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Author Topic: Rayne's Newest Plot Thread [F looking for M]  (Read 326 times)

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Rayne's Newest Plot Thread [F looking for M]
« on: August 18, 2013, 06:31:10 PM »
Hello all! Welcome to my roleplay thread. Below you will find plots, kinks, and pictures. Feel free to contact me if anything catches your interest. I am a sub who enjoys playing with dominant males. I am also at work full time, so my replies will always be in the evening, and for the most part I will only be able to reply once a day, or every other day. On average I post between one to three paragraphs, depending on interest in the roleplay. I do not like one liners. 3 Lines is about minimum for me. I also tend to look over people's posts before agreeing to rp. If you want to show a specific writing sample to show what you're rping is like you can pm it to me.

Anyways enough about me. If you want to know more preferences the globe link to the left is for my rabbit hole, or its in my signature, along with a more detailed on and off thread. I hope you find somebody below to your interest so we can rp together!


The Sacrifice
In a small village the crops are failing... or perhaps a large kingdom faces invasion from an outside army- either way they turn to the gods and beg for help. They are, however, quite surprised when one god answers. The god comes to the king or leader of the tribe and makes one simple demand in exchange for his help... he has his eye on the king/ chief's daughter. This girl has just come of age and the god decides he wants her for his wife. He takes her away to the realm of the gods and thus will begin her new life.

Variation to above plot: In this version it is a small or large village and the woman is a high priestess. She has deep faith in her religion... and one day the god visits her. He deems that she is to be rewarded for her faith, and that she shall be his wife. This seems wonderful at first, and the whole village turns out to celebrate the extravagant wedding. However... on the wedding night the priestess finds out that her god is not quite so pure, not quite so gentle. The night is nowhere near vanilla... and their marriage includes expectations of her that she had not anticipated... such as conducting all future religious business without clothes. Of course the other villagers see this as well. Some feel sorry for her, and begin to doubt the god... while others believe she has just strayed and is defying the god, shunning her instead.
Will the god's sexual appetites tear the village apart? And what will happen to his new wife as villager religious views change?
((Not looking for a cruel god...merely a ... deviant one))

On a cold winter's night she breaks into his house. It isn't the first time she has stolen- but it is the first time she gets caught. However, this man has a different idea for justice. No cops are involved. Instead he forces her to spend the night - or maybe stay a little longer than that. Basically a burglary evolves into a master/ slave situation.
Or it could be he forces her to stay one night, but then entices her into staying longer and its more of a romantic roleplay. Either works. Also kind of interested in the guy being a vampire but open to changing details.

Craving these Kinks/themes:
aphrodisiacs/ drugs/ heat
Master/pet pairing
force/ rough


NSFW office pic
NSFW Bedroom
NSFW School image
NSFW Riding
NSFW pinned
NSFW party
NSFW bound
NSFW Milking
NSFW toys
nsfw monster