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December 08, 2021, 03:15:25 am

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Author Topic: M seeking F -- Cousin or Sister for a Romantic/Sweet/Unintentional Incest story  (Read 890 times)

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(Edit: Closed. I've received a response to this already and am currently in discussion with a player. Thank you for your interest!)

The premise of my idea is that the male, my character, has been out on his own for a little while now, having an apartment by himself in the city. A family member -- I think I'm feeling a cousin/cousin set up more for this, but if that doesn't strike you a brother/sister scenario could also work -- she moves out to the area following graduating from college, and/or due to a job offer, or for another reason if you'd like, and what's family for if not to give you a place to crash for awhile till you're up on your feet. Simple enough, yeah? What could possibly happen with two opposite-gender twenty-somethings spending an abundance of time together? ;)

Beyond that things are open to complete collaboration, so while I have my own ideas on where things might go, I thoroughly encourage you expressing yours as well. There are a few things I'd like, though. I don't want this to be an instant fuckfest, but rather a slow boil -- they're real people, remember, with real psychologies, and this is a very real taboo. The forbidden foreplay, the teasing, the sensual build up can be immensely erotic and terribly exciting, mm? Two people suddenly sharing an apartment together, when one is used to living alone -- how easy would it be for one to walk in on the other while s/he is changing, or getting ready for/finishing up a bath/shower? Or the morning after she arrives and crashes on his couch, the guy walks out of his bedroom in nothing but a pair of boxers, hazy and half-awake, completely forgetting that he's not alone anymore and now having to play off the awkward moment?

Once there's a few accidental encounters, who's to say things couldn't continue that route while being less and less of an accident? Teasing is fun, is it not? That tingly, exciting feeling. Girls are experts at dressing a certain way in seeking a certain reaction. Or getting comfortably cozy together on the couch while watching a movie, the lights turned off.

As much fun as the sexual aspect of the relationship will be, I would like that to not be the focus until later. Rather than jump in head first, I'm more looking for sensual scenes to build up to it, step by step, exciting and arousing in their own right, to have the situation feel like something real. Something...natural. Something that just sort of gradually 'happened.' And once the attraction between the cousins is obvious, again, we're dealing with real people, and wouldn't there be hesitance on going all the way? Kissing, then stopping. A few nights later, open-mouthed kissing, then stopping again. Then maybe grinding, gradually delving further and further into that rabbit hole where 'wrong' and 'right' can be so very cloudy.

Also, romance. In addition to the sensual build up of attraction, I would like to see an actual relationship blossom out of this. Imagine two cousins dating, nervously testing the water with their feet, starting by holding hands in public and seeing where it goes. I think the story would be a mixture of fluffy sweetness and taboo eroticism, with the potential to continue their exploration together once things do reach the bedroom -- perhaps they're both only mildly experienced, so exploring their kinks together could be an entirely additional trust-building funtime.

Does this interest you? I hope so! But, now on to the OOCness:

Usually there is very little with me that is set in stone. I want and encourage collaboration, so I invite you to let me know if you like 'this' but 'that' isn't working for you, or if you want to tweak something, or take a thought and build on it, etcetera, or completely add in things of your own. To be frank, if I wanted this to be 'my' story, I would write it. I want it to be 'ours.' On that note, if you decide to message me on this story idea, please include your imagination along with it -- show me your interest via conversation! Tell me about scene ideas, about interactions you would like to see happen. Or about your girl. Or your kinks. Or anything. A two-line private message is lamesauce, and doesn't come across as your being interested now, let alone longterm.

Oh, on the topic of length. Multi-para writers only, please.

My kinks are extensive. There's little I, as a player, wouldn't have an interest in doing, so as we take this sandbox of a story and build the relationship together, we can take things anywhere we would mutually like to go.

  -  Fades
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