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November 12, 2018, 10:40:14 PM

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Author Topic: Female looking for Male, Transformation, Bimbo- From Virgin to MasterSlut  (Read 490 times)

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Offline magikalTopic starter

Hello! I'm obsessed with transformation.. especially if the transformation is slow, gradual, and against her will. Physical transformation is best, but some mental transformation is fine as long as it compliments the TF. Bimbofication is a good sub-transformation as well. Becoming a nymphomaniac.. cumslut.. addicted to new sensations/adventures.. I'd love to explore writing with you.. planning with you.. and developing a new story. :-)

Hi! Thanks for reading my thread. I currently have several games going on but am always looking for a few more well written stories. Please look at my list and private message me if you are interested.  Right now I have two ideas I'm looking for a partner with.

Hello! I'm looking to reboot two games that stalled in the last few months.The second one has a best friend offering to change just about everything about her to try a relationship with the guy she's always liked for as long as she could remember.

Story 1 Introduction-  The first one has a mail order bride growing from girl next door to mega porn star, slowly but surely.

llyana Slutskaya was born in Moscow in 1995 to rather poor parents. Both her parents worked long hours and she rarely saw them. She escaped into her fantasies about finding a perfect prince to sweep her off her feet. She spent hours each day in the local internet cafe, she learned english from 80s sitcoms that were rebroadcast to Moscow. She found some beautiful pictures of blonde russian girls on the internet and posted some ads on Craistlist in New York. She eventually found someone that offered to put 800 dollars in her paypal account to pay for a ticket. Illyana was nervous but knew she would have a better life in the United States. She bought a one way ticket using the money and flew to New York. She looked like an average woman, certainly not the supermodel that she said she was. Illyana agreed to try and be a good girlfriend, but wanted to make sure that they were compatible first. She said that she would agree to stay for a month, sight see, go to movies, dinner, and sleep on the couch.

End of Story 1

Begin Story 2- The second one has a best friend offering to change just about everything about her to try a relationship with the guy she's always liked for as long as she could remember.  They would be opposites, but she is very attracted to him.

Kaori had spent her last summer trying to map out her plans for the next five years. The trouble was, she kept changing her goals- mostly from the boyfriends that she loved that did not love her back, they broke her heart, sometimes worse than the last time, other times not as bad- but none of it was good and she was so smart with her design work that it was surprising she made such poor choices in her love life. She had several projects going- a small but growing fan base on deviant, a website that sold items with her artwork on them, and a blog that she updated several times a week with her art projects. She managed an internship at a major company, but her boss kept on hitting on her and going so far as to suggest if she went out on a date with him, her job would become permanent. She finished up her internship, practically dreading going to work, and decided a change of scenery would do her good. She packed up everything and returned to her hometown.

She travelled fairly light, loading everything up into her beat up Honda and returning 500 miles to her hometown. She found a 1 bedroom apartment in downtown to rent that was 500 a month, all inclusive. With her money saved up from her internship and selling her artwork, she would have 5 months to figure out what to do next. When she received a message from Mark she smiled, was he going to talk about how perfect everything was going now that he received his degree? She grinned, "Oh, you beat me back home already?" She wiggled her fingers getting ready to type on her iphone, she rotated the phone and typed back with practiced ease. "Wow! I didn't know you were already back. Sure, let's catch up.. Primordus @ 8? --- K" She clicked send, then headed to her new home for the next 6 months, signing a lease, getting the key, and bringing her things inside. She spent a few hours getting everything set up how she liked it. She even had time to update her facebook, instagram, and twitter about her big return home, as well as showing off a few photos of herself dressed up for Halloween of various anime characters that she wore for Halloween over the last 5 years. She got herself situated and was looking forward to seeing Mark at 8 on Friday.
End Story 2

I have space for a few more games here on E. Typically I look for about 3 to 5 replies a week minimum, with at least a paragraph reply. Good grammar and intelligent responses are a requirement. You can look through my previous posts and check my O/O to see if we're a match.

If anything I've discussed piques your interest, please PM me and tell me what story you are interested in, what sort of character you want to play and what sort of transformations you envision happening. The game would be hosted in the channels here on Elliquiy, as opposed to instant messaging, email, or anything else.

Thanks in advance and I hoped you enjoyed reading the descriptions!