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Author Topic: Night Stalker (looking for female to RP with)  (Read 625 times)

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Offline AlphaMaleTopic starter

Night Stalker (looking for female to RP with)
« on: October 28, 2010, 01:55:52 PM »
Flame's dark form melded eerily into the night, his form intricately dancing with the shadows which duelled around his muscular form in sadistic delight. Emotionless and numb, or so he desired to believe, the tawny male stalked through the pitch tar of his surroundings, heightened senses catching the whispered gasp of pleasure in a private bedding unseen, the hushed cry of a feline dashing from street to street in its haste to escape the unknown forces that lurked the night as readily as Flame did; though with a far more vindictive purpose than he. Heaving chest vibrating as he lunged through the dull expanses, prison cell walls enclosing him with a fierce vengeance intending to seize the mysterious male and never release him. With loathing twisting his seemingly cold heart into knots, the fiery beast sprinted, dipping into crouches whenever he reached a corner of the rippling maze. Grimacing in distaste as the foul, bitter scent of blood clung to his nostrils fervently, Flame prowled stealthily, gracefully pulling free the silver throwing stars that hung from his belt. Glinting in the little light, the stars flickered and caught the reflections of the predatorial Male's fathomless pits of eyes. He quietly grunted at the injustice of his duty, as compassion overwhelmed him; it was impossible for him to save every victim of these nights. Yet how he desired and begged the Gods he could. Already having discovered one discarded corpse that night, streaked with gory lines of crimson, the muscular male doubted he could withstand another desecrated, ravaged body discovered. With spite in his heart, he sprung from the sheltering shadows of the walls to witness the familiar sight that joined his duty. Growling to alert the monster of his presence, Flame raised his hand to his broad shoulder gazing at the glinting metal in his palm, so petite and deadly. With a vindictive sneer, the deadly beast's gaze fell on the female in the monster's embraced and his eyebrows knitted together in sympathy and intent to soothe the woman. Features hardening, his sight flickered back to the suckling Ghoul, who held the woman bent and had his vile lips pressed against her smooth, silken throat. Flame's rage ignited as he flicked his hand forward and landed two of the miniature stars directly in his chest, deliberately avoiding his blackened heart; no, he wanted to savour this kill.