them.  She fulfilled wishes from the greedy, the broken, the rightly indignant and the false accusers.  She wrecked havoc upon them to a one, but never found her freedom from the talisman.  They were less happy times than before, but still happier times than what followed.

  Today, few believe in magic at all, let alone in a pixie that will grant wishes to whoever asks.  She lies on her back and watches from the illusionary world within the gemstone, as the talisman is traded by people who cannot imagine, let alone know, what they hold.  Frustrated, bored, and lonely.  The pixie exerts her powers from within, past the eighteen spells of the witch, her ancient might just enough to whisper, to suggest, to cause a single moment to escape the notice of the one that holds her talisman.  Sometimes, it even works, and the games begin again...

  The idea is simple.  In modern times, a character comes into possession of a talisman, unknowingly makes a wish, and hijinks ensue.  It should progress from 'Hey, I'm getting really good luck' to 'Something's really wrong about all this' to 'Let's get that damn pixie!' and possibly back again.  Subduing the pixie is also a welcome eventuality, although then she get's to play back!

  I have several ideas for settings, including a convent, a college campus, a fortune 500 company headquarters..  the ideas are only limited by how much the players want to go where.  Right now, I'm most attracted to the religious order idea, but I'll take suggestions.  There's no reason the talisman wouldn't travel a little, either.

  The pixie is a character I developed for a game called the Aillurian Estate, that sadly ended.  (I love you, Sethala!)  She is a nearly immortal shape-shifter, capable of casting almost any cantrip-style spell, and she has a large collection of arcane wonders she once pilfered from the gullible.  She is limited, however, by the talisman itself.  Anything she does outside of it has to be somehow related to fulfilling the spoken desire of whoever held it at the time.  This makes her love some open-ending wishing, but makes things very difficult for her.  There are other limits, and other benefits to holding the talisman as well, but those will be revealed later.

  Human Characters:

   These will be the meat and potatoes of the story.  The action will be driven by them and their desires from the onset.  I'm mostly looking for people interested in playing these.
Your Human Traits
  Appearance:  (I'd prefer you use drawn pictures, on the basis that it's freaking hard to find a photo of a pixie.  But I don't mind what you do, so long as we know what you look like.)
  Job/ Position:
  Personality: (You'll note there is no strength or weaknesses here.  Consider them in this section.)
  His/Her Story: (The Bio Section.)
  Skills: (Please pick at least three things, and at least one outside your job description.  No magic, however.  You can be new-age, occult-prone or religious, but you cannot actually manifest any immediate-impact spells.  That might not mean they don't work, however..)
  Ambition: (This is what you want, and what people know you want.)
  Repressed Desire: (PM this to me.  This is something you have always wanted, but have been trying to ignore.  The pixie might find out about it...)
  Supernatural characters:

  Not to disappoint anyone, but for now these will be very restricted.  As the game progresses, certain options will become available.  More, if the game seems to veer in that direction.  I have a few ideas about various cross-species interactions, such as Naga being natural predators to the pixie.

  There will eventually be an opening for a full-tilt magic user.  The sorceress herself, of course, is restricted for various reasons.  But I have an inkling that eventually the humans will need a.. consultant, as it were.

  I'll be putting this in the extreme section, just so it doesn't have a theme restriction.

  Annnyhoo.. that's my idea for a game.  I can has interest?
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Offline Zeth

Re: The Talisman of the Pixie
« Reply #1 on: May 13, 2014, 11:18:53 AM »
I express my interest to a human character.

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Re: The Talisman of the Pixie
« Reply #2 on: May 15, 2014, 09:30:45 PM »
count me as interested