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Author Topic: Sparkles' seeking - vampires, aliens, and kitties, oh my!  (Read 738 times)

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I play characters of numerous different genders and orientations, from quite a few different settings, and I'm interested in playing across from varying genders and orientations as well.  I have a few specific plots in mind, but they're very short, loose concepts that can develop in tons of different ways!  Plus I love tossing around plot ideas, so if those don't appeal to you, feel free to suggest something else.  Even if we just talk about ideas and nothing much else happens, I'd have fun!

I am VERY n00b tolerant.  I don't mind short replies, typos, or imperfect grammar.   So don't be afraid to hit me up if you like any of my ideas, or have an idea you'd like to suggest to me. 

You can check out my ons and offs for more details about my RP style and preferences.

Here's my current list of active characters, both original and fandom.  (Click the spoiler tags for detailed descriptions and scene ideas.)

Demeisen (Ian. M Banks' Culture) An arrogant starship who interacts with humans through a drone/android that looks like (but is not) a human male.  [Asexual, but up for M/M, possibly other pairings under the right circumstances.]
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

The ship's proper name is "Falling Outside The Normal Moral Constraints" but its human-like avatar goes by Demeisen.  He appears to be a tall, thin human male, with long, spidery fingers and dark hair in an extreme widow's peak.  He is very physically strong.

He is also extremely arrogant.  Being the embodiment of a powerful warship, (one which needs no crew) he feels that he is obviously superior to any human, and will happily say so, especially if he thinks it will piss somebody off.

If you ask him, he will tell you he has no moral code, he just does whatever he wants.  His behavior at first glance appears to support this.  He delights in causing discomfort and outrage in others.  He will push people's boundaries.  He will, in essence, troll the hell out of them.  But he actually does adhere to a strict moral code.  He will push right up to the limits, but never go beyond them.  He enjoys giving the appearance of sadism, and likes causing discomfort, but has a high respect for consent.  He will declare this to be utter nonsense, but though you will catch him being cruel to those who can handle it, you'll never see him be cruel to those who can't. (At least not more than once.)  He actually does like to help people, when the whim strikes him, or he feels it would be interesting, but he tends to help them the way he wants, not the way they want, and will insist that he is only doing it for selfish reasons.

He has no sexual desire of his own, but in the right circumstances is happy to participate in sex.  Generally when doing so is making somebody else upset or uncomfortable.  As such, while dealing with our Earth culture and its homophobic ways he has a certain fondness for appearing shamelessly gay, and for hitting on closeted or rigidly straight men. 

Possible scene - You are a closeted gay (An angry homophobe he'd *love* to piss off?  A shy uke-type who he'd easily dominate?  Lots of possibilities) and he harasses you into admitting you like guys. 

Chaos Kitten (Original sci-fi setting) A third-sex, six-limbed feline alien orphaned and stranded among humans who is learning about the human race.  [Still exploring zir sexuality]
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

Zir name is Chrrihtss, which literally translated means something like "childish, playful peace-and-warfare" but would probably be rendered as "Chaos Kitten" by a thoughtful translator.  Zie belongs to the third sex of an alien race that has male, female, and "brood-male" or "eggless-female" sexes. 

Zir sex is actually very similar to intersex humans, but it is far more common for zir species.  Males provide the sperm, females lay the eggs, but brood-males, though genetically XX equivalent and thus technically males, have female characteristics including the brood pouch where freshly laid eggs are held.  (Much like the pouches in kangaroos or other marsupials.)  Zir species are monotremes, like the platypus and echidna of Earth, but somewhat more developed, as their planet never had marsupials or placental mammals at all.  They have proper mammary glands, but do still lay eggs. Brood-males have mammaries as well and will nurse new-hatched babies.

They are centauroid, with four legs and two arms.  They are fur covered and feline in appearance.  They weigh more than a human, but are much shorter, being no more than four feet (1.3m) tall.  Chrrihtss (aka Chaos) is even shorter than that, as brood-males are generally fairly short.  They have a variety of markings, but are usually gray, with stripes or spots in muted browns and blacks.  Chaos has cinnamon-brown stripes and zir fur is a warm gray.  Zir tail is very long, densely furred, and fluffy. 

Zie is young (16-equivalent, though the years on her planet aren't the same length as Earth years.)  Zie is innocent, trusting, and intensely curious.  Zie is also very caring and empathetic. Zie wants to help people.  Zie will tend to neglect herself in favor of making others happy, in fact.  But zie is shy and hesitant and won't put zirself forward, most of the time.  Though when zie gets curious about something zie tends to overcome zir shyness a bit, and will poke zir nose into places where perhaps it shouldn't go!

Possible scene - you are a crewman or officer aboard the starship that discovers the wreck of Chrrihtss's ship, and rescues the lone survivor.  You are assigned to take care of zir.  You comfort zir, gain zir confidence, and teach zir about humanity. 

Flame Song (Original sci-fi or fantasy setting) A female from an alien race of cat-like quadrupeds with the ability to shape-shift into different forms. [Straight/Heteroflexible]
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

Flame Song Firedancer, to give her full name, resembles a fairly large tiger, but pure white with fire-orange stripes.  Her eyes are bright green.  On second glance she is built a little bit more like a cheetah than a tiger, with a short torso and long legs, but very long, thick, fluffy fur covers her, making her look more stocky than she is.  She comes from a world that is very cold, though it is also very volcanically active, and fire is a major part of her people's religious beliefs.

I have played this character as a fantasy shape-shifter who travels dimensions, and as a science-fiction shape-shifter who goes by starship, but either way she is capable of taking human form.  Although human is the smallest form she can take, there's hand-waving stuff about conservation of mass that lets a 600lb tiger-thing get that small, but it only goes so far and she can't be any smaller than a 130 lb human woman.  In human form her hair is bright orange and her skin is fair and freckled.  Her eyes are still green.  She's of fairly average height and has a slightly curvy build.  She's very fit and in excellent shape.

Her species lives longer than humans (about 250 years) and she's around 80, which for her is equivalent to being in her late 30s.  She's mature, experienced, and very confident.  She is also just plain nice.  She's a fundamentally good person, with balanced interests and skills.  She is, however, very practical and always puts herself first, even though she does care about other people.  She is not a fighter, but can be formidable in her native feline form, and she is definitely a hunter and a carnivore.  She is also a musician, who has learned many instruments over the years and who has a beautiful alto singing voice. 

She could be characterized as "heteroflexible", she prefers males, but isn't strictly straight.  Having lived much of her life away from her species she's become entirely accustomed to cross-species romance, and she's more likely to bat an eye at your being female and hitting on her than at your being some totally different species. 

Possible scene - I haven't thought up one yet.  Suggest something?

Andrew (Furry modern Earth-like setting) A deer-boy who was turned into a vampire and is dealing with the stresses of being an herbivore who is forced to act like a predator. [Pansexual, submissive]
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

Andrew is actually loosely based on a muntjak, so he had fangs even before getting bitten. They are technically tusks and are fairly impressive.  He is a little over average height, but quite thin.  He is a hybrid of several various species, including a unicorn's tail, a ki-rin's single horn, and a pegasus's wings, though these are very small and thus he is flightless.  His fur is cinnamon brown, shading darker at the extremities.  His tail is dark chocolate brown, almost black, as is the slightly longer ruff or mane of hair on his neck.  His wings are cream-white.

He is extremely timid and shy.  He will be very hesitant around new people, and speaks with a stutter, though that fades a bit when he's relaxed and with his (few) friends.

He is an artist, and makes what living he does by painting.  Being a vampire he gets by with a modest income. (No food bills!) He currently lives in an apartment attached to the gallery where his works are often displayed, that arrangement due mostly to the kindness of the gallery owner, who is a friend of his.

He hates to hunt, and does his best to take blood from willing donors.  Sometimes he has difficulty finding them, but recently he has been able to find relatively regular meals from admiring fans of his art. 

Sexually he is extremely submissive, but also extremely wary.  Although he is pansexual and attracted to males, females, and those who don't fall so neatly into either category he will definitely not dive directly into any kind of sexual relationship.  (He has suffered some sexual abuse in his past, and when this is added to his natural shyness, his reluctance is hardly surprising.)  His blood hunger, however, makes him somewhat more willing to get close to people. 

Possible scene - You and Andrew are stuck together somewhere.  (I'm sure we can come up with a reason!)  He is thus required to feed on you, and you begin to get close to one another.  When you're both freed from the situation that had you trapped, this relationship continues to grow and develop into something more.

Achlys (Friendship is Magic) A sparkly, happy, freaky-weird mutant My Little Pony alicorn. [Asexual]
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

Achlys is technically not a pony at all.  She is what happens when a purple slime mold grows on/eats a powerful magical talisman that was lost in the forest.  The magic made the slime mold semi-sentient and hungry for more magic.  It sought out and found what it was after on the spot where Nightmare Moon was defeated.  It absorbed lingering fragments of nightmare armor, and also absorbed a little bit of the power and personality of Nightmare Moon.  But the slime mold could also absorb personality and magic from any pony it touched, and circumstances led the mold-creature to touch Rarity, Twilight Sparkle, and Pinkie Pie.

The end result was something that looks like an alicorn made of cloudy purple Jell-O, with a mane and tail prone to changing hair style with her mood.  She eventually found a spell to keep her from absorbing the personality of anyone she touches, but given the different traits she had already absorbed she's a bit of a nut.  She doesn't have multiple personalities, but she is prone to wild mood swings, from manic party-mode to brooding depression. 

She can use magic, but is not especially powerful.  Although she has a few fragments of Nightmare Moon's power and appears to be an alicorn, she is not a goddess, and in fact most of the magic she has goes towards maintaining her shape and her mind, given that she's still a slime mold and shouldn't be intelligent or pony shaped. 

She can revert to a blob of goo, or take any other shape she likes, but pony shape is her favorite.

She is utterly asexual, the subject doesn't interest her at all.  She has no genitals and if she were to decide to reproduce she would do so by simply dividing in half.  She is technically neuter and sexless, but sees herself as female and prefers to be addressed as such.

Possible scene - I don't currently have one.  Achlys is up for silly G-rated pony fun, or for more serious explorations of identity, philosophy, and the darker side of pony life. 

Oni Kaijin (Original fantasy setting) A retired elvish demi-god, with a civilized exterior who speaks in Elizabethan English but has a dangerous, primal side. [Gay/Homoflexible]
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

Oni is a retired demi-god.  He once was a primal being of great power, but he no longer has any worshipers and he can no longer do much in the way of miracles.  Small things yes, but nothing large.  In fact he no longer calls himself a god at all, and attempts to live a life of quiet simplicity. 

His home is in a giant oak tree, far larger than any natural oak, whose trunk is hollowed out and whose branches also bear various treehouse rooms, connected by staircases and walkways.  It's not a place for anyone with a fear of heights, though the main chamber within the trunk is at ground level. 

He is loosely human in appearance, with long, pointed ears, fair skin, and shoulder length silver hair which he keeps in a short ponytail.  His eyes appear to be blank white, though he can see perfectly well.  They glow when he is angry or aroused.  His most notable physical feature, however, is his height.  He is well over eight feet tall, towering over pretty much anybody else.  Normal human beings don't even come up to his shoulder.  His build is slender but muscular, not a weightlifter's build, but a real fighter's build, flexible and fast while still being strong.  And he does know how to fight, he's skilled with several weapons including sword and bow.

He is very calm, even laid back, and tends to be fairly formal and polite.  Most of the time he acts like a gentleman.  His language is quite archaic, hailing more or less from the Elizabethan (Shakespearean) era.  But underneath his genteel exterior the primal god still lurks, and though it's very hard to make him lose his temper, when he does he is extremely dangerous.  It can also be hard to arouse him, he is not a highly sexual being, but his sexual side is dangerous and primal as well.   He is primarily homosexual, but his one great past love was a woman, and the right female can interest him.  Generally, however, he prefers men. 

Possible scene - you become lost, perhaps injured, in the forest near his home.  He rescues and cares for you.  He is reluctant to speak much of his past, but as you recover he opens up a little bit, and a relationship begins to develop.  If your tastes run towards non-con, violence, etc. the plot can include you doing something to wake his dark side, which would result in Bad Things(tm) happening to your character.

Aidan Sylvestris (Original furry/fantasy setting)  A young-innocent cat-boy. (I have a human version and a vampire version of this character as well!) [Pansexual] {Currently on the Liegeboat!  But also up for other RPs}
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

Aidan is one of my oldest characters and he has a long, complicated interesting past, who can be played many ways.  As a youth, however, before anything much happened to him, he was just a young, innocent cat-boy.  Cute, playful, naive, trusting, easily affectionate, without a care in the world! 

His fur is white with occasional black patches.  His hair is black.  His eyes are blue. 

He is a very simple character.  He just wants to play, have fun, and possibly cuddle.  He is up for silly fun role plays, but he is also available to have very dark and horrible things happen to him.  Slavery, non-con, all that jazz.

(Also there is a vampire version of this character, a human version, a fallen angel version, etc.  I wasn't kidding when I said he was an old character I've done a lot with.  Later in life he falls to evil, and can be the one *doing* dark and horrible things.  He then redeems himself and becomes a very good person, who eventually atones for his evil and is quite wise.  If you're more interested in any of those ideas, feel free to ask.) 

Further ideas I'm interested in:

A "courtly" romance, ie. one that is about romantic gestures and never intended to be consummated.  Preferably M/M and with a historical setting. (Somewhere between the medieval period and the late Victorian.)

A (probably furry/pony) snugglebuddy friendship.  Something silly, ridiculous, disgustingly cute, affectionate, and low pressure.  (And non-sexual, obv.)

A villain redemption arc, where a defeated baddie is spared by the hero, and through a series of events comes to regret his/her past actions.   And possibly fall for the hero in the process.  (I would like most to play this with Dark Link from Legend of Zelda.) 

If none of the above interests you, you can still feel free to pitch some other idea at me. 

Fandoms I play in:
Legend of Zelda (esp. Link X Dark Link.  I like to play Dark Link.)
Final Fantasy games (esp. IV and VI)
My Little Pony
Pokemon (I only play mons, not trainers.)
Girl Genius
Anything with vampires in it.  (Except Twilight)
Anything with dragons in it.

You can comment here or PM me if you're interested. 


(P.S. All pictures used either have links to the original source or were commissioned by me for my own use.)
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Re: Sparkle's characters and ideas.
« Reply #1 on: June 24, 2013, 12:31:09 AM »
Updated with some actual character bios, and a few possible story ideas. 

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Re: Sparkle's characters and ideas.
« Reply #2 on: July 23, 2013, 12:19:25 AM »
Updated with the remaining bio and story idea. 

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Re: Sparkles' seeking - vampires, aliens, and kitties, oh my!
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I've added another character, and I finally have some pictures for most of these, though still not all. :)

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Re: Sparkles' seeking - vampires, aliens, and kitties, oh my!
« Reply #4 on: August 18, 2013, 09:32:19 PM »
Everybody has pictures now, and I also added two scene ideas.

I'm particularly craving the vampire's bite scenario, so anybody who enjoys the bloody bits of vampirism and wants to play would be really welcome right now!