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Author Topic: The Eden War. (Moved)  (Read 1688 times)

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The Eden War. (Moved)
« on: September 20, 2016, 02:53:58 PM »

'And on the Eight day, Satan Laughed at Man, for their cries of agony were better than the music he once played for God. And so he promised to his father, that he would craft the greatest orchestra from their tears.'

The Start of the War:

When the war started, it had been a day just like any other. The sun rose up into the clear blue sky, and people prepared to go to their daily 9 to 5 jobs and get paid and then go home. It was a Tuesday no less, as unremarkable as could be. No one even came close to suspecting that things would go so horribly wrong.

When they came, it was sudden but not unannounced. The Earth shook with a terrible violence, as if something was trying to break out from beneath the very mantle of our world. Windows cracked, cars crashed and people fell (some to their own deaths.). Then the sky, in every part of the world, turned to a shade of red for a full five minutes. As if someone had stabbed the sky and let it bleed out. People were already running to places of worship or places to hide and shelter when they finally arrived.


The water's of the ocean seemed to boil and somehow catch fire as the land beneath it cracked and opened. In the distance people could see a mass of evil approaching. Most did not even know how to describe what was coming. They walked on water or flew in the sky with ease and an impossible grace that belied their terrible nature.

The Armies of Hell had arrived, not content with simply existing in Hell and feeding off of the souls of the wicked. They knew if they followed the agreement signed originally with Heaven, that eventually their empire would fall and crumble. And so in secret they planned and worked to undermine the foolish Angels of Heaven and to strike when the time was right, conquering the Earth and forever having Humanity under their sway. To turn the whole of the Earth into nothing more than a farm for souls that they could derive power and nourishment from. For every single soul of Humanity had a tiny little Piece of God's power in it, and that was what gave souls their eternal life, and gave power to those that collected them.

The Demons, of all shapes and sizes, appeared from every corner of the globe, seeking to destroy all of man's resources and power. Within an hour the strategically important Panama and Suez Canal were already under Demon control, cutting off two major lifelines for Humans. They then set forth to attack the most numerous and plentiful cities, to show Humans the price of defiance before they even had a chance to mount a defense. New York suffered once more a terrible loss of life as Demons roamed the streets killing and eating all in their path. They struck countless other cities at the same time with pinpoint accuracy, bringing down the Eifel tower in Paris, simply because they could. And making the Red Square of Russia run red with blood.

It took almost a full hour for any military response to finally be deployed, as people recovered from the terrible shock of their beloved little planet being struck so violently. Though when the Demon's finally encountered a true organized resistance against them, they were stunned at how much more difficult this became as the humans refused to give in. It turned what should have been a simple invasion into an actual battle. Though not all had a problem with it, as some Demons relished the challenge and combat.

Our Darkest Day:

There had been no calls for surrender, no options to negotiate. The Demons would not parley with Humans anymore than they would have with a Chicken. Food was Food, and Mankind was food to the Infernal hordes of Hell.
For 72 hours Mankind fought on without aid. The Sons of Adam, Daughters of Eve, all stood as one against a foe unlike any other. Many heroes were made that day, and many of them met their maker. The Humans fought the demons on every single front that they could. Though it took more to bring down a demon, they still gave it their all and even managed to pull a few decisive victories out of this nightmare.

They fought the Demons on the Streets, in their churches, in their very homes. Some entire neighborhoods were left lifeless as both man and demon died fighting. The sun had gone down on the first day of the invasion and the Demon's progress had stalled worldwide. The defenses of Moscow managed to halt the demons long enough for their leaders to be evacuated. No one knew what was going on in the Holy cities of the Middle East, but from what scattered reports there were, it seemed old Grudges were momentarily put aside and the Demons had been forced to retreat in some areas. A NATO unit had managed to save the Hoover Dam from destruction, and in New York the Demons may have taken the city but they were prevented from expanding further. (Though that was little consolation for all the innocents trapped in the city with the demons.)

As the smoke finally began to clear and everyone had a better reference of the situation, the Humans had a chance to begin digging in and prepare. But even as they shored up their defenses they held little hope for victory. For Every 1 Human soldier who died, they managed to kill 12 Demons on average and yet it still was not enough. Their numbers seemed endless, entire fields were littered with the corpses of primarily demons, but the beasts were unbothered by the loss of their own, and seem to always have a surplus of warriors to throw at the Human lines. With each passing battle, every spent magazine, and every shout for the need for more ammunition the Humans realized that through Attrition alone the Demons would eventually win.

Those who knew the scripture, inevitably found themselves remembering what the demons in a possessed man had once told to Jesus himself.

"Our Name is Legion. For We Are Many."

The Angels Arrive:
The fighting had been long and hard. Hundreds of Thousands of lives were lost in just the first day. And those were only the ones that could be confirmed. After that no one wanted to keep count anymore.

It seemed as if the Demons would overwhelm all of mankind and make the Earth a farm for souls to be locked in eternal agony and suffering. A feast that would never end as they would devour the souls of those who had lived, those who still remained alive and even the souls of those who had yet to be born.

The battle for many contested zones was harsh, though Humans had an advantage when it came to naval power as the demons had nothing that could stand up to modern destroyers, Cruisers, Submarines and Carriers. But they could only provide so much support, and some of the demon lords had been smart in where they attacked, making sure to take out ports and bases to keep the ships from being able to get a quick refuel or resupply.

By the first night the battle lines had been more clear and some semblance of order had returned, with news agencies trying to stay on the air and keep people informed. Many were glued to their TVs or computer screens as they watched the horror unfold day by day. In one battle zone a lone Camera man held a trembling pistol in one hand and his camera in the other. The lone survivor of a rush of Demons, that killed all the soldiers around him, leaving him alone against the oncoming legion, people expected to see the final moments on Tv and waited with baited breath as the Demons rushed forth. Until something unexpected happened.

The air was filled with the sound of trumpets. Not just where the Camera man was broadcasting though, these trumpets were everywhere. These trumpets produced a sound unlike any other, that was heard all over the world. From the Antarctic research bases, all the way to the International Space Station. Every person on earth (even those who had been born without the ability to hear) heard this wondrous sound. The sound caused a few to cover their ears as it rang over even the sound of battle. But it wasn't terrifying, not in the least. It was downright comforting, almost causing a subconscious sense of joy and euphoria, even in those that were not worshippers.

The only thing that caused fear was the screaming, the screams of terror that came from the demons as some of them ran in fear. But what could cause these horrible monsters to run? What could inspire such fear in them that they would in some cases give up in battles that they were winning, or remain locked up in panic.

And then, on live international Television, is when people laid their eyes upon the form of an Angel. For the first time in almost a thousand years.

And this was not the only one. Many more were being reported as suddenly appearing in a flash of light all around the world. Some cheered, some wept, others shook in terror. Most just didn't know how to react. These angels were not the fluffy feathered, 'Love thy neighbor' type of Angel that people had been taught about in Sunday school. No, these were soldiers. Archangels even. Their power was a thing of beauty and terror. The terrified camera man managed to find enough courage to keep broadcasting as an Angel, the size of the Chrysler building, raised a single hand, and projected a force of energy so powerful it reduced a swarm of Demons to nothing but tiny ashes. And many other demons either dropped their weapons, and fell to their knees, pleading for mercy, or they ran away in terror, screaming and shoving others out of the way.

After a moment's silence, the Angel turned and looked directly at the Human with the Camera, and spoke.

"Fear Not."

The being simply said, speaking in tongues, and sounding perfectly clear to every single person who saw the footage. The voice was calm and almost like a whisper, but loud enough to be heard clearly and picked up by the camera's microphone, even from a distance.

The Angel then pointed a single finger up into the sky and the Cameraman looked to where it pointed. And up in the sky he recorded what almost looked like a large golden halo, so bright it almost made the dark knight appear as if daytime. And through this portal, angels flew through. Many of them were of the more traditionally known Angel style. Similar things happened in other parts of the world as the Angels pushed back.

It had taken them 72 hours to act because they were locked in their own internal arguments and discussions as to whether or not they should act, with some outright saying Mankind wasn't worthy of Salvation. And almost 40% of the ruling Angel council was in agreement. Until he spoke. Their Father, their Creator. The Almighty power that ruled the Heavens and the Earth. He whose name most are unworthy to even utter, so much so they can only refer to it as what it truly is. God.

With only a few words, the creator had made the decision. The Angel's and forces of Heaven would go to War for Mankind, again. An Army such as this had never been seen before since the days of the original Rebellion, with most of the Angels there having never truly seen combat before. But since the original plan had been deviated from so much, it was time to create a new path.

And they were not alone in doing so. Though the armies of hell might be immeasurable in number and size, the Humans and Angels weren't alone, as there were other creatures that shared the Earth with. Though they existed in secret and worked hard to actively avoid humans, they couldn't stand idly by as the world they shared was destroyed.

The Forgotten.

Elves, Makers, spirits. There were many things in this world that lived alongside Humans, in all of the hidden places that they no longer looked in as they congregated in their cities with their massive spires of steel and glass. As advanced as mankind was, and as numerous as they were, there was still much they didn't know about their world. They did not know about the creatures and races that walked it before Humans attained consciousness.

Though God created the Heavens and the Earth, there were other beings that walked the land as Gods, and they had their time, before eventually fading from existence and taking many of their worshippers with them. Most of these forgotten races were near extinction, many of them had felt they had no place in this world and chose to end their own lives or simply not reproduce. The world belonged to Man, not their kind. They fell into myth, legend and imagination, dwindling down until barely numbering in the thousands (if that).

And so they remained hidden in every dark corner or cave, just out of sight of Humans but always watching. Some unexplained disaperencess could be attributed to an Elf with a grudge against Humans, or a spirit being mischievous. Not all beings hated man though. The Maker's fancied Human works and engineering though they didn't much enjoy their 'Elect Tronics".

And quite a few Elves and other creatures might just point a human in the right direction should they find themselves lost in the forests. ("so long as they are respectful of their betters" as some might say.)

They knew the instant Hell began its invasion that the Earth and the natural world many of them had come to know and love, would be completely and utterly damaged beyond repair if the Demons were allowed to continue on. So they made their choice, and though they didn't like how humans had been damaging nature, they would much rather have them than the Demons run the Earth.

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Re: The Eden War. (LGBT friendly) (Biblical apocalypse, Need Co GMs)
« Reply #1 on: September 20, 2016, 02:54:16 PM »
Pre Made Characters./Character Sheets

(For those who have trouble creating characters, as well as to provide some character examples.)

CS Example.
Character Sheet:
Code: [Select]
[floatright][img height=350 padding=10]INSERT IMAGE LINK[/img][/floatright][b]Name:[/b]




[b]Character Type:[/b] (Angel? Human? Demon? Nephilim? Etc.)







[b]Character Ons/Offs:[/b]

Corporal Oscar Wilder
Name: Oscar Wilder.

Age: 35

Gender: Male


Character Type: Human

Skills: Combat Exorcist. Former Professional Soldier.

Weakness: Anything that can kill a Human. His Age is starting to Catch up to him.

Powers:Knows how to perform an Exorcism, even on a battlefield.

Appearance: Gruff and scarred, Oscar attempts to keep himself at least respectable looking, especially to set an example to others.

Personality:Tough, no nonsense man. Its all about the mission and completing it. He wants to do everything in his power to make sure Heaven wins the war and isn't one to tolerate dillydallying when it isn't appropriate.

Backstory:Oscar had long since lost his faith before ever enlisting in the US army. There wasn't any big event that did to it, he literally just thought about it and realized he didn't really believe in it anymore. He felt both sad and relieved, and continued about his day, with the Endwar coming only a month before he was due to finally return to civilian life. His life up until the Demon invasion was fairly uneventful. His life never had any other events that were of significant note. Perhaps that was why he enlisted in the first place, to get some meaning and excitement in his life.

Either way, when the war started he was far too involved in fighting the demon onslaught to really have a crisis of faith. That did not come until the angels came. Before that Oscar was knee deep in demon blood, spending every last bullet to send the Hell Hounds back to their master and seeing everyone around him being torn apart.

Oscar didn't have time to think on what was happening, just fighting. And fight he did, with a fury that would have matched an old Viking raider. Even despite his age, with him having been close to retiring out of the army, he put up as good a fight as anyone around him. When the Angels arrived and he saw with his own eyes his own faith had been right, he felt more confused than anything. He didn't know what to truly think anymore. The only real comfort he had was out in the field, where everything was simple. Find the enemy, Kill the enemy, protect your friends and civilians. He liked it simple, made the world much easier to deal with. He didn't want to have to deal with any politics or philosophical conversations. He didn't want to think how he had the key to salvation for his own soul and chucked it away. So when the Angels shared with them a better exorcism method, to combat possessor demons on the battlefield, he accepted the call.

It was his hope that maybe through action he could earn his way back into heaven....even if he was doing the right thing for the wrong reasons, it was better than wallowing in self pity.

Character Ons/Offs: (up to Player)

Jonah Michaels
Name: Jonah Michaels

Age: 25

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Depends on who is asking.

Character Type: Human

Skills: Medic, shotgunner.

Weakness: Anything that kills a human, and not the best at turning down anyone (or anything) that flirts with him.

Powers: Does being handsome count?

Appearance: Jonah likes to keep as clean and good looking as he can (for his inevitable adoring fans of course.)

Personality: Smart mouthed pretty boy could easily describe Jonah in a nutshell. Though he goes abit deeper than that. Jonah does actually care about others even if he might act like he is the most important thing in his life.

Backstory: Jonah originally worked as a pharmacist at his local Walmart, making sure everyone got their medication on time and apologizing sincerely when he couldn't do so. The job wasn't all that hard, and it always provided a lot of stories for Jonah to share and fun people to meet. Not to mention he liked to score a few points with the MILFs when he would help them out with their kid's asthma medication, or chatting it up with handsome DILFs when he could. All in all things were pretty good and though Jonah didn't make as much money as he would have liked, he had fun and had a reputation of being a smooth talker among the repeat customers.

The day the war began was like any other and Jonah had been restocking the Viagra pills when the entire earth began to shake, a few lights fell down from the ceiling and people ran for cover. But just as soon as the Earthquake came, it was gone. Jonah was quick to start going around and asking if everyone was alright, and that was when the screaming started.

Jonah's first thought was that a light had fallen on someone and rushed over to help them, only to come face to face with what could only be described as a monster, ripping and tearing into the flesh of some poor obese patron. Jonah froze in terror as he looked at the monster and had to fight his fear to move into action. Any other person might have run for their life and left the demon to devour others. But not Jonah, instead he ran over to the hunting goods and smashed the glass where the shotguns were, thankfully picking up a shotgun that wasn't deactivated and using the staff key to unlock the trigger lock. He quickly emptied out one of the boxes of ammunition and started shoving them all in, not caring about what type of shell they were.

When the demon finished devouring the patron that could not escape, it looked up as it heard a strange metallic clanking sound, and the sound of an unfired shell hitting the floor. When it looked up all it saw was a bright flash, before feeling pain again and again.

Jonah unloaded shot after shot into the demon until he had none left to fire. He wasn't much one for accuracy but shotguns didn't requite much of it. Or at least that was what he remembered from that time he flirted with some cute hunter guy when he was covering someone else's shift at the sports goods, and that time he actually went to a range and rented a shotgun for a while so he actually knew what he was talking about if they ever met again.

By the time he worked the pump one final time the demon was twitching and thrashing about, letting out unearthly cries of pain as Jonah loaded in new shells to finish the creature off, right before a police officer pistol whipped him in the back of the head. Next thing he knew he was locked up in a cell with a terrible migraine. Apparently at first they thought Jonah had gone on a killing spree, until the knowledge of a demon invasion became more prevalent, but the cops had bigger things to do than let him out of prison. Luckily the other inmates in the jail cell were as freaked out about the news as anyone to focus on messing with him. Jonah mostly was trying to figure out just what the hell was going on. It wasn't until the angel's showed up that things became more clear.

Since then he has been doing his part to help out others and fight the good fight, as well as wanting to see if he could successfully flirt with something that has Devil horns, or a Halo.
Character Ons/Offs: (Up to player)

Name: Uriel.

Age: Angel's don't count their years.

Gender: Female.

Sexuality: Bisexual. (is that what you humans call it?)

Character Type: Warrior Angel

Skills: Warrior. Accustomed to Fighting in a Phalanx. Has a faint skill in tracking and can spot the taint of possession.

Weakness Infernal Hell Magic. Having to hold herself back to let others catch up, in both skill and speed. She is wrathful but may not admit it to even herself.

Powers: Can charge her spear with blessed lightning and call it back to her when thrown. Typical Angel powers and her muscles are better suited for combat than some other Angels.

Appearance: Uriel looks more like a Valkyrie than an Angel. A female warrior ready to unleash righteous fury upon the Eternal Enemy. Her armor looks more like a vest of leather though its still very hard. Without it she looks more appealing to the Human eye.

Personality: Uriel is seriours, determined, angry, and merciless against Demons. They are her natural enemy and she will be happy of the day Hell is destroyed, to avenge all of her brothers and sisters killed by Lucifer and his Armies. She may get angry if she feels others in her battle wing slow her down, but she will never leave one of them behind. From what she learned fighting in a phalanx, a wing is only as strong as the weakest of feathers.

Backstory: Uriel is the 12th angel to have such a name. She shares her name with one of the great generals of heaven. It is an honor, truly, but it can be annoying due to idiot messengers who confuse her for the great General. Darn postal service. Uriel was fashioned with shield and spear already in hand. Her armor could be described as light, since her unit was meant for light and fast movements rather than the slug matches of the heavier and more armored angels.

One of her first and most favorite memories was of the Angel Army, full and strong before the rebellion, all marching in unison, with Luci at the head of it. They marched in perfect unison with one another, a motion impossible by mortas, every breath, every twitch of muscle, the movement of hair and feathers. All of it was so perfectly orderly, as if one giant machine marching on. They were tasked to protect the Golden city, and a new project of Father Yahweh. The Well of Souls.

When the Rebellion broke out. Uriel saw one of her heroes, the great Angel Lucifer, betraying all his kin. He brought with him an army more loyal to him than their own creator, and the Golden city burned. Throughout the campaign for the City, Uriel was shedding tears foir every brother and sister Angel she killed. To the point she couldn't tell if they were tears of hatred or sadness. Even more so as she killed traitors from her very own unit.

Unlike some other Angels on Earth, she was there for the first war, and the horror it was to fight against Lucifer. To see Luci...father's favorite son and prodige' butchering his own brothers and sisters. To see the one Uriel had looked up to losing his way and becoming less than a shadow of his former self. It is a sight that forever burned itself into her memory, and given her a lesson in hate.

When the rebellion ended, Uriel became hardened, standing guard at the gates of the Golden City, and meeting every new soul that entered, with a cold, and predatory gaze, inspecting everyone for the possibility of them being an infiltrator. When the war broke out again, Uriel was one of those that called for war, to finish what had been started when the Morningstar took up sword in rebellion. Though when she got her wish, she saw how unprepared amny of the Angels were for war. But that was fine with her, it just meant more Demons for her to kill. 

Character Ons/Offs: (Up to player)


Name:Garmon of clan Garmon, of the 8th Circle.

Age: It doesn't matter.

Gender: Whatever form it is taking at the moment.

Sexuality: Whatever suits its goals best.

Character Type: Posessor Demon

Skills: Possesion, mind reading, imitating others, and mimicking their fighting styles.

Weakness: Celestial/Angelic magic and weapons. Exorcisms. Bright sunlight agitates its eyes.

Powers: Ability to posses other living beings, even weaker demons. IS able to shapeshift with some difficulty but cannot alter its mass or size too much. (Example: Can turn into a teenage human but will appear as large as an adult human and still weigh the same no matter what.)

Appearance: A three eyed creature, eternally floating in the air like a fish can through water. Its body appears to be made of a mix of leather and chitin type material.

Personality: What is 'Personality?'

Backstory: Garmon was a possessor demon in service to Lucifer of the Morningstar. It was named Garmon for its clanned was of the same name, one of the several Possesor clans that vied for the souls of humans and the favor of the Hell Lords and of the ruler of hell itself. They had no real measure of individuality, all working towards the common goal of both their clan and of Hell overall. They would go into the bodies of humans, like parasites and wait, studying their prey and how best to weaken them and take control over the body like a puppet. Then suck out the energy of the Human's soul until they expired or the demon was exorcised. Any pain and discomfort or madness they inflicted upon them only served to push out more of the soul's energy and to better feed from. The more they got the better.

But as Garmon infested more Humans and watched through their eyes, it felt..enjoyment for lack of a better word. the lives these Humans lived were fascinating. Garmon had been created in Hell after the rebellion and only ever knew Hell. But it wanted to see more of the lives of the Humans, and wanted to live some of it for itself. Such thoughts were rebellious though. (How ironic.) And Garmon would be killed for such thoughts, so it hid them, until the proper moment during the war, turning on its own kind when they invaded Earth in physical form. It mimicked human speech and warned the Humans of the planed Demon attack on the 'Damn of Hoover'. Its actions made it an outcast from the rest of hell and its own clan, but Garmon cared not. As one of its previous hosts might have said. 'Hell was overrated."

Character Ons/Offs: (up to player)

John Doe
Name: John Doe

Age: Unknown.

Gender: Male?

Sexuality: He doesn't know.

Character Type: Undead, Gollem.

Skills: Pain is an illusion. Brute force

Powers: Unable to feel much physical pain and immense Strength to rival that of even Angels and Demons. Since he is not technically alive, he can also sustain more damage than a mortal could. He once used his own cut off arm to beat a Demon to death.

Appearance: John is covered in scars and stitches over much of his body. Its is difficult to tell if the flesh is real or synthetic.

Personality: John is actually rather well read for a Gollem and knows the classics. He isn't much for all this new age stuff and hopes to meet some of the old great thinkers once all this mess is over with.

Backstory: He woke up in a laboratory, with a library in it one day. He read every book many times, then decided to leave and lived his life on the road until the demons invaded. He didn't much care for how they treated works of art, and decided to put his strength to use. Hes not that complicated.

Character Ons/Offs: (Up to Player)

Name:Oni....just Oni

Age: 21


Sexuality:Whatever she feels like at the moment.

Character Type: Demon Born Nephilim.

Skills: An exceptionally skilled liar and flame user.

Weakness: Celestial Runes, her anger. Doesn't always think before she acts.

Powers:Pyromancy, can survive being burnt by fire and unaffected by most Infernal Runes.

Appearance: Whatever she feels like wearing that doesn't stink.

Personality: Eternally annoyed

Backstory: Why are you asking? Do you want to fucking die buddy?

Character Ons/Offs: (Up to Player)

Thomas Jones
Name: Thomas Jones.

Age: 19

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Heterosexual

Character Type: Angel Born Nephilim

Skills: Has slowly been learning how to better handle

Weakness: Worries about his parents. Good at his core and wont do anything too cruel.

Powers: Can Read Angelic runes (gift of being part Angel) and strength above that of a normal human. (Though not as much as an Angel or Demon.)

Appearance: Thomas

Personality: Fun loving, Jovial and cares deeply about those close to him.

Backstory: Thomas (or Tommy as some of his friends call him) Grew up in New York. He had a fairly normal life. He never knew his real birth parents but he didn't really care. He loved his adopted mother and father more than anything else. They made sure to try and raise him right as best as they could and keep him on the righteous path. Which also included making him 'volunteer' at the local church and help clean and maintain the place.

Whenever he was there though, he felt something was off about one of the Angel statues. Its sword looked less like it was made from carved stone...and more like metal, but at the same time not really. He could never get that thought out of his mind no matter how much he tried. But he knew it would sound dumb to anyone else o he kept it to himself. But even when he left his neighborhood and started going to college nearby, the idea was still in his mind. And it was there when the War came.

As the demons invaded, Thomas's only thought was to get home, find his parents and make sure they were okay. He hadn't thought the creatures invading were Demons, just weird kinds of aliens. He traveled for a full day on foot to get back, ducking and dodging Demons to get there. But they weren't home. So he went to the only other place he could  think of. St Mary's church. When he got there, the strange Angel statue had been knocked over, and demons were clawing at the barricaded doors, trying to get in and people inside were screaming and praying in fear.

Next to the broken remains of the angel statue, was the strange stone sword that Thomas had seen and thought of many times. With nothing else as a suitable weapon nearby Thomas picked up the blade and let out a shout as he charged at the demons, that were mere seconds away from splintering the church door. They turned and lunged at Thomas, just as he swung the blade. In that moment, the stone fell away, falling into tiny pebbles, as a sword of impossibly strong steel replaced it, and he sliced the demon's into two pieces with one swing at each.

The roars and cries of agony the demons let out was enough to scare off all the others. The blade in Thomas's hands felt right, like it belonged to him, and Thomas had no desire to pit it down. When he finally made it into the church, he found exactly who he was looking for. His parents had survived thanks to his bravery, and because of the Angel blade he held, the Demons avoided the area, saying an Angel was there, and he saved many more lives by that alone. And the Demons weren't entirely wrong.

When the real Angels arrived and took the area, Thomas learned that Angel genetics are strange and someone else far back in his ancestry had a child with an angel, making everyone in his bloodline Nephilim. But that it only became noticeable now, with the sword of another Angel nearby it reacted to him and called to him. they also used this time to tell him that they were spread thin and needed all the help they could get. Needless to say. Thomas already knew where the path was leading him and only asked that his parents be taken care of as he joined the war.

Character Ons/Offs: (Up to player)

My Character.

Name:Ophiel (But also answers to 'Ophi ')

Age: Unknown.

Gender: Female.

Sexuality: Unknown (Never experienced Sexual urges before)

Character Type: Angel, Messenger.

Skills: Delivering and receiving Messages. Can speak in tongues and has been learning how to wield a sword.

Weakness: Infernal Magic, lustful, comprehending certain aspects of Humanity, Lacks strength in certain situations.

Powers: Flight, speaking in tongues, and able to interpret Celestial messages. Can communicate in any language. She is faster and carries more stamina, fitting her role as a Messenger angel. 

Appearance:Ophiel opts to wear her angelic garments as much as she can. A simple tailored tunic with a cross upon it and leggings that end wrapped around her feet that leave the toes, and heel bare. (Does not bother her since she has been walking essentially barefoot for centuries). She will carry her satchel that she uses to deliver messages over her shoulder, and the scabbard for her sword upon a baldric.

Personality: Ophiel likes to have a sunny disposition and tries to be pious and dutiful in all things. Though she is quick to anger, especially when things don't go according to plan, due to how precisely orderly and planned out everything in Heaven is. She is also nervous when encountering things of a sexual nature as such urges are new to her. Having only experienced them after descending down to Earth with the rest of the Celestial Vanguard. 

Backstory: Ophiel remembers with joy the moment she first opened her eyes, just after Father finished inscribing her name into her Halo and placing it above her head. The first thing she did was cry and hug Father. He smiled and wiped the tears from her eyes, as other angel's looked on and were either shocked, or frowned at the impropriety. How could this newborn angel ever dare to lay a hand upon father? But with one look their emotions were calmed and they returned to their duties. It was rare for an Angel to be fearful in the first moments of its existence. The last to do so had been Gabriel, who followed Yahweh around for a month after being fashioned.

But Ophiel wasn't like that, instead she apologized and asked what her duty was, and was given her messenger bag before being told her name and departing. Since then Ophiel has not seen Father in some time. Ophiel works her hardest to honor father's name and make herself worthy of his love, while waiting for her chance to be called. Yahweh is very busy keeping all of existence in check, keeping atoms spinning and making sure that the laws of Gravity still work, along with all the duties of sitting as the ruler of Heaven and Earth. Its a very big task, but even then he can devote time to his precious children now and again, though the schedule rotates.

Ophiel hopes to be able to see Father, and maybe get a full 15 minutes of conversation. Praise be! That would be wonderful! She hasn't seen or spoken to him since her first moments, but she keeps hope that she will someday...even though some of those younger than her have been getting turns before her. But that is none of her business. She is sure Father loves her just as much as any other Angel and she has messages to deliver. That was how it was for all that time in Heaven, delivering messages, talking with other Angels and hoping to see Father again. But then the war broke out. There had been such a panic as Hell deviated so heavily from the planned course of events and the Angels argued over what the proper path was to take. But with one word Father hushed them all. And set them on their path to war.

Ophiel never wanted to go to war. She had not been around when the first one came, but from the tomes and tales told by older Angels, this was worse than the last one. Even Angels who were not warriors were being pressed into the fight...and the rumors said that..father was weeping. Shedding tears over how many souls were to be lost in the coming war. The mere thought that it would be so bad, to make the creator of all things feel such horrible sadness. It made Ophiel feel bad herself, so she volunteered to go to Earth, if she could do some small part to help win the war, and bring eternal peace to creation faster, then she would do it. She might be a messenger, but now her message will be Damscus Steel into the guts of the Enemy. No matter how afraid she is, she has faith that all will work out in the end. 

Character Ons/Offs: Same as Player, though shes shy to admit anything sexual.
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Re: The Eden War. (LGBT friendly) (Biblical apocalypse, Need Co GMs)
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Common Q and A.

1: Is this System of Freeform?
Freeform but with a few tiny system elements such as Relics and slowly getting stronger in some areas but don't worry wont be many numbers.

2:Why Doesn't God just snap his fingers and kill the demons/enter the war and handle it himself?
-Because then there would be no roleplay. Its like how on Gilligan's island they never built a boat, the show would be over. :P

-In lore reason is because Lucifer was one of his creations, and for a long time was his favorite. Its like asking a father to kill his favorite son because his son is a mass murderer. Plus he is also busy making sure the laws of physics still keep working. That atoms keep spinning and gravity doesn't suddenly disappear.

3:What is life like inside of the safezones/cities?
- Harsh, cramped and dirty. Humanity is almost being herded into the cities to try and keep them safe so as not to be picked off one by one, with more than humans also seeking shelter there. Some small towns have managed to hold on and become vital farming zones for food. But all in all people are crowding in cities and favelas and shanty towns are becoming terribly common. The Angels are spread out and starting to get stretched thin, and man's darker side is present even in these dark times...perhaps especially so. 

4:So what are we? What will we be doing?
-We are a Storm Team, a mish mashed unit of different species/races to be able to handle any situation that we might encounter. We deploy on various quests missions, sometimes via things our Angelic Messenger picks up. (Hence helping us incase the plot needs another kick to get moving) Other times we will be going around on our own, patrolling and helping anyone in need with demon infestation or a vampire in town.

We will be deploying rapidly after the death of the Hellbusters. Their demise dealt a very bad morale hit to the people fighting against Hell, and they need to be shown there is still hope, the perfect time for new heroes to rise. If only they would stop freaking out when we tell them we are rookies.

Our team will consist of what the players bring in. Angels, Demons, Humans, Others. We must work together and use our strengths to bolster out weakneses and form a more effective team.

-Yes there will be sex. Just not the main focus. You can take it to the PMs or a side thread.

6:Can an Angel/Demon be killed?
Yes, takes some effort but it can be killed.

7:What happens when an Angel or a Demon dies?
-When an Angel dies, the energy that it took to create the Angel is expelled in what looks like a swarm of fireflies or little fiery embers. They dissipate into the air and the Angel is gone. The energy that made them up becomes part of the universe and every living thing in it. They become the energy within the very atoms itself and become one with all of creation.

All very Zen.

When a demon dies however, since they are cut off from God and have become somewhat parasitical in nature, they face oblivion. They burn up or rot like anything, or melt. Their bodies break down and that tiny spark of God's power that gave them life is used up. They face true death. Their energy is expended and they simply end. There is nothing more for them. Hence why they steal that energy from humans or by eating other demons. It makes them powerful but also keeps them alive.

It is also one reason why some Demons have begun to defect, hoping God will fix them or let them into Heaven for good behavior.

8: Can we play a Fallen Angel?
-Maybe. But you need a good reason and backstory behind it. I don't want a Mary/Gary Sue.
9:Can we play as an Angel or Demon?
-Yes but no Archangels or Demon Lords. We are the B-Team remember.
You can also play as a few other things.

10:Why are there a few fantasy creatures alongside Angels and Demons?
-Because they existed on earth when man was still evolving to crawl out of the mud. Their civilizations didn't live long but they did have some small level of interaction with us. Not every ruin found by archeologists was manmade. They chose not to interact with us out of dislike or feeling like it was man's world now and that they didn't belong.

11:Can we have a theme song for our character?
....I guess? Just don't let it be the most important thing of your character.

12:If The Angels are supposed to be mighty, eldritch looking things, why are they human looking?
-Not all of them are Human looking. Some can assume Human form so as not to make people lose their shit at the sight of them, others either choose not to or are too big/powerful to be contained in a humanoid vessel.

13: Isn't Death an Angel?
-Death is a force of Nature. It carries no loyalties to anyone and cares not for your excuses.
14:Whats up with Relics?
-Relics are items you can find on occasion and it can help in combat, healing or in other ways. I wont be specific on how to get them though. That would be telling ;)

15: Do in have to be fluent in Judeo faiths?/Have to be religious to play?
-Nope. You can be whatever you want and come here as whatever you are. We want anyone and everyone for our Storm Team to join us in helping us beat the enemy.

16:Is this LGBTQA friendly?
But of Course! All are welcome in this game, and that's part of the game, seeing all walks of life coming together against a common foe. There is nothing that unites humanity better than fighting some big bad together.

17:Will this game solely take place in North America?
-Depends. If I feel the game has lasted long enough/the characters are strong enough I will take them out of North America and to other places to help fight the good fight.

>More may be added later/.<

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Re: The Eden War. (LGBT friendly) (Biblical apocalypse, Need Co GMs)
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So I finally decided to post an idea I have been working on for months now.

I greatly need other GMs to help me run this because I cannot run it all on my own.

Here is a link to the Worldbuilding thread. Most of the information on it is the same aside from a deeper look at what races can be played and the state of the world.

Feel free to ask questions and hopefully this game does not crash and burn like all of the other ones I have run.

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Re: The Eden War. (LGBT friendly) (Biblical apocalypse, Need Co GMs)
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Haha, thata an awesome damn setting idea! Color me interisted!!*

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Re: The Eden War. (Moved)
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Moved the thread over here instead.

We also have a new GM. "Sun WuKong"

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Re: The Eden War. (Moved)
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Just a hello, I'm here and around. Always happy to talk to people about the game and discuss things and very much looking forward to things getting off the ground.

Can't wait to help run this.